Is possible to write the INSERT statement that fills two columns: 'word' and 'sense' of the file text with multiple lines - in each line is followed word that is the meaning?

Is possible to write the INSERT statement that fills two columns: 'word' and 'sense' of the file text with multiple lines - in each line is followed word that is the meaning?



2796614 wrote:

Is possible to write the INSERT statement that fills two columns: 'word' and 'sense' of the file text with multiple lines - in each line is followed word that is the meaning?

Of course, it is possible.  According to what the text file looks like to, you can create an external table that treats the text file as if it were a table.  Otherwise, you can always read the file in PL/SQL, using the utl_file package and INSERT of PL/SQL commands.

You have problems whatever you wantt?  If so, your zip code and explain what the problem is.

Whenever you have any questions, please post a small example of data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements) for all of the tables involved and the exact results you want from these data, so that people who want to help you can recreate the problem and test their ideas.  In this case, also post a small sample of the text involved file.

If you ask about a DML operation, such as INSERT, then INSERT statements, you post should show what looks like the tables before the DML, and the results will be the content of the table changed after the DML.

Explain, using specific examples, how you get these results from these data.

Always say what version of Oracle you are using (for example,

See the FAQ forum: Re: 2. How can I ask a question on the forums?

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    You use formCalc and lines should be renamed so that LCD shows them as Row [0], row [1], row [3]... etc. in the hierarchy tab

    I'm a little confused by the subform residing on a table row - although it is possible to do. So, I guess it's okay. A good way to ensure that you have the good SOM for the checkbox control is to CTRL-click one of these check boxes while your cursor is in the Scrpt Editor.

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I just downloaded the latest version of Illustrator and I'm having a problem with cutting lines, which fill when the line moved, also extra, which disappeared when the line is moved. Import images also have this problem.

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    backup copy datafile ' / data2/oradata/PROD/data02.dbf' size '+ DATA ';
    backup copy datafile ' / data3/oradata/PROD/data03.dbf' size '+ DATA ';
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    I selectively copy a few files in ASM.
    I want to use a single script.

    Please notify.
    Best regards

    Published by: 966454 on October 18, 2012 23:59

    Published by: 966454 on October 18, 2012 23:59

    Try to use only a backup statement with the manual channels and parallelism configured as stated in my previous message. For example:

  • How can I change the pdf file cannot be modified, but hold down the scroll button for the form fields with multiple lines?

    I need all the information to display so I need the scroll key to work, but it is not editable.

    Thanks for the help!


    You can define a field with strike and validate to prevent the user from changing the value of the field. First, set the field to multiline and 'Scroll long text' and the default value for the text to display in the field. Then add a custom script to strike which is:

    Custom keystroke script

    Event.RC = false;

    and to be complete, the validation script customized according to:

    Custom validation script

    If (event.value! == event.rc = false;

    These scripts will prevent the value to be changed, at least in Acrobat and Reader if JavaScript is enabled.

  • Update statement conditioned to two columns, but for some values only

    Hi This is my my sample data:
    with Table_1        
          select '20:00' incident_time, 'WEDNESDAY' Day, 'N' Weekend,  '' Weekend_Alt   from dual
          union all
          select '18:00' incident_time, 'SATURDAY' Day, 'Y' Weekend,  '' Weekend_Alt from dual
          union all
          select '19:00' incident_time, 'FRIDAY' Day, 'N' Weekend, '' Weekend_Alt from dual
          union all
          select '11:00' incident_time, 'FRIDAY' Day, 'N' Weekend, '' Weekend_Alt from dual
    select *
      from Table_1
    I want to perform an update as shown below
    Update Table_1 tt
    I realize the syntax is wrong but just want to give you an idea of what I want to achieve.
    Final result should look like this:
    with Table_1        
          select '20:00' incident_time, 'WEDNESDAY' Day, 'N' Weekend,  'N' Weekend_Alt   from dual
          union all
          select '18:00' incident_time, 'SATURDAY' Day, 'Y' Weekend,  'Y' Weekend_Alt from dual
          union all
          select '19:00' incident_time, 'FRIDAY' Day, 'N' Weekend, 'Y' Weekend_Alt from dual
          union all
          select '11:00' incident_time, 'FRIDAY' Day, 'N' Weekend, 'N' Weekend_Alt from dual
    select *
      from Table_1
    Thanks in advance!

    Oracle Database 11 g Release - 64 bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    "CORE Production."
    AMT for Linux: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
    with Table_1
          select to_date('01-JUL-2009 20:10','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_date    from dual
          union all
          select to_date('23-MAR-2010 12:12','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_date from dual
          union all
          select to_date('25-JUL-2010 23:30','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_datet from dual
          union all
          select to_date('09-JAN-2010 08:30','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_date from dual
          union all
          select to_date('08-JAN-2010 08:30','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_date from dual
          union all
          select to_date('08-JAN-2010 20:30','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_date from dual
          union all
          select to_date('26-JUL-2010 00:00','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI') incident_datet from dual
    select incident_date, to_char(incident_date,'Day'),
            when incident_date between trunc(incident_date,'IW') + 4 + 19/24
                                   and trunc(incident_date,'IW') + 7
            then 'Y' else 'N'
    from Table_1 t;

    So your update

    update table_1 tt
    set weekend_alt =
            when incident_date between trunc(incident_date,'IW') + 4 + 19/24
                                   and trunc(incident_date,'IW') + 7
            then 'Y' else 'N'

    But it begs the question if it's a good idea to store these derived data

    Published by: 3360 November 8, 2011 10:14

  • Need help with the insert statement


    I have a question on how to write a SQL statement.

    This is the table of "base":
    id_nr NUMBER,
    insert into temp_tbl (ID_NR,DATE_DOK,DATE_DUE,DATE_DOK_PAY,DEB,KRD)values('1',TO_DATE('11.01.2011','DD.MM.YYYY'),TO_DATE('25.02.2011','DD.MM.YYYY'),NULL,'423,24','0');
    insert into temp_tbl(ID_NR,DATE_DOK,DATE_DUE,DATE_DOK_PAY,DEB,KRD)values('2',TO_DATE('16.12.2011','DD.MM.YYYY'),TO_DATE('13.06.2011','DD.MM.YYYY'),NULL,'91270,15','0');
    insert into temp_tbl(ID_NR,DATE_DOK,DATE_DUE,DATE_DOK_PAY,DEB,KRD)values('3',TO_DATE('27.09.2011','DD.MM.YYYY'),TO_DATE('27.09.2011','DD.MM.YYYY'),NULL,'0','2000');
    and it comes to resoult in the target table. SQL statement must take care of the insert in a base of the target table table (example below is already provided with test data).
    create table table_sod
          id_nr number
         ,date_from date
         ,date_to date
         ,deb_krd number
    One thing to note here :  values in column deb_krd under insert 1 and 4 must be summarized in insert 4.
    insert into table_sod (id_nr,date_from,date_to,deb_krd) values('1',null,to_date('25.02.2011',''),'423,24');
    insert into table_sod(id_nr,date_from,date_to,deb_krd) values('2',to_date('26.02.2011',''),to_date('13.06.2011',''),'423,24');
    insert into table_sod(id_nr,date_from,date_to,deb_krd)values('3',null,to_date('13.06.2011',''),'91270,15');
    insert into table_sod(id_nr,date_from,date_to,deb_krd)values('4',to_date('14.06.2011','')to_date('27.09.2011',''),'91693,39');
    insert into table_sod(id_nr,date_from,date_to,deb_krd)values('5',null,to_date('27.09.2011',''),'2000');
    If someone could give me a helping hand how write correct insert statement I would be really gratefull.

    Thank you for your time!

    I came here with my own assumptions with this

    SQL> select rownum id_nr
      2       , date_from
      3       , date_to
      4       , case when date_from is null then deb
      5              else sum(case when date_from is not null then deb else 0end) over(order by id_nr, no)
      6         end deb_krd
      7    from (
      8            select id_nr
      9                 , case when lg_dt is null or ld_dt = date_due then  null else lg_dt+1 end date_from
     10                 , ld_dt date_to
     11                 , case when deb = 0 then krd else deb end deb
     12                 , no
     13              from (
     14                      select t1.*
     15                           , lead(t1.date_due) over(order by t1.id_nr, ld_dt
     16                           , lag(t1.date_due) over(order by t1.id_nr, lg_dt
     17                           ,
     18                        from temp_tbl t1
     19                       cross
     20                       join (select 1 no from dual union all select 2 no from dual) t2
     21                       order by id_nr, no
     22                   )
     23             where ld_dt is not null
     24         )
     25  /
    ---------- --------- --------- ----------
             1           25-FEB-11      42324
             2 26-FEB-11 13-JUN-11      42324
             3           13-JUN-11    9127015
             4 14-JUN-11 27-SEP-11    9169339
             5           27-SEP-11       2000
  • Remove the statement that uses a subselect in the declaration of the cursor

    Hi all

    How to write write a delete statement that uses a subselect with the declaration of the cursor?

    CURSOR excluded_dates IS          
           SELECT TO_TIMESTAMP(report_parameter_value, in_date_format_mask)
          INTO my_current_date_time
          FROM report_parameters
         WHERE report_parameters.report_parameter_id    = in_report_parameter_id
           AND report_parameters.report_parameter_group = 'DATE_TIME'
           AND report_parameters.report_parameter_name  = 'EXCLUDED_DATE';
     OPEN excluded_dates;
        FETCH excluded_dates INTO my_excluded_date;
        EXIT WHEN excluded_dates%NOTFOUND;
        DELETE FROM edr_rpt_tmp_inclusion_table
        WHERE TO_CHAR(date_time, 'mm/dd/yyyy') = TO_CHAR(my_excluded_date, 'mm/dd/yyyy');
      END LOOP;
      CLOSE excluded_dates;
    Thank you


    You can turn your cursor into a subquery IN

    DELETE FROM edr_rpt_tmp_inclusion_table
    WHERE   TRUNC (date_time) IN
           SELECT TRUNC (TO_TIMESTAMP(report_parameter_value, in_date_format_mask))
    --      INTO my_current_date_time   -- Remove this line
          FROM report_parameters
         WHERE report_parameters.report_parameter_id    = in_report_parameter_id
           AND report_parameters.report_parameter_group = 'DATE_TIME'
           AND report_parameters.report_parameter_name  = 'EXCLUDED_DATE'

    I used the TRUNK instead of TO_CHAR, but it works with TO_CHAR.

    Published by: Frank Kulash, June 8, 2009 11:28
    Remove the "my_current_date_time" line, after Sean and Sanjay (below).

  • Write the spreadsheet in an array of strings on a different worksheet


    is it possible to write the spreadsheet to a table of chains, but to an additional worksheet?

    I am writing the results of the spreadsheet, but I want to create a different worksheet so that I can put the raw data.

    is this possible?

    If so, how?

    You can't unless you start using ActiveX or report generation tool to connect with a real spreadsheet .xls file.

    You are read and write a text file in the form in the way of a spreadsheet with delimiters between values in a row and the lines of text on the other.  Text files have no understanding of the data being on a "sheet" and other data on another.  It is a peculiarity of the format property of Excel file (and thus other spreadsheets) that allows Excel what data need to be put on what spreadsheet.  It is not the kind of information that you can pass along the use of LabVIEW based text file i/o functions.

  • Insert statement error


    I have to write an insert statement. in which I want to promt user to enter values.

    Here's the app_name column varchar2 data type.

    (& app_name);

    but make a mistake:
    ORA-00984: column not allowed here

    Please suggest me.

    Thank you

    Use single quotes

    insert into gsm_app_info
  • Simple Insert statement does not

    This problem is just driving me crazy. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. The code works fine on my localhost, but gives the problem on the site online. It's a simple insert like this:

    insert into tblSubImages (productid, title, subdescription, image, location) values (#form.productid #, ' #form.title #',' #form.subdescription #',' #uploadedimage # ", #")

    The error I m to looks like this:

    Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement.

    The error occurred in D:\Hosting\davedhillon\superprinters\admin\addaditional.cfm: line 11

    9: < cfset uploadedImage = cffile.serverfile >
    10: < cfquery name = "insertadditional" datasource = "#super.dsn #" >
    11: insertion in values(#form.productid#,'#form.title#','#form.subdescription#','#uploadedimage#') tblSubImages (productid, title, subdescription, image)
    12: < / cfquery >


    SQL insert into values(1,'ewr','werw','FamilyRoomBedroom.jpg') tblSubImages (productid, title, subdescription, image)
    Davedhillon_accesscf_super DATA source

    You can see that it is the simple insert statement that I worked with so many times. Why he started giving problems all of a sudden?

    Thank you

    'Image' can be a reserved word. What happens if you do this?

    insert into tblSubImages (productid, title, subdescription, [image])
    values (...)

Maybe you are looking for