Just put Vista on Satellite P200 PSPBGA - need drivers

I can't find the coprocessor Biometic and unknown hit-and-run driver (acpi).
I looked on the website of toshiba Australia

Any ideas?



Do you mean the fingerprint reader?

Australian Toshiba page was the right page where you were looking for the pilot.
I checked and found the SP200 TFingerprint-5603284 - Vis.exe

I guess this is the driver which you searched.
In my opinion you should try it.

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    I use a Satellite P200 (PSPBGA) and have upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

    However the Toshiba Fingerprint Utility and Web Chicony Camera Assistant Software both do not work. I checked and there is no new update on the Australian site.

    Can you please help me with these two questions?

    Hey Buddy,

    I think that in this case, you can't do anything. I mean Windows 7 isn't on the market yet and at the moment there no drivers available. You can only try the Vista drivers because most of them are also work on Windows 7.

    Alternative I founded on the Toshiba page we some drivers beta Windows 7. Maybe they work:

  • Satellite P200-RT2 - need help with recovery

    I made a Boo-Boo and need advice/help to get things fixed.

    My husband has a Satellite P200-RT2 running Win XP 32 bit (included with Vista, but had been upgraded). The battery needs to be replaced, does not load and he made the mistake to disconnect while it was closing, but had not closed completely. Laptop computer would not start even in Safe Mode.

    So, I thought to try to insert a disc Win XP Pro thought, he would work to restart the computer and start again. No, he took over and completely restructured the laptop. If great, now have Win XP Pro on it, but can not load all Toshiba drivers that I downloaded from the Toshiba site.

    I was not in a position to know if there is a specific order to load the drivers... have been reading and wonder if the BIOS should be the first?

    Needless to say that the Toshiba recovery software went on the P200-RT2, I can't find a separate drive that supposedly it contains, there are only two listed drives, drive C and D (for DVDs).

    Toshiba tells me that Microsoft sells the recovery software, MS told me that Toshiba sells. There are sites online that have the recovery disc for Vista I could buy or download, but I'm not sure on those that are reliable/safe.

    Have to mention that I have a Toshiba laptop latest (L675 - 40 X, Win 7) and have the recovery disc for it.

    Is it possible to use these recovery disks for Toshiba software loaded on the old P200-RT2?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    If I could get the XPPro to work, which would leave as OS... but I don't know where to find the drivers.

    Satellite P200 - RT2 PSPB0C is a Canadian model.
    But the same model was released in Europe under the model number:E PSPB0

    You will find all of the Win XP drivers on the Toshiba UE driver page:


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  • Satellite P200-18Z - need to know the geometry of the disk

    I have a Satellite P200-18Z and I do an install of FreeBSD, and I need to know the geometry of the disk because my Installer crashes without obvious reason.
    In the FreeBSD installation wizard reported an error in the geometry of the disk.



    I put t know what disk HARD details you need, but as far as I know the laptop Satellite P200-18Z supports a 2.5 200 GB SATA HDD.
    _Further details are: _

    Height: 9.5 mm
    Disc rotation: 4200 RPM
    Buffer size: 8 MB
    Number of discs: 2
    Number of Heads: 4

    All that s what I found. It is perhaps useful

  • Satellite P200-1DY: need XP drivers - LAN, SM bus and mass storage controller

    I have a Satellite P200-1DY running XP - SP2. Where can I find the drivers for Ethernet, storage of buses and the mass of SM controller controller?

    Are they 'hidden' in one of the drivers in one of the driver for XP Toshiba site list?

    How can I identify what version of laptop I have: PSPB0, B3, B6, etc. ?

    Oh. I have already answered in the other thread you posted here in the forum;

    Seems you've discovered what series it is ;)

    PS: the SM bus and mass storage controller are communities which are only compatible Vista and so drivers don't exist for the XP operating system

  • Satellite Pro U200 - need drivers HDD Protection & footprint of VISTA 64-bit

    I have toshiba Satellite Pro U200 [Greece] and I need drivers for fingerprint utility and disk protection hard can you help me? It is very important too me.

    I think that gives you about boyfriend chance seems Toshiba 64-bit tools and drivers at the moment unfortunately, nothing to see :(

  • Satellite U305-S5097: need drivers Windows XP

    I recently got a new satellite U305-S5097...
    I discovered that Vista cannot run a very important application, I used to work... I use paritioning the hard drive and then put Windows XP SP2 on the new partition.

    VistaBootPro has helped me reach the double function of startup...
    The problem of drivers for windows XP.
    I have downloaded a few on the toshiba support site, but still need drivers for the following as shown in the hardware device manager...

    1. device base system... this guy appear as three
    2 Ethernet Controller... it seems that two, but when I downloaded the driver LAN we're missing... need driver for each other
    3. SM Bus controller
    4. video Controller
    5. video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    Please I need help to understand this.
    Also, I found that there are no ports on the Device Manager.
    I need desperately for my work.
    A great help needed please.



    It's certainly a Toshiba laptop we.
    You must use the Toshiba site for the driver download.

    1 - system base of the unit is usually the SD card controller. I think that you need to install the driver for the SD card.

    2. If you have installed the LAN card driver, then you need to install additional WLan card driver. For this check first of all that the WiFi card has been installed and visit the WLan card manufacturing site for the XP driver.
    Or this portal Toshiba WLan site:

    3 SM bus controller-> install compatible utility Intel chipset. This can be found on the Intel page.

    5 and 6, the graphics driver are on the site of graphics card manufacturer. If this laptop is fitted with eth GPU Intel download the driver from the Intel page!

  • Satellite U405D-S2852 - need drivers disk to install XP

    Have a Satellite U405D-S2852 and need to HARD disk drivers (press F6) to load XP Professional on it.

    Currently it has Vista on it, and I want to wipe/reload with XP Professional. I do not have the Toshiba Recovery CD or CD of Vista called Toshiba and here the Web site for the HARD f6 disk drivers load at startup but they advise searching the Web a 3rd driver. Could not find anything. Need drivers to load so that the operating system sees the hard drive.


    I think you mean SATA drivers to install Windows XP ;)

    As far as I know the Satellite U405D is equipped with an AMD or ATI chipset and this means that you can find the drivers in the display driver package.
    On the site of Toshiba, that I can t find the display package for XP driver, but maybe you'll find a driver for another model of laptop with the same chipset that also works on your satellite U405D, for example A305D or A300D European Web site.

    Good luck!

  • Satellite A300-203 - need drivers in Windows XP Home edition for the HDMI output

    Hello world!

    Given the poor performance of Vista, I decided to install XP on this machine. I installed all the drivers (from the Toshiba Site) available for my laptop XP, everything is a work, * but HDMI Out does not work *.

    I tried to install the driver Vista 'HDMI CONTROL MANAGER' (XP specific drivers for the hdmi not available on the toshiba support site). HDMI worked after that on my TV but then I got a blue screen, the operating system crashed. I decided to uninstall the driver again just in case.

    Is there a solution to get the HDMI out works under XP? A good pilot? Something reliable?

    Thanks for your help!

    Greetings from the Spain


    My U400 supports HDMI port and I installed Win XP on it.
    I didn't install any control HDMI for Vista Manager
    It was not necessary!

    My Win XP is updated, I installed the graphics driver and all the other drivers, the tools available for Win XP!
    That was enough to get the job of HDMI

    You must ensure that your BIOS is up to date.
    In addition, you must install common Module utilities, controls and don't forget that your graphics driver is up to date!

    Then, you would be able to use the FN + F5 to switch to the TV

  • Satellite A105-S4064 - need drivers XP for LAN, video, Audio


    I recently had to do a clean install of my Satellite A105-S4064 and have had problems to get the right drivers for it.

    On the Toshiba site, it lists only 4 drivers for XP for my model, even if that's what it came installed with. The video driver list and sound do not yet work for me.

    I need drivers for the modem, LAN, video, Audio, please.

    Any help would be a great help!

    Thank you



    On the page of the Toshiba driver we you can find the right driver for XP graphics card.
    At the moment the page provides a display driver nVidia GeForce (v83.02, 19/01/2006)

    I also found a driver of his right. It s a Realtek audio driver.
    If you need a more recent version, then I recommend to visit the site Web of Realtek and download the newest one.

    But note; the XP SP2 operating system needs and before install you the audio driver you must first install the Microsoft Hotfixes; KB888111 and KB835221
    After the installation of these two patches, you can follow with another audio driver installation.

    It also seems that this notebook would support an Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection - 10/100 Base-TX Lan card
    So, you can visit the Intel page to get the right Win XP driver for this Lan chip.

    Good bye

  • Reformat vista to windows xp on Satellite P200 - I need controllerdriver

    Possible installation in Windows XP SP2? What is a procedure to start this installation? I ve found a problem with driver controller when I ve started with installing windows xp...

    I ve of trouble with Vista. My apps are "certified for Vista" but send in the blue screen of this stupid operating system crash :-(((

    I don't want to work with Microsoft for free to solve their problems... problems of pack? :-)

    This one last time in autumn in the world Ms...

    The next time I buy a mac. If I have to start from scratch sure restart is fine in a paradise.

    Help me please...

    > I ve found a problem with driver controller when I ve started with installing windows xp...

    I put t know what problem you found but I'm sure that this is not a real problem but simply unknown user ;)

    I think that you need to install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager if you want to install an operating system.
    During the XP installation process, you will need to press F6 to install this external USB FDD iMSM.

    If you don t have the external floppy drive, you can include the iMSM using software called nLite, it s free and beautiful ;)

  • Satellite A50-109: need drivers for Vista

    Abdoulaye all body...

    where can I find drivers for Vista...

    my PC is 'Satellite A50-109'

    Hi Alzaabi

    I wish that you check different threads here in the forum before opening a new topic of Vista drivers.
    Someone posted this link to the document from Toshiba:

    Windows Vista Driver Support for Toshiba laptops models

    As you can see the A50 is not listed ;(
    Therefore, you should check the various unique drivers of another series or visit device manufacturing sites to get the driver for vista
    Good luck

  • Satellite A300D-126 - need drivers for Vista Ultimate x 64

    Hello world!
    can someone tell me where can I find the drivers for vista ultimate x 64 can laptop? On this site, I couldn't find that for the 32 x.
    Is it works on x 64? It's urgent pls...
    Thank you


    You Satellite A300D-126 belong to the series of PSAK4E. Is this good?

    Well, as you say the European Toshiba page pilot provides drivers for Vista 32 bit and Win XP at this time.
    It seems therefore that the 64 bit Vista drivers are not available at this time!

    Therefore, you have to collect eth Vista 64 bit drivers with your own hands...


  • Satellite A100-599: need drivers Vista 64 bit


    I m from Kosovo.
    I installed Vista 64 bit on Satellite A100-599 but I can t find drivers for Vista 64 bit
    Can someone help me...?



    Unfortunately the 64 bit Vista drivers are not available for this series of Satellite A100 PSAAR.

    Last chance would be installing some drivers unique from other series of laptops that are equipped with the same features.

    Try the driver Vista 64-bit of the other series and maybe some unique drivers will run.

    Good luck

  • Satellite A100 PSAAN: need drivers Vista for Pioneer DVD - RW DVR-K17A

    Someone at - it a Vista driver for readers PIONEER DVD - RW DVR-K17A installed in my Satellite A100-PSAAN model? -Tosh or Pioneer want to know.

    Vista driver? Sorry, but Toshiba does not offer driver for optical disc drive. ODD uses the standard Microsoft driver. You have a problem with it?

Maybe you are looking for

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