Kb953297 update failed

Try to install Kb953297 failed with error 643, and as I look back in my history KB929729 also failed, they all have two do with net framework 1.0. After many comments, I still come across tips to remove all the net framwork and reinstall, it makes me very uncomfortable... advice?  should I do it!
(had xp with an upgrade to the home edition of vista)


All the same old advice:

When you try to install an update for .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5, you may receive Windows Update '0 x 643' error code or error code Windows install "1603".
http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/923100 TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

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  • 13 important updates failing repeatedly

    KB953297, KB972581, KB973593, KB973709, KB969604, KB957789, KB969559, KB969613, KB973704, KB974234, KB976416, KB974561, the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2) keep not again and again, what I can do to find out what is causing my updates to fail?


    Are there any error messages?

    Try this 1st to see if it helps, and it should:

    Description of the Patch registration cleanup tool


    If necessary :

    Try this - Panel - Windows Updates - on every update that will not be installed - click on the important updates
    or the update itself - double click a view more information (or click top then discovers on the right)

    Those who will take you to a page where you can download the update.

    Or go here and the KBxxxxxx number to download it.

    Download Center - mount the KBxxxxxx.

    Microsoft Download Center

    Download - SAVE - go to where you put them - click on - RUN AS ADMIN

    Then you can right click on the update in the updates Windows and HIDE.

    If you get an error Installer install this version:

    Windows install 4.5 Redistributable


    Then run this:

    How to reset the Windows Update components? -a Mr Fixit

    Description of the system for Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, update tool and
    for Windows 7

    Because these are all Office updates you might get more information if necessary in the Agency of those groups that
    may have experienced the same problem.

    Office newsgroups

    Microsoft.public.office.misc discussions


    If necessary you can incident free get reports however the above should take care of it for you.

    Windows updates - free Incident report

    Go here and click on-> Windows Update fails while searching, downloading or installation of updates

    The security updates, you can get free support Incident report

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • iOS 10 update failed iPhone 6 now frozen on the Logo screen

    I connected my iPhone 6 (he was stuck in endless loop Recovery Mode with closed force) to iTunes and tried to update to iOS 10. After about 20 minutes, the update failed. Now my phone is frozen on the Logo screen with the loading of updated under him bar. Force restart it brings back me to the screen in recovery mode.

    I also tried to use another cord, restarted my computer, update iTunes... nothing seems to work. I tried this several times in the last 36 hours with ZERO luck.

    MY camera got in as recovery mode well once completed the download of ios 10 on itunes.

    I had to unplug my phone and plug it in again... Make sure that all drivers are up-to-date. attention to any message of warning or error code filling on your itunes.

    ITunes and the computer must be updated. the cable must be the original.

    Although I made a backup, recovery mode was not something I wanted. It worked for me, once I followed this step.

    Install the latest version of iTunes. (

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. Automatically search for updates of your Mac or PC. If you restart your computer for an update, check the updates again after the reboot.
    3. Strength of your unit to restart. ()When you see the option restore or update, choose update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. Please wait while iTunes downloaded the software for your device. If the download takes more than 15 minutes and the device out of recovery mode, let the download is finished, then repeat these steps.)

    The Apple logo with the bar of progression after the update or restore iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    If you see errors 9, 4005, 4013, 4014, when you restore your device iOS - Apple Support or

  • Updates failed after the new HD install

    I live in South Africa and use a MacBook Pro bought in the USA by the end of 2014. When I had to replace the HD in December 2015 the company is certified local Apple had to order the HD of the USA. After installing it, they restored my software and data files and mails in Mail.

    Since the replacement of HD that I was not able to install updates because after that I give permission to update, I get a notice that no update is available under "this Apple ID" or something to that effect. After 8 months of updates failed my HD is slow again with my computer freezing temporarily and the color wheel - wait please turn from time to time. What should I do to allow updates succeed?

    It seems that an another Apple ID that yours has been used when the HD has been replaced.

    -Backup your data on an external drive

    -Start the recovery of the Internet

    On OS X Recovery - Apple Support

    by pressing Command + Option + R at the start of the OS X Internet Recovery*.

    If start you only on the recovery partition, you may have same problem

    then format the boot disk and install OSX. During the installation of recovery of the Internet, the version of Mac OS x installed is what came initially with the Mac. For example, you may need to update/upgrade via the Mac App Store

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post moved to the forum of laptop MacBook Pro or another appropriate forum.

  • TB update fails and I get an error of access denied to 7 - Zip when you download a new version.

    Thunderbird was not able to update from version 24.6.0 (under Windows 7). Whenever I try to auto update, it tells me that the update fails. When I let the updater download a full version, which also fails. When I try to download a new version manually, during the extraction process, I get an error message indicating "7-Zip" up and "Access denied" in the window. I followed all the suggestions to the support download error page (as an administrator, stop the process of Thunderbird, etc.), and none of them solved the problem. Any other ideas?

    What firewall / anti-virus software you are using. My guess is that the firewall or the anti virus software blocks both the update and full installation because it contains ZIP files. I have not heard that outside the paranoid company / parameters of business in the past, but there's always a first time.

  • Firefox 31 update fails

    There is nothing different, but FF started again and the update succeeded. This is after more than a dozen attempts.

    Automatic update fails, but gives no reason. Tried a manual update (Firefox Setup 31.0.exe) and it does not work? I tried running in administrator mode and nothing seems to happen (?) ...

    When I click on '?' (help) / about and the updated... application message continues to turn and run for a LONG time, and then prompt to restart. I do, and you receive error message that the partial update cannot be applied... He will try an update complete. It loads and executes the full update and then displays a message "update Application" without end. After several minutes of nothing happens, I x'd out and I'm still on exit 30, with the message to reboot again.

    Running Windows 8.1

    To date, Firefox continues to the failure of the upgrade to version 31. I'll try to manually disable all my Add-ons and see if that helps. Well, it did work.

    Tried running FF in "safe mode"... It also did not work.

    I noticed that when asked to "restart FF", the tabs looked a little weird... square is the only way to describe it. The upper right minimize output window icons were also "cut in half". Very weird.

    Another problem. In my download directory, I have now three executable files that I can NOT REMOVE. Says they are in use by another program. Looked at the running processes to all and do not plant anything that it is focused on running FF. Tried rebooting the PC did not run FF and still cannot delete
    The installer of Firefox 31.0.exe
    Firefox Setup Stub 31.0.exe
    Firefox_Setup_31.0.exe (this installer downloaded from cnet).

    From now I use Chrome since I don't know what is happening with FF. I'll check back every day to see if there is a solution. I have not tried to uninstall FF and then re - install. I understand that I should be able to save all my settings, so I could try in a week if I don't see a solution.

    Do not know how to 'close' my problem, so I answer to myself. Updated at 31 and next. Don't know why, but my problem was apparently solved.

  • Could not find full download for RC build (30.0 RC2). Update fails. Beta channel has my current build (30.0b9).

    Could not find full download for RC build (30.0 RC2). Update fails. Beta channel has my current build (30.0b9). Channel has version 29.

    Update always fails on this work a bit locked machine.

    The Release Candidate of 30.0 build2 is located in http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/candidates/30.0-candidates/

    The 30.0 Firefox will be released June 10 if all goes well.

  • Bootcamp update fails after El capitan (please help me alone!)


    I think I have the same problem postedBootcamp update fails after Yosemite (please help me alone!)

    But like the other user, I'm a little scared, and I don't want to lose my Bootcamp partition.

    That's why I ask you to help for solitaire (thank you much in advance).

    I upgraded my MacBook Pro 13 "(mi-2010) at El Capitan 10.11.5."

    Then I noticed that I could not find Bootcamp.

    Regarding the other question, the score was still there, but now under the name "disk0s4".

    I used Testdisk, following the advice, and I discovered the missing partion and data (I could make a copy)

    Now, I would be sure to make the right steps to retrieve the situation.

    Here is the output of Testdisk

    The partition does highlight is the right one, here's where I found my data.

    Now, what I'm supposed to do is follow the same steps that I read in the old post with 508484288 to step 7 and + 468284272 in step 8, in this way:

    GPT4 to rebuild using start/end offsets

    1. Sudo gdisk/dev/rdisk0
    2. P (print the complete list of parts)
    3. D (delete)
    4. 4 (part 4)
    5. N (new part)
    6. 4 (part 4)
    7. 508484288 (-start offset in the sectors or the starting point for the Bootcamp part)
    8. + 468284272 (-size offset, rather than the end offset)
    9. 0700 (part of Windows type)
    10. P (list of all parties just to see what changes will be)
    11. W (Write the new GPT)
    12. Y (Yes! really write the new GPT)

    And then I need to rebuild the MBR (as the old post)

    1. Sudo gdisk/dev/rdisk0
    2. P (print from parts list)
    3. R (Recover)
    4. O (current MBR hybrid in block letters)
    5. H (chooses hybrid)
    6. Partitioning numbers be hybridized: 2 3 4
    7. Y (good for the GRUB question)
    8. (Indicator boot part 2) N
    9. N (part 3-flag of boot)
    10. Y (boot indicator part 4 make the bootable NTFS partition)
    11. O (current MBR hybrid in block letters)
    12. W (Write new MBR)
    13. Y (yes! write the new MBR)
    14. Reset

    I'm sure I'm in the right direction, but...

    Many thanks for any help

    Excellent work. The two sets of Gdisk steps are correct. If you are on El Capitan, these two sets of measures Gdisk will fail because of the Protection of the integrity of system being activated. Please disable SIP.

    1. boot in local restoration (command-R).

    2. start utility-> Terminal.

    3. type csrutil disable in the Terminal, and then press enter/return.

    4. type csrutil State.

    5 start normally, then type csrutil status to confirm that all of the individual entries are still disabled.

  • El capitan update fails to restart except in safe mode. can I recover the operating system in safe mode?

    ElCapitan updated (from apple update) fails to complete restart, except in safe mode. How can I recover or reinstall the OS of a restart to safe mode?

    Boot into Recovery (R command) and run disk utility > first aid on your MacintoshHD

    You can always reinstall the os x from here, if necessary

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

  • update failed opinion said: something is trying to trick firefox by accepting a security update. Please, contact your network provider and ask for help. help please

    What is the solution to this issue - is there one that will not make my eyes roll back in my head? What is a true message from Firefox?

    the popup looks like this:

    [firefix logo] Software update

    Update failed

    Something tries to trick Firefox by accepting a security update. Please contact your network provider and ask for help

    Whenever you get a message / popup that software / files must be updated.


    If this can be a legitimate message, could also be a Virus or Malware.
    No matter when you want or need to check updates.
    Go to the website of the real owner of the program in question.
    For example, for Firefox, go to Mozilla.org
    or Firefox in any language.

  • Auto. updates fail to install. but Firefox tells me I have the latest version.

    Updates fail to install. When the order of Firefox, said I have the latest version and am unable to download the updated version.

    The details of your system it seems that you are running the latest version of Firefox.

    Although you can visit here and make sure that it.

  • How to pass a message to update failed

    For some time, Firefox was unable to update in the background and gave messages to update failed (specific) every time the updates came. I solved this by downloading the full installation file and do a manual update.

    This time, I also had a message that failed (apparently incorrect) update, after a manual update, then again after a reboot, then again after an uninstall and reinstall, even if the troubleshooting information page shows that I am under v22.0 (see details below).

    It sounds like an obscure registry problem, but if the message is correct, how to fix it. If this is not the case, turn off?

    The browser is Firefox v22 (updated to v21) and I am running Windows 7 Professional.

    Some Firefox problems can be solved by performing a clean reinstall. This means that you remove Firefox program files, and then reinstall Firefox. Please follow these steps:

    Note: You can print these steps or consult them in another browser.

    1. Download the latest version of Firefox from http://www.mozilla.org office and save the installer to your computer.
    2. Once the download is complete, close all Firefox Windows (click on quit in the file menu or Firefox).
    3. Remove the Firefox installation folder, which is located in one of these locations, by default:
      • Windows:

        • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
        • C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox
      • Mac: Delete Firefox in the Applications folder.
      • Linux: If you have installed Firefox with the distribution-based package manager, you must use the same way to uninstall: see Install Firefox on Linux. If you have downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder firefox in your home directory.
    4. Now, go ahead and reinstall Firefox:
      1. Double-click on the downloaded Setup file and go through the steps in the installation wizard.
      2. Once the wizard is completed, click to open Firefox directly after clicking the Finish button.

    Please report back to see if this helped you!

  • Software update failed

    We have a server terminal server (RDS) on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. There are about 20 + users and almost everyone uses Firefox as their default browser. Version 18.0.2. When I run updates of FF, I do once logged as administrator when nobody else is logged on. However, for some reason, a couple users receive the message failed update of generic software when you start Firefox. If you click ok, FF starts anyway, and when you check the version, it actually tells 18.0.2 but prompts the user to restart to apply the update, which fails again. How can I erase this update check or instances of Firefox to realize that it IS up to date? This is the first time I saw this question, we use Firefox on this server for years. Help, please. I already read this article, nothing helped:


    Hello kfishasi, version 19.0 is the latest update of firefox, it came out yesterday, 19 February 2013, try to Update Firefox to the latest version as an administrator when nobody else is logged and check again.

    Thank you

  • 13.0 Firefox crashes on startup almost everytime. Thus, all of the updates fail because Firefox has to restart. What should I do?

    For the past several versions of Firefox (I think 10 or 11), I had a lot of trouble to get Firefox to start. I understand not all crash IDs. It just won't start not almost everytime. Ironically, I think to be able to get to doesn't start until I opened another browser such as Internet Explorer. Then, it will start until I close it. So I have to repeat the same process (opening another browser, then try to start Firefox) every time so he could start again. Now, the problem seems to have gotten a some worst bit with version 13.0. It cannot be updated because Firefox needs to restart to update. When he tries to turn on, he can't. When I finally get Firefox to work (after opening IE), I get a notification indicating that the update failed. I saw the notice on the Web site, but does not. It drives me crazy!

    You can also check your security software (firewall) because it does not yet acknowledge the new version of Firefox 13.0.1.

    One possible cause is security software (firewall, antivirus) that prevents or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container in the permissions list in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


  • Firefox continues to try to update each time I open the browser, and it then puts a message saying update failed. It does this on both of my computers. The most recent version, the other does not. How can I stop Firefox to do this?

    Firefox continues to try to update each time I open the browser, and it then puts a message saying update failed. It does this on both of my computers. We already have the latest version, the other does not. How can I stop Firefox to do this?

    If there are problems with the implementation at day then best is to download the full version and uninstall the currently installed version and remove the Firefox program folder to remove all remaining files.

    Download a new copy of Firefox and save the file to the desktop.

    Uninstall your current version of Firefox, if possible.

    • Do NOT remove the data of a personal nature when you uninstall the current version or you lose your bookmarks and other data, because all profile files will be deleted.

    Delete the program folder Firefox before installing newly downloaded copy of the Firefox installer.

    Your bookmarks and other profile data stored in the Firefox profile folder and will not be affected by a relocation, but make sure that you do not select delete data of a personal nature if you uninstall Firefox.

Maybe you are looking for