Laptop sees no external Toshiba USB HDD 500 GB


my new Toshiba drive hard external 500 GB USB does not appear in the laptop with USB 2.0

The light of the HD post OK

Tried all USB ports three (sockets) of the laptop.
Can you help me please?


Try to use a key USB * Y * cable that allows you to connect the external HARD drive to two USB ports.
The point is that the common USB 2.0 ports provide 500mA max power.
That is why it s advisable to connect two USB ports to make sure that enough power would be supplied on the HARD drive.

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    After I start my computer and my new HDD is on the computer crashes in the bios and Windows XP does not start
    Toshiba USB 2.0 ALU 3.5 "

    In the BIOS the USB LEGACY ACTIVE option

    TNX for your reply


    Sorry, but your ad is not very accurate, and I know what you mean exactly.

    What cell phone do you have?

    Are you trying to boot from the external HARD disc or what exactly are you trying?

  • HP TouchSmart 600: External Toshiba USB 3.0 drive not recognized on HP Touchsmart

    I have a desktop HP Touchsmart 600, and I bought a 1 to Toshiba external USB 3.0 drive and when it plug to the USB port, it does not, even tried the other port and restarted, but does not yet recognize, I tried to reload the USB Chipset, but no cigar. I am able to use it on my Sony laptop. I would be grateful for any help or suggestion. Thank you people.

    Hi @StevieB1,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, HP experts and other support staff. I understand that you have a problem with the external drive not being seen. I'll be happy to help you.

    Please, try the steps in Troubleshooting connections USB (Windows 7).

    I hope this helps. Please keep me informed of the progress of things.

    If you need help, let me know and I will gladly make all that I can to help you.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem by marking this post as "accept as a Solution.
    To simply say thank you, click the Thumbs up below!

    Thank you.

  • Mini Toshiba external driver.usb 2.0

    I bought a mini PC 7 android.
    I also bought a mini external pilot, when I put the USB in the mini PC
    It connects fine to the TI says it is u-disc. It's a (mini Toshiba external driver.usb 2.0)
    I put a few pictures to test, but he says always the same.
    in the settings it says (not available)
    could you please help me
    Thank you

    system: mini PC 7 android
    version 2.2
    kernel version - default
    build number froyo generic - Eng2.2 ver1.5.5 - 20110920.103830


    Do you have the same connection error an another USB 2.0 external HARD drive or a USB flash memory stick this laptop?
    Test this
    Maybe this problem of HARD drive.

    USB 2.0 provides a power of 500 my if an external USB HDD or USB device needs more power, a problem may appear.
    In such cases its recommended to connect a USB hub with an external power supply between the laptop and the USB device

  • External USB HDD PX1269E - 1 50 cannot be recognized on computer


    I recently bought an external hard drive, Toshiba 500 GB external USB Hard Drive PX1269E - 1 50 I want to use it on my Pentium 4 3.6 ghz memory 1 GB 400 GB internal hard drive and motherboard ASUS P4P800.
    I installed Windows XP Profesional SP2 on this PC.

    We have 4 pc at home and he answered on any of this.
    The next problem is that after I pluged in the USB 2.0 conector, nothing happens? In the close computer store, I asked the seller to try it on one of their computers and the seller pluged it in one of the laptops and my external hard drive has responded immediately!

    After the test to the computer store, we have purchased a pci usb 2.0 card because we thought it was the problem of usb, but after installation of the usb hard drive adapter has failed, either.

    What could be the problem?


    The dealer has tested the HARD drive and it worked.
    It seems the exterior works of HARD drive and can be recognized on the computer.

    In my opinion it s is not a HARD drive problem. For the most part this external HARD drive needs more power that can provide a USB port. My brother uses external USB HDD and it was delivered with a cable from USB 2. His HARD drive must be connected to the 2 USB ports on the laptop.

    I think that if you have a single USB plug cable, so you should use an external power supply for the HARD drive or try to connect it to the USB hub with external power supply.

    Maybe it will work

  • Satellite L310 - D4010 Windows XP crashes when connecting external USB HDD

    Hi friends

    I use the L310 - D4010 Windows XP machine.
    When I connect a USB external hard drive with it, it crashes. Nothing works after that.
    Please help if any similar problem with one of these in the computer toshiba laptop.

    Thanks in advance


    This happens with all the external USB device. for example the USB?

    You updated Win XP to the last State?

    Have you tried to connect external USB HDD to other machines with Win XP?

  • Laptop does not partner Toshiba Stor.E disk external HARD


    I just bought a new laptop.
    Pavillion touch screen 14 inches 14-b141sa sleekbook and recognizes the external hard drive, but only in the devices section. It's Windows 8

    I get the following when I try to solve problems. Is there anything else I can do as I have a lot of data on this hard drive

    Thank you


    Hardware and devices
    Publisher details
    Problems found
    USB mass storage device has a driver problem
    Not fixed
    Not fixed
    Reinstall the device driver
    Hardware changes may not have been detected
    Search the recent hardware changes
    Potential problems that have been verified
    Update of Windows configured to never install drivers
    There is no question
    Problems found
    Details of detection
    USB mass storage device has a driver problem
    Not fixed
    Not fixed
    There is a problem with the driver for USB Mass Storage Device. The driver must be reinstalled.

    You have a Stor.E HARD USB 3.0 drive partner?
    In this case, you should check if enough power is supplied to the USB HDD.

    Usually the HARD USB 3.0 drive needs about 900 my power. The USB 2.0 port common only provides 500mA.
    So in this case you have to connect the HARD drive to two USB 2.0 ports using a USB Y cable

  • Satellite M30-604 external usb hdd boot failure

    Hello world

    Hard drive problems seem never to end for me.

    I have a satellite M30-604. Recently my Hitachi HDD crashed. Now, I am trying to boot from an external hard drive via usb, but I can't.

    (a) I use a ViPower 3.5 "(model VP9258T) enclosure external usb 2.0"
    (b) with a Seagate 200 GB hard drive.
    (c) I used the recovery cd to install windows on the seagate
    (d) the bios (v1.4) seems to support the external device to start
    (e) the internal hdd crashed is deleted (it's internal hard drive space is empty)
    (f) the bios sees the drive and recognizes it as a USB

    I think it should work, but when I turn on the computer, after a while, he says: "0201: failure IDE #0"
    and gives me the options to run the program installation or start-up.
    When I choose boot it gives me the window with "boot in safe mode" screen, 'last known good configuration' etc, but nothing of the work options (it restarts and gives the same again).

    Any ideas please?

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    My research on this subject has led me to believe that it is not possible to boot an operating system of attached USB HDD XP. I read several posts on various usenet groups on this issue, and the consensus of opinion is that it is simply not possible.

    Several suppliers of BIOS claim allow a USB HDD to be suitable for start-up purposes but I still have to attend such a machination succeed with XP.

  • Impossible to safely remove external USB HDD - ejection of mass storage device problem


    I have a 250 toshiba external hard drive. "When I go safely remove device and click on stop, guests me that ' ejection of mass storage device problem and try later.

    Is there a reason for this? As I have heard it is dangerous to pull the cord without stopping it first.

    This happens usually when something is always access to the USB - HDD.
    Yes, it s dangerous to pull on the cable, because you can lose some data and the file system may be damaged. But if you have a situation where you need the drive to take with you and want to just get out the cable to the USB port there is a little trick to disconnect the security apparatus:

    Do right click on 'My Computer'-> click on Hardware-> click "devicemanager"-> go into "diskdrives"-> then you need to click on the drive that is your USB - HDD-> with the right button and then click on 'Properties'-> in the menu properties of this drive, you must go on "policies" and click on "optimize for quick removal"-> and then click OK and exit this menu and all-> perform a reboot-> closing information fact. :)

    After that, it s safe for remove you your drive even if it s not ejected. :)

    Welcome them

  • External drive USB 500 GB PX1394E burp and more

    Since yesterday, my external 500 GB Toshiba USB drive burp more.
    The LED becomes red instead of blue when I turn it on. Needless to say that my entire CD collection is on it, so it is quite a mess.

    What are my options now?

    I bought the external drive in Germany, a little less than a year ago, model Toshiba PX1394E - 3 50.
    Stupidly, I can't find the receipt anymore, so it won't help if I just bring it back to the shop.

    Where Toshiba can I apply for?

    How can I open the case to see if the drive is broken, or just the USB interface?
    The enclosure has two small screws, but by unscrewing seems to have no effect, it seems that they are just to fix a foot plate support.

    Help, please! It is a nighmare!

    Thank you kind

    > How can I open the case to see if the drive is broken, or just the USB interface?
    Don t what a controller can be broken. If something is broken, then this might be just the HARD drive.

    If the HARD drive burp more then the hardware failure is possible and only a replacement can help you. Stupidly that you can't find the verification of sales because it is necessary to get a replacement under warranty

  • problems with a Toshiba USB external hard drive?


    I have a Toshiba external HD, USB, formatted in FAT 32 connection and I wanted to use it with my MacBook (Mac OS 10.11.3).

    This Toshiba HD just don't climbs on the desk or the show up in disk utility.

    Anyone has the same problem?

    Is there something to do?

    Thank you.

    I have a Toshiba of 3 laptop USB works fine. Typical things to try are:

    1. Restart the computer
    2. Launch disk utility and see if it appears. It cannot be mounted and requires a repair
    3. Reset the SMC reset management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support
    4. Connect the drive directly to the computer instead of the hub
    5. Try a different cable

    And if none of these works, try to connect to another computer to see if it works elsewhere.

  • Toshiba USB external hard drive 250GB shows only the red light - sound of rattling

    My USB HD external drive to Toshiba aged 16 months stopped working yesterday. It shows just a flashing red light
    and makes a slight clicking noise. Of course, we cannot guarantee any more. But all my backups are on this drive,
    This means almost 10 years of work destroyed if I cannot access this disc more. Someone knows what to do to fix
    This problem?

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    I put t know what the flashing red LED could mean, but it looks like a HARD disk head crash. Perhaps you could find some details in the user manual that the flashing light means.

    However, he still stupid s cases of dysfunction of a backup media situation. I had a similar problem with my 2.5 100 GB USB HDD. After about 3 years of work, the HARD drive died and I was not able to access the HARD disk. I was a lucky man because I have backup my data also on the DVD so I was able to restore the files and data.

    What to say maybe s possible to save data, but professional help would be necessary. Maybe you should contact technicians for assistance.

    Best regards and good luck buddy

  • A40: Boot from external USB HDD

    Hi guys.
    Who could help me? The problem: I recently bought USB 2.0 HDD case, the device is working properly and everything is OK, but I can't boot from it.

    The model is A40 and start USB FDD option is available, how could I go around it and make it my laptop to boot from USB HDD?

    Thanks in advance.


    There is no problem at all because this opportunity is absolutely not possible. There is no way to do it.

    Don t compare with FDD and external HDD. They are two different external devices.

    Good bye

  • External USB HDD 320GB 10 error code

    Hi im having trouble with my 320 GB external hard drive I bought about 2 months ago and has worked very well to the top and up to now, where it seems to want a driver who I was not provided with the hard drive because it is plug-and-play and does not connect to my computer just returns the error code 10 on all my computers can someone help me find this driver or help me with this problem out as I noticed many people seem to happen with the 250 GB and 320 GB hard drives at the moment?


    You suggested that this drive worked properly.
    One question; have you used the option to remove USB device?

    Sometimes the USB could not recognize the USB device because the device was removed without using this option.

    Maybe this will help: go to Device Manager and remove the USB ports. After restart of the operating system to reinstall the USB ports. Then check if the USB HDD works.


    I have a HP Omni100 5052 all in one PC. the USB flash drives works. External usb hdd or ssd will not work. Does not appear in my computer or Device Manager.

    Problem sloved. I had to go into Disk Manager and set up for the sheer volume of new and format drive, change the drive letter. Now, it works through usb ports.

Maybe you are looking for

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