LaserJet 1160: Laserjet 1160 will not print multiple copies in Windows 10

Before the 10th of Windows, I was able to print several copies without problem. Now with Windows 10 everything I print is 1 copy no matter what I do to different environments. Now the Mopier mode is grayed out as well as various other positions in the printer properties dialog box. Am I missing something simple?

>> ... I have administrative credentials. I can see what I have to do in the printer properties, but cannot perform the appropriate function because nearly 90% of the functions are "grayed out"...

I have no idea why this should be the case.

Seems more like a permissions problem Windows, rather than a printer or a printer driver problem.

... and you confirm that the ' grayed' value for the Mopier Mode is currently set on " Enabled"?

Check what your effective permissions ; you need 'manage this printer"access; This example shows my user (not administrator) does not have this access (so all 'device settings' values are gray when seen as logged-in while this user.

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    I have not use iPhoto 8 for a very long time, so do not know, is that it is valid.  With the current iPhoto 9.6.1 duplicate a photo as many times that the copies are required on the printed sheet.

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  • My HP Laserjet 1200 printer will not print several copies.

    Printer was fine for several months after installing Windows 7/64, but now will not print multiple copies.
    Install the latest drivers from HP does not work.

    Sorry, none of these methods worked, but I found a "work around" which, although unsatisfactory, works.
    The only way I can change the "exemplary amount printed ' is to go of the program print menu and instead to use the box of"Copies", use" Properties/Advanced/paper output/copy Count"and change cela number of copies wanted, then run the print job, but don't forget to come back to this menu and change it to '1', which will continue to use the new set of amount." This seems to be a problem with the printer driver.

  • HP Color Laserjet 2550n will not print in color?

    My HP Color Laserjet 2550n will not print in color?

    I spent half a day Googling this issue and could not find any solution?

    When I press the go and cancel the 3 test pages print fine in color set button.

    But if I try to print anything from my laptop, it's all B & W.

    I already installed the latest version of PCL5, PCL6 and PS drivers from today:

    None of them print in color?

    I think that is the question:

    But, how to fix this?

    My OS is Win 8.1Pro x 64 with all updates installed.

    The colour toners are 100%, black is at 28%.

    rk_russelking: your suggestions have been COMPLETELY & TOTALLY USELESS.

    I found the answer here:

    ... «in the printer properties, select the tab settings of the device, scroll to the very last item at the bottom, which is 'Device Type'.» The value displayed (which of course got auto-installé as a default value, for both PCL6 drivers), is "AUTO-DETECT". You would think that would work, but it apparently does not.

    In any case, by selecting the drop-down arrow, it turns out that there are three available values: AUTO-DETECT, COLOR and MONOCHROME.

    Of course she then had me select COLOR, click APPLY and then click OK. I repeated the process for the other printer PCL6. »

  • Dell Inspiron 7520: Printer will not print multiple pages after upgrade to Windows 10

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 and now my HP printer will not print multiple pages. The printer is set to print documents from the spool. Thanks for any help!

    I uninstalled everything related to my HP printer (in the Device Manager: printers and print queues) and searched my computer for everything related to my HP printer and deleted stuff also. Then I reinstalled the drivers and software from the HP website. I have updated Java also (I have no idea how much this has to do with my impression). I have my printer is off and unplugged for one minute before Relighting. I restarted my computer and now it seems to be printing normally. Praise the LORD!

  • LaserJet M1212nf: HP LaserJet M1212nf will not print, claims paper jam

    My LaserJet M1212nf do not print, and it has never printed. Whenever I have create a print job if printing from a PC, copy something via the scanner, or print a report in the menu, it goes through the following:

    1. Initializes the printer,
    2. During initialization, printer pulls in a piece of paper in the tray,
    3. Paper stops halfway in (seems to me like he already spent fuser, then probably would not print correctly in all cases), then the printer claims there is a paper jam.

    Note, this printer has never properly printed a single page. The number of impressions is zero (0). I've never had a paper jam.

    Note that regards the position of the paper as it is pulled into the printer, I use letter size paper, and the printer menu shows that it has set up to accept size stationery. I confirmed duplicate by checking through the web interface of the printer as well.

    Any help?

    And CV: If I can't get this problem solved, I'll have no value outside of this all-in-one at all. It will have been a large lemon and probably will poison any possibility to buy HP products in the future, including those based on the experience of support I've had so far, which has been zero. I tried to get the official support of the guarantee, but despite me documented proof of purchase, my warranty has been backdated to a until I bought itand now I can not contact technical support via the Web site options. I put in another conflict guaranteed, but on the basis of the likely response time will not get an answer until after a guaranteed year is officially over.

    Hey @Dee76,

    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

    If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the function of private messages of the Forum, this post has instructions. Please see the HP Privacy Statement.

  • HP laserjet 1018 is not printing after upgrading to Windows 7

    I've upgraded Windows vista to windows 7 and my HP laserjet 1018 is not printing.  The status shows "lazy", is not ready.  Any ideas?

    you use a windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit?

    for a 32-bit operating system, download the software at:

    for a 64 bit OS, download software to:

    for any question about the drivers and software for HP products check this site:

  • HP LaserJet 1320 will not print duplex on Win7 64 bit

    HP LaserJet 1320 is duplex printing is no longer. using Win7 64 bit system. I have used this printer for several years and it has worked flawlessly. Just installed Win 7 64 bit machine, has made the windows update in the choice to install printer, selected the "print on both sides" in the printer preferences. The book is re - feeds like it going to print on the other side, but a new sheet out and 2nd page prints on the 2nd feed and he re - feeds also as if printing on both sides. This used to work fine under Win XP


    Please try to install a replacement driver to work around the problem and inform me of any changes:

    1. Run the installation of the following universal print driver:
    2. Select the traditional installation mode.
    3. Set the port as LPT1 and follow the steps to complete the install wizard.
    4. Once the compelting the installation, you will notice a new icon of the listed all-in asHP Universal Print driver.
    5. Right click over the icon of LJ 1320 existing, click printer properties, enter in the Ports tab, note the port and close the window.
    6. Right-click on the universal print driver, click printer properties. Enter in the Ports tab and check the same port that you used in the original pilot.
    7. Enter in the device settings tab and verify that the unit of the duplex unit is installed.

    Now try pritner duplex using the universal print driver work.

    Please let me know if this is useful,


  • LaserJet 4240n will not print landscape or 14 or 16.67 CPI

    I have 2 printers LaserJet on a RHEL 6.1 System.   One is a LaserJet 2430n and it prints in landscape and 14 or 16.67 CPI...

    The LaserJet 4240n printer does not print in landscape or 14 or 16.67 CPI.  He seems to forget how do the following.

    The system is a Dell T310 server.

    The application is an old - CIMPRO and IDOL IV.

    I have the problem in printing the application or from the command line in linux.

    It has worked before.

    The system was installed in October 2011, but is not yet in production use.

    This printing problem is preventing us from going to live.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Hi jpdhp,

    It is a product of the profit margin. For the best answer to your questions, you need to transfer your question at the following links.

  • Color Laserjet CP1518 will not print in color

    XP SP3 usb connected.

    I found other troubleshooting solutions. Namely, that where the solution is to uncheck "print in grayscale".  I don't see this option on one of the property tabs.

    The 1518 has been in service for months, maybe more than a year.  Had some problems with it not behave like a printer and would remove and reinstall through control-> printers/Fax Panel.

    Tried again with this instance, nothing helps.   Color toner supplies are all over 80% - and print supply page in the menu of the printer _does_ color print.  Fact page of toners 'Colorsphere.

    Any jobs sent to the printer, with elements of color, prints in grayscale.  The printer is shared through the connected usb XP machine.  network printing also does not print in color

    A search of this forum did not turn anything for this situation.  If anyone can provide a link to the query (solved) of another user or perhaps an explanation for changing the appropriate printer property to start printing in color once again I certainly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    A solution of sorts.  I'll post here so when it happens again in a year and my addled brain can't remember, maybe that I'll find myself here.

    At HP, I downloaded the printer driver.  These are apparently "universal."  Deleted the XP printer and it - he added point to the level of the 8-12 different folder with .inf files that I had just downloaded.  No idea which one to use.  And apparently not so universal that HP would have you believe.  I presume that one I chose (proabably the first alphabetically) only allows gray - or is gray universal for printers.

    Well, rather than waiting on the long tail of wisdom on this forum I tried a reset hot of the printer (pull the plug while its on and wait 15 seconds).

    did.  tried to print (in excel the view print used to always display in color and he wasn't yet). There not also to print in color.  However in the meantime that the print job, I noticed that my "equipment was ready for use.

    Checked the printer and found a new listed HP cp1518ni.  has chosen to print in excel and the preview showed in color and voila! print color too.

    I've never cared for lack of HP of discrimination re: printer drivers 'universal '.  At least, they should give more guidance on which .inf to use _if_, you're going to be looking forward and install it yourself.

    However, I am impressed XP and HP got the correct auto-install.

  • LaserJet m1217 do not print through easyprint on windows server 2008 64-bit

    We have a client that has the LaserJet M1217 that connects to our window 2008 Server SP2 64-bit via Remote Desktop.  EasyPrint recognizes the printer, but will not display even a test page.  We get a FAILURE message.  We have no more need to know how to print via easyprint, or whether there is a driver that can be installed remotely.

    Hi swmotif,

    This model is only a printer based on the host only and there is no available PCL printer driver. You may not use either universal print driver. I would recommend that you connect the Ethernet printer, and then install the driver based on the host at the link below. If you still experience the problem, you can contact the seller for easyprint.

    Base driver HP LaserJet Hostbased

  • HP LaserJet 4050tn: LJ 4050 printing multiple Copies in 2013 office

    I have a strange problem that I hope someone can help me with. A bit of history...  We have a network printer LaserJet 4050tn on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Print Server. All our workstations are Windows 7 x 64. The printer uses the universal driver PCL 5 Version 6.1.

    The problem is that when someone prints to this printer and they want multiple copies, two jobs get sent to the printer. By example, if I want two copies of a Word document 2013 a pages, the double exits printer. In other words, I find myself with four pages divided into two print jobs. If I want only a copy, the printer prints only one page, as it should. This only seems to happen with documents other than Office as PDF files.

    We have a good number of these printers and it's the only one who acts with (that we know). Would that be a problem driver or something else altogether? Thanks in advance for the help.

    The issue seems to be with the 6.1 PCL5 driver. We have restored the printer on the PCL 5.9 driver and it works fine.

  • HP officejet 4500 printer will not print on the new Windows 7 computer

    My new gateway computer recognizes my hp office jet 4500, but it will not be printed. What should do?

    Have you actually installed according to the instructions from HP, which is to use the installation cd HP or HP site features complete downloading, connecting only when the installation says too much, or simply plug in?



    If other applications can print correctly, then it is a problem of QuickBooks and you would need to contact them to see if a patch or update is available.  Given the age of the product (released in 2002) I would say that you probably need to upgrade to a newer version.

    In addition, if please do not post in uppercase because he considered "SHOUTING" and is difficult to read for those who ask for help.

    'MAMA BALL' wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *


  • Color laserjet CP1525nw will not print in color

    I installed the PCL6 and PostScript drivers on my Surface Pro 3 to print to my LaserJet CP1525nw color.  The printer is connected to my router.  The printer prints, but only in shades of gray.  What can I do to be able to print in color and continue to print through my router?

    My printer is connected via USB. I installed the full version of the software, and everything works now. Thank you!

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