Solved by using MSCONFIG and remove the startup Lenovo Screen Rotation process.

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  • S10 - 3T Auto screen rotation

    I got the S10 - 3T a few days and notice that he says he has the gravity setting? The problem is never auto rotates when I put in tablet mode and hold it in portrait mode. Only, it switches the screen oneway when I put it in tablet mode. Everyone is the same? or it does not work when you have it in tablet mode and hold in portrait and switches automatically without pressing the button of the screen on the screen rotation?

    It comes with preloaded driver, has been activated.

    Go to start > programs > Lenovo > Lenono Screen Rotation > Screen Rotation settings

    Turn it on in there. I hope this helps.

  • X 201-corruption graphic on screen rotated (XP SP3)


    I have graphics corruption problems when using the rotation capacity of 90 degrees with the Intel HD graphics card on my laptop X 201.  The X 201 is under XP SP3 in a docking station connected to two monitors NEC MultiSync EA190M.  The first monitor is connected via VGA, the second via the display of Lenovo to DVI cable port. I use the latest graphics driver on Lenovo's ( Web site as well as the latest version of the Bios.  The two monitors are at 60 Hz.

    When both monitors are rotated 90 degreees, corruption occurs at the same time with the VGA monitor in normal mode, the corruption occurs only on the second, DisplayPort/DVI connected screen rotated.  Corruption is more noticeable in the Windows of the window header/tail (where the X close App., minimize and are full/partial screen controls), but the corruption of the main window occurs too.

    I checked with the Intel site, and they said that my driver has been customized, so I guess I can't use a standard Intel driver.

    Any help appreciated,

    Thank you

    Here's an update.

    A new driver was released ( that seems to have solved the problem.

  • How to change the settings for screen rotation?

    How can I change the screen on my Symphony GoFox F15 rotation parameters? I don't know how it has changed, but before change it worked normally. Now I want to change the settings manually on the rotation of the screen. How can I do?

    Go to settings, display, and then select "lock direction" off screen rotation and disable to stop rotation of the screen.

  • Tecra S11 - hotkey display screen rotation

    Hi all
    I use a Tecra S11 with Windows 7 64 bit.
    By pressing "Ctrl + alt + down arrow" my screen rotates 180 degrees.
    Unfortunately this shortcut is one of my favorite hotkey in Eclipse, so I have to disable the shortcut of display rotation.
    After a long search I haven t found a solution.

    does anyone know how can I disable the shortcut of screen rotation?

    Thanks for the tips


    I put t know exactly how to do this on your Tecra, but this option must be available in the Advanced display settings.

    Also graphics card settings check (for example the NVIDIA settings).

  • Portege M400 - screen rotation utility does not

    A week ago, I turned the screen to put in tablet mode and noticed that the screen does not rotate 90 degrees automatically as it normally does.

    I then pressed the button of the screen rotation so that it would automatically adjust to the direction that the laptop was in. This had no effect.

    I was able to rotate the screen manually by going to the graphic properties and you can set up hotkeys to rotate manually onscreen, but is no longer automatically adjusts. I ran the utility of toshiba manually rotation, but it doesn't have an effect either.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Hello kjames

    Try again with the official page of Toshiba support under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads. It's the Rotation Utility for Windows XP Edition Tablet version

  • Portege M800 - lack of screen rotation function


    I use my M800 with a secondary monitor, and I would like to rotate the screen so I can view long documents. However, there is no this rotation feature under graphics properties-> display settings. I wonder if the M800 doesn't have this feature? (I believe that chipset Intel GMA 4500MHD offers such a function) I've updated my graphics drivers to the latest version. Is it possible to activate this feature?

    See you soon,.

    Hello mate

    Hmmm maybe it s just a matter of driver that is installed on your laptop
    I remember that my U400 (with Intel graphics card) didn't provide such screen rotation on the first day of purchase, but after an update of graphic card driver (I used the page Intel Intel driver) I could find this option in Intel graphics Media Accelerator

    I think you should also try to update the display driver

  • The spectrum X 360 screen rotation

    Hi, I recently bought the spectrum X 360 with 10 windows, but the rotation of the screen does not work in tent and Tablet mode.

    I tried to find a solution for this in the display settings, but this display rotation Lock is enabled and disabled. So I can't even change it.

    Please let me know how to activate the screen rotation.

    Found a solution: Win + R-> type "regedit" and enter

    The Registry Editor opens.

    Goto-> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\AutoRotation path

    Check the value of the file if it is 0 rotation will be OFF, if 1 rotation will be THERE.

    Reboot and auto rotation will work.

    Note: The lock rotation in display settings button is still disabled, do not know why.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • Sometimes, the Lenovo Y40 gets stuck on the Lenovo screen?

    The Y40 I bought in July sometimes gets stuck on the Lenovo screen where the laoding circle does not appear. It happens only intermittently, but occurs more often after long use (more than 45 minutes). Technical support already tells me to reset the BIOS and restore windows. Do you know the guys from any thing that can cause this problem? Would it be a HARD drive broken or damaged OS? Thank you!

    I've already sent my laptop in for repair. The technical support representative said that it was either a HARD drive or motherboard problem

  • Yoga Pro 2 - Screen Rotation

    I accidentally deleted the screen rotation program in my Yoga 2 Pro. Does anyone know what program it is and how to reinstall?

    Thanks for your help in advance guys.

  • T420 stuck on the startup Lenovo screen

    Hi I'm new to this community, so I would like to applogise if I have something simillar to mist (I checked some but not solved my problem).

    I have a thinkpad t420, I bought a used one. It worked great, and I bought a friend, that I trust. I installed an SSD, was usnig Linux, and everything worked for a month. But then I bought a HARD drive caddy and replaced the CD-ROM. After that my thinkpad has worked for a day (although he does not recognize the second HDD). The next day, I tried to find BIOS for some parameters and after I restarted my laptop, it was stuck on the startup Lenovo screen, reboot loop. I tried:

    -removing and replacing the caddy with the CD rom.

    -replace my SSD drive,

    -replace the RAM (two locations),

    -Reset BIOS,

    -launch a diagnostic CD (but it does not start, nor can I boot from a USB key)

    My google search showed that he could bi a problem with one of the USB pins inside one of the ports (short circuit or something like that), but I couldn't find any damage. So I'm thinkig that the motherboard may be damaged, but I can access BIOS, but it's the only thing I can do with it.

    I'd be thenkful Walker of any advice or help, before moving on to official Lenovo service for help. Thnak you!


    You can always source a new mobo on eBay, or any part on your T420 to recover some costs.

  • For lenovo screen on startup startup sound

    During the startup lenovo screen, it's a musical sound to show that this is the start. How can I disable this noise so that I can start in silent mode? Right now due to this noise, I can not boot my laptop in class or at the library without causing a disturbance.

    I got him to shutup, the definition was in the freakin ' BIOS oo

  • screen rotation

    My cat stepped on my keyboard and the screen rotates. I have a laptop G72.  How can I fix?


    Try holding both the keys ctrl and alt keys and press the arrow pointing upwards.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 8 1401-Auto screen rotation does not work

    Automatic rotation of the screen does not work, even if the automatic screen rotation is turned on in settings

    Auto-rotation of the screen to switch off / on has not helped.

    I am currently using a utility (app) to force the rotation of the screen. It works, but it is not the solution.

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Android version 4.2.2

    Build 1.0.7_WW - FIR - 13.20140211

    SpikeyDutchman wrote:

    After that the auto reset to factory-rotation still does not work.

    Any thin that otherwise I can try?

    Contact HP.


  • accidental-all view on my screen rotation rotates 90 degrees to the left

    My Toddler hit on the keyboard and suddenly everything on my screen rotates 90 degrees to the left.  Please, how to undo it?

    For the rotation of the view, you can use CTRL + ALT + arrow keys


    Click Start > Control Panel > display > definition tab > Advanced button

    Now search for Orientation button and choose your desired direction

Maybe you are looking for

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