Lightroom: LR4 will not open - error unexpected opening catalog

I can't open LR4. I get an "unexpected error opening catalog. The catalog cannot be opened due to an unexpected error. "This has happened after the failure of an update to WIN7.  He restored the system to a previous version.  In doing so, he also returned LR4.2 to LR4.1.  I've seen other threads can open a different catalog, or create a new one.  The problem is that, once I go to "Choose a different catalog", I get the windows to the screen where I can choose my backup.  I select the backup catalog and click on 'open '.  The window disappears, but the window "Select a catalog" underlying LR shows still 1 catalog to open... my original catalogue.  The backup does not appear in the list.  (The backup is not a network drive, and it is not marked as read).

I then try 'create a new catalog', get the Windows screen, enter a new name and click "Save".  The same thing happens.  The Windows screen goes away and the window "Select a catalog" LR still shows the catalog of moose in the list.  So, I can not create or choose a different catalog.  I'm doing something wrong?

Thank you.


Remember to re - install Lightroom.

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