Linksys wrt1900ac - FTP address changing constanty - it drives me crazy!


I enabled the FTP server. Everything works fine, BUT:

How can I stop the router from its address of the FTP server constantly evolving? This is the first, then after a few days and so on.

Every day is different, which means that it is difficult to work with. This behavior is costing me a lot of nerves and brings a lot of trouble. I have stock for customers on the hard disk that is attached to the wrt1900 and I myself can not access data when I need it. The irony is - I bought the router due to its internal functioning of the FTP server, but now - it is unusable.

No idea how can I stop this?


PS: I do not know if this is relevant: the hard drive is powered by USB and goes into standby mode if you do not - I like this behavior.


kosmoface wrote:

"The latest version of the firmware does not open the FTP server side WAN (Internet) of the router." The previous firmware was a security issue where when was activate the FTP all the files are available in the side Internet without security. »

Please help me out here: This means that I can't basically give someone a direct link to its share on the FTP Server internal wrt1900ac? Which means I need a ftp server or NAS extra homemade for that?

And I found this:

Linksys WRT1900AC supports the DynDNS.orgproviders, and NO - .

Which means that I have TO use these providers and nothing else?

Answers to your questions:

  1. This means that I can't basically give someone a direct link to its share on the FTP Server internal wrt1900ac?

Yes all I KNOW with the Linksys Firmware Ver. the FTP server does not allow access to the WAN (Internet)

2. which means I need a ftp server or NAS extra homemade for that?

You can flash OpenWRT McWRT and have access to the server FTP WAN on the WRT1900AC

3. the Linksys WRT1900AC supports the, suppliers and NO - . Which means that I have TO use these providers and nothing else?

Yes, but with OpenWRT McWRT you can use any provider.


Read the Wiki home page if you decide to go forward with OpenWRT.

Use the well known to start default settings. I recommend only change the SSID and passwords of wireless security until you become more familiar with it.

Wireless information is not provided in the router, the user interface, but you can get that from the connected devices.

If you need assistance with configurations of OpenWRT thanks for posting in the OpenWRT thread at the top of the forum.

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    When I connect my computer to the 5 GHz WiFi network, I have access to the internet and any other player shared the router. It I connect it to the network 2, 4 GHz, it works. The 2.4 and 5 GHZ networks have the same configuration. The only difference is the SSID. I added 5g at the ent of the 5 GHz one.

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    It could be that when you connect to the 5 GHz network, your PC is set to public and therefore discovery network is disabled, then you are not able to see the drive.  Just throw it out there.

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    Started in normal Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and a different MAC address again.

    NIC seems to work fine with whatever he chooses - but how MAC address can be change by itself?

    > NIC seems to work fine with whatever he chooses - but how MAC address can be change by itself?

    The physical MAC address is not editable, but there are a few ways to spoof the mac address
    For example, using Windows XP, the MAC address can be changed in the properties of the Ethernet adapter. On the Advanced tab, under "MAC address", "Locally administered address", "Ethernet address" or "network address". The name of this option depends on the Lan driver that is installed on your laptop. And important note; not all drivers are supported changing the MAC address of this way.

    In addition the system registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\ {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} contains some parameters of the network interface and the option called NetworkAddress will serve to set the MAC address.

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    Finally and above all some routers provide an option to change the MAC address.

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  • Linksys WRT1900ACS shows all the ports that are open and firmware restore.

    Hi bought a new Linksys WRT1900ACS and has the following questions.

    a. How can I determine whether version hardware version 1 og 2.

    b. making a portscanning on the Linksys WRT1900ACS for the internet I found that several ports where free.

    When I went into the Setup, I get only portforwarded 20/21.

    I could access my internet QNAPS 3 + more.

    But the router WRT1900ACS didn t show this when it has been planned, why?

    I now that the QNAP may change the port settings, but I do not have "done this or asked for it", but why it does not appear

    When I log in the WRT1900ACS via Smart Wi - Fi.

    (can not see all 3 QNAPS when I use my linksys EA6500 router.)

    c. After you have determined the B. I tried to Flash the firmware with the firmware OPENWRT. But now I can access the WRT1900ACS and the WiFi is not charged more. The normal router works. How do I get:

    D: flash the original firmaware (via lan)

    e: what OPENWRT firmware has GUI and can be recommended for WRT1900ACS and where to download?

    f. are there links to og to youtube which is very imnformative to do this?

    Thank you


    [email protected] wrote:

    Hi bought a new Linksys WRT1900ACS and has the following questions.

    a. How can I determine whether version hardware version 1 og 2.

    Thank you


    This must appear on the label of the product below.

  • Lack of network of 2.4 Ghz on Linksys WRT1900ACS

    I set up my new Linksys WRT1900ACS yesterday.

    Originally, I created two networks Joy_5 and Joy_2.4. Everything worked.

    My Fitbit balance don't like underscores in SSID so I changed the two networks to joy.

    Since then, I am unable to do * nothing * frequency of 2.4 Ghz.

    I did a factory reset, and I tried all channels. The interface seems to think that there is a network on the band but can see no external device (I've tried laptops and phones).

    I've attached a screenshot of the current settings.

    Joy2 network (the current name of the 2.4 Ghz network) cannot be seen by any device (even when right next to the router).

    I don't know what else to try. It is currently the choice between return the router as defective DD or WRT giving a go...

    I does look like it is defective.

    Some wireless devices will be confuse previous wireless networks to which they connect. In general, you can get them to forget or remove networks remembers previous. Rename the SSID something completely different should circumvent the requirement of Forget.

  • Port before 1723 Linksys WRT1900AC (VPN)

    I can't establish a VPN tunnel to my desktop using PPTP (built in vpn windows) machine.

    I have a Linksys WRT1900AC, latest firmware (

    I implemented the single port forwarding (this machine has a static ip address below):

    I can ping the machine externally, but when I telnet as the machine and the port number (EXTERNAL telnet. IP 1723), his look is no (external).

    I have disabled the windows firewall (although all ports and the gre are defined in the case). I even disabled the firewall of the router to test and helped passtrhough:

    I did the research strongly, and the only thing I can think is a NAT behind NAT issue? (Not too well known in network). But I'm not on a DSL modem is a modem cable (Charter company).

    I'm stuck, I know that the VPN tunnel does not work because the port is not listening, but how can I get?

    Thanks in advance,


    Yes, the IP address that starts with 192.168.x.x is a private LAN and non routable IP address.

    Your ISP Modem must also be a router with a DHCP server.

    Two Options:

    1. Configure the Modem for Bridge Mode or DMZ
    2. Configure the same port forwarding rule in the modem to the IP address of the WRT1900AC (192.168.44.x). If the modem passes to the WRT1900AC which redirects to the PPTP in Windows 8 Server.
  • OfficeJet Pro 8600 Plus: cannot connect wirelessly between Officejet Pro 8600Plus and Linksys WRT1900AC wireless router

    Bought a new Linksys WRT1900AC wireless router.  Followed the steps of wireless configuration and connected successfully as verified by "results of analysis of the wireless network.  However, I am still unable to print/scan/fax.  Receive a message indicating that the printer is unable to connect to the server.

    Check the following:

    The blue light next to 'Wireless' suspends on printer.

    The INSTALLATION of the SCREEN ON the PRINTER (after the installation Wizzard wireless):

    IP address:

    Network name: golfer

    HostName: HPEB4DD8

    MAC: 444:1e:a1:e9:40:d7

    Direct Wireless: Off


    SSID is correct

    The signal strength is 'Excellent' @ 95

    Security-enabled = Yes

    Security type WPA2 =

    Connected = No

    Frequency = 2.4 Ghz

    No problem with previously connected D-Link DIR - 655 wireless router.

    Seems strange that any "passesses" by the results of the wireless network Test.  Yet, still unable to connect.

    Looking for any help.

    Thank you


    Finally a resolution...

    I tried running an ePrint of New York telephone, and it worked, but still no luck wirelessly from the PC printing.

    He said that the WiFi was indeed working.  So, I did a search for new firmware and found that there was one in April of this year (2016).  Downloaded and took a chance on install.  To my amazement, it is actually installed on the printer without any connection "connected".  Who told me that there is an existing wireless link.

    Once the install is complete firmware, I tried to print a worksheet Excel from the PC, and it actually printed!  I have to assume there was something in the formware upgrade which allowed the router from LinkSys (WRT1900AC) to communicate fully and to work with the PC.  The router was published in 2014, so maybe it was.

    In any event, everything is in fully working again.

    Man y thanks to all who have shared their data entry.  I hope this could help someone with a similar problem in the future.

    Thanks again!


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    Hi all

    I need assistance with Windows.

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro with Windows 7 preinstalled pro and the recovery DVD to downgrade to Windows XP Pro.
    I had to change the hard drive, so I try to reinstall Windows 7 from the recovery CD, but it does not work. He said that it is not possible to install this on this machine.

    So I tried with Windows XP CD recovery and no problem
    I'd rather have windows Windows 7 but I do not know how to retrieve
    Last information, the Windows XP CD recovery came with the laptop that Windows 7 was made by the store who sold me the computer.

    Thank you for your help

    As far as I know there is not a kind of limitation and if there is no problem with the original recovery for Win7 disc, you should be able to install it on any HARD disk that you use with your machine.
    I upgraded HDD to the SSD on my installation of picture machine and the restore worked without any problems.

    To be honest, it is not easy to say what the problem is here, but the Win7 installation disc is somehow suspect for me. I don't know what model of laptop you have exactly, but somehow, I feel you didn t get original drive Win7. Best evidence is the Windows XP Home edition recovery disk. The prinziple with Win7 is the same and it should works.

    When you use this disk you should have the menu as shown on

    This document explains how this works with the original installation disc of recovery.

  • NB550D - 10G - do I lose the warranty after change of HARD drive?

    I would like to change the HARD drive in my Toshiba NB550D - 10G for one SSD drive.
    Could someone tell me if I lose my warranty after doing this? I would also like to know evolves from 1 GB ram to 2 GB would indeed lose the warranty?

    Thanks for the help!

    No, I think that you that the warranty would be unaffected if you remove and replace the HARD drive.
    The HARD drive and memory are parts extensible user and replace this part will not void the warranty.

  • Change the HARD drive in the laptop Satellite P10-304

    I bought a new hard drive for my laptop toshiba satellite sp10, can someone tell me were the hard drive is in the laptop, so I can change it as it does not tell you in the instructions booklet
    Thank you


    For some portable models change HARD drive is very simple and not complicated. Change the HARD drive in your case will be not so easy, and in my opinion, you should contact the service partner. I don't know how old is your laptop, and if the warranty is still valid, but as Tobi said if you open the Briefcase with laptop computer on your own, you can lose the warranty.

    I don't know, but the HARD drive should be placed somewhere under keyboard because on this model there is no coverage of HARD drive in the lower corner.

    Good bye

  • How to change the optical drive for Portege R500-135


    I need to change my optical drive, but I don't kown where I can buy one.
    My laptop is PPR50E-08M046FR.




    As far as I know it of not easy to replace the STRANGE because it s hidden under the bottom cover, this cover should be removed first to access the CD/DVD drive, HARD drive, etc.
    But I found a useful page:
    [Portege R500 |]

    But note; everything you do it your own risk you Lady laptop parts. Be always careful and don t use force

  • Satellite Pro L20 - How can I change the optical drive?

    I want to change the optical drive in a satellite pro L20 but I'm having trouble finding instructions on how to remove it. Can anyone help?

    The CURIOUS reader is fixed with a screw at the bottom of the unit. Then, turn the computer over and remove one screw an optical disk drive.
    The second screw is hidden under the keyboard. That's why this screw must be removed also. And then disconnect you should be able to pull-out of the optical drive.

    But note; If you have no experience of these things, ask a technician for laptop computer to help him.

    Good luck

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