locking folders... password protection

The checkbox in , to a folder and under private folders, is "sanctified out '...  How can I save it as a choice...?

Make sure that the disk that contains this file/folder is formatted in NTFS.
Make sure that the option to compress folders is not selected.

FWIW: If you want a protection password on folders/subfolders, I recommend that you try 3rd party freeware "Truecrypt ".


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  • When I do analysis antivirus it says that I locked and password protected files.

    What are and can a virus infect files and infect my computer with the locked files / password protected?

    BTW. I use AVG Internet Security 2012 and Advanced System Care Pro 5.


    It shows locked all files that you have created?

    What are the names of files that show as locked or password protected?

    It could be files that are sent to you by someone else and they have the file password protected.

    It could also be system files that should not be scanned by the antivirus.

  • Possible to lock or password protect folder of bookmarks in Safari?


    Is it possible to lock, password protect or maybe to encrypt a folder of bookmarks in Safari, using a third party program if necessary?

    Thank you


    If you try to prevent someone access your Safari bookmarks, my advice would be for you to protect your account.

  • Tried to password - protect folders (VERY important issues) and now cannot find/access them at all!

    That's what I had to do what I did:


    Clearly, I clicked too much / the wrong thing, because these very important issues (for my work) are now completely inaccessible for me. This is not correct. I need them to work. Can someone help me please? (I feel like such a fool!)

    I tried restoring the system (twice) and nothing has changed. I have google and google to try to find a way to fix this, but so far have gotten nowhere! I'm a sort of panic... hoping someone can help me!

    So what (s) you refuse permissions on this folder? If deny you permissions to everyone, then of course your own username has been included in this group. Out of this is to start the computer with a Linux Live CD or USB key and the copy of the data in the files to external media such as a disk external hard USB or USB key. Linux will not honor Windows permissions. Then delete the files while in Linux. If all goes well, they are not system folders but are only folders you have created yourself. Then start in Windows, create new folders, copy your data to them. If you explain what and where are the files and what restrictions you want to give, we can help you to do this properly.


    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • How do I password protect a file in my docs please?

    I have a file I want to password protect but does not see how I can do? Can someone help me please?


    Can I protect files or folders with a password?

    How to password protect folders in Windows 7

    How to lock and password protect folder in Windows 7/Vista

    Try FreeHideFolders which hides the file and requires a password for access if 1
    someone know there is and its location and name and then they have to know the
    password. TIP - Write down the password and keep in several places, including at home.

    FreeHideFolders - free

    The other will allow you to encrypt files, folders or disks together.

    Encryption software of free disk for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X and Linux

    FreeOTFE is a free, open source, "on-the-fly" for PC and PDA transparent disk encryption program

    You could also check the file with WinZip or other compression programs that support passwords.


    I hope this helps.

  • Passwords do not work to retrieve the files that I locked for the protection of personal information under my administrator account.

    I had some that I have files protected by Word, under my administration account that s wa also password protected. recently, I had to have my computer reformatted and returned it to me without administrative access, research nothing same and none of my passwords work to open these locked files. Please help me... inside one of them was a picture of my husband roommmate that he has lost the war. I need to these files and photos.  Thank you!  BTW I don't know if I have windows xp or pro.  Thanks again

    Would you be able to help me more if I had administrative control?  Because the place that did that at my computer only altered my administrative control, if I'm not mistaken it is still mine.

    At this point, you should probably take the computer to the one who did what they did and ask them to retrieve the files for you.

  • Need password protection

    I want to put a password on my laptop while traveling. How to lock my computer while traveling? Can you please send a link or give me very clear and simple 'HOW TO' instructions?  I use my admin code? Will I need a new password? What are the settings I will implement? Wil I change screen saver time and sleep to "never"?  I usually close my cover when I leave the room to let rest the computer - it's just at home and it's just me and her husband in the House - HOWEVER, I am concerned with coming summer travel. Thank you.

    What follows has instructions: p-other-people-from-using-it.html http://www.macworld.com/article/2910939/how-to-password-protect-your-mac-and-kee

    If you are really concerned about the protection of your data, I highly recommend turn on FileVault:

    Use FileVault to encrypt the boot on your Mac - Apple Support disk

  • The new password protected notes

    If I lock a note with a password on my iPhone, can someone who has access to my opinion of iCloud account my iCloud.com notes without having to enter the password?

    Not if you use different passwords. This can help.

    Secure your notes with password-protection - Apple Support

  • Password protect an external hard drive connected to Time Capsule

    I have a WD passport external hard drive connected to my time capsule, so my wife and I can easily share files. I have the external hard drive connected through the locked time capsules WiFi network so someone in the House can not access however if they walked the time capsule and not plugged in the external hard drive they could walk away with it. When I try to password protect external hard drive then time capsule may not recognise, and so I can't use it as an external hard drive that is shared. No one knows how, to password protect the external hard drive connected to the time capsule as if someone physically stole the external hard drive it would be locked, but have yet still recognizable by Time Capsule when I plugged?

    Hope that makes sense.

    The only way to do is to encrypt the files on the computer.

    And you both use the same password. Unfortunately, this probably means that you can not share files directly... The TC is not a SIN... never, it was designed for this purpose so there no controls to help admin file sharing.

    If you create a DMG file on WD drive that encrypt you and you can copy files to and from... but only one at a time.

    Another method would be to use a specific software... Watch chronosync.


    I don't him have not run in this configuration... so, you have to experiment if it manages what you want.

    I think that there will always be limitations on concurrent access from multiple computers.

  • Information about password protection does not work in the IPhone 4S


    Good evening. I use IPhone 4S for the past 2 years. March 9.3 IOS has released and even I've updated in my IPhone. But the Notes password protection does not work in my IPhone 4 s.

    Please let me know why this does not work in my IPhone.

    Thank you

    Maryse M.

    Post edited by: Maryse

    You can respond with more details on what you mean by "does not"-for example, no option to create a password, no option to lock a note, cannot open a note protected without password, etc..

    The following can also help. It has instructions on creating a password in the Notes app or in the settings App, keep your notes safe with password-protection - Apple Support

  • Password protection. File PDF, Passwor protecting all of the contents of a folder

    I'm running on a Macbook Pro with OS X version El Capitan 10.11.3. After having Turbotax I click Print back and choose Save as PDF option instead of printing all the 47 pages in case I have to go and print a page or two.

    I want to make these. Password protected PDF files. There are other files that I want to password protect OR place in a folder that is password protected. Is this possible and how?

    Thank you


    There are several ways to do it, so here's a little link for you.   s-folders-Mac-OS-x-Yosemite-0160423/ http://Mac-How-to.WonderHowTo.com/How-to/Ultimate-Guide-Password-Protecting-file

  • Anyone know how to "password protect" a folder and content?

    I share a computer at home with my teenage son. I also do work at home and my customer information must be secure (confidential data). How do I password protect folders for work and other private files?


    ·         What operating system is installed on the computer?

    You can see the following article for more information on the protection of the files or folders:

    Can I protect files or folders with a password?



    Protect your files using BitLocker Drive encryption


    Hope this information is useful.

  • How to password protect an MP3 file so that the intended recipient is the only one who can open

    original title: password protect files MP3

    How to password protect an MP3 file so that the intended recipient (who has the password) is the only one who can open it and listen?

    Hi WillL_1955,

    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    Try the following.

    Method 1: Put the MP3s in a zip file, set a password on the zip file and not to say that the friend the password.

    How to create and use compressed (zipped) folders in Windows XP

    Compress and uncompress files (zip files) in Windows 7

    Method 2: You can get a third-party program that can help you achieve this goal.

    See also:

    Compress or decompress a file - InfoPath - Office.com

    Important note: this response contains a reference to third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft provides this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and no has not tested any software or information found on these sites; Therefore, Microsoft cannot make any approach to quality, security or the ability of a software or information that are there. There are the dangers inherent in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software from the Internet.

  • How to password protect my files shared on my network?

    I am trying to share a folder on the network and the have password protected. I use Windows XP Service Pack 3 Professional. I have disabled in simple file sharing files Options. All my computers are in the same workgroup. For the record I would like to share, I have the following settings:

    On the sharing tab, I 'Share this folder', filled in the maximum limit and the share user name. The "Permissions" button, I deleted "Everyone" and put in a username I've created specifically for the sharing folder connection and he gave total control. Everything is left to him by default.

    For the Security tab, I just like default except added the user account, I created and that you have authorized for total control.

    When I look at from any computer on the network, I can see the computer and shared folders in the working group. There is a default folder "SharedDocs" I open it. But if I try to enter the folder that I created, I get the following error:

    "You are not allowed to access \\MYCOMP\SharedFolder. Contact your network administrator to request access.

    If I do all what I said above, but instead of adding the user account, I put "Guest" or "everyone, then the file can be found on my other computers without the error but no password is invited. What should I do so that when I try to enter the folder, it ask for a login and a password.

    As a side note, my other computers do not have this problem with their shared folders. When I click on the computer under 'View workgroup computers '. Rather than open a list of shared folders, it opens a prompt for a login and a password, and if they are correct, it will show that all shared folders and files shared to that user. If the password of the specific folders is not possible, should what settings I change so that it works like this instead?

    My apologies if this should have been in the files, records and research topic.

    When you connect to a network share, authentication proceeds roughly in this order:

    1. If the user on the remote computer is connected with a user name that exists on the machine sharing the passwords match, while the user is authenticated as himself without another guest.
    2. If the user on the remote computer is connected with a user name that exists on the machine of sharing and the passwords do not match, then this as seen user denied access to the computer sharing without prompting.
    3. If the user on the remote computer is connected with a user name does not exist on the machine of sharing, an attempt is made to authenticate the user "guest".  If successful, that the user connection looks like it is 'guest' on the machine of sharing user.
    4. If the remote user is unable to authenticate as a 'guest' on the sharing machine, then a name of user and password screen appears to provide authentication.

    It seems to me to make it work as you want, you want to make sure that step 3 above does not occur.  This can be accomplished by disabling the "Guest" on the machine sharing account. (This forces everyone to authenticate on the machine)  Two ways to do as an administrator on the machine of sharing:
    (A) bring up a command prompt window (start-> Run-> "cmd") and enter the command:
    NET user guest / active: No.
    (B) right click on 'My Computer'-> manage-> system tools-> local users and groups-> users
    Double-click "Invited" in the right window-> Put a check in the box "account is disabled".  "OK" your way out.


  • XP Pro - Can I password protect Windows as a whole?

    I am the only user on the computer.

    After that I entered the password for the user, is it possible to password protect everything in Windows, not only certain files and folders?

    Otherwise, what is my best bet? Thank you

    What I read your journal is already protected. Of course the best security, you can use use a good password includes numbers and letters. If you wish it is possible to also protect files and folders, the steps are displayed below for you:

    -Select the file or folder you want to protect/encrypt
    -Right click on the folder and select Properties
    -Click on the Advanced button
    -Click on option "Encrypt contents to secure data".
    -Click apply then Ok
    (Note: this is only available for Windows XP Pro users, and not the Windows XP family version.)
    I hope this has been helpful!
  • How to password protect a folder

    I want the password protect a folder that contains several excel files.

    This question would be better displayed in the Windows topic given that it relates to the definition of the permissions on a folder.

    Here is a link to a page that explains the definition of permissions on folders and files for Windows XP:


    Hope that helps!

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