Manager of office of Smartphones blackBerry Sync problem

I just got the BB Curve 8330 from Sprint, I installed desktop manager 4.5 which came with the BB and when I try to use the device switch Wizard or the option sync to get my contacts and appointments of the PC or PDA-BB.  I got the following error


I turn off my firewall and still have the same message, any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I recently received my 8900 Curve. I have everything installed and synchronized my contacts and calendar from Outlook which went well. When I tried to sync again today synchronized contacts ok, but during the synchronization of calendar, he got most of the way by but then I got an error message which read error has occurred. Error code: 0x80040fb3. See the Documentation. I restarted the computer and then uninstalled and reinstalled the software Blackberry, but I got the same message. Can anyone help?

    Hi susib and welcome to the BlackBerry Forums

    Read this link to solve your problem.

  • Media to Smartphones blackBerry sync problem please help

    Hello, I am a new user of BB and I'm having a problem with my storm.  I use media sync to sync my iTunes and it worked very well but for a few days when I synced my media player show 0 songs 0 artists 0albums and so forth, but I have all my playlists and a play titled music list that contains all my music.  someone knows how to fix this?

    I had the same thing happen once. Disable the BB and remove the battery. In addition, carefully remove the card media for a minute. Put everything in place and turn on. Once the device resets itself, open the media player and it should start the scan for music and recharge all your songs.

  • Error of DM of Smartphones blackBerry sync with laptop computer

    I posted this on the forum of the storm, but realize he probably should have gone on this forum, as you'll see below I tried everything to get my laptop to synchronize with the storm, but it blocks every time during the initial synchronization. V5 tried unsuccessfully again last night.

    Suggestions... currently a paying for a phone (for three months) which is unusable!

    I recently had my Storm repair back only to find out that all my contacts were deleted. I had a problem before the repair is trying to synchronize using the Desktop Manager when it crashed every time when trying to sync. I tried several times to uninstall and reinstall/repair current DM software, also tried to remove the RIM etc but DM files crashes whenever I try to sync. Any ideas? Windows XP with the latest drivers/software.

    and once again...

    Sorry to repost this, but it makes me crazy, I have tried everything to try and get my Storm to synchronize with my laptop and Outlook. Tried to reload, repair, uninstall, reinstall, with Norton, without Norton, deleted the registry files, deleted new registry files and anything at all mention Blackberry RIM etc etc been at it now for more than a week!

    This phone is completely usless to me since I can't synchronize to retrieve my contacts. I think I have a virus on my laptop but everything else works fine, conducted the audit of the register and the comprehensive analysis of the system several times to see if he had any problem but nothing ever came. The Director of office work and synchronized without problem... I would rather the Chuck this phone far than having to manually re my contacts. I called my provider and they can not help, I really don't want to have all re install my laptop OS just on the off chance that it is perhaps the only thing that could get the DM to work again!

    Seriously an iphone and the more stable Mac platform!




    With respect to the reloading of the software on the laptop, I'm not too sure that any computer laptop is a little different.  In addition, I can't suggest that you do this, but only that it turns out that the issue is not device or Desktop Manager related but more a problem with the laptop.  Have you considered calling the seller of your laptop for some tips or tricks on this?  Have you thought about putting your Outlook information on another computer in the meantime, so you have at least your rear sync?

  • Director of office of Smartphones blackBerry for Blackberry 8300 (curve)

    I installed the version 4.2 Desktop Manager but has problems.  So I deleted the software and now I want to do another full installation.  Anyone know the correct version?

    For the 8300, you can really use any version 4.2 SP 2 with version 4.7

    I would recommend 4.7, however. It's the last.

    Download Desktop Manager here:

  • Sync Smartphone blackBerry 8900 problem: "Blackberry Desktop Manager has stopped working".

    Curve 8900 on T-Mobile.  Fune Sync worked until a few days ago.  Recently used the Blackberry site to update all the software after that I received a message on my phone to do so ( Now, in the middle of synchronization (Bluetooth or USB), Windows tells me that "Blackberry Desktop Manager has stopped working".  It always stops working at the stage where Desktop Manager treats the device calendar.

    I tried all the stuff I can think: uninstalling and reinstalling, Outlook Update, disable Windows Defender, USB and Bluetooth, used the T-Mobile site and the EDGE of the site... nothing.  Help!

    Desktop Manager v5.0.0.11

    Handheld Software v4.6.1.231

    Windows Defender is DISABLED

    Synchronize with Outlook 2007

    Could mean that the calendar on the BlackBerry database is corrupted. Are the entries in Outlook until data on the BlackBerry? If so you can try out the BlackBerry database, and then synchronize again. To clear the database on the BlackBerry, go to the backup and restore | Advanced. On the right, you will see the BlackBerry databases. So you can choose the calendar, then click on the delete button. That will remove all entries from the BlackBerry calendar. Then try to sync.

  • Problems of Smartphones blackBerry sync with outlook, following a back up and restore

    It gave me a new BlackBerry "BOLD" device to replace a defective. I did a sync with my outlook, contacts etc. calendar so all the information was up-to-date and then backed up all my data from the original handset. I then successfully restored all of this data to the new remote control.

    Since I was not able to properly synchronize my phone with outlook. the blackberry desktop manager no longer link the contacts in outlook with the correct contacts on the handset. It so happens with messages with "resolutions of conflict" where he compares with Emma Smith on the BlackBerry smartphone, contact for example John Smith on outlook - have nothing to do with eachother. Both Outlook and the handset have the same information, but they are more link successfully.

    I wondered if it has something to do with how contacts are identified by the Office Manager and if restore information from the new remote control has changed that on the device?

    As I have more than 600 contacts, I am very concerned about doing the wrong thing and lose vital information and so far nobody's confidence was able to tell me what to do.

    Please can someone help me solve this problem?

    Thank you


    If you have the data synchronized in Outlook as a backup, you will be ok. You can also use the backup and restore utility to perform another backup of the databases on the device.

    If you delete this folder, you will lose any information on the BlackBerry or Outlook. Start with the Desktop Manager closed before deleting this file. After that you remove it, connect the BlackBerry to your computer, then open the Desktop Manager.

    From the Desktop Manager 4.3, I think, the icon you would go in to reconfigure the settins would sync | Synchronize

  • Problem of Smartphones blackBerry sync with Outlook 2007.

    I was sync my "BOLD" with none of the problems of all founded. When I tried it sync today, the program stops saying that there is a mistake as soon as he tries to synchronize the calendar.

    Someone had this problem today?

    I have a BlackBerry Bold, Outlook 2007 and BB Desktop Manager 5.0

    I think they meant you could try to wipe the device. Just note that by doing this, ALL data on your device will be wiped. Do you want to go into the Options | Security options | General settings. In this screen, you click on the menu button and select wipe Handheld.

    My suggestion would be to try just to clear the Calendar database. To do this, you open the Desktop Manager and go to the backup and restore icon. Then click on the Advanced button. On the right side you will see all the databases on your BlackBerry. Then you can simply select the Calendar database and press the Clear button. This will keep everything in tact and erase all your device calendar entries.

    After that's done you can try to synchronize again.

  • Director of office of Smartphones blackBerry V. 6.0 and Outlook calendar problems

    I have recently updated my office to the new V 6.0 Manager and have problems with the calendar not updated device to Outlook. I use outlook 2007 and I have a Bold 9650. I don't get any errors and am able to spend in the Organizer data select option synchronize and make adjustments to the way I want the data to be transferred. If I'm going from Outlook to device I have no problem, but if I leave peripheral to Outlook entries do not give in and all future entries there where already on the calendar until I upgraded disappeared. The only problem I have with it is the calendar option.  When I press the sync button, he thinks that for a short period of time is as he transferred the data then nothing. If I can give you more info to help solve this problem please let me know.

    Must say that I am disappointed by the fact that this message was for a while with absolutely no response. Desktop Manager 6 is useless for me. And have already deleted. Will download an older version and I hope it helps.

  • Smartphones blackBerry sync Blackberry Curve 8320 with Outlook 2007 problems

    Hi all. I have a problem which seems to be somewhat common. I did some don't research through the messages, but so far no luck.

    I just got my Curve 8320 and I installed Desktop Manager 4.5 that accompanies it. At work, the calendar, I want to use is in Outlook 2007. It is a work schedule, but this isn't a working phone. Anyway, it wouldn't work at all, but I changed one of the options on the phone (based on a comment here) 'Facebook' for the other option (my personal e-mail, not associated with work or Outlook 2007, but that was my only other choice).

    Then he started pulling files from Outlook to the phone, but about to halfway through it gives me this error in a window called 'Intellisync': 'operation complete unexpectedly.'

    I can't go further than that. Any ideas?


    We will try this.  Read this thread.  You probably have a corrupt file somewhere in your calendar.

    Here is the link to set up advanced logging:

    Thank you for your patience.  Let us know how it goes.

  • Problem of Smartphones blackBerry sync a BlackBerry Tour 9630 to a MacBook Pro

    I just bought a new tour a couple of days, and after reading all these discussions of the forum, I have not been able to sync to my MacBook Pro.  I downloaded PocketMac 4.1.25 and the update of the recommended driver 3.1.3B, but I have not had luck.  The message I get is: "unable to connect to BlackBerry (error 1); jump. "I really need my address book and my iCalendar.

    I see that there is new software that Apple was released in September for users (any idea when in September that comes out, by the way?), but I was assured and reassured by the Verizon rep to help me that I would have no problem to sync to my MacBook.  Is there something I can do until I fix the problem?

    I'd appreciate any help!

    Thank you for a very frustrated customer.

    Pocket Mac did not work too well for me, either, so I Google had the beta version of the Blackberry Desktop Mac software and installed it. Not perfect - this is a beta, after all - but it works, and it's better than PocketMac.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Wireless Sync problem

    I have my system for wireless synchronization.  It iw works very well for e-mails, but do not up-to-date contact in my address folder.  Advice on how to remedy this situation?  Thank you.

    Your address book service book could be damaged.  You can try this:

    1. click on the Options icon - > Options-> service book Adv.

    2. Select [SYNC] service of office book, press Menu/wheel and click Delete to confirm

    3. always in Service logbook screen, press Menu/wheel and click on restore (will bring back the Desktop [SYNC] SB in the list

    4. wait 15-20 minutes and see if the address book is sync'd up.

  • Problem of Smartphones blackBerry syncing with iTunes

    When I open the software of synchronization of BB, a yellow warning triangle appears next to the heading on the opening screen music

    When I try to sync, it crosses the whole OK, but when I check the device there is no files?

    Anyone know what I need to do?

    Good day and welcome to the forums!

    Instead of using the desktop software, I always just dragged and dropped my music from the PC to the memory card from the device.

    When you connect your device to the computer, you will have the possibility to use the external device such as a USB device.  Choose this option, then you will see the folders are displayed on the screen.  Open files and navigate to your folder of music on the device.

    Open your iTunes folder in another window, and then drag any music you want on your device in iTunes on the music file folder on your device.

    Make sense?

  • Smartphones blackBerry sync with outlook express problem

    I seem to get my "BOLD" to synchronize perfectly, everything except my contacts. I can sync with Yahoo, but when I want to synchronize with Outlook Express (the one I want to use), I get an error message. When I try to sync DM compares my contacts to Outlook contacts and tells my there are two changes to be made. I agree with the changes, and then this error message is displayed "connector specific error". This happens when I synchronize using USB or Bluetooth. Please help me!

    Note the two contacts, and delete them entirely, then sync, then enter again. Paper rocks.

  • Desktopmanager BB of Smartphones blackBerry sync email setup problem

    I installed the software v5.0.1

    then I click on sync

    I can't check the option synchronize e-mail messages. What has a grey block in front of the option

    What should I do?

    Thanks, JS


    OTA = Over The Air

    If you do not receive your email OTA, then you can not also reconcile via USB and DTM attach... That is why it is grayed out. How send therefore reconciles / synchronizes (against the mail server) will be governed by the Ko I linked above. You need USB/DTM to synchronize your Contacts, calendar, etc., because they are not sync OTA (unless you're on Enterprise BES).


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