Mathscript in LabView 8.5.1 3D paintings


Can the Mathscript in Labview 8.5.1 feature manage pictures 3D and process the data accordingly? All berries are generated in the Matlab script, analyzed and processed as required 1 d numbers and individual issued to Labview.

Thank you.



At that time, MathScript can not handle 3D tables (either internally or when interfacing with LabVIEW).  We are aware of the limitation and would like to support in a future version.  Is it possible to achieve what you want with several 2D arrays?

Grant M.
Staff software engineer | LabVIEW Math & Signal Processing | National Instruments

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  • How to create a filter by using the function of transfer mathscript in labview

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    I am currently designing a filter in labview using a Mathscript loop. The filter can be represented in the transfer function. I have attached the equation of transfer as well as its value function and the desire of graphic amplitude vs. frequency should I got to it. Also, here is the transfer function written in Matlab.

    B1 = tf ([57.5221845], [1 51,017077 205.1868]);
    B2 = tf ([1 0], [7.6991]);
    B3 = tf ([1 0], [14.32433403]);
    B4 = tf ([1 0], [137.6017]);

    F = B1 * ((1+B3)/((1+B2) *(1+B4)));

    Plot (F)

    I also change the encoding as Labview Mathscript does not support Matlab coding "tf" as function of transfer to "bilinear".

    I am facing problem to are:

    (1) cannot display the graph of the labvie filter.

    (2) cannot have sinewave as an entry in the filter.

    (3) the output can not be display in graphical form.

    We hope to have the earlier response of you guys. Thanks in advance

    I have attached the version 8.5

  • Not found MathScript in Labview 8.6

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    I am a user of the labview 8.6, full version development. I want to use my script containing the mathscript node that I made on the labview 8.5, the full version of the development, but I can not open this script on version 8.6. When I eliminated the mathscript in the script node, I opened it successfully on the labview 8.6. I can't find the mathscript function in the function block diagram palette, although it does not exist on USING the software. To my knowledge, the mathscript function exist in version 8.6, as well as in version 8.5. I can't understand my problem. Plese give me suggestions.

    Thank you


    I guess that LV 8.5 you activated 'Full development with MathScript system', in LV8.6 only 'Full Development System '.

    Please check your License Manager (start > program > National Instruments > License Manager).

    If you do not have the MathScript your content of contracts might have changed from 8.5 to 8.6

    In any case, I would say contact your local office of OR then, they may know what the content under your serial number.


  • MathScript instability with large Matlab scripts? (Labview 8.5.1)


    I the student of LabView 8.5.1 version and experiences a lot of instability when you use Mathscript in Labview (the Mathscript block or the Mathscript window), but only when it comes to the larger scripts. The Matlab script is about 250 lines long and 16 KB of size and in this framework, are seven large paintings (six 14 x 8, built at the beginning and a 1000 x 9 which is built in a loop for, so increases with each iteration until 1000 lines). I find that whenever I have modify the script in the Mathscript node or the Mathscript window will freeze and hang for at least 10 minutes, sometimes totally crashing Labview Labview. As I wrote the script in Matlab, I'll have to debug in Labview and know what commands in Matlab do not work in Mathscript/Labview, so it's obviously pretty infuriating to have the program regularly hang for 10 minutes at a time.

    The computer I use is a desktop Packard Bell 5 year with 768 MB of Ram (less 32 MB integrated graphics card), running XP Pro. The processor is an Intel Celeron 2.6 GHz. I appreciate this isn't the best specced machine ever, but at the time it was all I could afford!

    Is this common suspended a little problem with Labview and Mathscript file ".m" large, or is manipulation - this purely down to my old computer?

    Thank you much for the help.


    The delay that you experience is a problem with the big scripts in MathScript.  The delay increases exponentially with the length of the script.  For this reason, we recommend disaggregation great scripts and files ".m" in rooms separated by about 40 lines.  On faster computers, you can find the acceptable period for up to 100 lines.

    Grant M.
    Staff software engineer | LabVIEW Math & Signal Processing | National Instruments

  • What should I do with my project created under Labview 64bits?

    Given that I have started using a new PC with Windows 7 x 64, I start to build my project in labview x 64. It was more than a year and the project involvoes there are a few cameras, IO, etc..

    There are problems, such as some devices that I use labview for control is not x 64 drivers or the drivers do not work properly; However, I managed to make it work until I need to integrate Matlab scripts into my project and we paid just for the Mathscripts, but I suddenly realized that Mathscript does not support LV 64 bit on my system.

    Thus, the questions are

    1. can I use Mathscripts on LB 64 bit?

    2. even if I can, that is a good idea to stick with lv 64 bit with all these worries of device driver?

    Otherwise, must migrate to 32-bit LV, I just try to open my project with 32 bit LV 2011, there is a lot of lack of screws. It seems that I have to spend some time to again hundreds of screws and other unexpected problems?

    Whatever it is, I need to spend time on ANYTHING?

    Anyone who has some experience in this field could shed light on me?

    Thank you.

    Suppose that you create a 32-bit LabVIEW program that just works your Mathscript code.  You can create it as a server that when he is released, he just sits there waiting commands and data, treats and sends back results.  You can add to your 64-bit program, a section of communication that sends commands and data to the program through TCP/IP 32-bit and the results expected.  If both programs are running on the same PC then Localhost or of course you want to put in place a good error checking where communication breaks down.  But it will allow you to enter your code Mathscript in LabVIEW and I do a lot of work to your existing (other that had the communication part) program to make it work.

  • Control is not found in Mathscript

    Hi, when I opened the window Mathscript in LabVIEW, there's a pop saying "Error1172...". "I opened the window of Mathscript anyway and I clicked on"script"at the top right of the page. There is a sentence in red saying "control could not be loaded."
    Could someone tell me how to solve this problem! I'd appreciate it really!

    Hello! I don't know if your path to MathScript.ini is set to a network drive, Mathscripts can get a bit finnicky.

    Check the C:\User\\documents\LabVIEW data path. If your MathScript.ini file is not there, try locate and place there.

    If it is there, try the following:

    1. click on tools > MathScript window
    2. once the MathScript Interactive window opens, click on file > MathScript properties > MathScript: search paths and then set the appropriate paths.

    Finally, if all else fails, you may need to repair the installation of LabVIEW, as it appears that a path may have been broken. I would like to try the following steps:

    1 Panel > remove programs > National Instruments software
    2. Select most recent NI LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, and then click on repair
    3. restart the PC

  • Boolean index in the array

    In Matlab, often use a Boolean array to access the specific values in a table.

    It is a good way to reduce the itterative loops and improve the speed of the code.

    I'm trying to find a way to do this in a Mathscript node, otherwise the code takes forever to run.

    Common code in Matlab and Mathscript:

    a = [1,2,3,4,5]; % This is normally a much larger range

    b = [1,0,1,0,1]; %I whether Boolean, but by default it's double

    c = b > 0;  b change % to boolean

    d = [9,9,9,9,9];

    The Matlab code is:

    d (c) = a (c);


    > d = [1 9 3 9 5]

    If I run the above in Mathscript, I get the following error:

    In Mathscript, to achieve the same result "d" I currently have this:

    for i = 1:length (d)

    If c (i) == 1

    d (i) = a (i);




    > d = [1 9 3 9 5]

    A slightly faster version is:

    for i = 1:length (d)

    j = 1;

    If c (i) == 1

    e (j) = c (i);

    j = j + 1;



    d (e) = (e);


    > d = [1 9 3 9 5]

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    The code you have posted works fine in the MathScript in LabVIEW 2009 node as well as in the MathScript window and the MathScript node in LabVIEW 8.6.  As such, I'll assume that you have found an error in the window of MathScript in LabVIEW 2009.  We have already identified this problem and currently filed the bug report 151999 for her.  You see error message did not come through in your post, so I guess it is-90026: ' indexes for an indexing operation matrix must be real and positive integers. "  The problem is that we do not treat the indexing variable 'c' as a boolean type.  As a result, it reports an error when it tries to use the index 0 instead of a fake.  We are working on a fix for a future version.

    To work around the problem in the MathScript window, you can use find instead of any Boolean indexing command.  It should integrate more quickly than the implementation of loop that reference you.  Instead of
    d (c) = AC;
    d (Find (c)) = a (find (c));

    Grant M.
    Staff software engineer | LabVIEW MathScript | National Instruments

  • Data acquisition tool NOR-DAQmx with Matlab R2012a


    I'm trying to control NI USB-6211 of Matlab 2012 using NOR-DAQmx Data Acquisition tool:

    I'm working on win7 64 bit. And I see the device AND Measurement & Automation Explorer.

    The tool does not work: DAQ_Demo_Browser do nothing. And I got the error "unexpected or unbalanced parenthesis or support" of AcqNUpdates_nonUI.m

    What is the problem?

    Thank you and best regards,

    Arthur Shulkin

    Hi Arthur,.

    Tools OR DAQmx for Acquisition of data with the Software Inc. MATLAB® from The Mathworks, supports up to the 2008 version of the MATLAB® software.  In order to use our products DAQ Multifunction with MATLAB® software, you could get back to 2008 or earlier, or instead use the Data Acquisition Toolbox provided by The Mathworks, Inc.

    Another option would be to import your ".m" files in a node MathScript in LabVIEW and use the functions of NOR-DAQmx everything in the LabVIEW development environment.  For more information on the Module LabVIEW MathScript, you can consult the information available on this link:

    Inside of the LabVIEW MathScript RT Module

    MATLAB® is a registered trademark of The MathWorks, Inc.


  • In 2012 LabVIEW MathScript RT module does not work

    Hi all

    I recently installed LabVIEW 2012 in my PC with Windows 7. However, Mathscript does not at all. It says "an internal error has occurred in the MathScript RT Module.  Restart LabVIEW and try again.  If the error persists, reinstall the MathScript RT Module. "I did it, but still does not work. It is said further than Mathscript is missing or not installed", but I have installed. What the problem would be, please?

    Have you been able to verify the installation and activation in the License Manager OR? It should say enabled for this computer and have a green square like this:

  • updated 2009 LabVIEW Mathscript


    I developed an application in LabVIEW 8.6 who
    contains a large MathScript node. It's time to upgrade to LabVIEW 2009
    and I am facing problems in that. I have the Mathscript RT Module
    installed and enabled on my computer.

    I want to emphasize that
    the application works perfectly at 8.6. After the first performance in
    version 2009, I got 2 errors:

    -90031: "unknown output."
    variable. The variable is a string. He showed up in a red dot
    (see photo). I've never seen this before red dot...

    error in another node:-20104: input parameter have at least a NaN
    element. What is an element of NaN? This error occurs in a line that looks like
    as A = median (B) where B is a vector line.

    also in this second
    node, I have a lot of output shown in the red dots, the string variables
    outputs and some double precision as well.

    are the requirements to upgrade to LabVIEW 2009, insofar the MathScript
    is concerned? There are issues to be addressed? major changes, I should
    Be aware of?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Sam,

    You can define variables by their wiring as inputs or by setting them in the script of the node.

    If your solution is still available in 2009. In fact, this looks like the right solution to get the behavior you're looking. I think that the reason that it does not work is that there is still some output variables that need to have your solution that are applied to them. These output variables are currently not be wired in the shift registers MathScript node and are only defined in the case of statements which are false, when your code is running. So, if wire you these variables in the MathScript node, the errors should go away and you will not see the default values.

    Initialization of variables in the upper part of the MathScript is another way to get rid of the error. However, it seems that this is not the best solution in your case because you want the variables to receive the same value they had at a previous time, that run MathScript node. The best way to do is with registered SHIFT wired as inputs to the node.

    The reason for this change in behavior between 8.6 and 2009 is indeed to help users find bugs or logical errors with their code. The new behavior makes it less likely that downstream from the MathScript node code tries to use an output that has an invalid value (by default).

    I hope that this explanation makes things a little clearer.

    Thank you


  • lack of LabVIEW MathScript commands for control systems

    I look at these:

    It comes with LabVIEW control system engineering.

    I have 2015 LabVIEW MathScript RT and a trial license for the library control and Simulation.  I also installed MatLab license, but it doesn't have the toolboxes of the control system.

    They both use the command 'SS' in MathScript.  I can't find.  I get errors.  I am looking for help and he's not here.  It is not in the examples.  When I look at the block schema of VI of the video HAS I have fewer controls on mine.  I get the PID, fuzzy and System Identification.  I do not have "SISO.

    I have several assumptions about what is wrong:

    • It has been removed from the MathScript RT module.
    • I need a package of different tools or demo.
    • It has a new name that is not intuitive.

    You can help me find the "ss" command so I can reproduce what they do?

    You have installed the wrong version of the Control Design and Simulation module - version must match the version of LabVIEW (i.e. 2015, in your case).

    Download/install the older version and you should be good to go.

  • LabView 2009 Service Pack 1 does this cause a problem with the MAthScripts for lo


    I just installed Service Pack 1 for Labview 2009.  All of my code that loops in my MathScripts now lets my MathScripts does not compile.  Have a clue what I do?

    Thank you


    Windows XP (32-bit)

    LabView 2009 uninstalled, reinstalled after you have removed all files related to 2009.  SP1 installed, then applied for LabView and MathScript.

  • MathScript node: an error internal mathscript: 64-bit LabVIEW 2009

    Hi people.

    I have an installation now LabVIEW 2009 9.03f, Vision and Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit, all 64-bit versions on a new computer, so that I can convert a code from 32 to 64-bit.

    I tell myself that I will address the errors one by one and this is the first.  I have a VI with mathscript node and the VI, who instructed and ran very well in the 32-bit environment, is now broken and giving the error "mathscript node: a mathscript internal error."  My main concern - is mathscript unsupported in LabVIEW 64-bit right now?

    I enclose the VI.  Any ideas are appreciated.  I need to get this working.

    In addition, NEITHER is there a special forum of 64-bit we should publish in the future, or create to post on?



    2009 help

    LabVIEW MathScript is a language based on text that you can use to write scripts and functions. You can process the scripts using LabVIEW MathScript in the Window of LabVIEW MathScript or a MathScript node. When you create a LabVIEW MathScript, you use data types supported.

    The MathScript syntax is intuitive and logical syntax essentially based on the standard mathematical and computer programming terms, mandate of widespread and common use truncation or descriptive abbreviations and concatenations of standardized terms. The Window of LabVIEW MathScript and MathScript nodes are able to process files that you create using the MathScript current syntax and, for backward compatibility, files that you created using legacy MathScript syntaxes. The Window of LabVIEW MathScript and nodes MathScript can also process some of your files using other textual syntaxes, such as files that you created by using the MATLAB® software. Because the MathScript RT Module engine is used to treat the scripts in the Window of LabVIEW MathScript and MathScript node, and the MathScript RT Module engine can't stand any of the syntaxes, not all existing text scripts are supported.

    (64-bit LabVIEW) LabVIEW MathScript is not supported in LabVIEW (64-bit).

  • LabVIEW Professional 2010 has no mathscript?

    I installed Labview 2010 Professional Edition, but noticed that Mathscript has not installed. I went back to DVD files and installed, but now it will not turn on with the serial number associated with my copy Labview. What is going on? Must Mathscript be purchased separately?

    MathScript was removed from the packaging and is now a separate with LV 2009 addon.  Here's a post about that thread.

Maybe you are looking for

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