Metal morph

bought the new Apple TV today then in the Apple Store as my son and I were very impressed by the morph metal game!

got back together it upward and have spent ages trying to find the game contained!

This is what trade?

where can I get? We are the * is it!

Help, please?


The reason you're stuggling to find it is that it is not called metal Morph. try battlefield supremacy: evolution instead. Looks like I'll get that when I get home.


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    This hard metal technology is related to later models of iMac (etc.)? My mid-2011 is not metal, but I wonder if it's something that can be installed. I want to play Obduction without having to buy a new computer. With our thanks.

    No, the metal is not something that can be installed, and even if it could, it would still not load on an incompatible Mac.

  • Where "Brass" color for metal in FCPX securities passed / how to rely?


    Am against a deadline in edit promised by the next day and transfer of Premiere Pro to FCP 10.2.3 for several years after the last use FCP 4.  I absolutely love.  Hoping that someone can hit me up quickly with a solution because it makes no sense.

    I'm working on the title sequence and everything is settled with the size of the copy fonts and attributes 3D for 4 small sections of copy titration.  I use bland 3D for the option right in front.  For the first time a few times and it's the perfect color I want for on the images, I chose to use, I chose the metal then > "Brass" for the color.  Now on the last brass isn't there anymore.  Nearest is now gold or copper and neither seems as good as brass.  What happened here... anyone has an idea please how can I get it back?

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    Please, would appreciate much help here.

    Thank you very much

    Are you looking under materials of Substances? Under materials there is no metal > brass. There are under Substances.

  • How to make a morphing/disintegration effect?


    Complete newbie to Motion here...

    I'm filming tomorrow a customer for a hologram on a black background, and they want to turn into a 'happy birthday' in 3D after their speech in post.

    A bit like how this morphs of singer in a coca cola bottle here at 01:40, with the bottle in text.

    What is the best way to achieve this?

    Thanks in advance

    Do you still use Yosemite? If so, what version of Motion do you have? Happy birthday 3-d is going to be much easier in motion 5.2 +.

    In the meantime, the basics:

    Luma Key background (you will need a cache of transparency around your subject.)

    Create a transmitter - 3D - objects swirling effect (you will need for Z-align your subject inside the "spiral")

    Fade out target - bland in 3D happy birthday text (and animate position final [I guess])

    1,2,3 - easy [but if you need assistance with the "details" - and you if you are as you say: a "complete newbie -" we can keep this thread going...]

  • Satellite A300D-13R - support metal Secundary HDD

    Hi all I have a Toshiba Satellite A300D - 13R paskoe.
    Well, my question is where can I get the metal Secundary HDD support that goes with 4 screws to fix the disc... If I have SATA connectors?

    Because I can't find any site for purchase. Thank you

    I assume that you need HARD drive caddy. It is not easy to find an online store where you can order. I don't know in which country have you but living and if it is possible to find something, but try on eBay. I ve found many parts and laptop hardware components there.

    What you can also do is to contact the nearest Toshiba service in your country. They must have it also.

  • Satellite 1800-100: a kind of metal in the LAN port

    I have an old S1800-100 (about 4-5 years), there is a kind of metal in the front where I (would) attach my ethernet cable. It is a problem since I finally had time to DSL. I'm sure this is a silly question, but it does not mean that I do not have a card? What should I do? Buy a card and install or buy a new computer?

    / Catharina


    Network port on this unit is not available. You can use the LAN PCMCIA card. I'm sure that this card is not expensive. Check it out at your local retailer.

    Good bye

  • Leakage of electricity in case of external HARD drive and Satellite S70 metal surface

    I have a toshiba Satellite S70-B-10Z laptop.

    I use the following external box.
    The case uses AC adapter DC 12V.
    the outer shell sprayed PIN.

    When I use it, I feel in the surface, static electricity, a spark but something like friction.
    The same feeling is on the metal surface of my laptop, when the case of HDD is connected via interface USB3.

    A portable Earth pin?
    Portable computer AC adapter is model: PA5181E-1AC3 part no.:PA - 1121-60
    Card verification, I think that it is not based... that the pin adapter that is plugged into the laptop looks like bipolar...

    What is your suggestions?
    Is there a risk for my laptop?

    Is no danger to the laptop and the use of the laptop.
    These symptoms may appear due to the electrical contact.
    As mentioned by other members, these occurs because of the capacitive coupling in the diet by peripheral isolation connected to the power outlet.

    You can solve this by using a power adapter 3 pins.

    Check this thread on the same topic

  • Portege Z830 - effect of skin if on mains so touch the metal casing


    If I use my Z830 with the power supply to the socket (220V) and I touch the case with my hands, I feel the "electricity" with my hands.

    It s an effect of skin if a current flows through the metal.
    Anyone have the same feeling.

    If I remove the power supply and battery everything is fine.

    Is it dangerous for the user?



    This effect is noticeable using laptop computer that supports a metal case.
    This effect is known to me and I also read in other threads on this topic:
    For example:

    You can use a three-pin power adapter. This would avoid this effect.

  • I got the watch aluminum gold. The soundtrack has metal fittings of color gold. Are there strips of spare with accessories of color gold?

    I got the watch aluminum gold. The soundtrack has metal fittings of color gold. Are there strips of spare with accessories of color gold?


    Bands with colored pins but are not currently available for sale separately.

    The current lineup of the band is available here:

    If you want that Apple to consider making bands with colors pins gold available for purchase separately, you can submit your comments here:

  • bare metal Windows Installer 10

    If I do a "bare metal" upgrading to W10, how then install the HP software features I want, like sleep and extended features, the HP documentation, etc.

    Note: I don't have the backup of HP, I think the other backup software works erfectly well.  I don't want no other option of HP.

    Cedric48 wrote:

    «In addition, Folio 13-1016TU is not officially supported for Windows 10 as there are no specific drivers for download on the site of HP.» It will have to rely on the built-in generic drivers Win10 already. »

    M $ 'check PC' concludes that the Folio 13-1016TU can run W10 and all my programs and satisfactory equipment.  In my opinion this Upgrade Advisor is leaves much to be desired, and I was informed that his performance is the responsibility of MS rather than program and material suppliers.

    Yes, the laptop should still run Win10 with no major problems, even though as you say, the Upgrade Advisor may not always be accurate.

    I would create a picture as you do already.

  • iPhone 6 s frame in metal and other hardware issues.

    My iPhone 6 s top right angle curve is slightly thicker and swollen, and obviously if we drive her finger around the edges around the phone. I can clearly see aluminium frame slightly increase, then I sensor part and finally top the dual ion-exchanged glass. I'm sure that I didn't see 3 different layers on my iPhone 6, perfectly average lead to metal frame glass. Help.

    and to add to my previous question, I don't drop my phone ever. It's just a week.

  • Re: Metallic sound comes from my Satellite C50-A-1HF

    Hi, today I bought the Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1HF and when I tried to listen to a YouTube video, I realized that the sound is a little metal, and there is no bass. The laptop speakers are not so good, so I plugged my headphones... same problem.

    I plugged my good boxes of my sound system... same problem. The music is always metal and there is no bass. The sound hurts in your ears when you listen to it. Y at - it a update driver for this problem or a solution?

    Please help and thanks in advance.

    Somehow, I can understand that the internal speakers cannot offer its perfect like on my U940 satellite but I m wondering the same question is present when you use headphones or external speakers.

    Have you tried to use some players and change the equalizer values, especially to low value?

  • Portege M200 PPM21E: shock electric metal


    I recently got a toshiba portege m200 tablet but I realized that when the AC adapter is plugged in a small electric shock is given to any person touching the metal housing, I heard someone it could be my ac adapter that is causing the problem, but I wonder if someone on this site has an idea of the problem. Thank you

    more information if necessary:
    Tablet of model number: PPM21E-0260Z-FR
    The charger product number: PA3282U-1ACA

    Hello Thomas

    It seems to be some serious electrical ptoblem and please take it seriously. I recommend you contact the authorized Service partner as soon as possible. They must check the DC-in port and see if something needs to be exchanged.

    Please be careful about this. Maybe you should not use the laptop until this issue is clarified.

    Good bye

  • Re: Satellite M70 - really slow video playback and dtrange metal noise


    I have a satellite M70 laptop and a few days now, I realize that the video (youtube and any kind of videos) read speed is very slow, slow motion (my interenet speed is fine)
    and there is a noise of metal really scary kind when the video plays... u can not hear anything just as noise.
    Also when I open a file or a menu in windows u get theis King of metal noise
    I have checked the video and audio codecs and are later

    BTW: I can hear audio files in Media Player very well. It seems that this only happens with videos

    Any suggestions cause, I can't see the videos!


    M70 fan here ;) have two of them.
    For a better understanding, I have some questions for you:

    Did you notice this problem if you use headphones?
    What is with playback of the DVD movies?
    Have you noticed the same behavior?
    When watching online videos is very busy HDD?

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    Not a good idea

    It will very likely trigger the metal detectors and the school could confiscate your phone

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