Microsoft Office Professional 10 and other programs already installed in my PC running Windows 7 family

Is that one of my other programs (e.g. Microsoft Office Professional 10) and printer is already installed in my PC running Windows 7 family will be affected with the free update of Windows 10 Home?

Hey Joan of arc.

The upgrade to Windows 7 or later will preserve my personal files, applications, and settings?

Yes, the upgrade to Windows 7 or a later version will preserve your personal files (documents, music, pictures, videos, downloads, Favorites, contacts, etc., applications (IE.) Microsoft Office, Adobe applications etc), games and settings (ie. passwords, dictionary, the application settings).

However, it is a good practice to back up most important data before the upgrade.

I hope that reply back for other queries, would be happy to help you.

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  • Uninstalling Microsoft Office has failed and cannot uninstall or install anything else.

    Original title: install problem HELP

    I tried to uninstall Microsoft Office and it failed several times. And since then I have not been able to uninstall or install anything else! A pop-up Windows Installer that says "preparing to install" appears occasionally. I tried about 100 things and nothing really worked! Can someone HELP me please?

    I tried before, but nothing helped. I just restore my computer to its factory settings, that fixed it.

  • After the update and restart my computer was like a whole new vista version and the version of office business. All files and emails and contacts and other programs have disappeared!

    I did a system restore to run today.  He had updated 8 minutes before all this happened, but I couldn't say what update caused this.  It's important, so I guess that vista.  All of my Web site and software adobe software for forms and emails, files, photos, everything disappeared as if today, I bought the computer Office exccept was there, but empty. I have even been asked to set up an e-mail account.  I don't know how it happened with an update and cannot lose another day to such a waste of time. I work and am finishing my doctorate so the stability of my work being it is quite serious.  How this happened and how can I keep it doesn't happen. I backup to and have now checked, contacts, emails by the intermediary of today and all the files, but it's scarYYYYY!   I was never warned or the ability to restart or given in error messages.

    Hi Kelly Barr.

    Welcome to Microsoft answers forums!

    Are you referring to (files, emails, contacts and other programs) shortcuts on the desktop?

    When updates are installed on the computer it says system files, this process of service not Microsoft that are running in the background can conflict with updates and tour damage the system settings.

    This problem can also occur if system files are corrupt.

    Try the following in order to recover the desktop icons.

    Even though the desktop icons disappear, the programs are still installed on computer you can launch them.

    Method 1:

    Ø, right click on the desktop

    O select view

    Ø, click show the desktop icons

    Method 2: Click the Start button > select programs > verify if all the programs installed on the computer display > try to start or right click on the program and Select create a shortcut

    Check the updates that triggered this question go by the date.

    1. Click for Start > Control Panel > Classic view > Windows Update.

    2. along the top, click view update history.

    Before you install updates, follow the precautionary steps listed below.

    Step 1: Disable the security software on the taskbar

    Note: Activate security software once theupdates are installed.

    Step 2: Disconnect external devices like printer and scanner, except the mouse, keyboard, and internet connection.

    Step 3: The clean boot computer:- Perform a clean boot (check step 1 in the link) ---> how to solve a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    Important: n ' forget not to put the computer to a normal startup after you install updates. Follow step 7 in the link.

    Try to install updates via windows update or you can also download and install the updates manually by accessing the Microsoft Web site.

    Data backup on the computer

    You can use backup and Restore Center integrated in the operating system to back up data.

    Thanks and greetings
    Ajay K
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  • my computer is Windows vista and installed microsoft Office Professional 2010 academic

    my computer is Windows vista and installed microsoft Office Professional 2010 academic.  However when I open the program it gives me an error message such as: the application failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect...  Check the log of events applications for more details.


    1. not the problem only occurs when opening Microsoft Office or with all applications?

    2. I suggest you to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.

    Follow the link to download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008. (for 32-bit) (for 64 bit)

    Step 2: Perform a clean boot

    Follow the steps in the link below to perform the clean boot.

    Note: once you are done with the boot, follow step 7 in the link to your computer in normal mode.

    It will be useful.

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010

    Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is corrupt. When I chose the icon nothing happens and all other commands and programs frozen.  I tried 'repair' Microsoft Office Professional 2010 with the feature programs and features in Control Panel, but it does not work.

    I guess I need to reinstall but Microsoft Office 2010 professional don't know how to do that.  Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    If you are going to try to get the key, you do not want to delete the version existing - at least not until you have extracted key information.

    If you just install the download, in other words, you have your license key, I think that the installation of the download will guide you.

    Most installation packages have the ability to detect existing software; Once the software is detected, the current program will be either deleted, ignored, or, where appropriate, will remind you to remove the existing program before proceeding with the new installation.

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  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

    By mistake I uninstalled my Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. I had a few problems with it and went to my control panel and instead of hitting the change button, I removed it. Now, I can't have my email or many other things like it was the program that was. There, can someone help me? I do not have the cd again that I have no idea where it's so this isn't an option to reinstall the. He still shows up on my control panel under Add or remove but it wont let me fix it. If you can help me please, I would be very grateful.     Thank you very much

    Run the system restore (Start menu > all programs > Accessories > system tools) to return before you uninstalled Office. Boulder computer Maven
    Most Microsoft Valuable Professional

  • Black screen occurs on laptop computer after Microsoft Office Professional Plus uninstall the trial has been interrupted.

    My Compaq Presario F500 uses the Microsoft Vista operating system.  I tried to install the trial version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.  The installation failed and began to 'undo changes' after that that we discovered the previous versions of the trial had been detected.  During the uninstall or process "cancel changes", I unplugged my laptop.  It was powered by the adapter, no battery.  Now, when I start my computer, it goes to Windows Recovery screen.  Once I selected "Boot mode safe" or any other option, including the BIOS screen, it goes straight to a black screen and stops.  My computer was purchased with Windows Vista preloaded.  Any ideas on what is causing the black screen does not?  My files on this computer has not been saved.  Independent repairers are load and arms and legs.  Y at - it an easy solution to this problem that I was able to help out so that my laptop will boot and go to my Windows screen and normal office?


    Method 1:

    I suggest you do a start-up repair and check whether the problem is resolved. Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    a. start in the system recovery options. Follow the steps mentioned in the article below.

    What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista?

    b. then do a repair on the system and check if you're able to boot the system normally.

    Startup Repair: frequently asked questions

    Method 2:

    If this does not help then, I suggest do a system restore in recovery environment and check if you are able to start the system normally.

    I suggest you to return the items mentioned below.

    How can I fix a startup (startup)?

    What to do if Windows does not start correctly

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
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  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007 installs each time

    I bought Office Professional 2007 and installed on my Dell laptop.  Whenever I start one of the Office products, I get the message "preparing to install" then "Please wait while Windows configures Office Professional 2007". "  I uninstalled all Office products and computer, then re-installed Office.  Still the same problem. It's frustrating.  Any ideas how to fix?

    Hello world.

    First of all, through qualification, I am a gifted amateur with no great levels of knowledge of MS, but someone with some experience of this problem.

    I had a similar problem with MS Office Small Business 2007 on a Dell Studio 1555 laptop.

    In the end, after much trial and error, we have deleted the version of MS Works, which comes pre-installed on Dell laptops and the "Please wait while Windows configures Office Small Business 2007" stop immediately appear.

    The other interesting behavior was that when I chose one of the Office applications that Dell people call the "dock" - a contextual menu usually located at the top of the screen: the message set up never appeared.

    Yesterday, I installed Office 2007 SP2 and the message reappeared. Once more, the message appears only if I try and open the Office application in the start menu, quick launch or desktop. If I select the Office application from the dock, it works normally.

    So my suggestion as a short-term solution until that Dell and Microsoft are working on the problem:

    * Uninstall SP2 if cela which caused the problem
    * Remove MS Works if it is still on your Dell PC
    * Try to select the Office application from the dock instead of start menu, desktop or quick launch area

    Hope that helps someone!

  • error code 2203 during installation of microsoft office professional

    I am trying to install a new program that I bought - Microsoft Office Professional and I get an error 2203.  Been working on it for hours - need help... says I do not have access to add program


    Office newsgroups

    Discussions of general issues of the Office.

    They will help you with your office questions when repost you in the Office discussion groups above.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Authenticity of Microsoft Office Professional 2010

    How can you ensure that they are buying a product Microsoft Office Professional "authentic"?  I want to buy one on Criagslist.   The owner says it is still wrapped in plastic and claims that it is new.  In addition, the owner said that I can install the program on my computer at home and its Wifi allows you to install the updates.

    Is a reference product # required to install updates?  And if yes, it would be that the program is a genuine product of microsoft?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I don't know if I can be of great help. To a large extent, trust your instincts. Given that you can I didn't look the part in your hands, you have to rely on the description and photos. Thus, the usefulness of the quality of the presentation (image quality and text, seals of authenticity and al are greatly reduced.

    There is the general rule - if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably. I wonder why someone has purchased a product and then not want or need, it reduced to the point of sale for refund. After all, it is still in its unopened packaging. I worry, somewhere, he "fell a truck." That is perhaps quite legitimate. But what are the chances. See the general rule.


    Just my thoughts. Of course, it is entirely your decision.

    Good luck.

    Tom Ferguson

  • Installation of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

    I have a code to program to buy Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for my new laptop Acer Aspire V5, that uses the Windows 8 operating system. I entered the code to and received the appropriate e-mail, but when I click the link buy now it brings back me to I tried this link on another PC and it correctly takes me to What should I do for my laptop to make this link work? Thank you

    Yes, the browser was the problem. Use Mozilla Firefox instead of, but it took more than 3 hours to download. Thank you very much for you help, you're a star!

  • ErrorCode A97 installation: Microsoft® Office Access Runtime and Data Connectivity 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

    How to avoid this update (it retains pupping upwards each time).

    Hello Marcel.Pont,

    Follow the steps below to solve the problem:

    1. Start - Control Panel - programs and features - in the left pane, click View installed updates - uninstall Microsoft Office Access Runtime and Data Connectivity 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) update.

    2 restart the computer.

    3. download the updated Microsoft Office Access Runtime and Data Connectivity 2007 Service Pack 2 (SP2) manually from the link below and install it:

    Samantha M S

  • Why some games and other programs need to be "run as Administrator" mode in 7RC which worked fine in normal mode on 7 beta and vista?

    Why some games and other programs must be run in Admin mode in 7RC which worked fine in normal mode on 7 beta and vista?

    An example of this is the game Guild Wars ( I had problems with this with random programs.

    Run as administrator may be required for some games and programs because they have a permission structure different in Vista in Windows 7 (Windows 7 and Vista are different in how to manage certain permissions).

    I suggest test you installation of the game in the program by clicking on the Setup file by clicking on "Run as administrator".

    This will sometimes solve this kind of situation because it installed the program in a State of high permission.

    This output from test and let us know your results Rami
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Can I install my Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 that I used on a new computer that I will be buying?

    I have Microsof Office Professional Edition 2003 that I used on my computer.  I want to get a new computer and I was wondering if I can install it on my new computer.  I have the disks to install, with a product key on the back of the package.  Is it safe to use on the new computer since it's always my computer?  In addition, this version is compatible with Windows 7?  (I used it on Windows XP).  Thank you!

    Hi DorisDowd,

    It seems that you have a retail copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2003. According to the license terms, it can be installed on a primary device and a portable device at a time.
    You can look here:

    So yes, you can still use it on a new computer if you do not buy one. It is also certainly compatible with Windows 7. Visit the Compatibility Center Windows 7 here:

    I hope this helps.

  • I have Microsoft Office Professional. How many computers can I install on?

    I have Microsoft Office Professional. How many computers can I install on? I thought it was but 3 seem to have difficulties to install on a second

    Professional is good for installation on a device and portable. License terms for Microsoft for Microsoft Office 2010 software

    Keep the product Microsoft and price:

    If you have a large number of computers to install on you may want to consider Office Volume License

    Compare suites available through Volume Licensing

    On Microsoft Office 2010 licenses

    Product use rights Microsoft, list of products and licensing topics

    J W Stuart:

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