Mini Mac, microphone, speaker?

The Mac mini has a speaker and microphone, so it begs to play your playlist?

It has a very small internal speaker. It generates very low quality and is really intended to alert sounds.

It doesn't have a microphone.

You can get a USB mic and plug the PC speakers with 3.5 mm.

You can also use a headset with a single 3.5 mm plug that has headphones and a microphone lke who came with iPhones before the iPhone 7

You can also get a USB webcam, since those who have microphones built-in

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  • Crush the display flashes for 2-3 minutes after that mini mac wakes up from sleep

    Crush the display flashes for 2-3 minutes after that mini mac wakes up from sleep

    If you have another Thunderbolt cable, plug it into the unused port on the

    Thunderbolt Display and then in the Mini and see if the same thing happens.

    What you can see is a precursor of the poster, built out of the cable.

    At least, it could eliminate a costly repair problem.  Although the cable itself is not

    expensive, opening to the top of the screen of TB to replace could be.

    Well that not connected on a Mini, I began to see in similar behavior my

    iMac, so that there was finally a break in the complete cable.

  • Mini Mac - exchange of hard disks

    I have two mini Mac - the two 2012.

    Mac mini #1 is i7 2.6 GHz Quad Core - my first desktop computer

    Mac mini #2 is i3 2.3 GHz Dual Core - used as HTPC / Media Server

    #1 has (2) 1 TB disks, which I use a lot less than half (I also have external drives)

    #2 a (1) 512 MB internal drive, which is almost complete

    I plan to (1) move the 1 TB drives from #1 to #2 and move all data (mainly from the iTunes music ALAC and some iMovie video), that would solve the question of space. While they are open I consider also adding an SSD as the diskette of starting to #1, this would improve the startup time, run certain programs a little faster and a 256 MB or 512 MB disk would be inexpensive, that I would win a little more than space for data too. (to be honest, the Mac mini is jealous of the SSD in my MacBook)

    I've increased the RAM to #2, replace a switch of volume on a 3 g iPhone and replaced a screen on an iPad 2, so I'm not afraid of detail work - but only the RAM was easy. I also watched the videos on the replacement of a HD for this model on iFixIt. What is not clear is how much more difficult it is to make the first record as the second. If I move just a reader I wouldn't have to dig in the 1st Bay.

    So, my questions:

    (1) how can I say on the report system which drive is in the Bay, by whom I have which is on top, which is at the bottom? Or can I assume that the startup disk is always on top? (harder to do)

    (2) is the player in the upper Bay of much more difficult to replace?

    (3) I would also examine suggestions for a reliable SSD, but this isn't the substance of my question.

    Thanks for your help...

    Here's a video OWC on how to add a second drive to a Mac mini (same steps for 2011) 2012. I bought their data Doubler kit (and the extra ribbon cable) so that I would have the tools to get the job done right. Seen their detailed video while performing the surgery. I bought a 128 GB OCZ Vertex SSD (now a division of Toshiba and new product name VT180 series) for main and kept startup disk the Apple 512 GB of disk in place. The OCZ Vertex is fast and reliable for fall 2011.

  • problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    Problem with WiFi connectivity with new Ipad Pro.  Unable to connect to the wifi at home.  My other devices (mini mac, iphone, iPad 2) all work fine on my wifi at home.  I am able to connect Ipad Pro wifi work.

    On the Pro iPad, tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    You will need to re enter your Wi - Fi password.

    Then try to connect to your Wi - Fi network.

    If this does not help, more available in this support article suggestions > If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch connects to a Wi-Fi network

  • You can use old iMac as a monitor for mini Mac

    You can use 2008 iMac as a monitor for mini Mac?

    No, because the iMac of 2008 not display entered or supported to do so.

    See > use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

    You can use a connection network and something like ScreenRecycler

    See >

    However, the best bet is to use a regular external monitor with the Mac Mini.

  • Mini Mac waking from sleep. A SOLUTION.

    I had the same problem that everyone has:

    Mini Mac won't sleep, requiring a shutdown and restart.

    I found the cause of my problem. This solution has been tested.

    Your system may differ from mine, but my solution can give you some ideas to try.

    My system: Mac mini (mid-2011), running Lion.

    On March 19, the eve of the day when the problem started, I sent a print job on my printer.

    The next morning (20 March) the problem started and happened again on 21 March.

    Exact symptoms seen: screen switch mode; However energy saving, the computer never goes sleep (front panel LED rest of suite, throughout the night, did not have his usual pattern of sleep slow breathing).

    In particular, the "system.log" file shows the usual "alarm maintenance" wake up every 2 hours. The newspapers just go quiet.

    Impression triggered the problem:

    My printer is a recent model Brother laser printer.

    Since March 19, I had been using Control-P to print documents;

    However, at no time I turn on the printer; my intention was to accumulate my impressions for several days,

    After that, I planned to turn on the printer and do my print and send all at once, for efficiency.

    It helped me: this solved my problem:

    March 21, I was wondering if something in the print queue prevented from sleeping.

    Experimentally, I opened app leader brother printing and deleted the print job in the queue,

    and BINGO, I instantly found the opportunity to sleep and wake my Mac mini.

    Other tests have shown that the problem is reproducible at will. :^)

    On 22 March, I tested the mini to ensure he sleeps and wakes.

    Then I sent a print job to the print queue, leaving the printer off and tried to sleep the computer.

    The problem comes back immediately: the display fell asleep but the computer does not.

    Then I connected ssh via LAN and issued:

    % lpq

    for the number of working the print job, then

    lprm % [jobnumber]

    to clear the print queue of the printer.

    This delete the print job, and the computer went to sleep immediately.

    Moral: They say devices can prevent sleep.

    Well, it shows that a device can prevent sleep without even be turned on!

    Tip: If you * must * stop your mini, first try to connect to the local network via ssh and issue the

    sudo shutdown - hour now

    for a stop more ordered by limiting the risk of data loss.

    PS. usually I can solve any problem of sleep if I ssh in from a different computer and question

    killall % ScreenSaverEngine

    but this does not work in this case.

    This object could be turned into a 'trick' - If you want to.

    Given that it is useful and not directed towards another user in a response.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Mini Mac and sonar X 3

    Hello world

    To upgrade < adapted Mac mini budget:

    Mini Mac 2.8 GHz < ssd 8 GB < someone at - it tried with Sonar X 3?

    What is a "Sonar X 3?

  • Mini Mac 10.5.8 has been improved to 10.7, we have a lot of products older Apple if I buy the most recent delivered to nine Mini can I still use my iBook etc.

    My Mini Mac 10.5.8 has been upgraded to 10.7. We have a lot of Apple products. If I always buy a refurbished Mac Mini can I have limited access to my other computers laptops, iPhone, etc. I'll gather all the detailed information of the products Apple and posting here.

    Everything should be good. Just use the same identifier Apple you used on older devices.

    Note the following points:

    Upgrading to 10.7 and don't forget Rosetta!

    You can synchronize only with a computer. To move computers

    Synchronization to a 'New' computer or replacing a hard drive "crashed": Apple Support communities

    If all the media synchronized music and apps are already in the iTunes library of the new just backup on iTunes computer and restore from this backup.

    iOS: backup and restore your device iOS with iCloud or iTunes

  • Peuvent mini-Macs communicate-to-peer using bluetooth?

    If so, can I use X 11 to do?  X 11 is, indeed, a cross-windows application?  Should I use for transfer error correction?

    Whickwithy wrote:

    Mini Mac connect-to-peer using bluetooth does

    I do not know.  There is an entry in the preferences system-> network of bluetooth devices, but which may be limited to attach to a cell phone to access the internet.  I'm not sure.  You can experiment with the configuration of the network at least.

    OS X Yosemite: connect to the Internet with a mobile phone Bluetooth active>

    If so, can I use X 11 to do?  X 11 is, indeed, a cross-windows application?  Should I use for transfer error correction?

    If you get a network connection, if you can get X 11 to talk, she must be the connection TCP/IP and TCP protocol provides a reliable transfer.

    Just checking, but you know that OS X is NOT X 11 as its windowing technology.  You can use XQuartz for X 11 using a Unix or Linux system.  But you won't be able to say a typical application for Mac that his DISPLAY server is more about it another system.  The best you can do with OS X is use screen sharing to display applications running on the remote system.

    NOTE: Bluetooth is not a fast transport and X 11 is a very chatty Protocol.  If you get X 11 windows displayed through the Bluetooth, it's perhaps not as sensitive as you use a WiFi or Ethernet connection.  Not having done something like that, I'm just speculating.

    If you can get a connection, then chances are you can do ANY kind of network operation in all of what the Mac is normally supported.

  • Speed of sata for 2012 mini mac link only 3A negotiated Gigabit?

    I just bought a 2012 mini mac, processor i5 2.5 GHz opportunity. It seems that everything is delivered as originally, the hard drive is HTS545050A7E362 (5400 RPM). I think that it initially comes with Mountain Lion, but now the OS is 10.9.5 Mavericks. I plan to hand 10.8 Cougar on it soon.

    It seems to take so long to start as my mac mini 2010. I made a backup and he seemed to be very slow. It was a few days ago. Today, using 'about this Mac' and looking at the Express SATA/SATA, it shows Intel Series 7 Chipset, connection speed: 6 Gigabit, negotiated speed: 3 Gigabit.

    Should it? If that's all that the current drive can do, which will motivate me to get an SSD. I intend to change the OS anyway, I'll do this first and see if a difference. I tried searching for this info online and cannot find published specifications, and there are some problems like this, but with models much earlier with different circuits firmware. Maybe I'll try start several times with the command-V, even if I think I'm going to need a camera high speed to capture the output. Is it possible to display the default info not requiring only the command-V?

    6.0 is supported. The drive may be 3.0.

  • Mini Mac does not connect to restore the iPad 2

    I work in a public library, and we have several iPad 2s who lend us out for our guests to use. Between each user, restore us the iPad to factory default with a mac mini, then reinstall our applications from the iTunes backup. Since we have upgraded to iOS 9.2 a month ago, we had trouble getting the restore process of working part. When we try, we get this error message: "there was a problem downloading the software for the iPad. The requested resource is not found. »

    The mini connects to iTunes and can surf the web without any problem, we do not have any anti-virus installed on it, and we tried to connect via our LAN and WiFi. We have the latest version of iTunes and the latest iOS on the mini. We rebooted the mini many times. I checked the file hosts, in accordance with the instructions from apple, and apparently is not the issue. I am able to restore the iPad on a Windows PC and then move them to the mini to apply the settings of our saved backup, so I think the problem is with the mini itself, although it now occupies about 3 times more time to reinstall the applications as before.

    We've been ready ipads in recent years without any major problems and have made no changes to the default settings of the mini otherwise to update the iOS. Restore the iPad is the only thing we use the mini for. I would appreciate any advice.

    What OSX version and what version of iTunes?

    You say Mac mini Mac OS X (10.7.5)

    The last OSX is 10.11.2 and iOS 9.2 requires at least 10.8.5 to get the required iTunes version

  • I need help to use my gateway as a monitor for mini mac 2011 2012

    OT: installation.

    I need help to use my gateway as a monitor for mini mac 2011 2012

    You should ask the community of Apple Mac

    Community: Mini Mac | Apple support communities

    Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter. Use: Use the adapter Mini DisplayPort to VGA to connect your Mac to a standard analog monitor, projector, or LCD that uses a VGA Connector or a cable. Compatible with: MacBook Pro (retina, 13-inch, late 2012) and later versions. November 11, 2015
  • Forsoker installlera Adobe acrobat DC pa min Mac Book Pro men det uppstar en conflict. Dator sager "jag Maste stanga Safari" - saken ar den att inte ar startat... Safari vad gora?

    Forsoker installlera Adobe acrobat DC pa min Mac Book Pro men det uppstar en conflict. Dator sager "jag Maste stanga Safari" - saken ar den att inte ar startat... Safari vad gora?

    Guest of installation of close SafariNotificati

    Programs interfere with the Installation of fence

    Mac - Activity Monitor:

  • Mini Mac missed (and therefore a new!) - how to debug

    My mother has a Mac Mini that was old for a few years (running 10.6). It was getting really slow - even open the page of Google base takes awhile, and often he would lose wifi connection completely (even if the icon wifi in the bar menu says bars full), forcing them to turn off Airport and then turn it back on.  There was also a lot of freeze of the application and the formidable reel slider. I cleaned up, emptied the caches, ran disk utility, etc. etc., made sure there was a lot of space, and I know that our wifi is strong because it sits just next door with my (also several year old) MacBook Air, I had no problem with this - catchy network etc., all without success.  Thinking it might be hardware problems, we bought a new Mac Mini: late model 2014, 2.6 GHz intel Core i5, 8 GB of memory, running Yosemite out of the box. I lit, migrated the data Time machine and slumps - exactly the same problem! Navigation network is slow and painful, even if the Airport icon is showing full bars. Also, curiously, the headphone jack is not working, and internal speakers do not present as an option under the speaker icon in the menu bar. What Miss me - how a new machine to be as bad as that - that's left to check, if the wifi signal is strong?

    Have reset you the modem and the router you use and updated the firmware on both? Even if other devices work fine, this could be your problem. If you use the non Apple router then you may need to contact the support of the router to reset and update support.

  • Mini Mac server - attachment of external hard drives file transfer speed

    Hi guys!

    I wanted to increase the speed and storage capacity to transfer to my Mac mini file, so I bought a box of external hard drives. The one I bought is:

    Built-in the Mac mini hard drives transfer the file to 60 MB/s (writing and reading) and I wanted to get better speed of file transfer, so I bought an SSD that is going to be inside with an another HARD drive of 3 TB for archiving my files. The housing is connected by USB3.0 (5 Gb/s) for the Mac mini.

    [SSD-> files I opened every day] - speed around 550 MB/s write and 500 MB/sec in reading

    [HDD-> Archives, files that I have does not open very often] - speed around 150 MB/s write and 150 MB/sec in reading

    So I did some benchmarks on my new Setup, and the speed is not really what I expected. Transfer of file max speed I have achieved is about 100 MB/sec in writing on the external SSD plugged into the mac mini. This transfer has been filed since an iMac 21 "2011 with an SSD (with almost the same speed read/write than the box) so it's quite disappointing.

    It is possible that the Mac has a 'file transfer speed limit' is somewhere? Or whatever else that could affect that?

    More information on my setup:

    Mac Mini server 2012 - 2 TB RAID 1 - Mac OSX 10.9.5

    iMac 21 "2011 - Crucial SSD 275 Gb - Mac OSX 10.9.4

    IcyDock external enclosure - 4 bays, USB3 5 Gb/s

    -Red WD HDD 3To

    -Crucial SSD 1 TB

    Together internal Gigabit Ethernet network

    Thank you!

    Was perhaps Spotlight indexing external at the same time, the test has been done?

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    My wife and I have iphones can we both share the same cloud and how?

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  • Estimated value of T61?

    Have a friend who works in an office that has a few T61 he's trying to sell, and asked if I wanted a. Could someone give me an idea of the value? Its 14 "widescreen display 1440 x 900 (not), it has 3 GB of ram DDR2, disk hard 100gig, NVS140 graphics