move multiple objects at the same time?

I made a flag which consists of about 15 pieces. I need to focus this flag. How can I move all parts of the flag at the same time?


CCombine the 15 items into a compound clip and then move the compound.

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  • Is it possible to scale multiple objects at the same time?

    I'm trying to select and scale of the three objects (imported PSD files) at the same time. It seems that he dimensionnera only one at a time (i.e., two of the selected objects do not change, while the other doesn't). Is there something that I am on, or is just really deficient Captivate in this area?

    If not, is there anywhere that you can manually enter a percentage of the scale? I want that all objects at scale to stay the same size in proportion to one another.

    I wanted to ask you: what is your workflow?

    When I select several objects and change the width (or height) in the accordion of transformation (percentages are not available, and I regret it as well), the objects will all be rescale but also move because it's really the surrounding area is resized. This is perhaps what you mean? And some items cannot be resized below certain limits (text captions are an example).

    You say "imported PSD files", I hope that you realize that each layer, or flattened image are converted to PNG. I guess you have CC? You can also use the round tripping with the PS?


  • Move multiple Images at the same time

    I am currently dragging a frame at a time to move between two project files. It would be nice to do several of them at once, as I do with topics in the topics/view tab.

    There is unfortunately no way to do this. You may want to present this as a feature request.

  • How to select multiple cells at the same time?


    How to select multiple cells at the same time? What is the keyboard shortcut?

    Thank you to.

    Flo, a french guy.

    Hold down the CMD key when you select the cells.

  • [Q] can Vision track multiple objects in the same area - objects that might cross?


    Sorry for this long title, but this is my question.

    Can Vision track multiple objects in the same area - objects that could cross?

    Because I'm able to do, extraction of XY, but it seems that "IMAQ County objects ' don't follow framework after but framework opposed, but extract the coordinates XY always in the same way, as for example from top and whenever he sees an object, it retrieves the XY, but if the objects pass through (then it will extract XY without worrying that the objects was the earlier but just based on"scan from top to bottom").

    That's why I open this topic in the forum of Vision no part:

    Thank you


    Thank you for your response.

    My problem is that we work with very small insects and the shape/color is the same for all.

    Then the solution is: Let's wait for "IMAQ County objects 3 ' then .

    Thank you


  • How read datalog multiple files at the same time?

    Hello friends...

    can someone help me to show how read datalog multiple files at the same time?

    Here is the example of my case.

    I have 500 files in a folder. each file contains a waveform and its setting.

    and then I want to do a card spectral these files, because these files have been saved in the order.

    the point is to know how to read these 500 files at once? I made a program to read these files, but the program can read these files in one by one. So it is very uncomfortable to read 500 files one by one. can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you. I hope you can show me the program. Thank you again...

    Hi jojo,

    Well, in the range of functions daughter, you will find a function to list the contents of the folder. This allows to get the names of all the files datalog, and then use a loop FOR to read.

    No one is obliged to provide 500 names of files manually - that's why we use a programming language to let the computer do the stupid work

  • Is there a way to set reminders for multiple documents at the same time?

    Is there a way to set reminders for multiple documents at the same time? Now he must go through a list, manually click through a series of options, then select it. If I send more than 300 different documents to individuals at a time, it becomes tedious. Quick. A way to save me the trouble would be so so so appreciated.

    Hello Lindsayb123,

    We do have an option to set a generic reminder under choice of account in the accounts of the company and can be set by going to the tab account-> account settings-> send parameters and set reminders.

    Let me know if you need more information.


  • Is there a script to move several tabs at the same time

    Is there a script or a way of being able to move several tabs at the same time - I need to change the size of a document and all the tabs need to move at the same time - is it possible to do so.  Have several financial sheets should reformat - thank you very much!

    Jjust found a cool script of Shane Stanley moving several tabs in indesign [Archives] - Desktop Publishing Forum that works just the way I want it – here it is:

    say application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"

    the value theMeas to my doIDdialog()

    set theTabList to tab list of the paragraph 1 of the selection

    set theTabPositions to position of tab stops to paragraph 1 of selection as points

    Repeat with I from 1 to the number items in theTabList

    set the position of the point of theTabList to 'p' i & ((point I of theTabPositions) + theMeas)

    end Repeat

    define tab list some points of selection at theTabList

    end say

    on doIDdialog()

    say application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"

    the value measUnits to measure horizontal units of view preferences of the document 1


    destroy each dialog box

    end try

    Set restart to make dialogue with properties {name: "Putting the selection handles"}

    the value C1 to do dialogue column restart

    do static text in C1 with properties {dynamic label: "' amount to move all tabs:" "}

    the value C2 do to column of the dialog box to restart

    the value mComb1 to do measure combobox to C2 with properties {min width: 80, content Edition: '1', big helping hand: 10, nudge: 1, string list: {'-25', '-20', '-15', '-10', '-5', '5', '10', '15', '20', '25'}, change the units: measUnits, value: 1000 maximum, minimum value:-1000}


    with timeout to 10000 seconds

    Show reboot

    If result = false then


    Restart to destroy

    Error number-128

    end if

    end timeout

    the value comboMeasNum1 to change value of mComb1

    Restart to destroy

    end say

    return comboMeasNum1

    end doIDdialog

  • Can I download multiple files at the same time? How?

    Can I download multiple files at the same time? How?

    Hi sday706,

    If you're referring to, you can certainly.

    1. Sign in to your account on with your Adobe ID and password.
    2. Click the icon of the file download (the cloud and arrow icon) at the top right.
    3. Select the files you want to download. Shift-click to select contiguous files. Or Ctrl + click (Windows) or command-click (Mac OS) to click on non-contiguous files.
    4. Click on choose.

    Please let us know how it goes.



  • How can I request a preset to multiple pictures at the same time?

    I'm almost embarrassed to ask this, because it seems so simple. But I am new to LR and need help.

    I want to apply a preset (exmample, a preset that resembles the film) to multiple pictures at the same time. (similar to edit in Photoshop batch) but I want to want the balance of whites etc is necessarily the same thing, of course. Help, please!

    Make that 99jon wrote, then select all the thumbnails of the images you want to apply a preset. (ctrl + click is sometimes a bit boring to select different in the grid images when browsing a large number of them. consider using the spray can and apply a label of color to the images you want brand. and then filter for color you "pulverized").

    After selection there is no need to switch to the module development for appl a saved preset. In the library module go to quickly develop Panel and select the preset from the "Preset" drop saved.

    Make sure that the preset affect only the properties you want to change. If the white balance must remain intact, then check the box for the white power off balance when you save a preset.


  • How to display multiple images at the same time in CS6?

    How to display multiple images at the same time in CS6?


    If you go to window > reorganize you can choose from several display options. Below, I have chosen two horizontal spaces since I have two images, but you can select other options if you have more than one image.

  • Flash Player playing multiple tones at the same time... even when the browser is closed

    I recently updated my Flash drive to 11.3 (latest version). When I go to a site that uses Flash (YouTube, for example), I'll start the video and then 10 seconds later, I get multiple tones at the same time. They all look like advertising, or TV stations. Even when I close my browser, the sound continues. When I opened my sound mixer, it is a "program" listed in "winrscmde", who plays both audio channels. When I go to the Task Manager, "winrscmde" presents itself as a svchost.exe * 32. When I stop this service the sound stops. It will resume again when I access a flash site. When I uninstall Flash Player 11.3, it stops.

    I am running Windows 7-64 bit with latest updates. THAT IS TO SAY 9.0.8112.16421

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Well, I think I solved the problem.

    I found this topic:

    On the second post down, the poster recommended download killer TDS winrscmde.exe is disquised as svchhost.exe in the \windows\system32 folder (you click on 'Properties', then the 'Détails' tab and check the original file name... If it is false, it will say winrscmde.exe under the original name).

    I also ran the program aswMBR as well as FixTDSS (

    That seems to fix the problem. Just reinstalled Flash and do not get the same questions. The svchost.exe in the \windows\system32 folder is legitimate!

    Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.

  • Change the multiple layers at the same time

    Hi all
    Is it possible to change the position of the multiple layers at the same time? that is to say: I've got a slideshow made with several layers (probably about 60) while back and now I need to re use it in a different size (smaller). When I just resize the document, my slide is no longer in the center of it and is bigger. I would like to: 1. change its position within the document. 2 reduce entire layer together. If 2 is not possible, fine, but to me, there may be a way to change its position. Thank you much for the help!

    If you look at the area where Flash displays your frames per second is a small button (it looks like 2 boxes blu - ish overlapping). It is the button "edit multiple layers. Once you press this, you will see a marker on your time line asking you to select the images to change. Stretch this segment to cover all the images you want to include in your editing - lock all layers you want to include in your installation. Then, you can press Ctrl + a to 'select all' - this will only select executives in "onion" and unlocked frames - from there, any changes will not affect what is selected. You have to play with how it works because it can be a little difficult to understand (when it comes to points of alignment and balance, etc.). I would like to make a copy of your flash document to test this point until understand you before you start your original edition.

  • How to prevent multiple objects with the same key being stored?

    I use of DPL and I want to know if we have any way of preventing multiple objects with the same primary key is stored in the database or not.

    Thank you


    Primary keys are unique - there may be multiple objects with the same key. Did you look in the javadoc for the PrimaryIndex and methods put ()?


  • How can I move two anchor points overlapping of distinct objects at the same time?

    Please refer to the picture for clarification:Capture.JPG

    Pink and blue objects in the image are distinct forms that have the same number of vertices/inkings. The forms have been generated with ArcGIS and exported to a. File to HAVE it. I need to move the anchor points of these two forms, so that they create a trail that follows the outline of the layer of the topography, but it seems that I can only move the anchor of a shape at the same time. Is there a way to pass the two anchors both (anchors that overlap, one of each shape)?

    I should also add and subtract some of the anchor so while making it so each anchor is not a 'corner '.

    I want to essentially merge or merge the anchor points of the two forms while maintaining the two colors, so that they share a border.

    Any help will be a life saver! I can try to clarify if it is not supposed. Thanks in advance!



    You can click on selection of object through only in preferences, then after the first deselect all ClickDrag (click outside paths) with the tool directly on each game Selection and then ClickDrag to move (you can simply go to set).

Maybe you are looking for