My Acer Aspire v 17 Nitro Black edition doesn't recognize my built in camera

My Acer Aspire v 17 Nitro Black edition doesn't recognize my built in camera. And also on Device Manager I do not find the Image device where I should find the camera



If you have already tried the factory reset, it might be a hardware problem with the webcam. In this case, you will have to send the laptop for repair.

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    The laptop in question is the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7-591 G - 4 K 729V.

    There is literally no clear disassembly video which is in English and subtitled in English. As most of this community knows, the Acer Aspire V15 does not have a maintenance hatch, so you literally have to take off the keyboard as well as all of the top panel to make any kind of change.

    I want to replace the HDD with a SSD and most of the time I don't know where the slot for it, but it's all the other threads that worry me. Knowing what must be disconnected when you lift the keyboard and what belongs in knowing where is a nightmare. I'm not quite trust by opening, can someone make at least a step by step guide, with or without photos or at the most a video in English? Thank you.

    Philetus wrote:

    This type of connector you very gently pust both sides of the black bar the White side. Reinstall the cable, you must stand out as you reglissez the water in.

    What type of connector do you speak? These 3 connectors which are connected to the keyboard when you lift first open?

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    No glare so Matte.

  • Acer V15 Nitro Black Edition battery stopped working

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    I seemed to have solved the problem: it wouldn't boot on battery without all the screws on the bottom of the case replaced. I guess this thread could use a quick response for a person in the same situation well! I freaked out too quickly.

  • Upgrade of RAM Acer V15 Nitro Black Edition (Skylake)


    I just ordered the new model of skylake V15 Nitro Black Edition. Before that happens, I want to go look for an upgrade of RAM and that the first order of the day. I wonder if the 8 GB model is using 4GBx2 or 8GBx1? And also, what form the RAM are so I know what will work with the existing stick?


    Yes of course. You can use HWINFO portable version (without installation). You will see the brand and the part number of the memory module.

  • Is V15 Nitro Black Edition - VN7 - 591 G-70RT free voltage?

    I'm ready to buy Nitro Black Edition VN7 - 591 G-70RT V15. However, I live in a country that only supports the 220 voltage. I would like to know if this product is voltage free or just support voltage 100. Thanks for reading

    all power adapters are normally 100-240V

    the model is LiteOn PA-1131-05

    Part number for Acer


  • VN7 - 791 G (v17 Nitro Black Edition with GTX860) can cause a second hard drive?

    As the title suggests, can my (v17 Nitro Black Edition with GTX860), VN7 - 791G just to confirm before you buy an and open sound. I see that some of them came with an SSD, but me, has no it still the possibility to add a?

    Thank you!

    It has an open slot m2 inside, or you can replace the HDD with a SSD.

  • How can I reboot an Acer Aspire One / Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3 from scratch?

    My Acer Aspire One / Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3, (laptop/netbook computer - no disk drive to insert a disk or anything like that,) only has 1 GB of memory/160 GB of storage and is far off in the ORIGINAL manner, he came, I need to start over from scratch and reload BitDefender 2011 top.  :(  I can't do it for me take MSN messenger/etc out of it, backups fail, etc..  Does anyone know WHAT to do if you can't insert "recovery disk" (no), and doing it this way?  Thank you!

    Do you know how to back up your data first? Once you do this, you can follow these instructions:

    That being said, why do you do this? A clean install (or its equivalent) is rarely necessary.

  • Power cord for Acer Aspire V17 nitro-Black Edition.

    I have a new edition of nitro-black Acer Aspire V17. I need a power cord for the load and be able to save when traveling in my RV I got Acer is "we don't sell them. Anyone know where I can get one? I know the Volt and amp of the AC charger specifications but the plug that plugs into the computer is higher than normal. I'd appreciate any help I can get.

    Thank you

  • I have the Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition VN7 - 591 G-729V with a 2.5 inch Samsung SSD?

    This is the laptop that I don't speak -

    And this is the SSD I don't speak of -

    My question is if I can remove the HARD drive of 1 TB of the laptop and put in this 1 TB of Samsung SSD? The laptop comes with 256 GB SSD already installed inside, so I was wondering if I could rock with this SSD and the Samsung TB 1 one as well.

    In a Word, Yes.

  • Acer aspire v 15 nitro VN7 - 591 G-74LK wifi problem low signal...

    Please help me how to fix wifi

    My laptop: Acer aspire v 15 black nitro Edition VN7 - 591 G-74LK

    During my weak signal wifi, delays in waiting, slow speeds, disassembly of connection, etc.

    Please how to fix.

    I installed patch full
    And my version of the wireless driver

    The very low signal strength...

  • Acer aspire 5742 goes from black to a screen that says acer enter startup f2 then back to

    My acer aspire 5742 doesn't start correctly, it goes from a black screen to a screen that says acer enter startup f2, then alternates between these two screens.

    Right now I have managed to turn it on and I'm in the treatment of support up to an external hardrive.

    I rang acer support and they told me I did this install windows 10 (about six months ago) and although he seemed fine, it was corrupting the (motherboard? I think that's what she said). the lady told me that I should restore laptop to factory settings.

    Can someone please confirm for me that's what I have to do?

    The fact that you were able to start normally after F2 in the bios menu, F9 to re - set the bios to factory default then F10 to save this setting, the default BIOS * strongly * suggest that the bios was losing his in the memory of the specific hard drive that was installed.

    Jack E/NJ

  • Impossible to adjust the brightness of the screen on V15 Nitro Black edition

    I have Acer Aspire V15 Nitro, and I can't adjust the brightness of the screen with + or + touch. Not even in power options. As it is locked somehow to a light post. Does not change when it is on battery regardless of what is specified in power options...

    Any ideas? Thank you

    Try to re - install Launch manager:

  • Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition - Windows 10 drivers (touchpad / IO)

    The touchpad drivers install but do nothing, I saw a post saying install IO drivers, but those who do not install. Choose my laptop, then Windows 10 64-bit model and download the IO drivers, they say "supported system no. None of these drivers seem to work, how to make this work?

    The laptop came with installed 8.1 and I improved however, the hard drive has no 'end-to-end error' so I replaced it with another portable drive. When I upgraded to 10 8.1 the touchpad worked. I know that the touchpad is not broken or disabled insofar as it works very well on my linux install.

    Have you tried to press Fn + F7?

    on Device Manager, click the view tab, select Show devices and check again on the touchpad.

    I would also check on the connections of ribbons on your mobile, because you or someone has changed the HARD drive and perhaps forgotten or loose something.

  • Problems of crash with the series Aspire V Nitro Black Edition VN7-791

    Good so I got a nitro V Aspire as a gift at Christmas time and was pretty excited about it but there was a lot of problems with it. From the first day I got it, it crashed when running a game on high graphics. This problem persisted six months as a market shutdown problem. What happens in general, is running the game sort of lag, juttering even using the Nivida graphics, then the screen will cut to black and it turns off. If I hit the power, but it turns red lights under the keyboard for a fraction of a second but turns then off. It usually takes about 20 minutes for the laptop computer to actually turn it on again.

    It becomes just more boring as the days go by, someone else has this problem and if so how do solve you this problem?


    You are of course is a temperature problem? It's a 791G, so it is larger than the 591G and he shouldn't have any problems of limitation. Have you tried to monitor your temperature, frequency of the CPU clock, CPU and GPU use? You should do this before assuming that is might be a temperature problem. Also are running your fans?

    If you are certain that it is a problem of temperature and your fans to operate as it is expected that you can try to use a coolingpad and change the thermal paste on the CPU and the GPU. This last suggestion will definitely improve the problem.

    However, I quite doubt it's a CPU/GPU temperature problem because in the first place it would throttle and not sudden turn off your computer. They have a lot of build protection against overheating and stopping suddenly to protect components is the last option of these protection mechanisms. Honestly, I expect that you have some sort of other problem or for a reason, that your fans do not work correctly, or you have a lot of dust in the cooling system.

    I use my 591G (4720HQ and 960M), and even when I do intense Bioinformatics (using the GPU for the calculation of all cores of CPU, at 100% use) I never had the problem with the stop suddenly. And believe me no game can put such stress on your phone except comparative analysis of the applications. I have problems with regulating heat, but never had a problem with the sudden stop and is a smaller laptop with less space, so smaller air flow and worse cooling than the 791G that has the same configuration.

Maybe you are looking for