My case smart apple has stopped working on my iPad 2 Air

my smart apple case stopped working on my iPad air two someone know why

Not sure - without more details

When you bought it and what guarantees it come with?

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  • "Push Apple has stopped working." on Windows 7. What should do?

    Whenever I run iTunes, error: "Push Apple has stopped working" is displayed. I use Windows 7 Professional SP1 with an internet connection of 8Mbps.

    I looked at my msconfig for the services and startups:

    In start up only "iTunes" is disabled.

    In services, "iPod service", 'Hello' and ' devices Mobile Apple "is disabled.

    Allow all three services.


  • Why I get a Windows message: push Apple has stopped working

    When I bring iTunes I got the message of Windows push Apple has stopped working? I can't sync my iphone more.

    Please send help!


    It seems to be a problem with the application you have installed on your iphone. It would be best to contact Apple or the manufacturer of the application for assistance.

    Apple iphone Support:

    Hope the information is useful.

  • APC Smart provider has stopped working

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    I suggest you to perform a restore of the system using Windows Vista DVD.

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  • Photostream Apple has stopped working, solutions?

    Microsoft looking for a solution, but none has offered.

    Hi RUK99,

    Thank you for your question to Microsoft Community!

    I see from the description of your post, that you are facing problems with 'Apple Photo Stream'.

    1. What exactly do you mean when you say "The search for a solution, but none has never suggested at Microsoft"?
    2. When exactly do you get the error message "Apple Photo Stream has stopped working"?
    3. What operating system is installed on the computer?
    4. What version of Apple application with which you use the Photo stream device?
    5. What is the full error message?

    Do not worry! I'll certainly help you solve the problem.

    You can check this Apple support link that describes "applephotostreams.exe stops working on iPhone 4.

    You can check this article as well:

    Photo stream

    You can also contact Apple support.

    If you need assistance regarding Windows please keep us informed. We will be happy to help you.

  • Sharing printers has stopped working for me. MacBook Air "think" printer is not connected.

    Sharing printers has stopped working for me. I have an Epson Stylus Photo R340 connected by USB to my Mac Mini end of 2012, and until recently, my MacBook Air has been able to print to it. Now, he 'thinks' the printer is not connected. Computers are on WiFi. Both computers have an OS X 10.11.5 now and the latest driver of Epson printer. Printer sharing is enabled in preferences, sharing, and "Share this printer on the network" is checked in the preferences, printers and Scanners. I went through the hoops to remove the printer and add it again on the Mini and the MacBook Air.

    Of course, the Mini prints very well via USB. Someone has an idea (that I have not already tried) how to get the sharing of printers to work again?

    Other sharing services work, such as the file and screen sharing?

  • Pencil of Apple has stopped working after a few days

    OK, Apple (a wonderful device) pencil worked very well until I turned on the airplane on the iPad Pro mode. After turning off airplane mode pencil Apple has not re-couple to the iPad Pro. Thinking that the battery needs to be recharged, I attach to the iPad Pro lightening connector, but the pencil was not recognized what prompts the related message on the iPad Pro. I called apple and a number of tests have been carried out. Remote, a program has been run on the iPad Pro showing that its hardware components, including bluetooth work very well. Finally, apple recommended a complete reset of the iPad Pro to factory settings, which did not help. It seems that the problem is in the pencil of apple hardware. I wanted to share this experience because it might be useful to others, but also to see if anyone else has experienced the same problem and discovered alternative solutions.

    You may need to take your Apple pencil in your Apple store and ask them to replace it, is its not not matching the iPad properly or the pencil of Apple is faulty and should be replaced. As long as there is no physical damage shown on the pencil (e.g. damage caused by a fall) so you should be able to get a free replacement from Apple. I hope this helps!

  • New watched Apple has stopped working.

    My phone of Apple 1 month just turned off while I was wearing it yesterday. I tried to restart and force the reboot and nothing happened. Also noticed when the phone was on charger it became very hot. Does anyone else have this experience?

    I've had my Apple Watch since the launch and experienced any of these issues. I recommend a visit to shoot evil genius store. Did you get Apple Care?

  • Push Apple has stopped working why and how 2016 2 determination

    I tried to find the answer myself throughout this community but only to find that others have this problem as well but with no answers or remedies to help.  They are at least 6 years... then why not a response to solve this problem eventually.  It happened to me several times when I plug my apple device on my laptop.  Think that may have something to do with iTunes open automatically?  Not sure but would like to know WHY that which is PAST!  Thanks for any comments or help understanding of why and how to solve.

    Not once in your entire post you actually said that it is.  So if you want to help, please enlighten us, because we are not psychic.

  • HP Smart printing has stopped working on my Chrome browser

    In recent months, I like to use HP Smart Printing on my Chrome browser. But since two or three days, he made no more start with print functions, when I click on the print icon HP Smart (Triple normal plaguing the right to the upper-left).

    But the icon is still there and also messages by clicking on the right mouse. Selb Google shows me under the URL chrome://extensions:

    Hi SWISSINDALO, here is what I did to get SMart Print installed 2.1 on my Chrome browser

    1. Install Smart Print from the HP Web site (it looks like you already did)
    2. Click the settings icon in the upper right window of Chrome (the icon of three horizontal bars)
    3. Scroll up to tools and then in the set of Extensions
    4. If the extension of intelligent printing is not listed, choose navigate the Gallery
    5. Search for "HP Smart Print" and then "add to Chrome.
    6. The intelligent print icon should appear in the upper right of your browser window

    Hope that helps you get the app installed on Chrome on your XP machine. In addition, the version of Chrome that I used on my machine was Version 24.0.1312.52 m

  • Bluetooth has stopped working on my Satellite P105-S9722

    I have a Satellite P105-S9722 and everything seems fine except the occasional extreme overheating it stops. In any case, my blutooth has stopped working.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1 formatted, reinstalled clean (running the toshiba Vista business upgrade)
    2 tried to use the most recent bluetooth Vista drivers fron this site & Blutooth monitor 3 w / stack windows

    I tried several times without success. Here's what's happening.

    When I install toshiba stack, it is all the way to the grip and "install bluetooth driver". I get an error message on a USB device unknown who breaks down and will not be installed. It is under the TouchChip Fingerprint coprocessor. In addition, with the Bluetooth Monitor 3 installed, has no "BLUETOOTH" category in ther CP to set properties

    That's all. It hags just here and bogs of the bridge I have to restart the system.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    If the laptop is overheated, you must remove the dust from the radiator. You can use a can of compressed air to blow off the dust.

    Have you tried to use the battery Microsoft Bluetooth standard instead? To use it, you must uninstall the Toshiba Bluetooth stack, then just install the Bluetooth screen

  • chrome of Apple that DAV has stopped working

    chrome of Apple that DAV has stopped working

    Chrome is a Google product, nothing to do with Apple (good thing too)

  • iPhoto has stopped working. When I try to download the latest version, I massage "this update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by another user or the item has been refunded or cancelled."... why?

    iPhoto has stopped working. When I try to download the latest version, I massage "this update is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by another user or the item has been refunded or cancelled."... why?

    Mac OS X 10.10.3 and newer include Photos, which is designed as a replacement for iPhoto. If you want to go on the use of iPhoto in addition to or instead of switch to Photos, click here and try following the instructions; you will only be able to do if you got before where associated with iPhoto on the Mac App store.


  • Someone at - it smart enough to: «host process for Windows Services has stopped working...» » ?

    I have spent a week on this problem, looking all over the internet and doubt that someone knows enough to solve this problem. I've been a software engineer for 30 years and never worked on an operating system such as buggy windows Vista (or windows)

    I got TWO errors. They may be related.

    = The first is with Windows Update

    -If you know, I tried:

    At ran windows BITS difficulty
    ran sfc/scannow (it found and fixed some iexplorer 8 _)
    has ran defrag and
    has ran chkdsk
    drivers replaced with the latest news from Toshiba
    has run hardware diagnostics - no problem

    I tried with and without firewalls and AV running.
    I don't run AVG control and malware - no problem

    Windows Update always fails.

    Machine: Vista 32 Home Premium SP2 on a Toshiba Qosmio computer laptop X 305-Q705 4 Gig Duo P7350 Intel with nvidia

    Otherwise, Windows works fine. Net access is fine using Mozilla. Even correctly downloaded files. BUT

    I get this error: windows update does NOT. It gives an error "failed", whose code is:


    Also, sometimes strange, windows displays an error dialog box:

    "Host process for Windows Services stopped working and was closed"

    A check with AppCrashView (wer reports) gives these data:

    Version = 1
    EventType = APPCRASH
    EventTime = 129402052692496014
    ReportType = 2
    Consent = 1
    Response.Type = 4
    SIG [0]. Name = name of the Application
    SIG [0]. Value = svchost.exe
    GIS [1]. Name = Version of the Application
    GIS [1]. Value = 6.0.6001.18000
    GIS [2]. Name = timestamp of the Application
    GIS [2]. Value = 47918b 89
    GIS [3]. Name = name of the Module fault
    GIS [3]. Value = ntdll.dll
    GIS [4]. Name = Fault Module Version
    GIS [4]. Value = 6.0.6002.18005
    GIS [5]. Name = Fault Module Timestamp
    GIS [5]. Value = 49e03821
    GIS [6]. Name = Exception Code
    GIS [6]. Value = c0000005
    GIS [7]. Name = offset of the Exception
    GIS [7]. Value = 0004714e
    DynamicSig [1]. Name = OS Version
    DynamicSig [1]. Value=6.0.6002.
    DynamicSig [2]. Name = locale ID
    DynamicSig [2]. Value = 1033
    DynamicSig [22]. Name = additional Information 1
    DynamicSig [22]. Value = 4a3d
    DynamicSig [23]. Name = additional Information 2
    DynamicSig [23]. Value = c79c8c21b0e4702d54b9aebf158b2ec4
    DynamicSig [24]. Name = additional Information 3
    DynamicSig [24]. Value = f371
    DynamicSig [25]. Name = additional Information 4
    DynamicSig [25]. Value = 3b5338b3aed6dc4728911b2d00a3b11f
    UI [3] = host process for Services Windows has stopped working
    UI [4] = Windows can check online for a solution to the problem.
    UI [5] = check online for a solution (recommended)
    UI [6] = check for a solution later (recommended)
    UI [7] = close
    UI [8] = host process for Services Windows has stopped working and was closed
    UI [9] = a problem caused the application to stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if a solution is available.
    UI [10] = & close
    FriendlyEventName = Stopped Working
    ConsentKey = APPCRASH
    AppName = host process for Windows Services

    AppCrashview also shows the fault as module: ntdll.dll and once urlmon.dll

    The system event logs says:

    Application failed application svchost.exe, version 6.0.6001.18000, time stamp 0x47918b89, failed module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e03821, exception 0xc0000005, offset error 0x0004714e, process 0x7cc id code, start on time 0x01cbbafdcd8a8edc.

    = Error n ° 2

    I can work in SafeMode with networking (I'm in it now) using Firefox WITHOUT blue screens.

    Now, BOD (bluescreens) seems to be related to the use of the damndable IExplorer 8

    the crashdump gives:

    Dump file: Mini012311 - 01.dmp
    Crash time: 23/01/2011 08:02:10
    Bug check code: 0x000000d1
    Parameter 1: 0x00000a54
    Parameter 2: 0x00000002
    Parameter 3: 0x00000000
    Parameter 4: 0x8304c49a
    Caused by the driver: iaStor.sys
    Caused by the address: iaStor.sys + 4349 a
    Description of the file: Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver - ia32
    Product name: Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver
    Company: Intel Corporation
    File version:
    Processor: 32-bit
    Computer name:
    Full path: C:\Windows\Minidump\Mini012311-01.dmp
    Number of processors: 2
    Main version: 15
    Minor Version: 6002
    Size of the dump file: 138 424

    The drivers loaded in the memory range were:

    File name: iaStor.sys
    Stack address: iaStor.sys + 4349 a
    Address: 0 x 83009000
    Address: 0x830e2000
    Size: 0x000d9000
    Time stamp: 0x4883d53b
    Time warp: 2008-07-20 19:15:55
    Product name: Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver
    Description of the file: Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver - ia32
    File version:
    Company: Intel Corporation
    Full path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\iaStor.sys

    File name: ndis.sys
    Stack address: ndis.sys + ce3b5
    Address: 0 x 83201000
    Address: 0x8330c000
    Size: 0x0010b000
    Time stamp: 0x49e02080
    Channel time: 2009-04-10 23:45:52
    Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    File description: driver NDIS 6.0 wrapper
    File version: 6.0.6002.18005 (lh_sp2rtm.090410 - 1830)
    Company: Microsoft Corporation
    Full path: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\ndis.sys

    File name: ntkrnlpa.exe
    Stack address: ntkrnlpa.exe + b40e0
    Address: 0x82a3f000
    Address: 0x82df8000
    Size: 0x003b9000
    Time stamp: 0x4c0e557c
    Time string: 08/06/2010 09:36:44
    Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
    File description: NT kernel & system
    File version: 6.0.6002.18267 (vistasp2_gdr.100608 - 0458)
    Company: Microsoft Corporation
    Full path: C:\Windows\system32\ntkrnlpa.exe

    Hey Joe,

    I see that you have updated your drivers.

    Have you updated your chipset for this PC drivers?

    Are you overclocking PC or running a RAID configuration?

    I suggest to remove all external devices during the diagnostic process, except the keyboard, mouse and monitor.

    If you think this error is with IE, you can try running it without Add - ons.

    Alternatively, you can try to reset the Internet Explorer settings.

    Here is some information on this process:

    You can also check your profile for corruption:

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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