My old account cloud with tests and the new school with the account of the company account, but no change with the tests

I signed with my first personal email account and downloaded the clouds and applications such as photoshop and illustrator and used as tests. I discovered later that I already paid on behalf of the company with my school account, so I signed with my school email address and removed the existing clouds and apps and downloaded on the same computer. However, the creative cloud shows that I always use the trial. I would like to start over with my new account of the school. Help, please...


Probably do not completely erase you your old information

Sign out of your OLD account of cloud... Restart your computer... Sign in to your account PAID Cloud

-If you have more than one email, but of course you use linked to your subscription

-Connect using





Sign out of your account... Uninstall... to run vacuuming...

- (and uninstall)

-using the vacuuming after uninstalling and before reinstalling is often necessary


-Restart your computer... Sign in to your account... Reinstall

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    I have an old version of Photoshop.  And a new apple computer.  It won't let me load from my drive.  Any idea?

    CS2 is too old to be compatible with the new Macs. There is nothing that you can do because it does not work on the new Intel Macs as it was designed for the old Mac PowerPC.

  • Why I don't see (created with my iPhone 5 s) forms in the creative clouds (for iOS) and the space used in CC is 0 MB? Where are they kept?

    I installed Adobe forms on my iPhone (iOS 8) and don't see, where the forms are stored.

    In CC app for iOS, there is no files (and the space used in CC is 0 MB). And I do not see my shapes in your other apps (for iOS: ideas, Photoshop Mix).

    How to export shapes for the storage of files?

    Content in your libraries CC is currently not available on the CC iOS app.  You can see it online.  But, not in the app native iOS... yet. I hope that the CC app will have this feature soon.

  • Any Creative cloud application starts and the macbook pro fans going crazy

    Hi, I'm updating cloud creative apps every time Adobe updates.

    Recently, I discovered that my macbook pro fans are going super fast with the latest updates of any application (Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and the latest app for Creative Cloud etc.).

    Yesterday I was working on Illustrator and fans were running hot, the app said this use of memory, it was almost complete and the UI of Illustrator went to alignment mode.

    Closing the app and restarting, the problem disappeared.

    But every day, whenever I open an application CC, the fans become noisely and they go very fast.

    I appreciate any kind of help.

    AdobeCare contacted via twitter, after Adobe customer via chat.

    The two has uninstalled me & reinstalled, start in safe mode, start from a different account.

    But no solutions to this problem.

    By myself, investigation on the activity monitor, I discovered that the problem was engine CEPHtml.

    Google search on these words... This resolved: CEPHtmlEngine slows down the computer (Mac) and the solution

    That's everyone having the same problem.

    Adobe, please fix soon.

  • How do we install Creative Suite on my new Mac Book, if my old Mac Book is broken and the disk has been moved?

    My old Mac Book is broken and no longer turns. A couple of years ago, I bought the Creative Suite from Apple and would like to transfer it to my new Mac Book. However, to make things more complicated I seem to have misplaced my disk. How do you propose that I transfer to my new Mac Creative Suite?

    Thank you very much


    You don't want to transfer even if you could.  Transfer does not work in most cases.  You must install using installation files.  You can download these files (cannot provide a general link since you don't specify the version)...

    Download and Installation Help-

    You will need your serial number to activate, which is normally on the disc case.  If you have registered the software when you initially installed then you may be able to find it registered in your Adobe account online in the section my products.

  • I try to install the im creative cloud my iMac and the process hangs and does not end. What can I do to solve the problem?

    I try to install the creative cloud in my iMac and the process hangs and does not complete. I've used the creative cloud cleaning tool...

    What percentage he block?  About 42%, open activity monitor when it crashes and complete the process of helping adobe dangling.

    otherwise, troubleshooting installation using newspapers in Photoshop Elements

  • Hard installed old screw in another laptop and the poster said a copy of windows is not genuine. It is a toshiba lapop and did not come with original discs

    Installed an old hard drive in a Toshiba laptop in another PC Dell laptop and asked to activate windows.  When I tried to activate it, it didn't work and he says "this copy of Windows is not genuine".  The original laptop came not with all drives, and he said to make recovery disks.  I made records of discovery and tried to use it in the Dell laptop and it does not work it no more.  I'm looking to find out how to activate windows.  Any help will be appreciated.

    It is an OEM license on the Toshiba laptop computer, the license is tied to the original machine that is why he is coming to ask you to activate.

  • What is the difference between the Creative cloud photography Plan and the Plan of single application of Photoshop? [was: Question about price]

    Why is - this $10 / Monday for photography of the CC Suite, and $20 / Monday for just Photoshop, what's the difference between the two? Photoshop is all I need. But I misunderstood your entitled pricing Options

    These FAQS can help. The plan of photography will be cheaper, even if you are not using Lightroom, but one app plan gives you more storage.

    FAQ: What is the difference between an annual plan and monthly plan?

    FAQ: What plans are available for creative cloud?

    FAQ: How can I find what is included in each Plan creative cloud?

    FAQ: How Creative Cloud storage do with my plan?

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    A year ago, I bought an HP computer and got the drive of W7 a few months later, but never installed. Do I have to install or download the last update? There were bug fixes and improvements over the last 8 months? I have the choice to install W7 disk I had in February and stay with it; buy the upgrade from Vista to W7 or install my drive and get the upgrade at any time of W7. I use the computer at home and need a few bells and whistles. I heard that the early W7 was not great. Thanks for the tips


    It is not released a newer version. All bugs that have been found since this date can be fixed by runing Windows Update.

    Do not buy the new copy. Use what you already have.

  • Hello, I need microsoft certification, I am 13 years old, I live in paskitan and the city is bahawalngar, punjab, pakistan

    Please help me


    1. which certification do you have?

    Please visit the link below and let us know if it helps:

    Help and frequently asked Questions about Microsoft Learning subject:

    Please search for institutes the to your place for more information.

  • Old printer Canon Pixma MP500 and fairly new Acer Aspire Netbook.

    I have a CanonPixma MP500 Printer/scanner/copier that worked very well. on my desk. I now have an Aspire One Acer Netbook and I have set the printer after buying a lot of expensive ink and hooked it up to netbook - generally things are taken & play... Cannot get this to work at all. I'm puzzled. Can anyone help?

    What version of Windows is on your new netbook?

    How were you trying to set up the printer?

    • I have just connected it and expected to work
    • I used the Add Printer Wizard
    • I inserted the CD that came with the printer and started the installation routine
    • I downloaded the software from the Canon Website and he ran

    That's happened?  If you got an error message, please quote completely, without paraphrasing.

  • How can passage of 10 elements 12 elements and the new computer, I connect old albums?

    Our old computer has stopped working, and I had to move our photos from the old computer to the new. The old computer had 10 items, and the new has 12 elements. I have the old directory structure and intact catalog from a backup and want elements of 12 points to the old stuff in such a way that it does not lose the structure of the album that my wife had done. And I need to be on the secondary disk (where it was in the old computer as well) from the disc main hard is an SSD and is too small for all of our photos.

    Is it possible to do? As to enter the name of the folder of the upper part of the old hierarchy somewhere in 12 items? I'm afraid that if I simply import the top-level folder that the old structure of catalogue and album will just be ignored, and we will end up with a big pile of images unstructured (like about 13 000 pictures * smile *).

    Will import images obvious way (when you open a new installed of the elements, he asks to import pictures) don't know the structure of the album, or it'll just work within the hierarchy that was left by items 10?

    The high level structure is D:\Adobe item 10 Pictures, and under that is D:\Adobe item 10 images\Mes catalog and d. \Adobe Element 10 Pictures\...\My Pictures.

    Any help with this would be really appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Well, finally found my own answer. Ran across a display including this line:

    You can test that the copy of catalog is ok by double click (or Mac equivalent) on the file: catalog.pse10db. That should open the organizer with the copy of catalog.

    that gave me the idea to find this file catalog.pse10db. Found, double clicked on it, and the Organizer came with all of our photo albums, etc. and decided, apparently, that's what we want to * smile *.

    So all's well that ends well.

  • iPhone 4S and the ipad 2 needs of old passwords wireless

    I changed the password wireless on my Airport Extreme 3 days. I have 5 PCs (4 windows and 1 imac), fire 2 hds, 1 samsung s5 1 android nexus 7, 1 iphone 4S and 1 ipad 2. All devices running IOS not being able to connect to my network wireless by using the new password. My iMac connects too. The iphone 4S and the ipad 2, refuse to connect with the new password, but continue to connect with the old password. My daughter has an iphone 6 and one related to the old password first. But after a few hours, his network connected and she had to reconnect with the new password.

    I see this as a security problem because the people who visited my home last year still have my old password wireless on their devices, and if their devices are old, as my iphone 4S and the ipad 2, their devices will continue to work.

    I changed the password wireless to secure my network, but he's not sure if older devices continue to work with the old password. Is this a bug in iOS? All devices are running the latest versions of iOS.

    I changed the password wireless to secure my network, but he's not sure if older devices continue to work with the old password.

    I understand that your iphone 4S and the ipad 2 is still working on the internet with the old password. You have verified this by going to a web site that you have not already visited.  Go to and make sure you have the last page.

    I find this very surprising.  Most of the home wifi routers only accepts the password.  Change the password on your router means iphone 4S and ipad 2 should not be able to connect to the internet.

    Are you sure that you are connected to the wifi router that you think you are?  I have two wifi routers. One of the phone company that I do not use and my own.

    You have all that you check the wifi configurations.  your router.  What is your router?  The setting on your iphone 4S and the ipad 2.  What ios version do you use?  There are problems of wifi with ios 8.  Check on one of your computers to display the wifi settings.

    on your ios device, download airport utility.  See here how to use the airport as a wifi scanner utility.  You don't need Terminal airport apple.

  • My Slimline 7700 old died. I have the old hard drive (Samsung SP2504C) and you want to install it as

    a slave in my new Pavilian Slimline s5370t. There is a jumper on the old drive but no jumper connector. What should I do to install the old in the new? Keeping in the spirit of the old system is Vista 32 and the new Windows7 64.

    Kind regards


    SATA drives use usually only the rider to limit the speed of 3 up to 1,5 If your motherboard doesn't support it and automatically configure speed. You should be fine without it.

  • How can I recover my old account?

    Ive tried to access an old account of mine Skype. I haven't used in years, but it is important for me to get on it because I need to communicate with a friend to an important problem and I don't have their email or Skype name. the thing is my old password does not work and the old email address for the account has been deleted long ago. How can I do to reset my password, I had never bought Skype credit with this account also. Is there a way I can reset the password?

    If you no longer have the email you used to create the account and that you never paid for any purchase with that account, you're out of luck.

    For security reasons, the only way to recover a lost password is to the email address registered with Skype from the individual, or purchase history details.

    Please note: I do not answer requests for help via private Message.

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