Need driver for my Satellite L300-1F8

Dear Sir

I need driver for Toshiba Satellite L300-1F8 portable
I paid without CD Driver
Please help me ASAP


Your Satellite L300-1F8 belongs to PSLBGE models and all drivers for Windows XP Home edition for your laptop model are available on the Toshiba support page under > support & downloads.

Please select your laptop model and all the drivers of Windows XP edition family appears here.
Can you please let us know what your problem is exactly? I didn t understand what exactly do you mean with CD-driver.

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    Please help me, give me video driver for my Satellite L30-134.
    I'm not fine it... wait for your answer... x 10


    Abe has posted a direct link to the Toshiba support page. Please visit this page, select your laptop model and you will find everything you need.

  • Need driver for my Satellite A210-14 SATA

    Where can I find a Driver for my Satellite A210-14 s Sata?

    Thank you

    Believe me you don t need all SATA drivers but only the Director of Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

    This software can be downloaded from the Intel page!
    Visit the site.

    A few words about the installation; during the installation procedure you must press the F6 key to include the drivers in the windows OS.
    You will need external USB FDD drive or you will create and new Win XP CD using the software called nLite. Then you could include all of the package for the new CD and could install XP.

  • Need to WXP WLAN driver for my Satellite L300 - 17L


    First, I want to sorry for my bad English. I'm from Slovenia.

    I have this laptop (Satellite L300 - 17L). I installed on my Vista and XP Pro SP2 disk. The drivers I need to install for Windows XP? Because my WiFi does not work. In Vista, it works fine, but XP does not work very well.

    Can you help me please?




    I think that you the WLan card cannot be accepted because you used all just a bad driver WLan.
    As I m wrong not the Satellite L300 - 17L belongs to the PSLBCE series and it was equipped with the * WLan Intel chip (Golan) *.

    I think you have tired to install the Realtek or Atheros WLan driver.
    I recommend that you install the driver from Intel.

    This forum thread should help you a little more:

    Users here discussed on the same theme and user Chad posted a link to the Toshiba WLan portal where the correct driver WLan could be found.

    Good bye

  • Need driver for my Satellite A60-122 WLAN


    I have format my computer so my drivers disappeared and I don't have the installation CD.
    I can't connect to the internet via Wi - Fi connection. I guess I need a driver for this. I searched the net and found nothing.

    Where can I find my driver?

    Thank you!

    I really wonder where you are looking for the driver because the driver is listed for Satellite A60 on Toshiba support under page > support & downloads.

    Check it out!

  • Need driver for my Satellite C50D-B-120 wireless

    I need wireless driver for my Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 and when I find the drivers for this laptop on the driver downloads on the toshiba site it brings the 2 pilots. It brings: -.

    Wireless Lan driver
    Broadcom Windows 8.1 - 64 Bit World Wide


    Wireless Lan driver
    8.1 - 64-bit of Windows Atheros world wide

    What one do need me?

    The specification of this notebook is not known to me, but you can try with Atheros. If there is no result doesn't install Broadcom.

    You have this machine with pre-installed Windows 8.1 (all drivers are included)?
    I want to say if you ve had with OS preinstalled what the problem with the wireless network card?

  • Need Driver for my Satellite L305D-S59222 WXP network controller

    So I managed to install WXP on my Satellite pro, and I found all the drivers (I think?), except in the Device Manager I get always the symbol of yellow exclamation on other devices > network controller...

    I can't connect to internet even through my network card and cable Cat 5... I'm guessing because of the network controller...
    Can someone be kind enough to direct me to the driver for this network controller? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Or I do something wrong?
    Also, I have to installed the SATA drivers for my hard drive... I have to set the player in compatibility mode in the BIOS to get XP to install, just back to its normal (default) or give up the SATA.
    Thank you very much...


    Can you please tell us which version of Windows XP Home edition you ve installed (SP2 or SP3)?
    I can see on page download LAN driver for Windows XP Home edition is not available. Have you had success installing WLAN driver?
    Can connect to internet via WIFI?

    You can use your laptop with compatibility mode, but the HARD disk performance will be lower.
    You can find SATA driver for your laptop model?

    Sort of support for Windows XP edition family is not so good on the Toshiba support page we.

  • Need driver for my Satellite L50-B-1EF chart

    I can't find the driver for my graphics card, the update for the driver utility intel can't find it... I have a win 7 Basic. Help me.


    I checked the Toshiba download page on
    And found the Intel driver for your machine (see screenshot).

    Check it out please.

  • Need driver for my Satellite P850 WLAN

    I just installed Toshiba Satellite P850. Could someone help me how to find sous-modèle after the dash, for example Toshiba Satellite P850 - *. I need to download driver wireless.

    Thanks in advance.

    You can download driver WLAN
    You just need to know what WLAN card is inside.

    If you send the complete model name, we can help you.

  • Need driver for my Satellite P205D ACPI

    I have a Satellite P205D - S7802 (PSPBLU) and I replaced Vista with XP.

    I have all my drivers working except for a single missing device - it's hidden from Device Manager. The ID is ACPI\TOS1900\2 & DABA3FF & 0... Can anyone shed some light on this?

    The P205D is a portable us
    In order to check page driver Toshiba U.S. for these drivers.
    If you fail then it seems this XP drivers don't exist right now.

    But sometimes different notebook series is delivered with the same material.
    In order to check you hardware and perhaps some unique another P200 series drivers will work on your laptop.

    Good luck

  • Need driver for my Satellite A200 IrDA remote control

    Above all I ask sorry for my English (is not good lol)

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A200 1JS with Windows Vista Edition full but my remote irDA, after I format my pc... no longer works. I tried looking for drivers irDA didn t on the Toshiba site and I can't find anything...

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

    Thank you

    See the section for Satellite P200D.
    There is a Toshiba Vista Driver IR

    Maybe it will run on your A200

  • Need driver for my Satellite C50-A-1F1 webcam

    Hi, I have a problem with the drivers for this model. I can't find the drivers. The web camera driver is the most important for me because my camera and the microphone does not work. If anyone knows how to help me please write a reply.

    Thank you very much for the help.


    According to the specifications of the laptop your machine was shipped with preinstalled Win8.1. Original recovery image (operating system) contains all the necessary drivers, tools and utilities and that each hardware component should work properly. Please note: webcam didn't need a special driver. It uses the standard Microsoft driver is not necessary to install an additional driver.

    In any case, all the drivers, tools and utilities for each supported operating system, you can find on the download page of Toshiba -

  • Win8 WLAN need driver for my Satellite L655-1Jn


    I installed Windows 8 in this laptop and everything seems to go well despite there are no specific drivers for my model (thanks toshiba), but I had a problem of wireless driver. Actually the driver installed by windows did wireless work for a bit, but after a reboot i saw that the download speed is limited to 25-30 kb/s... . So I thought that it was because the driver was not appropriate and so I installed this [Driver |]

    But after awhile, I noticed that this driver has the same problem. The only way to make the wireless connection work correctly is re - install the drivers, but it works only until the next reboot, or the suspension of windows 8. Is there a driver that would work very well with this broadcom card, better if it is a beta driver?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    The first news on the wireless network card: your laptop is Wi - Fi 11 b/g/n + BT V2.1 + EDR (Broadcom BCM94313) card inside this beta version should be OK.

    It's that there is no other driver WLAN only available on the Toshiba support page. Still is it that your laptop is not taken in charge for Win8 and, unfortunately, all other models with the same WLAN card are not on the list of supported models Win8.

    Have you tried to consult the WLAN card manufacturer support page?

  • Need driver for my Satellite A100-773 chart


    I deleted the wrong things on my laptop and now direct 3D cannot run more.
    I want to install the new grafik datas now, but I don't know who are the good guys of this long list...

    Please help me!


    All the drivers, you can find on Toshiba download page -

    You must display driver only or what?
    What operating system do you use?

  • I need drivers for Satellite L300-1F8 Ubuntu

    I need driver for Toshiba Satellite L300-1F8 laptop to Ubuntu 10.10 operating system


    As much as I know Toshiba does not all drivers for Linux systems.
    You will have to search at your own hand but generally all the drivers are part of the distribution and devices should be recognized automatically.

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