Need driver for the wireless network adapter

I have an Acer Aspire 3680 2022 computer laptop and I need the driver for a network RTL 8188 S wireless adapter. I can't find it anywhere. I use Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.


It is unusual for a USB device does not find its drivers automatically. You have all the documents with him?

You can try this

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  • problem witththe driver for the wireless network connection card

    Quite suddenly my laptop (Toshiba) could not connect to my Modem and printer. I can only connect to the internet with a cable connection to the modem. The printer reports no problem with the connection. Troubleshooting report 'Problem with the driver for the wireless network connection card.' Problems also with ISATAP MS Driver adapter and Teredo Tunneling adapter. Software could not solve the problem.  A technician online know-how also faled to solve the problem after an hour trying everything - uninstalling and reinstalling, etc. He thought it would be a virus even though I have several active antivirus programs. Any ideas? Should I chuck the laptop away and buy a new one?

    If, as you say, you have several active antivirus running programs, they will conflict with each other and you will have no protection

    Visit the support of Tosh, specific to your model, and reinstall the drivers for the chipset and wireless

  • my pc will not connect to wireless internet... It is said there could be a problem with the driver for the wireless network connection card

    connection network card

    my pc will not connect to wireless internet... It is said there could be a problem with the driver for the wireless network connection card... I'm not sure how to solve the problem of the dat


    Did you change your computer?

    I suggest you to follow the links and check out them.

    The problems of Internet connection

    Solve problems, find wireless networks

    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    Tips for solving common driver problems

  • New installation of Windows 7; No driver for the wireless adapter

    Ohmuhgod, please help!

    I'm on a Pavilion G7 - 2017cl and just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I installed all the recommended drivers, software and upgrades              and everything is going well except for the wireless network card driver. the sp57538.exe and the sp56154.exe do not install correctly.

    In the devices under other devices Manager, there's a yellow! indicator "Network controller" with "manufacturer: unknown" and under the hardware id is:

    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & SUBSYS_1838103C & REV_01
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & SUBSYS_1838103C
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & CC_028000
    PCI\VEN_168C & DEV_0032 & CC_0280

    I tried: manually update the driver with several other downloads of various products of hp as a poke-and-hope approach; all the different combinations of deactivation/activation of the active devices while trying to install the drivers; install drivers in safe mode; Uninstall and reinstall the software amd chipset driver; HP Support Assistant; A patch of Bios setting parameters by default after a hard reset; and at my wits end, reinstalling the operating system and install all the fresh drivers one by one with a reboot after each... same result.

    I've been googling and binging for about ten hours... magical HP assistants, please send me a patch!

    Try Atheros:

  • Download Driver for a wireless laptop adapter.

    I need a download driver for a wireless notebook adapter: MN-720 (802.11 g).  Can someone point me in the right direction?

  • Windows 7 do not connect the wireless network adapter

    When in Device Manager it is k o workining with all installed software & advance mode: saying activated


    Original title: windows 7 do not connect the wireless network adapter when in Device Manager, it works with all installed software & advance mode: saying activated

    Hi omsaini,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    Sorry to hear that you have to connect to a wireless network adapter trouble.

    To help you further on this subject, it would have been really helpful for us if you had

    mentioned a few details such as:

    (1) is there an error message you get when you try to connect to the internet?
    (2) is the persistent problem with all browsers installed on the machine?
    (3) what is the brand and the type of the network adapter (whether ADSL or an adapter included)?

    However, there are a few steps that we can try first:

    a. the following link has a very good tutorial on how to install a network adapter on the computer:
    (Note: the link is for Windows XP but works for Windows thus 7\8)

    b. the following link provides a holistic approach for DIY difficulty on the connectivity of Windows:

    h ttp://

    c. also, you can visit the following links as well:


    I hope this helps. Please contact us if you encounter any problem.

  • What services do need me for a wireless network running?

    Original title: wireless network.

    What services do need me for a wireless network running? Or is completely managed by the modem provided from my ISP?

    Assuming that you have manually stopped no Windows services, your PC is in good condition, and is equipped with a wireless transmitter/receiver, other than to locate your modem in the list of available wireless signals and by entering the password, you have nothing to do... :-)

  • I am refurbishing a Pavillion m7560n and I can't find a driver for the local network. Can you help me? CC = en

    I am refurbishing a Pavillion m7560n and I can't find a driver for the local network. Can you help me?

    Here is the link to the LAN of your system drivers:

  • Provided the driver for the wireless adapter is unable to install DW1550


    I just reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit on my Alienware X 51 R2, and I made sure to follow the order of installation of driver found here:

    However, when I tried to install the driver provided on the Dell Support Site for the wireless Dell 1550 card wireless network, the installation fails systematically. I've included the output of the log below:

    [06/07/14 14:51:28] Update the Package execution started
    [06/07/14 14:51:28] Original command line: ' "E:\drivers\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01."» EXE ".
    [06/07/14 14:51:28] DUP Framework EXE Version:
    [06/07/14 14:51:28] DUP release: 4R14JX00-00
    [06/07/14 14:51:28] Setting initialization...
    [06/07/14 14:51:28] logo.png
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] The user command: participated in
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] DUP of capacity value: 39845887 (0x25FFFFF)
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] DUP of the vendor software version:
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Local model/system Compatible with this package? Yes
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Local system OS version:
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] OS Compatible with this package? Yes
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Local system OS language: EN
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Language is Compatible with this package? Yes
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Identified behavior: participated in
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] The payload temporary log file name: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01\DUP815F.tmp
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] "Translated from command line: Setup_MUP.exe /LOG"C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01\DUP815F.tmp.
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Path: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01
    [06/07/14 14:51:32] Identified behavior: participated in
    [06/07/14 14:52:13] Add the software provider Log: C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01\DUP815F.tmp
    [06/07/14 14:52:13]
    -Beginning of the software vendor log-

    [06/07/14 14:52:13] ASCII log file load detected.
    [06/07/14 14:52:13] [2014-6-7 14:51:32] Installation start up.
    [2014-6-7 14:51:32] Command-line is:[/LOG"C:\ProgramData\dell\drivers\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01\DUP815F.tmp"]

    [06/07/14 14:52:13]
    -End of the software vendor log-

    [06/07/14 14:52:13] Software provider return Code: 7
    [06/07/14 14:52:13] logo.png
    [06/07/14 14:52:13] Code name of output: ERROR
    [06/07/14 14:52:13] Exit code value: 1 (0x1)
    [06/07/14 14:52:13] Result: FAILURE
    [06/07/14 14:52:18] Open file: C:\ProgramData\Dell\UpdatePackage\Log\X51-R2_Network_Driver_4R14J_WN_9.2.0.514_A01.txt

    I also noticed that the Setup application lists the driver as being of "Dell DW1506 WLAN 802.11 b/g/n.

    I thought that the incorrect model number was weird, but maybe it's something the programmer neglected during the compilation of the installer?

    Any help would be appreciated!


    The current driver for this wireless card is version:, A00, so I think that you have downloaded the wrong driver. Try to install from this link.

    For later use, I recommend that you use this article for instructions on how to install the drivers.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • HP 15 D103tx: can't detect the wireless network adapter in Device Manager.

    I can't detect wireless network adapter in the device even Manager after installing the drivers wireless from the following link:

    Wireless "F12" key remains orange color after pressing it several times. I tried to install "Drivers HP wireless button" from the link above, but between th installation process I have error ot OS isn't accomanied for pilots

    I can't connect to a wireless network from my wireless adapter doesn't work. I have to sit near my wifi router to connect with laptop computer using lan cable.

    Even HP Support Assistant does not detect the wireless network card hardware

    Help, please!


    According to HP Partsurfer, your lapotp came with Atheros AR9565 802.11bgn 1 x 1 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter combination WLAN. Also, your laptop came with FreeDos and I guess currently installed Windows 8 64 bit OS, I am correct?

    The Support page for your machine, doesn't show that the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 8.

    Please download, save & install the Dirver and restart the system, check if the wireless works.



  • Cannot enable the wireless network adapter

    Hi all

    I have an old Dell Inspiron 1564 of 5 months with a Wireless 1397 WLAN Dell card. I had a few difficulties to connect to my wireless router, and as a last attempt to make it work, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for my wireless card, using a new download of the latest version from the Dell support site.

    The driver seems to install fine and when I look at the card wireless in the Device Manager, it is enabled, but in "control configuration\reseau and Internet\Network connections" (which are accessible through the Network and Sharing Center), it is grey and says people with reduced mobility.

    When I click on activate in there, a small window opens saying "Activation", then after a few seconds, he says "Enabled" then disappears. However, the adapter remains disabled in Center of N/W & sharing and is not detected by Windows.

    I tried to reinstall the driver to install Dell drivers, as well as automatic windows driver search and no work. I also tried to do a system restore, but this does not (cannot finish on any of the restore points).

    I also spent 1.5 hours on the phone with Dell support and their final advice was to format and reinstall Windows.

    The same question is reported here and here, with no resolution apparent. Can anyone offer any advice I've already tried? Thank you!

    More details:
    -I am running Win 7 Pro.
    -Wired networking and internet connection works fine
    -J' have Zone Alarm and Avast Anti virus and I tried to disable both without success

    The same problem has been posted by other here, here, hereand here. It seems to happen with different brands of cards from NW.


    Thanks for the reply. Actually, I got my wireless works today. The steps are, keeping in mind the stuff that I had already tried as stated in my original post:

    -Uninstalled Zone Alarm and Avast Antivirus.
    -Restarted mode without failure.
    -Uninstalled the Driver 1397 WLAN Device Manager.
    -Manager of uninstalled Dell Wireless cards Control Panel > programs.
    -Restarted in Mode safe again.
    -Reinstalled last bouquet of 1397 driver Dell (R237742.exe)
    -Rebooted in safe mode again to verify that the adapter was showing less active in Safe Mode, which it was.
    -Restarted normally to find the list is activated.

    Now I'm right back to where I was before, not being able to connect to my router, but I do not suspect my computer or my card wireless for the moment because I have four wireless devices in the House (this new Dell laptop, another 4 years Dell laptop, an 8 - month, Sony VAIO and a 6 - month old iPhone 3 g). All of these devices, the one that connects to my router is the Sony, so I think I have as well the router problems. I'll probably start another thread on the subject, just to keep this central thread.

    So to summarize, for anyone having the issue where your wireless card is showing disabled in Network Center and share and right click Activate this doesn't even after reinstalling the drivers the most recent, I would recommend to explore two options:
    -Disabling or uninstalling Antivirus software or firewall
    -Uninstall and reinstall the drivers Safe Mode Wireless
    If you are interested in reducing the problem a little, I recommend you to try these separately, probably the SafeMode option first.

  • Operating system is unable to find the wireless network adapter

    I have recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion Elite on a new hard drive.

    Since the installation, Windows is not able to recognize the NIC wireless on my machine. I imagine that there are drivers somewhere on the recovery discs that I bought out of HP, but those who stick me in a boot loop and aren't really good for nothing.

    I opened the computer case and didn't see any wireless network adapter card (two cards are the video card and the expansion USB3 card), so I guess that means it is integrated. Who is?

    in any case, long story short, I want that my PC for wireless internet, as it did before my other hard drive has failed, but the recovery discs that I bought last week off the coast of HP do not work so I do not know what to do next. Is this a driver problem?

    For what it's worth, I downloaded a bunch of the "drivers" section wireless network adapters and went through them until I found one that worked.

    Problem solved.

  • Need driver for HP wireless 802.11 P / N 5188-7736 WN4300R

    Hello, I need help I can't find the driver for this device

    WN4300R wireless HP 5188-7737

    can someone help me with this driver for my wireless card?


    The Vista driver should work just fine...

    Spring 2007 original driver for HP wireless LAN solutions.

    File name: sp34909.exe

  • ConfigFree: windows pop up message: sellers application is controlling the wireless network adapter


    When I draw a line from nearby wireless networks (with or without WEP security) to the laptop in the middle icon,
    a popup message with the text: the provider application is controlling the wireless card.
    Does anyone know what this message or where I can get the answer to this question?

    After clicking on it you may see far (only the 'ok' button is available), the connecting line with the laptop wireless network disconnects after
    a few seconds.

    Thanks a lot for helping me...


    In my opinion this message appears because a 3rd WLan utility configures and controls the WiFi connection!
    There are different possibilities:
    The laptop uses the Intel wireless network adapter and the Intel Proset utility configures the WLan
    The laptop uses the Atheros WLan card and Atheros Client utility configures the WLan
    The windows have the option has been enabled and do this job.

    In this case ConfigFree application cannot configure and control the WiFi connection!

  • How to associate a VM for the second network adapter on the host


    I have created a virtual machine and added a NIC that matches the first physical network adapter on the host Machine. I then added a second NETWORK adapter on the host. I would like to create the second network adapter on the same VM and map it on the second NETWORK adapter on the host. How can this be achieved.

    When I use the "Add Hardware", I does not enumerate the physical network adapters on the host to choose and assigns a VM mac address.

    Kind regards.

    VMware customers use virtual network adapters if you need for a great, a second deck on the host card, but how to do this depends on the host OS.

    For Linux, just run vmware - and choose to create a second bridged network adapter, choose the right pair of physics.

    For Windows, run vmnetcfg.exe (as an administrator), disable the automatic bypass and then manually fill the two physical network adapters (for example to create two VMnet adapters * with each mapping to a different physical NIC). You also need to restart the host VMware Agent services and VMware Server Web Access before these virtual cards will be available for use.

    Chapter 11 of the guide is a good reference for all this -

    Guy Leech

    VMware vExpert 2009


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