Need driver sound WXP for my Satellite C55-A-126


I just instaled windows xp service pack 3 on my Toshiba Satelite C55 A126 and I spent 3 days looking for an audio driver for xp, that will work. I instaled a lot of them, but I still haven't given that the audio device is not recognized and I'd be careful if someone could have help me, if you know what's respective driver or where to find.

Dear Tomica

Much more old models of laptops are not supported for Windows XP Home edition, so for me it does not make sense to install old OS and unsupported. OK, you probably have your reasons, but is fully installed with all the drivers for me looks like mission impossible.

A lot of people can be happy that the new laptops are available with support for Win7.

By curiosity, but what version of Windows XP Home edition installed? What version of service pack?

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    Hello to all the boys, a question I need to know if there is a driver for Satellite L20 for Windows Vista? I need driver sound. Help me please. Excuse my English is simply the google translator: $
    Good bye.

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite A100 - 044 PSAANE

    I bought a new laptop Satellite A100-044 PSAANE with Vista as operating system; I downgraded to Windows XP and I have downloaded all the drivers required for the Web from Toshiba site; But still I have no sound in my laptop.
    Can someone help to solve this problem please?
    Please note that I have this driver from the Web site: sound-xp-51005345_2
    and I get this error message: "Bad DirectSound driver. Please install the proper drivers. error 88780078 "code
    I'm waiting for your answer please


    I checked the page of the Toshiba driver and the PSANNE Sat A100-044 need driver audio XP version The zip file is called sound - xp -
    You have downloaded a sound-xp-51005345_2. Maybe's it a difference between these two audio drivers.

    Please check the txt-file of installation instruction on the driver page. This document contains an install command that is very important.

    One question; have you installed the latest DirectX software available?
    Remember that this software has been installed. It s necessary to the operation of sound and graphics.
    You can start this tool by typing the command: dxdiag

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite L30-113

    Hi all

    I m installing WXP SP3 on Toshiba L30-113 but I can't find audio driver for Windows XP Home edition.
    I don't have driver for Vista, but for Windows XP Home edition.

    Can someone help me to find audio driver for Toshiba Satellite L30-113 please?

    After reviewing your last assignment, this means that you have found the audio driver Windows XP Home edition? It is available on the Toshiba support page and it's Realtek driver version.

    The question is the feature under SP3. You have installed Windows XP SP3 home edition or do you simply upgrade from SP2 to SP3?

  • Need driver modem WXP for my Satellite L40 - 17R

    Dear all,

    I installed Windows XP in my SATELLITE L40 - computer 17R laptop but my modem is not connected, my Device Manager shows tthat? (!) MODEM DEVICE ON HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO BUS, where I can get driver appropriate to do this, I wouldn't find in the TOSHIBA Site. Please help me.

    A more unknown device appears in Device Manager, please help me.


    Hey Buddy

    I think I'll start with basic information;
    Laptop you seems to belong to the series of PSL4C;
    You must choose this series if you download the drivers;

    On the other hand; If you use XP on this unit, you will need to update the BIOS to the XP version.

    Last but not least I found the compatible modem on the Toshiba driver European page for this series. That is why I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to use the modem on Win XP.

    Check it out!

  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Satellite S50-B-126


    I hope you all can help me.
    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite S50-B-126
    This is with windows 8.1 BUT I installed windows 7 on it.

    Now, my question is which Wireles Lann driver I need to install.

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you very much



    I ve checked the download page for your laptop and Toshiba is fully supported for Win7 64 bit so I presume that you didn t have some problems to install the proposed drivers, tools and utilities.
    I ve checked the specifications specification and discover that your laptop has Intel WLAN card inside please download offered Intel WLAN driver.

    You can find it here

    If possible post us a few comments how Win7 runs on your computer.
    I also hope that you created the recovery disc before you installed Win7 on this new machine of Satellite.

    Good luck.

  • Need driver Sound WXP for Satellite A100 (PSAARH)

    My Satellite A100 is shipped with the version of Vista, when I downgrade to XP, the audio driver may install correctly but there is no sound. (I check software and hardware button).
    do you know that drivers will work on windows xp?

    I PSAARE (A100-011) and I spent from Vista to XP Professional and I need to download the new version of the realtek drivers 1.61 and it works perfectly. I wonder do you also have problem with PCI device unknown who in fact is Texas Instruments Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller. It cannot be installed with all Toshiba drivers, and it is the SD card reader.

  • Need driver sound WXP for Satellite A300D


    I have laptop Satellite A300D - 14 k
    I had to install Windows XP Pro.
    I have problems with the audio drivers and modem.

    I am receiveing an error message: instalation of driver failed. Could not find the device support for this driver.

    I try with the kb888111 patch

    Can someone help me?

    I use windows xp professional SP2.
    Thank you!


    I think that your laptop is equipped with the card its Conexant and not with the Realtek sound card.
    Can you please confirm this?

    So if you laptop supports the card its the kb888111 patch Conexant is not really important.

    Therefore, you should try reinstalling the audio driver using the driver his right!

    Check it!

  • Need driver DVD writer for my Satellite L300

    Hi guys that I really need help.

    For some unknown reason to myself I have sewing to have deleted the drivers of my laptop DVD writer.
    It won't play or write disks, I have tried every disk there.

    Its saying the _archive is missin or corrupt_,
    I'm not sure that I now need to address this issue the drivers or so i ' l'll have to reset the settings of factor.

    * Can anyone please help, thank you *.

    Optical disc drive using the standard Microsoft driver and there is no special driver for this device. Optical drive should be automatically recognized by the operating system.
    What is the STRANGE situation in Device Manager?

    Of course, for getting new factory settings is simplest and easiest way to get it working again, and it can be done very simply -

  • Need driver WLAN Win7 for my Satellite Z930

    Hey, I've done a downgrade from win8.1 for win 7. now there are not installed devices, WLAN-driver and a USB device.

    I tried all the Driver fron the Download Support Center. But anyone not working or is accepted. Can someone help me get the correct drivers.

    Thank you


    What Satellite Z930-xxx you have exactly?
    To my knowledge the units were equipped with three different WLan modules; Intel, Realtek or Atheros are possible would be useful to know the model number

    USB drivers are also available on the Toshiba UE driver page.
    I guess you have not installed the USB 3.0 driver and therefore the USB unknown device appears in Device Manager.

  • Need Driver wireless Vista for my Satellite L10 151

    Is there anyway to know what driver I need for vista 32 bit. I've already upgraded to Vista!

    Help, please


    I checked the Toshiba download under page > support & downloads. Select your laptop model and you will find all the drivers for Vista 32 bit. WLAN driver is also there.

  • Need driver video just for my Satellite A300-MZ

    I want to upgrade to the latest version of the driver of my * ati radeon hd 3470 * on my * a300-1mz * (* psagce *) with * Vista 32 bit * os.
    Currently the * version of the driver is the 8.477*.

    I tried to download the new driver from the ** to this link Download Center:

    But * I do not find my model of video card * from the result page
    [result page | = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 153 & selProduct = 781 & selSho rtMod = 746 & language = 13 & selOS = 26 & selType = 11 & ad = yearuplo & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = g machines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 9 & ectedLanguage salt = 13 & type = 11 & page = 1 & ID = 67479 & DISO = 26 & riverLanguage = 42 d]
    Here's a [Screenshot |]

    * Give me support for implementing updated correctly video driver * to the latest version
    Thank you


    As far as I know, this graphics card was used in models of different laptops.

    Satellite A300 PSAJ4E
    Satellite A300 PSAGCE
    Satellite A300D PSAk4E
    Satellite A350 PSAL6E
    Satellite A350D PSALME
    Satellite P300 PSPC4E
    Satellite P300D PSPD4E
    Satellite Pro A300 PSAJ5E

    I recommend you to check the display driver released for one of the models mentioned.

    By the way; It is a forum user ;)

  • Need drivers Sound & WiFi for my Satellite M70 151

    Please, can someone help me?

    Recently I bought on eBay a Satellite M70 - 151 of the Germany (I live in Malta). It arrived yesterday, less than any CD everything was in German. I reformatted and installed XP in English. Stupidly, I forgot about the drivers, and now I have no sound and lost WiFi.

    I searched in vain on the net for the drivers of these, the problem is that I don't know what sound card is in the notebook.

    A nice person can help me?

    Don t worry dude all Toshiba drivers can be downloaded from this Web site;

    There you have to choose from;
    Laptop Satellite - Satellite M Series Satellite M70 PSM71 Win XP

    Enjoy ;)

  • Need driver sound Vista for Saellite Pro L20

    I looked through the page of download drivers here and I find an audio driver for Windows Vista 32-bit, but only for Windows XP. I recently installed vista home basic 32-bit, and it's my only driver problem (I had XP before).

    Help, please... Thank you!


    As I m wrong not the portable Pro L20 does support the Conexant CX20468 - 31 AC97 audio driver

    Therefore, you can also try installing the Vista compatible driver to other pages.

    The installation can be done from the Device Manager. Use the Advanced installation, and then point to the driver file.


  • Need driver LAN WXP for Qosmio F45


    I have some problem with a recent DOWNGRADE system; I went from Vista to XP Pro on my laptop Qosmio F45-AV411. In the process, I met some device (pts yellow exclamation) conflict. What I want to know is where to find the necessary drivers for my LAN controller. I'm pretty sure it's a Realtek but cannot say with certainty.

    If anyone knows where to find the drivers I would be very happy!


    This series of laptop seems to be designed for the American market. I know that because of the 5 at the end of the number (F45).
    So I think you should take a look at the site driver Toshiba us to get XP compatible drivers.

    It is here:

    If this site does not provide XP drivers for you notebook series I advise to use a hardware diagnostic tool to find out what exactly the LAN card has been installed on this notebook.

    Then, you can find the compatible driver from the website of Lan chip manufacturer.

    Good luck

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