Need help with fixing "unresolved References Webapp library for ServletContext @...» »


I use Weblogic 11 g (10.3.6) and am trying to replace the old libraries supplied Jersey web services with the New Jersey 2.13.

I built a shared library (.war) with the next MANIFESTO. MF:

Manifest-Version: 1.0

Created by: Medtronic - Medtronic

Specification-title: JAX - RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services

Specification-Version: 2.13

Implementation-title: Jersey-Bundle

Implementation-Version: 2.13

Implementation-vendor: Oracle

Extension name: jax - rs

The file for the Web application weblogic.xml use the library is:

<? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"? >

< wls:weblogic - web - app

" xmlns: xsi =" "

' xmlns:wls = ' "

" xsi: schemaLocation ="' > .

< wls:description > WebLogic template < / wls:description >

< wls:container - descriptor >

< wls: prefer-web-inf-classes > false < / wls: prefer-web-inf-classes >

< wls: prefer-application-packages >

< wls:package - name > org.glassfish.jersey.server. * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > org.glassfish.jersey.servlet. * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > javax.servlet. * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > javax.servlet.http. * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > org.glassfish.hk2. * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > org.jvnet.hk2. * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > * < / wls:package - name >

< wls:package - name > < / wls:package - name >

< / wls: prefer-application-packages >

< / wls:container - descriptor >

< wls:library - ref >

< wls:library - name > jax - rs < / wls:library - name >

< wls:specification - version > 2.13 < / wls:specification - version >

< wls:implementation - version > 2.13 < / wls:implementation - version >

< wls: exact match > false < / wls: exact match >

< / wls:library - ref >

< / wls:weblogic - web - app >

I used the admin console to deploy the WAR file as a shared library, but one thing I noticed, is that the version of specification and implementation appear not in parentheses after the name of library (jax - rs). It is still marked as 'OK' in the console.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.


Hi Luz,

So, I've discovered something very interesting in the generation of the shared library file. What I had was an existing with an existing MANIFEST META-INF directory. MF file. I edited the file to meet my needs and then populated the WEB - INF directory with the necessary content. So I created the saying of the .war file ' jar cvf jax - rs.war META-INF\MANIFEST. MF WEB-INF\ *. Looking at I changed how I was building the war to the ' jar cfm MANIFEST.txt WEB-INF\ *, where is the MANIFEST.txt file in the META-INF directory. However this time the specification and version numbers appeared and the possibility of deploying a library was already selected.

The good news is so that the library now seems to be recognized and the library is able to be used. Your example pointed out to me that there is a problem with the WAR file, but it was not clear what it was.

Thank you.


Tags: Fusion Middleware

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    20 7788
    20 7566
    20 7369
    30 7654
    30 7844
    30 7900
    30 7499
    30 7698



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    2 20 7788
    2 20 7566
    2 20 7369
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    Please guide me in this.

    Kind regards

    Published by: Arumugam on 12 Aug 2011 04:15

    Use ROW_NUMBER + DENSE_RANK Analytics:

    select  case row_number() over(partition by deptno order by empno)
              when 1 then dense_rank() over(order by deptno)
            end serial#,
      from  emp
      order by deptno,
       SERIAL#     DEPTNO      EMPNO
    ---------- ---------- ----------
             1         10       7782
                       10       7839
                       10       7934
             2         20       7369
                       20       7566
                       20       7788
                       20       7876
                       20       7902
             3         30       7499
                       30       7521
                       30       7654
       SERIAL#     DEPTNO      EMPNO
    ---------- ---------- ----------
                       30       7698
                       30       7844
                       30       7900
    14 rows selected.


    select  dense_rank() over(order by deptno) serial#,
      from  emp
      order by deptno,
       SERIAL#     DEPTNO      EMPNO
    ---------- ---------- ----------
             1         10       7782
             1         10       7839
             1         10       7934
             2         20       7369
             2         20       7566
             2         20       7788
             2         20       7876
             2         20       7902
             3         30       7499
             3         30       7521
             3         30       7654
       SERIAL#     DEPTNO      EMPNO
    ---------- ---------- ----------
             3         30       7698
             3         30       7844
             3         30       7900
    14 rows selected.


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