Problem signature App - need help with fixing my "package-author-Id".

Hi all

I have a problem of updating an application already in the world of Blackberry.

I recently created a new version of an Android/Blackberry app existing.

I can't download it on the Blackberrystore but because of the error:

"File BAR ("xxxx") was rejected. The BAR ("yyyy") package ID does not match ID of the app ("zzzz") Package. »

After reviewing the MANIFEST file inside the bar, I discovered that the package author Id differs from that in my old bars.

According to my research, it is because I'm using a new bbidtoken.csk file (which I downloaded from using my old login ID Blackberry. I downloaded a new bbidtoken.csk, because the old one expired recently).

After research, I found this article: "' ' who suggested linking the new bbidtoken to my barsigner.csk"

Unfortunately I do not have the barsigner.csk (there is an existing application that I took over), so now I've hit a wall.

It would be more appreciated if someone knowledgeable could help my solve my problem.

Additional info:

Files I have:

-old bbidtoken.csk

-new bbidtoken.csk


-a barsigner.db empty (?)

-bbt_id.RSA/.pub (not sure if necessary)

Method used to sign App: Eclipse plugin, Blackberry

When you download a new token ID BlackBerry (bbidtoken.csk) you must ensure that you use the same account on BlackBerry ID that was used to create the previous token.  As long as the account is the same, the package-author-Id will be the same and you will be able to sign the updates and fix the error you get.

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    Thank you.


    Hi Luz,

    So, I've discovered something very interesting in the generation of the shared library file. What I had was an existing with an existing MANIFEST META-INF directory. MF file. I edited the file to meet my needs and then populated the WEB - INF directory with the necessary content. So I created the saying of the .war file ' jar cvf jax - rs.war META-INF\MANIFEST. MF WEB-INF\ *. Looking at I changed how I was building the war to the ' jar cfm MANIFEST.txt WEB-INF\ *, where is the MANIFEST.txt file in the META-INF directory. However this time the specification and version numbers appeared and the possibility of deploying a library was already selected.

    The good news is so that the library now seems to be recognized and the library is able to be used. Your example pointed out to me that there is a problem with the WAR file, but it was not clear what it was.

    Thank you.


  • Need help with fixing drop bar down in windows Explorer

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    I imagine the inconvenience that you have experienced, but don't worry, we are here to help solve the problem and guide you in the right direction.

    To help you to propose measures to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. Since when are you facing the issue?

    2. you have any security program installed on the computer?

    3 are you aware of any changes made to the computer before the show?

    You can run a full scan using the Microsoft Safety Scanner and check for infections.

    Note: there is a risk of data loss if all the files are infected and which can be removed in the cleaning process.

    You can also run a scan of the file system Checker and check if it helps. If the problem persists, you can start the computer in safe mode and perform a clean boot. Clean boot helps eliminate any conflict of third party software.

    Note: when you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 3, mentioned in the article to start the computer to a normal startup.

    Hope this helps and let us know if you any help in the future about Windows. We will be happy to help you.

  • Need help with fixing photo

    Hello world

    I'm a bit new to photoshop and I'm learning. There is only one thing I can't find anywhere:

    I am trying to remove the reflection of the Sun in the sea, but with the Sun on top of the image still visible.

    P.S I would like to keep the plane in the image, but if it is not possible, or hard never mind not so.

    IMGP0855 Cropped.jpg

    You can use various tools such as the clone stamp and patch tool, but it won't give you a perfect result because the area is too white, or you need to rebuild the pixels in this area to copy paste and masking the precisely.

  • Ruined my phone, need help with fixing!

    So it was one of those days, my phone fell on the floor and the back has completely broken but he was working, but then I spilled some Pepsi on this so I decided to rinse it out until it is clean, because you know, it is impervious to water and other things but now not only is the broken back the screen started to Flash and then no longer start and he is constantly flash fire red in the corner of the phone when he's in charge.

    I know I did wrong probably wrong but is there a possible solution?

    Hi Ziad_

    Welcome to the community! Since you are new, please make sure that you have removed from our Forum.

    I advise to contact Sony Xperia customer service as soon as possible because your phone will need to be sent to a service center.

  • Need help with creating a Package in the same way

    Hi all

    I have script for the file package. It's good work, but I need the package on the same path instead of on desktop with file name.

    As if the work of the file xyz.idd in D:\ Projects\Today\

    I need same location (D:\ Projects\Today\) with the name of the folder as file name (xyz)

    Can you change the code, I tried to change but it does not work.

    var to = new File ("~/Desktop/package_folder/");
    flag of the var = Folder (to) .create ();

    var copyingFonts = true;
    var copyingLinkedGraphics = true;
    var copyingProfiles = true;
    var updatingGraphics = true;
    var includingHiddenLayers = true;
    var ignorePreflightErrors = true;
    var creatingReport = true;
    var versionComments = 'comment ';
    var forceSave = true;

    If (flag = true) {}
    () app.activeDocument.packageForPrint

    Thanks in advance

    Kind regards


    myDocument var = app.activeDocument;
    var myDocName =;
    Temp=myDocName.replace(/\.indd/g,""); "
    var myFileNme = temp.toString ();
    var myDocument.filePath = myFolder.
    var to = new file (MyFolder + "/" + myFileNme + "/");
    flag of the var = Folder (to) .create ();
    var copyingFonts = true;
    var copyingLinkedGraphics = true;
    var copyingProfiles = true;
    var updatingGraphics = true;
    var includingHiddenLayers = true;
    var ignorePreflightErrors = true;
    var creatingReport = true;
    var versionComments = 'comment ';
    var forceSave = true;
    If (flag = true) {}
    () app.activeDocument.packageForPrint


  • I need help with a problem of file softdub.dll any answers or how to replace it?

    I need help with a problem of file softdub.dll all the answers, or how to replace it?  Yes, it's a problem of Vista vs itunes and apparently I lost? This file somehow.  I have no idea how blessed remedy.  I tried all the normal fixes / easy I know, but I am a novice at best.  so please, be gentle and try to guide me through a response.  Please, I beg you!


    Did you download and save iTunes on the desktop > then right-click > select run as administrator to install?

    If you don't have anything done, see if this information helps you.

    "Not to install iTunes or QuickTime for Windows"

    «Remove and reinstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7»

    If the advice already given does not, please contact Apple for assistance.

    "iTunes support-how to use iTunes.

    "Contact iTunes Support.

    Or ask in the community Apple iTunes:

    See you soon.

  • Protect the blackBerry Q10 need help to fix my blackberry!

    Sorry but this is my first time that I have post in our forum so if I have nothing worng i ' m so sorry! "

    And my problem: i got a BBID and I change my device several times (peripheral exchange for a friend when they want) but now when I connect to my BBID on new device (10 BB) I can't active my blackberry Protect? Hungarian noise me with a Messenger that I have a lot of device in my BBID/BBprotect so I have led one or some device, but when I connect to blackberry protect. I led the last of them, but that messenger always noise me. So I need help to fix my BBID, because now in my bb protect I don't have any device, but I still have new journal to my BB cant protect. Hope someone can fix it or tell me how I can solve this problem by myself.

    Thanks for reading!

    My BBID is skeleton1775

    MOD Edit: Edited post to comply with the Community guidelines and the terms and Conditions of use

    Many users have solved the problem by removing the device to Protect and add it again. Looks like you've done that. I don't really know what else to do. You could try a security wipe.

  • Need help with the error of connection Internet "Reset local connection adapter".

    Original title: Need help with Internet connection.

    Hi, sometimes when I go to my office (HP 2009 m) I get a message that I am not connected to the internet (although I have no problem with the connection on my IPad).  When I click on solve internet connection Windows Network Diagnostics freezes when it gets to solve problems "the local connection adapter reset."   I have to turn off my computer by unplugging and then it works normally when she returns to the top. (Sorry if my explanation is difficult to decipher, I'm not very tech savvy) This could be the cause and how to fix it?  Thanks in advance.

    Well, I expected more of a response, but I'll wing it from here: your cable goes into a modem.  This modem can be a wireless modem/router, or simply a modem cable to your computer.

    Connection problem you might start by connecting the cable into the modem.  Ensure that it is well defined.  If everything looks good, then it is possible that there is a decline in cable service before he gets to the modem.  For example, the interface side of the House can be affected by a bad connection, for example water intrusion, or poor soil.  So you may want to check into that.  Then, there is always the possibility that your cable provider has lost his momentaily of transmission, and that the modem needs to be reset.  If this happens often, you must contact the cable provider.

    Modem, your computer can be connected by cable, so you will need to check how firmly the connection is.  Then, there is always the possibility that the modem is wrong.

    But if your connection is through a wireless modem/router, your connection may have lost because of a bad signal.  Once more..., the modem/router could go wrong.

    Edit has added:

    Looking back on what you said about the Ipad, I feel that you have a wireless modem/router.  It is possible that your connection to the desktop must be after you have used the Ipad.  For example, you may need to right-click on the monitor icon in the Systray to your desktop and open your network sharing Center.  Even if you can say that you are connected to the Internet, you may not.  Then... just ... simplement cliquer click on 'connect or disconnect', then find your network connection appropriate, right click on that and select disconnect, then immediately right-click the same but select Connect.

    Will be a new connection to the Internet.

  • Need help with Dreamweaver Divs
    This is a clip of my site that I do, is not yet online.
    But what I need help with the div, as you can see the div with the blue text overlaps a Fireworks html banner I made.
    Anyway I can fix this so that the Fireworks banner goes over the div instead of the other way around?
    Any help is thanked!

    It is a problem with the stacking order.  Your division of the blue text takes precedence over your menus rollover.

    Please read on z-index.

    For answers, we need a link to the page to test your site.

    Nancy O.
    ALT-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • Need help with Flash - really basic!

    Hi, I really need help with Flash and quick. I have to create an auto-run cd, but before I can create that, I have to make everything works! I took a class in College Flash, which up to 1 1/2 ago so im kind of knowledge missing!

    My first problem is as follows:
    I have the homepage, and it contains a button English and french.
    When you click on buttons, it brings you to the next page, either resourcesFr or resourcesEn.
    I tried to use the loadMovie script but and it works but the new page loads on the home page you can still see the English/french under buttons. How can I fix? I know its simple but I am short on time... Should I still use the loadMovie script?

    My other problem is that im trying to have another button to link to a folder. Use the script for getURL for this as well?


    I was able to solve my problem... it was only the forward slash that were in the wrong way... so the correct code is:

    on (release) {}
    DRV = _url.substr (8.1);
    getURL (drv + ": / English/brochures");

    Only took me 5 days... I think I need to buy a script book action! Laughing out loud

  • I'm suddenly needing help with my browser Firefox (6.0.2)

    I'm suddenly needing help with my browser Firefox (6.0.2)

    (OS: I use Windows XP).

    When I open the browser, I don't see is a totally white screen of white, with all the toolbars at the top.

    I know that my physical connections are very good: I have tested the modem, turned the pc market etc and I can also receive/send emails.

    This problem started today, September 8, 2011 and has never happened before.

    Is it a coincidence that Firefox itself to day before I disconnected yesterday evening? Could this be something to do with this particular new update?

    I also noticed that just before I "opened" Firefox, I now get a small box indicating:

    Handl exc in Ev: TypeError: this oRoot.enable is not a function

    This never appeared before - I hope that it offers a clue has what is wrong.

    The browser not be stuck in Mode safe, said by the way.

    Of course, I can't find solutions to the problem on the internet, I don't physically see all Web sites!
    (A friend sends this request in my name from their pc)

    Any light you can throw on this problem of confusion would be much appreciated. I'd rather not have to uninstall and reinstall Firefox if possible.

    If the only option is to uninstall Firefox and reinstall from your site, I'm also in trouble (I can not see the internet or download).
    In this case, would you be able to send the .exe file as an attachment to my e-mail address? In the affirmative, please let me know and I'll give you more details.

    Thanks in advance.

    One possible cause is security software (firewall) that blocks or limits Firefox or plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after the detection of changes (update) for the Firefox program.

    Delete all rules for Firefox in the list of permissions in the firewall and leave your firewall again ask permission to get full unlimited access to the internet for Firefox and the plugin-container and the update process.


    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • Need help with network home using Airport extreme

    I need help with my home network.  I'm not very aware when it comes to all things network.  Here's how my network is currently set up.

    Cable modem to Airport Extreme for Gigabit Switch.  Cables come out of the switch to all areas of the House.  I have 2 other extreme airport connected in other rooms of the House directly on the wall that dates back to the switch.  I hope I am explaining that properly.

    My problem is that this seems to have caused some of my connections cable does not work.  When everything is configured, it has worked well.  All connections in the House worked.  Then we have disconnected one of the extreme airport and moved to another location in the House to have the best wifi coverage.  Since that time, a lot of the ethernet wall plugs are not working.  For example, when I plug in my Macbook Pro in making ethernet in my kitchen, it says connected but it has an assigned ip address and cannot connect to the internet.

    Any help you can provide would be great.

    I would like to get the return tech to help you to...

    But it is likely that something (or someone) has tampered with the settings.

    The layout is fine... but you can cause problems with the network by creating a loop.

    This can happen because the AE you moved is connected wrongly... somewhere in the network it is connected to the switch again.

    Or AE is set to expand wireless... It's FAKE... It will loop the network on the back main EI wireless.

    Unplug the two AE you have that function as extensions...

    Turning off everything else... then it works again...

    Do it in this order.

    Modem... Wait 2 min

    AE... Wait 2 min


    Now check that the network is working properly... power of customers in various locations and make sure everything is good.

    If so, then manually reset the two AE of factory and redo their installation.

  • Need help with my Y40-80? power management

    I get message to the center of the Action as follows:

    Compatibility problem between your power management system and Windows

    Your power management system is not compatible with this version of Windows.

    The name of the model of your power management system is ACPI Lenovo compatible virtual controller.

    Can anyone help please. I have windows running Y40-80 8.1 is a clean install of windows 8.1 x 64 all drivers are up to this day, just need help with the question above thank you

    Lenovo today released a new bios update for Y40-80 laptops, I did the update and, so far, the error message that I posted above has not appeared again so set the mite of update of the bios not sure yet, I'll keep up to date on this subject and write again soon

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