Need help with the error of connection Internet "Reset local connection adapter".

Original title: Need help with Internet connection.

Hi, sometimes when I go to my office (HP 2009 m) I get a message that I am not connected to the internet (although I have no problem with the connection on my IPad).  When I click on solve internet connection Windows Network Diagnostics freezes when it gets to solve problems "the local connection adapter reset."   I have to turn off my computer by unplugging and then it works normally when she returns to the top. (Sorry if my explanation is difficult to decipher, I'm not very tech savvy) This could be the cause and how to fix it?  Thanks in advance.

Well, I expected more of a response, but I'll wing it from here: your cable goes into a modem.  This modem can be a wireless modem/router, or simply a modem cable to your computer.

Connection problem you might start by connecting the cable into the modem.  Ensure that it is well defined.  If everything looks good, then it is possible that there is a decline in cable service before he gets to the modem.  For example, the interface side of the House can be affected by a bad connection, for example water intrusion, or poor soil.  So you may want to check into that.  Then, there is always the possibility that your cable provider has lost his momentaily of transmission, and that the modem needs to be reset.  If this happens often, you must contact the cable provider.

Modem, your computer can be connected by cable, so you will need to check how firmly the connection is.  Then, there is always the possibility that the modem is wrong.

But if your connection is through a wireless modem/router, your connection may have lost because of a bad signal.  Once more..., the modem/router could go wrong.

Edit has added:

Looking back on what you said about the Ipad, I feel that you have a wireless modem/router.  It is possible that your connection to the desktop must be after you have used the Ipad.  For example, you may need to right-click on the monitor icon in the Systray to your desktop and open your network sharing Center.  Even if you can say that you are connected to the Internet, you may not.  Then... just ... simplement cliquer click on 'connect or disconnect', then find your network connection appropriate, right click on that and select disconnect, then immediately right-click the same but select Connect.

Will be a new connection to the Internet.

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    Please follow the steps below:

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    Restart your computer

    Install creative cloud app:

    Let us know if it works!

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    Keep this error message and lose internet. Can someone tell me how to get rid of it? Do an internet search revealed programs for free download that I know are malware. The other message is c:\\Windows\System32\Spoolsv.exe

    Thanks in advance.

    Download and run the DirectX end-user running, to see if we can eliminate the d3dx9.dll message.

    Regarding the message in spoolsv.exe, see thread below.

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    I got this error message when you run a .ldt inside a customized product patch


    * Completed: file NFEE_EXEC_JAVA_VALIDATION_CCR.ldt worker 1 product xxnine as username APPS.*
    * AutoPatch error: *.
    * The following ORACLE error: *.

    * ORA-01458: invalid length inside character string variable *.

    * has occurred during execution of the SQL statement: *.

    * Impossible to insert a record in AD_TASK_TIMING *.

    * Tell workers to quit smoking... *.

    I can't understand what is happening.

    (EBS: R11.5)

    Thank you.

    Olavo Hansen.

    Name of your file ldt (NFEE_EXEC_JAVA_VALIDATION_CCR.ldt) is greater than 30 characters - try with a shorter name.

    ORA-01458: invalid length inside variable string [1056283.1 ID]


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