New and strange problem with Rhapsody to go on my Sansa Fuze

Have a Fuze with 8GB micro SD 8 GB card inside and use for a long time without any problem with Rhapsody. Recently, I had not synchronized for a long time and got the message to play the tracks of my subscription, I need to sync with Rhapsody. So I don't tell me, no problem, and I do. The synchronization works very well and I get the message Rhapsody, it's reading the tracks on my Sansa and I get the message that it updates the internal memory on my Sansa. Then everything is finished and when I click on the internal or external memory, Rhapsody, I get the message that all is well and she sees all my Sansa great Flickr photos. I even put a couple of new albums of Rhapsody on the SD card in my Sansa. Once again, no problem.

BUT when I disconnect the Sansa (again once, normal behavior with the green bar on the Sansa screen and the message it refreshes my media), he always says I have to synchronize to play the tracks on my subscription.

Have tried resetting the sansa, tried the sansa when logged in to rhapsody, but nothing seems to solve this problem of license. How can I fix?   Thanks a lot for your help

Ah, I leave you with the secret handshake to reset the secure clock.  Normally, this is done in this last step, when you transfer a track to the device.

Open the client Rhapsody 4 and plug your rocket.

Now for the tricky part.  Crack the knuckles and fingers ready.  Press and hold the [CTRL] + [SHIFT], then right-click on the "rocket" in the Sources pane.

There you go.  Select Reset secure clock.

See if the device is now happy.

If all else fails, use the Format command on the "rocket", which will erase all media device, and then start over by allowing first and transfer some test tracks.

My theory is that something is wrong with your secure clock...  Let me know how it goes!


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    I have a strange problem with my RAM supported by installers. When I check the activity monitor, 3 installers are open and they start around 80 MB memory RAM used for about 7 or 8 concerts after 10 minutes. I have to force them to quit, but I don't know what I am closing or why they open in the first place. Applications downloaded on iTunes?

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    The last is a picture of the Terminal window.

    Just because it lists 'Console' does not mean that it has nothing to do with this application.

    You have not said why or what you're trying to install so I can't help with that.

    You can use the activity monitor to leave their.

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    I have a strange problem with Ericsson H5321 on my X 230. Until a few weeks ago, the card worked perfectly as a modem (at least on Linux, so I guess it would be too much work in Windows). Unfortunately, a few weeks ago disappeared from the network manager modem connection. I checked that all the special device for this files still exist:

    $ because I in/sys/class / * / * {ACM, wdm} * / device/interface; echo-n "${i}: ';" $ Cat {i}; fact
    / sys/Class/TTY/ttyACM0/Device/Interface: H5321 gw Broadband Mobile Modem
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    / sys/Class/usbmisc/CDC-wdm2/Device/Interface: H5321 gw Mobile Broadband USIM Port
    $ lsusb | grep Ericsson

    .. .and I also checked it works like GPS (at least kind of: it generates data on/dev/ttyACM2 NMEA streams, but cannot get a GPS fix even after 45 minutes with access to an open sky).

    Then I tried to run windows 7 and the card is visible in the "Device Manager", but there is also no possibility to create the GSM connection in the connection menu in the bottom right.

    I tried a new install of Windows 7, I tried to reset the BIOS (even with the removal of the battery backup), but still I can't force them to work again. My BIOS is fully upgraded BTW: the problem appeared during the use of 2.61 and I also tried with recently published 2.62.

    My cell phone is always on the extended warranty, but as modem bought in line with the basic configuration it was only covered by the warranty of 12 months has expired

    Today it came to my mind that, as the modem itself seems a little work (present, responsive GPS device) then maybe it's a SIM card reader that is actually damaged (which would explain a bit why the camera itself is present, but I can't create a connection). Can someone confirm or deny my theory? If it is valid, then I could still replace SIM card reader because it is part of the basic configuration.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

    [Mystery solved: I managed to put the SIM card on a wrong side...;]
    [I hate myself so muuuuch;]
    ([btw: Lenovo could fix their SIM card reader, so there is only one possible way to put a SIM card using his corner of heart: it would have saved me 2 days of stress and an investigation;]) )

  • Strange problem with HorizontalFieldManager - it does not show on real device bitmap

    I have a rather strange problem with the HorizontalFieldManager on my Blackberry 8820, which I did not on the Simulator, or done other blackberries that I tried to install my game.

    The problem is that bitmaps that I add, do not appear on the actual device, as in the images below. The code is provided below as well. No idea how to debug, or resolve is appreciated.

    Here's what I see on Simulator and some devices

    Here's what I see on the real blackberry:



    OK, I found the solution - the problem is that there seems to be a bug where you can't put more fields button radio on a horizontal layout manager with 4.2.2.x.

    The solution is to extend the RadioButtonField field and replace the positioning method:

    RadioButtonField radioField = new RadioButtonHack ("", textureGroup, isSelected);

    SerializableAttribute public class RadioButtonHack extends RadioButtonField {}

    public RadioButtonHack() {}

    public RadioButtonHack (String label, group RadioButtonGroup,
    Boolean selected, long style) {}
    Super (label, group, selected, style);

    public RadioButtonHack (String label, group RadioButtonGroup,
    Boolean selected) {}
    Super (label, selected group);

    public RadioButtonHack (label As String) {}
    Super (label);

    Protected Sub layout (int width, int height) {}
    int temp = this.getPreferredWidth ();
    setExtent (time, height);
    Super.Layout (time, height);



  • Strange problem with HP OfficeJet 6500 709n

    I have a very strange problem with my printer HP 6500 E709n wireless network.  I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 and everything worked well.  Then, all of a sudden I wasn't able to scan more.  The HP Solution Center says that the printer is disconnected.

    The weird part is that it appears in the section of Control Panel as active and properly connected printer and devices and I can still print to it, but not scan to it. He also says in the network section of the HP solutions center that the printer is connected and ready.  The printer is connected to my wireless network and I also use it with a Mac Mini.  The Mac can print and scan to it.

    No idea why this is happening and how to fix it?  Thank you.

    This problem of not being able to scan only started after upgrade to Windows 8?

    If so, then to solve the problem, you must first uninstall the Windows 7 software and then reinstall the software of Windows 8 long.

    To uninstall the software, follow these steps:

    1 right-click or press on and hold the lower left corner of the screen, then click or type programs and features. A list of installed programs.
    2. click or tap the name of your HP printer, and then click or tap on uninstall.
    3. follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the software.

    After you have uninstalled it, go ahead and download the full software features for your printer. It can be found on the link below.

    Driver and HP Officejet Full Feature software

    Install this version of the software and try to scan now!

    Let me know if it works for you, good luck!


  • Strange problems with the database


    I just got my Fuze and am very happy with it; However, I am having a very strange problem with the database. I have a 16 GB sdhc card that I use with the "rocket" and there are about 4 songs on the card that will not play and have no information charge tag. Their tags appear in the tag browser (not the in the track information screen) as just an empty rectangle. Under the track information screen, sizes are listed as ~ 4000 mb. The songs will not play and I can not jump in front of one of these songs once they were loaded.

    At first, I suspected some kind of corruption of tag, so I set out that night to track down the problem. I removed the 16 GB card and reset the player. Then, I loaded one of the corrupt in the internal memory of the player. The track has been scanned and played correctly. Then, I removed the track of the internal memory and it loaded on another SDHC card. Yet once, everything worked correctly, so I knew that the card I was using was a kind of system files or physical problem. I returned the original 16 GB sdhc card in the reader and checked that the file was still unplayable, and then I plugged the "rocket" to my computer. I transferred the unplayable file on my computer and compared (with md5sum) to the original file, thinking that if there was the file system or physical corruption the copy of the map would be damaged. However, the files were equivalent.

    To make things even more interesting, I also have problems with the registration of the kind. I have some files tagged Genres such as 'Classic' and 'Rock '. In the list of the genre, I see this:











    So, there is corruption on the kind of 'Classic' but not the kind of "Rock". Each of the substrings of 'Classic' contains only a few titles, with most of the other titles listed where they should be. I checked that the tracks are labeled correctly and in exactly the same way as the other tracks that do not have this problem.

    I am at a total loss about what to do, and I'd really appreciate any advice or suggestions. I use the current firmware, 2.03.31a and the songs in question are in Ogg Vorbis format.


    Thanks for your replies.

    I managed to find what may be the problem. Tracks that received corrupt tags had the names of total path with more than 256 characters. It seems that the driver internal fat32 the rocket uses vomits all over the place when the path name is too long. Before the "rocket", I got an iPod running rockbox tags with the same directory structure that I have on the "rocket", so I don't think that this restriction on the length of the path name is a limitation or requirement of the fat32 file system. Reduce the path corrected the problem with the files being unreadable.

    However, the problem with foires genres the rest. Looking at the files show that corruption, they all have a little information in tags. Most of the information is contained in the hashes I have files that identify them via musicbrainz. The limit on the total number of characters in the tags of the track includes the "rocket" label is not read or use?


  • Strange problem with BT Headset!


    I have a very strange problem with BT headset.  My Z3 is model of official unlocked Docomo of SO - 01 G.  I got PlayStation Voxtube 500 BT headset BT version is THE 4.0.  This headset has been used with Nexus 5 (Android 5.1.1) without any problem and the battery last almost a week to stanby with a few minute talk time per day.  However, after not getting Z3 with Android 4.4.4, pairing with Voxtube has no problem.  Then, the battery is discharged within 4-5 hours stanby.  I tested it for 3 or 4 times, it has come down to that there must be something worng with the battery of the headset.

    So, I got with PlayStation representative claim (it is only a few months old).  Surprisingly, representative of PlayStation has all the test suggested no stanby time problem with their phones iPhone 5 or Sumsung Galaxy S5.  Then I took back recharged so its performance is very short wait duration the same as before.  So, I tested it with my iPad Mini 3 and performance return to normal standby time.

    So, it can be concluded for only problem is with the Z3. But once again with the mating with the other headset BT Jabra Tag2, stanby time is within the normal range (4-5 days).  When that happens?  I am very confused. Should I give up on PlayStation?

    Thank you for your time,

    Simply upgrade to 5.0.2 lolipop and hope this will help me on this issue.

  • Strange problem with ASDM

    Hi, today we had a strange problem with one of our 5550. I worked through ASDM on it and all of a sudden I couldn't connect via asdm on the interface of management or inside interface. Nothing helps.

    When I connected with a vpn, then use asdm, it works. My ip on the network when it did not work was When I use the vpn is a from a different ip address. I can build a connection on the inside interface with asdm (with vpn).

    I tried closed and without stop the interface of man, that does not.

    It may be that the things asa, I am an intruder and dynamically blocks my netwerk range? If yes where can I find this info.

    Other users of our team had the same problem.

    I also checked the syslog nothing.



    Although I've ever experienced this myself, but if the running-config has not changed and worked before its possible that the ASA

    may have shunned your connection?

    To the CLI:

    # sh shun

    look if your IP address is present, if any make:

    # claire shun

    More than likely it is do to a change to the running configuration, I would start by looking at a previously working with the gift of running-config running-config.

  • strange problem with the database link

    Hello world

    I have a strange problem with the link of database in Oracle 11 g Express Edition;
    There are two computers: computer-server and the client computer. Tnsnames.ora are the same on both computers IE.

    CT =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = krzysztof) (PORT = 1521))

    I created the database link:

    Create database link zdalny
    Connect to < user_id > identified by < password >
    using "CT".

    Customer cannot connect with server when I do not use above the command. But when I change 'use' for using "krzysztof:1521" or by using "krzysztof" or "server IP:1521" - everything is ok.

    Why I ask. Because in all the materials that I read about Oracle command with the help of "CT" should work correct. But there is no. Do you know why?

    Thanks in advance and apologize me for my English.


    Here's the tnsnames of your server, but to connect to the oracle server db (any client or to another instance of db oracle), you must install oracle client.
    However, in your condition, you want to connect the DB1 Oracle OracleDB2 using a link db, I'm right? In this case you should always set the entry in the tnsnames.ora
    To verify that you can connect to Oracle DB2 from DB1 Oracle, you can use tnsping in the command line.
    In your case

    c:\tnsping CT

    Krzysztof Szymaniak wrote: CT =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = krzysztof) (PORT = 1521))

    Check your tnsnames entry in the machine, you are trying to connect to. And check if the tnsping is successful.
    Sometimes the error message says not everything, which means that you need to troubleshoot yourself and learn from the experience.
    Always in the opposite case, refer to the documentation.

    See you soon.

    Published by: Spongebob December 14, 2011 09:30

  • Strange problem with find/replace

    I'll have a little strange problem with find/change in InDesign CS4 Mac.

    The document is a data merge.  In the worksheet, there are two fields that contain either a '@' or a '&', depending on the context.  These are just placeholders - the plan was to convert glyphs of the police 'Wingdings 2' after creating the merged document.  We do it this way because we couldn't figure out how to get the glyphs themselves in the .csv file.  Two glyphs are < FO54 > and < FO56 >.

    First I used find/replace to change all the '@' symbols to < FO54 >.  That has worked well. But then when I tried to change the symbols "&" < FO56 >, I got the < FO54 > again instead.  In fact, now I ask what glyph, I get < FO54 >.  Find/replace always normally works for normal text... it of just that he seems to have decided that if I ask a glyph, I get < FO54 >, anything.

    I tried to shut down and restart, but the bug is still there.

    Any thoughts?

    I used the tabs of glyphs in find/replace when I tested it, but what you describe seems to work as well.

  • Strange problem with export to jpg files

    I'm having a strange problem with exporting my vector files to jpg.  When I export the file as a .jpg file, then open it some text or shapes (such as rectangles or squares) have disappeared.  When I go back and open the file .ai the stuff is there, but he just went on the jpg.  If I open the .ai file in Photoshop it's gone too.  I have to save the file in pdf format, then open the PDF in Photoshop and export in a file .jpg away.  It's very strange.  If I go into the Illustrator file and re - type the text disapers, it usually fixes the problem.  I'm not an expert with Illustrator, then I can do something wrong, if anyone can help please let me know, thanks! (I have CS3)

    Things that are disppearing are defined for a recovery? Look in Control Panel attributes with objects selected and see if all the overprints are defined.

  • Strange problem with the formatting of the text


    I had a strange problem with the formatting of the text. I created a document in Polish language and the strange thing happens when it divides the word to the next line. For example here on this part of the page, I have a word "umieszczamy", which should be divided "' u - CEF - szcza - my", but my Indesign divides in umi-eszczamy (as shown on the picture). " How can I fix it so it divides the word correctly?



    What language is awarded when you select the text? Hyphenation, but also the spelling, is controlled by the dictionary that is assigned to the text.

    If the language is correct, you might have to change the hyphenation in the user dictionary.

  • Strange problem with measurement of the color under Mac.

    Hello, I have a strange problem with measurement of the color under Mac. For example I create a gradient in Photoshop color 200 200 200 color 240 240 240. When I measure the color of the gradient with the Photoshop color measurement tool or with the built in OS X color measurement tool measured color is of 200 199 197 to 240 240 238. I measured the same gradient with Photoshop for PC and the values are OK (the same values that I create).

    I don't know what the problem is, but I think that the colors that I create are the same I have measure after creating them and also values between Mac and PC. I appreciate much help or information you could give me that helps me understand what is happening here.

    Thank you for your time


    Yep, you guessed it, evidence as monitor basically removes all profiling and just offer it right.

    is it possible to make the OS X color measurement tool to measure the original color values

    You mean the colors of paper - No., as I said photoshop filter your image through the profile document, proof of installation and the monitor profile. Why use Digital color meter for this though?

    I don't understand what is measurement of color values that will change every time point calibrate it my monitor.

    Because color values are "larger" what is on your monitor. Your monitor (via photoshop) makes only the best he can to display these values, which can be anything from LAB colors outside the range of your monitor - to the CMYK color. Calibration, it is the only way to allow your monitor to do this in any way accurately. (never really impossible) The monitors have a certain range and are only representations / would the REAL colors who is the holder of a document, with a profile. There's only one good reason to measure the monitor values so that is to build a monitor profile.

  • Downloaded and paid of Minecraft and having problems with Java, Anti Virus Scan and Windows Update - error code 800F081F

    Downloaded and paid of Minecraft and having problems with Java, Anti Virus Scan and Windows Update - error code 800F081F

    Would you advice, thank you.

    Hi Hugo,.

    1. what anti-virus software you have installed in the computer?

    2. What is the full error message/code?

    3. the issue occurred after you install Minecraft?

    4. are you able to play Minecraft without any problem?

    5. what happens with Antivirus and Java?

    Windows Update can occur if one or more of the following conditions are met:

    1. the Windows Update database is damaged.

    2. antivirus software is configured to scan the %Windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder.

    3. the service (BITS) Background Intelligent Transfer Service does not receive a content link header.

    4. a required system file is incorrectly registered.

    5. Windows Installer has encountered an error.

    6. the manifesto of component maintenance (EC) is damaged.

    7. the Windows Update service has stopped during the installation.

    8. a version of the file conflict exists with Windows Update agent files.

    Please follow the steps described in the methods to solve the problem:

    Method 1: We will try the steps from the following link and check the result:

    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following article:

    How to reset the Windows Update components?

    Method 2:

    To correct the errors that occur when you use Windows Update, install, and run the system update readiness tool. The tool analyzes inconsistencies on your computer and fixes as its current installation.

    You can view the following link to download the system update readiness tool and check:

    System tool update that corrects problems of Windows Update is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2008

    Details of the event log to find what caused the Antivirus and Java to fail:

    What are the information contained in the logs of the event (Event Viewer)?

    Hope that the information provided is useful.

    For any help related to this problem or any question of Windows, you can still display in the Microsoft Community Forum!

  • Just bought Wndows Vista and having problems with the port for Palm 125

    I just bought a Windows Vista-based computer and have problems with getting my 125 Palm to synchronize with the desktop computer.  I get an error message saying: "No available Com1" what should I do?

    Thank you


    Don't ask me the procedures step by step that I did, but I finally success!  I uninstalled Palm Desktop and started from scratch.  I unplugged the Hot Sync cradle by the USB port, then I installed Palm Desktop from my drive and then update Palm Desktop on the Palm for Palm M125 site.  It still does not, I manually added a port and manually changed to COM1.  I then pressed the Hot Sync button and in the Device Manager, a folder has become available "device named" with Palm Desktop as a subfolder.  It is always active, I updated my computer for Palm USB driver.  Miraculously it worked.  Thanks for your help, but as usual everything it needed, it was patience and trial and error to solve the problem, since it does not seem to be a quick fix related this topic.

    Message relates to: Palm m125

Maybe you are looking for