New update WLE causes problems after installing in Windows Live Mail.

Now, I tried 3 times to install the latest update of Windows Live Essentials.  Whenever reports installation completed successfully, but when I try to creae or reply to an email from Windows live mail, I get a big box with a red border, with a lot of gibberish techno on the attachment of a debugger and give me the options retry, cancel or ignore.  Retry waiting attach a debugger (which I did not), the other two cause windows live mail to close.  The only way to regain control seems to be a system restore.  I'm very happy to do without the update, but I want to get rid of the system tray notification icon.


You can find support for the installation/uninstall/upgrade / upgrade to Windows Live Essentials 2011 (QFE2) in this forum (where you will find that you are not alone):

You will find support for Windows Live Mail in these forums (ditto):


An update is available for Windows Live Essentials 2011 (version 15.4.3538.0513) [AKA QFE2]
Tip: Don't believe everything that you read this page!

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    To configure the POP3/SMTP to Hotmail/MSN/ access accounts in Windows Mail, use these settings:
    Make sure that all of your settings agree thereby. If you get an error message, do a right click on your error message, copy, then paste it into an answer here. We cannot do a lot of troubleshooting without the full error message.
    To give you a little history, Windows Mail does not support the HTTP messaging, which for a long time was the only authorized method of access for free Hotmail accounts. In addition, given that the development of Windows Mail was frozen in July 2006, there no knowledge that Microsoft has enabled POP access for free Hotmail/Live/MSN accounts in February 2009. Therefore, the Windows Mail Account Setup Wizard is hardcoded to reject the Hotmail and MSN addresses. To work around this limitation, when you enter your Hotmail/MSN email address, initially, use a fake domain, such as * address email is removed from the privacy *. After the account setup is complete, you can go back into the settings and correct your email address.
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    The location of the store folder, which contains all the messages, calendars and the account settings, is configurable by the user. The default location is
    C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

    If the installer of WLMail is a record storage in the default location, it normally acknowledge and take into use if. The only user that would be required should reinstate saved passwords. If this is to succeed, the old and new installations of WLMail normally must be exactly the same construction. The storage location must be in place in the default location on the new drive before installing WLMail. Also, the current user must be the owner of the record store to its new location.

    If the old drive is installed on the same computer as the new facility in WLMail, you can point the Import Wizard to import messages to the old folder of the store. They will find under storage folders into imported folders.

  • Problems with Hotmail in Windows Live Mail Junk folder

    I came across a new problem three days ago. I noticed that any mail sent to my Hotmail Junk folder was endangered almost the moment where that happened. It was not deleted, it was simply disappearing one second after he arrived (I can watch it happen then disappear). I am able to access these emails with webmail, so I know that they are not being deleted. The same thing happens not with my gmail accounts with Hotmail.

    My storage is nowhere close to full, and I have not changed the settings either in the month, Windows Live Mail or via webmail. Neither I ran Windows Update recently.

    Until this started, I was getting at least a dozen e-mails a day (from different mailing lists that I prefer to keep in the junk e-mail folder).

    Any ideas? Thank you.

    I'm on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit with Windows Live Mail Version 2011 (Build 15.4.3555.0308)

    Hello Sam,.

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community and we provide a detailed description of the issue.

    As I understood it, you experience the problem with Hotmail on the system junk folder disappears in Windows Live Mail.

    Certainly, I understand your concern and will try my best to help you.

    In order to understand the issue more clearly, I would ask that kindly provide me with the following information.

    1. You did material important or changes to the system software?

    2. Do you receive an error message? If Yes, what is the exact error message and the error code?

    3. What version of windows Live Mail do you use the system?

    I suggest you to remove and reconfigure the Windows Live mail account and check if that helps. Please see the steps below.

    1. start your Windows Live Mail account.
    2. click on Tools in the menu bar, then choose accounts.

    3. click on the e-mail address you want to remove.
    4. click delete , and then tap OK.
    5. If you want to add, click on the Tools option again on the menu bar and then choose accounts. 6. click Add and choose email account.
    7. click on Next.
    8. type your e-mail address, password and display name, and then click Next.
    9. click on Finish.

    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need more help, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Problems of emails, download Windows Live Mail 0x800CCC0F error code.

    Out of the blue I started having problems with downloading emails over and over again. At the end of each download I get the following error message...

    Unable to send or receive messages for the steven - BT Yahoo! Mail account. Your server suddenly put an end to the connection. The possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity.

    Server: ' '.
    Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC0F
    Protocol: POP3
    Port: 110
    Secure (SSL): No.

    I use Windows Live mail to access an account of talktalk and a BT Yahoo. On behalf of Talktalk is not affected, it is BT's Yahoo account which is corrupt.
    I had this configuration for several years with no problems.
    Thank you.

    I don't think that the download is finished.

    1. Disable analysis in your e-mail anti-virus program.
    2. Uncheck the option to check for messages every X minutes.

    See if the download is finished now. If this is the case, leave analysis off e-mails, but check again the other option. If you still have questions, ask the experts here. More in this forum which I belong do not use Windows Live Mail.

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    I received an email this morning saying I need to download a patch in order to continue to receive mail to my 7 2012 windows live mail.

    I installed the patch and restarted direct mail and my emails were there, but all my calendar items have dissappeared.

    When I log in the web calendar via my hotmail account, the elements are still there.

    a way to solve this problem? I tried to reinstall the patch, but not luck

    Thank you.


    Try this.

    I suggest you uninstall Windows Live Essentials. For instructions, please see this link:
    One or more programs Windows Live has not installed. What has gone wrong?

    In step 2, select the program you want to uninstall Live Mail. Before uninstalling Live Mail, I suggest that you back up all the important files, especially if you have an account set up in Live Mail. To do this, click this link for directions:

    How import and export emails, contacts and calendars with Windows Live Mail?

    Once you have uninstalled successfully, Windows Live Mail, please follow these steps to perform clean removal:

    1. go in computer.

    2. click Local disk (c) , and then go into Program Files.
    3. delete the Windows Live folder by holding down the button Shift + Delete on your keyboard.

    To reinstall the latest version of Live Mail, please click this link.

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • I can't find how to create a group list rom installed contacts window Live Mail contact.

    Recently installed Live mail and as far as I can see there is no place to create a group list to send more than one person at5 e-mail once.  I couldn't transfer my list of Outlook 2002 Group to live mail;

    Given that you wrote "recently installed Live mail...". ", I assume you meant Windows Live Mail 2011 .

    If not, please ignore the following.

    If Yes...
    Open WLM 2011 > at the bottom left, click the icon that represents Contacts

    at the top, click on category (category = group) > enter the name of the Group > select contacts who will be in the Group > click Save when done.

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    In the last few weeks Im facing a problem when I try to open an attachment on my Windows Live Mail Im getting the following message: "there was a problem with the Windows Live Hotmail service (a matter of temporary network conectivity has nothing to do with your computer). Please try again. »

    Please let me know if I have a problem with my email account.


    You will need to create a post on for questions and assistance in connection with the Windows Live programs and services.

    In addition, take note of the error message that you are referencing, "...". "a network temporary conectivity issue has nothing to do with your computer.

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    When you face the issue in Windows Live Mail, I recommend that you post your question in Windows Live email support for assistance.

    Hope the helps of information.

  • How to remove windows messages after upgrade to windows live mail?

    I've updated to Windows Live Mail and want to know how and if I should delete Windows Mail?

    I've updated to Windows Live Mail and want to know how and if I should delete Windows Mail?

    You can do that because Windows Mail is part of the Vista operating system. It cannot be uninstalled.

    1 WM and WLM will co-exist.  There will be no conflicts.

    2. all you need to do is to name WLM as your default program and to stop using WM.

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    I suggest you to follow the steps and check if it helps.
    Method 1: Run the network troubleshooting and check if it helps.
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    If you look at the AVG support community there is not a lot of issues with AVG and Windows 10 products and the few that you can read on are resolved quickly - usually with an AVG uninstall and reinstall (especially after the migration of the BONE).

    If you are migrating your Windows 7 to Windows 10 I think I would uninstall all AVG products if they don't get in the way, completed the transition from OS and then reinstall AVG products from scratch on Windows 10.  Some problems of AVG support are usually solved with uninstall/reinstall anyway.

    From the looks of the circulation in this Windows 7 community, you're more likely to have questions Windows 7 migration to Windows 10 (or try to go back) with AVG.

  • I did not cause the errors on my windows live mail. Why n "windows t fix it.

    I can t send or receive direct mail windows errors. Why don, t they correct their mistakes.

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  • Problem sending attachments in Windows Live Mail

    When I send a mail in Windows live with an attachment, the person that send it receives several times (up to 40 times)

    Right click on the name of the account above the Inbox. Properties | Advanced and uncheck 'Break apart messages... ". ».

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