Newbie on impregnation test question to

I pray to God that I am not violating any term request this. I received an invitation from dipping to participate with a link to a survey. I finished it and after, he said I'm probably would participate. It was 3 days ago and I have not heard anything since. Having never done this before, I'm insanely curious if there is normally a 4-5 day wait... If I did something wrong or if I just wan't selected. Please understand that I was eager to hear something that I want to participate!

I understand that it is taboo to discuss the test, so I wasn't sure if just ask me these questions would create problems. Yet once again, I never did (only got my Photon 10 months) so I do not know the procedure.

If this post is prohibited, mods/admin please delete or let know me, and if I can, I'll remove it.

Thank you!

You have nothing to fear. There is a bit of wait times with different parts of the test of impregnation.

Just keep in mind that soaking tests are like Fight Club;

And the first rule of Fight Club?

All in good time.

Thank you


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    You'll be lucky if anyone from Toshiba are reading this. ;) I'm kidding!

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    Could at least spell my name correctly?

    Say that the improbability is low is not at all like saying that it is impossible. It would be unlikely to switch the 19 heads in a row, but the probability that the next draw is still 50-50.

    I agree that the correct answer is B, but like many in questions that I saw, the answer has doubts and should be rewritten.

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    So weird. Then try: delete preferences. Close the project, locate the CleanPreferences file that is appropriate for your system in the subfolder "Utils" of the captivate installation folder and run it. Then restart Captivate. Are you running it as an administrator (if you are using Windows)?

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    Hi guys,.

    Here is my weekly 8 Captivate question! (I learned to love how it should still be in beta...)

    I want to insert a question slide multiple choice, as a pre-test, but whenever I click on OK, captivate crashes just downright. None of the error messages or the bug report dialog appears, he just died.

    I have restarted the machine several times, and only made sure no other software is running.

    I really want to like Captivate, I do it, so I hope someone can shed some light on this issue, one of the many questions I have met since the purchase of this product.

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    Mac Pro (mid-2010)

    2 x 2, 66 GHz 6-core Intel Xeon

    24 GB RAM

    ATI Radion HD 5770 1024 Mb

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    And i've got to always available storage.

    Help, please! Thanks for your time.


    * Update - installed the 8.03.290 patch. Now, ALL blocks Captivate! I have no problems with other products Adobe, or any other application.

    You can try if this also occurs in a new project? In this case use the CleanPreferences, please.

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    As noted the explanation in the answer, C & D returns more than two lines if the table has more than two lines. While the question is written, C & D should be the answer. However, the explanation suggests that the A & B are the correct answers.

    If you have faithfully reproduced everything, what we have here is a combination of wrong answers. I'm shocked, shocked, I say to find a practice test with an error. :)

    Someone screwed up. If we assume that the explanation is correct, then the question should have read something like "+...". which of these queries will never return more than two lines. + »

    That said, if it is a commercial practice test, you really should not reproduce here because of copyright issues. At least, it is not a question of real exam which would also lead to questions of violating the agreement of the OCP candidate and potential loss of certification.

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    OK boys and girls, let's see if this is even possible in a course of SCO, or if this solution multi-SCO (which means I'm toast, because we do not have the multi-SCO aggregator)?

    I want to implement a prescriptive pre-test. In my ideal world, the answers to each individual question would either enable or disable the content related to the question slides. If the user passes the pre-test, they might opt to skip the prescriptive stuff and complete the course. If the user fails the pre-test, they should consult the active content.

    Is it still possible in a unique world of SCO?


    Will try to explain how I would try to handle this use case, but I didn't try it!

    • For the first condition, you already have a system variable which can be used in conditional actions to check if the user has passed the pre-test. If you use ordinary question slides, cpQuizInfoPassFail will be set to 1 if it is adopted, the value 0 as var is full only after the last slide in the question. If you use slides before the test, you will need to create a variable user, which you can fill with a tip action, based on the value of cpQuizIntoPretestPointsscored or cpQuizInfoPretestScorePercentage.
    • To follow the questions they did correctly, you must create a variable user for each slide of the issue, default = 0. Based on the system variable cpQuizInfoLastSlidePointScored, which is completed after each slide of the question, you can switch the variable user of the slide of the previous to 1 question if this sys var is greater than 0. This can be done by an action at the entrance to each slide of the question. You will need such action on enter also immediately after the last question slide (maybe on a blade of results, where you can also put the appropriate button to switch the content slides, or offer the possibility to go back).
    • For each slide content you will need another (conditionala tip enter action. Condtion will check the value of cpQuizInfoPassFail (or the equivalent for the slides before the test) AND the value of the var related to this question slide. If both are positive, ignore the slide (go to the next slide), if not, just stay on the slide. That action will be the same for all the slides in content related to a question. But another question, you will need a duplicate, because another user variable will be there. If you use CP7, this is an excellent example for joint actions.

    Hope this helps a bit, sorry that I am so busy.


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    Even with FC storage, you can run VCB in "hot add" mode in a virtual machine, for example there is a "nbd m" switch for the command vcbmounter - data is transferred through the stack of I/O of ESX servers in the virtual machine, so it is not the same as running on a physical machine with the transfer of the data being based entirely on the SAN , but it still works



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    I'm happy to have my first opportunity to use conditional text, but I have some questions before you begin to implement. I read the online help and reviewed my old copy of Classroom in a Book , and I feel good. With the help of a test file, I created my conditional tags, applied and experimented with show/hide tags.

    My question is about the final look of the tagged text: it remains in that color or it revert to automatic (black) color. In other words, I have tagged my magenta conditional text. When I show conditional text, it's magenta. What should I do so that when I print to PDF, the tagged text is black instead?

    I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't seem to find the answer myself. As a junior writer, I get so much information just by reading all the questions and answers on this forum.

    I am currently using v8.0p277 on Windows XP.

    Thank you!



    You are right. It's simple. In the dialog where you define what to show and what to hide, there is a box to check something like show condition indicators. When you select this, the indicators (in other words, the colors and less or overlining) show. Turn it off, and they do not. The text displays and prints as if no conditions had been applied.


  • test question

    Test details

    great test response

  • Incompatibility of Mac OS 10.7 Lion characteristics - test question

    As a contributor to the user experience to ask such questions. (I just tried Alizom, which of course is not up-to-date)

    This isn't to find corresponding questions, and there is still no KB article. One of the questions on the compatibility of the Lion features is here: 853020/questions/853020 "Back/Forward gestures do not work in Mac OS X Lion."

    I also note that there is no preview option when you ask for the "ask a new Question" / questions/new. Normally when messages there is a preview option.

    Same user, different connection, I this will mark it as resolved, KB articles should be written or other info will be published, I'll try to remember to edit these messages accordingly.

  • Test question of impact frequency

    Hi all:

    I'm trying to get the natural frequencies of some frames my company designs and I was wondering if there was a simple way to get this to the impact of the sample test of vi and display? Currently, I work with SVXMPL_Impact and SVXMPL_Advanced Impact and I am running Labview 2010 with the sound and vib add on.


    Hi andy,.

    It seems that these example programs to find the frequency of the pulse signal. You can use the same .vi SVFA FFT (Mag Phase) spectrum used in the research of the frequency to find the frequency of the response signal. Once you have this signal, you can use the spectrum SVFA cutting-edge research to read the natural frequency from the frequency data.

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    Hey. When I try to test an app on Momentics IDE 2.1.1 it is so slow to connect to the Simulator - I try to connect five times or more before it will work. He later works (the IP address is ok) - it's the launch of problems window that shows. If the Simulator starts, often the app opens to a black screen instead of the user interface, and sometimes it works OK. The Simulator is The Simulator is also very slow and does not respond to mouse movements.

    Then I tried to connect via wifi to my BB Q10 (running 10.3) and the wifi worked and the portable and Q10 were connected to it, but trying to pair the Momentics wizrd he says "Network Unreachable: connect. Same thing happened to another coffee with wifi.

    Appreciate any help,

    See you soon

    Justin D.

    Other problems you encounter can be symptoms of a simulator is running very slowly.  Make sure that you have enabled hardware virtualization in the BIOS of your computer settings and in VMWare Player.  You can read a bit more info on that here.  You want a 1130% Performance increase for your BlackBerry 10 Simulator?

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    Some system quizzing variables will include all of the marked objects and question slides. Even if some question slides are not included in the total. I'm sorry, but you will need to create a custom progress indicator, here's a blog where I explained how:

    Custom indicator progress - Captivate blog

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