Nighthawk R7000 told me a firmware update is available, but not...

My admin page tells me that my firmware version is: V1.0.4.30_1.1.67

And he says: "an update of the firmware of the router is available" at the top of the page.

But when I click on the button I get the message "no new version of firmware available."

Any ideas? I bounced the router and no change.

Thank you

I suspect that occurs because the fired NG of the buggy version, which is now in beta and some versions before, but never to reset data that verifies the router.

What you have is the latest "stable version" that works well for most people. Anything after that seems to give no problems. I hope soon NG will release a free firmware tested stable bug.

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    The CS6 Adobe Application Manager has been replaced by a similar application called Adobe Creative cloud.  He manages all updates for my CS6.

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