NIReport_Print LabWindows 2009 vs. 2010

I have the code met under LabWindows 2009 that works, but when I complie under LabWindows 2010 it stops working.

I am creating PDF files using Adobe Distiller, functions such as PrintPanel and PrintTextBuffer work in 2009 and 2010.  However,.

NIReport_Print works in 2009, if I try to print to Adobe.  It is printing with a real printer.

I have attached the code works and does not work.

/ * print to the actual default printer - CE WORK * /.
iLocalFail = Report_ErrorHandler (NIReport_Print (iReportHandle, NULL, 1), 'Print report');

/ * setting printer in format adobe pdf to create PDF files * /.
iLocalFail = SetPrintAttribute (ATTR_PRINTER_NAME, 'Adobe PDF');
If (iLocalFail<>
printf ("SetPrintAttribute a % d\n%s\n", iLocalFail, GetUILErrorString (iLocalFail));

/ * create the key for the test of the buffer * /.
sprintf (caFilenameWithPathInfo, "% sBuffer_%s.pdf", TEST_DIRECTORY, caMyTime);

iLocalFail = RegWriteString (REGKEY_HKCU, ADOBE_KEY, ADOBE_NAME, (unsigned char *) caFilenameWithPathInfo);
If (iLocalFail<>
sprintf (caMessage, "RegWriteString Failed. (\n, error was % d.\n%s\n", iLocalFail, GetGeneralErrorString (iLocalFail));
MessagePopup ("RegWriteString", caMessage);
iLocalFail = TRUE;
on the other
printf ("print Buffer\n");

/ * THIS WORKS * /.
/ * read a file dummy to get data into a buffer and then print to the adobe printer * /.
iFileHandle = OpenFile ("c:\\mfgtests\\pdf_tester\\globals.h", VAL_READ_ONLY, VAL_OPEN_AS_IS, VAL_ASCII);
If (iFileHandle > 0)
ReadFile (iFileHandle, caBuffer, 50000);
PrintTextBuffer (caBuffer, "");     / * ' ' for printer due to SetPrintAttribute * /.
/ * create the key for the Panel test * /.
sprintf (caFilenameWithPathInfo, "% sPanel_%s.pdf", TEST_DIRECTORY, caMyTime);

iLocalFail = RegWriteString (REGKEY_HKCU, ADOBE_KEY, ADOBE_NAME, (unsigned char *) caFilenameWithPathInfo);
If (iLocalFail<>
sprintf (caMessage, "RegWriteString Failed. (\n, error was % d.\n%s\n", iLocalFail, GetGeneralErrorString (iLocalFail));
MessagePopup ("RegWriteString", caMessage);
iLocalFail = TRUE;
on the other
printf ("Print %s\n", caFilenameWithPathInfo);

/ * THIS WORKS * /.
/ * print the Panel, NULL for printer due to SetPrintAttribute * /.
iLocalFail = PrintPanel (ghMainPanel, NULL, 1, VAL_FULL_PANEL, 0);
If (iLocalFail<>
sprintf (caMessage, "error was % d.\n%s\n", iLocalFail, GetUILErrorString (iLocalFail));
MessagePopup ("Board Failed print", caMessage);
/ * create the key for test report * /.
sprintf (caFilenameWithPathInfo, "% sReport_%s.pdf", TEST_DIRECTORY, caMyTime);

iLocalFail = RegWriteString (REGKEY_HKCU, ADOBE_KEY, ADOBE_NAME, (unsigned char *) caFilenameWithPathInfo);
If (iLocalFail<>
sprintf (caMessage, "RegWriteString Failed. (\n, error was % d.\n%s\n", iLocalFail, GetGeneralErrorString (iLocalFail));
MessagePopup ("RegWriteString", caMessage);
iLocalFail = TRUE;
on the other
printf ("Report manage %d impression %s\n", iReportHandle, caFilenameWithPathInfo);
/ DOES NOT * /.
/ * print the State, NULL for printer due to SetPrintAttribute * /.
iLocalFail = Report_ErrorHandler (NIReport_Print (iReportHandle, NULL, 1), 'Print report');

printf ("Done\n");
NIReport_Discard (iReportHandle);

It seems that NI_ReportPrint is the only function that has a problem with the creation of PDF files.  WordRpt_Print, PrintTextBuffer, PrintPanel and PrintTextFile automatically create PDF files using the SDK of Adobe.  So I'll use WordRpt and not NI_Report in the future.

So if you need a PDF file created, do not use NI_Report.

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    On the same computer, you can have NI VeriStand 2009 and 2010. If you have developed an application in 2009, you can migrate to 2010 using the tool of mutation in 2010. However, you won't be able to open a project from 2010 in 2009. For example, if you have any custom devices or personalized workspace objects/tools they have developed in the same version of LabVIEW that NI VeriStand. In other words, NI VeriStand 2009 can only use the custom devices created in LabVIEW 2009 and NI VeriStand 2010 can use custom peripheral performance created in LabVIEW 2010.

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    "Unreachable" almost always means a problem of installation of the system.

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    In the past, I had the same problem and I solved it with the support of NEITHER.

    As explained here , I had to remove part of the list import library that I had previously included.

    In fact in the document I linked there

    The basic version of LabWindows/CVI includes these import libraries and LabWindows/CVI will automatically load these libraries when it starts and searches them to fix the references at link time. So you don't have to include these libraries in your project.

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    We know not if updated the firmware on a 2009 a 2010 will allow the 2009 run Sierra. So, I'd get a 2010-2012.

    There is really no significate difference between these models

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    Hi Jay:

    A few good replacements are:

    Of OWC

    Anker: I / ref = sr_1_2? ie = UTF8 & qid = 1455568139 & sr = 8...

    FixIt replacement-battery/IF161-105-1.

    See also Apple Apple - Support - Service Response Center


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    -The fastest drive is a blade of base PCle SSD. Very very fast

    The SSD to 'Classic' Mac Pro training

    -The bus SATA on the Mac Pro is only SATA II (3 GB/s) and connected to the bus SAT SSD is therefore limited to speed SATA II, not the speed of current SATA III (6 Gbps) drives.

    -You can get cards PCle who accept the standard SATA SSD and who can get speeds of SATA III

    -You can install several graphics cards. I have my 2009 MP, I have the original GT120 in slot 2 and a 5770 PC card into slot 1 (slot width double only).

    A graphics for PC cards will not display anything while booting, as well as an installed PC card can be used for the Startup Option or special start-up as recovery mode.

    For more information on graphics cards:

    Tip: Mac cards replacement Graphics Pro money Tour (2006-2012)

    -J' would upgrade not processors. Frequently reading and writing to disk is the bottleneck.

    About the firmware, you can update the firmware of the 2009 to 2010 MP. Which allows the use of faster memory, using a processor six cores and audio mini displayport for the graphics card offline

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    Interesting LabVIEW 2010 'characteristic', I discovered this morning.

    Attached are two identical screws, a registered in 2010 and a registered in 2009.  These screws have been written specifically to demonstrate the bug, I came across this afternoon.  Each VI when it is run needs you to find a specific program (window) opened in Microsoft Windows and bring it to the foreground.  It is based on 'user32.dll' to perform this operation.  It also allows you to specify the calling convention for the function call.

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    COLD LAKE with the calling convention incorrect siliently crash LabVIEW can.
    LabVIEW 8.5 2009 could adjust the convention to call at run time if the user has selected the wrong option. In 2010, it is no longer a case. More information is located in the 59KB14WI knowledge base

    Workaround: Use the correct calling convention

    Reported Version: 2010 32-bit    Solved Version: N/A    Added the: 2010-07-23

    Release notes for 2010.

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    Thank you, Alec

    Hello Alec

    Thanks for your post, I'm the engineer who will support you. If I understand correctly, you upgrade your system and have encountered any errors with your dll. I did a search on our Web site for the error code and found an article that addresses the problem that you have. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you

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    My computer has always said when I open my windows Vista 2009 is not authentic and also said I should add those. I don't know what to do, can you help me with this kind problem?

    I got a c .d windows 7 but it does not work with my windows vista 2009, and I like windows Vista.Do windos Vista 2010 can run on my computer?

    RE: your Windows Vista is not genuine

    Please take a look at this article/answer given by Keith, the moderator of the forum

    There is no such thing as Windows Vista 2009 or 2010 Windows Vista.
    Are you actually referring to Microsoft Office 2009 and 2010?

    In any case...

    1. you should post this question in installation, upgrade, and activate forum

    2. If it will make it easier for you, you can use the forum on French language for your questions

  • Download Norton IS 2009?

    Just did a clean install of Win7, but did not have the Setup file of Norton Internet Security 2009.  I already have a subscription (purchased from my XP machine) so I just need to reinstall the program but cannot find my original media, need to get this back in the machine.

    Please let know us if you know if a link to download Norton Internet Security 2009, NOT 2010 version.

    Thank you!

    I found this message from the Norton Community user form:

    " User who have a subscription to Norton Internet Security or Norton AntiVirus 2006 and newer can be updated in 2010 for FREE by visiting the Norton Update Center ." 

    Click here for the message thread in its entirety.

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    I use Vista 32 bit o/s with all the patches.

    When I upgraded to the latest version of Desktop software (version 96) recently, I found that my Roxio Creator 2009 no longer works.  I can't even open the application.  When I go to start the Roxio software, I received a message that "Roxio Creator has stopped working.  A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. »

    Any suggestions to get my software Roxio Creator works again?

    I uninstalled and reinstalled.  Everything is good now.

    For those who might encounter the same or similar problem, you might find that two uninstall useful procedures:

    Complete uninstall of Creator 9 & 10 on Windows Vista

    Complete uninstall of Creator 2009 and 2010 (Windows Vista and 7)

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    Recently, someone at - he had this problem and solved it?

    If your MacPro is a 2006 model or 2007, you can't update to El Capitan.

    You can always buy codes redemtion for download Lion and Mountain Lion from the Apple Store online, not from the App Store, but these no longer receive security updates.

    If your MacPro is a model of the 2008,2009 and 2010, you should be able to upgrade to El Capitan via the App Store.

    On 20 September, Apple will release Mac OS Sierra, El Capitan will become more than likely unavailable.

    and only the 2010 model and later will be able to upgrade to the new operating system.

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