No access background or by e-mail after the tool System Tuner using Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2012

It's already happened and very frustrating... after the execution of the system tuner, I lost all my bacgrounds (I have three accounts of gmail), gadgets and cannot access my mails.

Thanks for your comments, but I managed to "sort" this problem when to dig more deep... it's easy. I have just re-ran the System Tuner for a second time and everything was corrected. Your it may have had or have the same problem should try this.

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  • After the installation of Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2011 Visual C++ runtime error

    I installed Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2011. I restarted the laptop, there is an error message:

    "Visual C++ runtime error.

    The Application requested execution to terminate in an unusual way.

    Laptop would be hanging there & not procceed further. I had to restore to the already known good restore point. I've experienced & concluded that Trend Micro creates a problem.

    A fix for this problem?


    This can happen when a previous antivirus product was not completely removed. Use the cleaning of the previous antivirus tool.

    Contact Trend Micro Support here (you may need to change this for your country)

    Trend Micro forums may be able to help

  • Why my PC slow down after loading of Norton Internet security 2012

    Windows Search

    Why my PC slow down after loading of Norton Internet security 2012

    Because Norton is a Devourer of resources. I would say deleting and using a user-friendly program over Windows.
    Norton and McAfee are the two least friendly Windows security and swine resource to start programs. My ISP offers the McAfee security suite for free and I refuse to use it.
    I used to use Avast in conjunction with Windows Defender, (still a decent option), but since MSE became of age, I have used which. MSE is an anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Malware program all in one. IMO, it is a program MS got it wrong. And all of these options are freeware.
    If you choose to give it a try, download and save the MSE. Remove Norton and install MSE.
  • Pavilion Media Center does not restart after the full system recovery. get the error code 0 x 4001100200001005

    Pavilion Media Center does not restart after the full system recovery. created recovery disks when purchased new. get the error code 0 x 4001100200001005

    Original title: recovery problem


    According to the HP Support Forums, this error may be to do with the hard or for other reasons.

    You never have it replaced with a no HP bought in car?

    Read these threads HP on your error code:

    If the original hard drive, press F11 at startup to start the process of recovery partition HP, did you recovery disks of.

    See you soon...

  • After the installation of Photoshop its showing that no internet cnnection or time is incorect but two things are true can u please tell me what to do?

    After the installation of Photoshop its showing that no internet cnnection or time is incorect but two things are true can u please tell me what to do?


    Please see solve common problems of activation and deactivation of creative cloud.

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • Local access only after the Network Systems Security 2009 malware removed

    I'll try to put all the details that I can here, but my laptop that has the problem cannot connect to the Internet so I won't be able to copy paste n info. Last week, I was struck with the 2009 malware security systems. It was a pain to remove because it stopped all the work programmes and I could not install malware removal software. Finally beat him by renaming the main program folder 2009 for the security of the systems. That he has stopped working when I restarted the laptop and then I was able to install the malware removal software and took remoped.

    Here is the problem. Now that he is gone my network connections wireless and wired no longer work. I get local access only on an unidentified network. I have Windows vista Home premium and use internet with a modem model Cableone cable Motorola Surfboard SB5101.

    Then I called a cable tech support first and they could not help and after all the service works very well on my desktop the same modem and connection. So I called Motorola tech support and they had me do a lot of things for hours (including reinstalling the drivers for the modem) on the phone without effect. Finally, they suggested that I have re-download all ACER Aspirion z9410z drivers and reinstall them. So I did it. Copied to a flash of my desktop drive and reinstalled them. No luck.

    The respectable and sharing Centre, explains that the modem works correctly when you look at the status. But the auto for windows diagnostic tool says to check the IP settings automatically and reset the network card. The two fail to trouble when ran. Here are all the parameters of the network connection.

    Physical address: 00-1A - 66 - AA - 64cB
    Active Yes DHCP
    Autoconfiguration IPV4 address
    IPv4 mask subnet
    Net Bios on active TCP/IP Yes
    Link-local IPV6 address fe80::1878:12 d 5: a566:c3fa % 36
    Servers of DNS IPv6 fec0:0:0:ffff:1 1%
    FEC0:0:0:FFFF:2 1%
    FEC0:0:0:FFFF:3 1%
    IPv4 and 6 are defined automatically detect the IP address and the DNS.

    Hope that gives enough information. There no mater if I use eithernet and USB to connect or wireless. I have the same problems.

    Another thing that can be part of the problem.

    It started after removing the systems security 2009 malware as well.

    When loggin, turned off the laptop, a blue error screen appears. Here are the details generated for it. I'm working on the research of which the question is to be set by the online search.

    Event name BlueScreen
    OS version 6.0.6000.
    local ID 1033
    BCCODE one
    BCP1 00000016
    BCP2 0000001 B
    BCP3 00000000
    BCP4 82028768
    OS version 6_0_6000
    Service Pack 0_0
    product 768_1

    I hope I will get this fix as well.

    Any help will be greatly apprieciated. If more information is required only, let me know and I'll get it.

    Thank you all.

    Hello Oxilas,

    I suggest that you use a friend/co-worker Vista DVD and do a repair installation.

    Repair facility:

    You can reinstall your copy of Vista while keeping your files, settings and programs by performing a repair install or an upgrade on the spot with the following steps: (Note: this still does not resolve all problems, especially if the corruption was caused by a 3rd party program or service, you may need to do a clean install) (if this is not successful.)


    Please make sure that you back up all the important data before you continue. Please visit: methods for your backup files.

    Always make sure that you have the means to reinstall your programs, or by an installation disc or access to the installation files.


    1. Insert the Windows installation disc in your computer's DVD or CD drive. You must start Windows installation while running your existing version of Windows.

    2. on the Install Windows page, click install now.

    3. on the get updates for installation page, we recommend getting the latest updates to help ensure a successful installation and to help protect your computer against security threats. You will need an Internet connection to get the installation updates.

    4. on the Type your product key for activation , we strongly recommend that you type your 25-character product key in order to avoid problems during activation.

    5. on the page Please read the terms of the license , if you accept the license terms, click I accept the terms of the license.

    6. to the which type of installation you want? page, click upgrade to begin the upgrade. You can see a compatibility report.

    7 follow the instructions.

    Note: If your installation disc doesn't include SP1, and you are updated, then you must uninstall it before proceeding with an update install. Start-> Control Panel-> programs-> see installed updates, then select Service Pack for Microsoft Windows and click on Uninstall.

    Note: Tit the following settings is reset by default:

    Its computer system

    Device drivers

    Visual effects

    Windows Mail

    Windows services

    If you notice missing files after the upgrade, look in the following folders:




    These files can be eliminated with disk cleanup as "records destroyed by upgrade to Windows".

    Delete files using disk cleanup

    Thank you for using answers Forum. Please let us know how it works.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Error while sending mail after the 38.1.0

    There is no change in the settings of the e-mail server.

    After the update to thunderbird 38.1.0 I get the following error when sending mails.

    The message send failed.
    The message could not be sent to the help of Outgoing server (SMTP) for an unknown reason. Check that your outgoing (SMTP) server settings are correct and try again.

    Please the devil error cons = ole with V38 for error messages I discuss here.

  • I can access more variations is Ebay listing after the upgrade

    After the upgrade of my Firefox on 3.01.2012 I can no longer variations of the access list or change the prices on these Ebay listings. Other changes within the site appear to be not affected.

    Tried the update of Java. Does not solve it.

  • Is anyone of another search slow mail after the last update of El Capitan?

    I think slower mail (more clearly than anything else) after the last El Capitan upgraded 10.11.4 - but I don't see any other chatter about this on the web. Anyone find this?

    No, not here.

  • Cleanup of old files of e-mail after the importation of the accounts in the new computer.

    I have a new MacPro with El Capitan.  In the implementation of the new computer, I installed my email accounts, one in particular (a gmail account) had 7 GB of files.  I went into the settings Gmail and disabled Protocol IMAP AllMail, Archive, and several others that I didn't need on the Mac Mail.  It seems that there is a residue of all these emails stored on computer and I would like to remove them because they consume a lot of space on the hard disk.    Y at - it a particular cache that can be cleaned?  A special way to remove hidden files?

    You must remove the Gmail account in Mail in Preferences > accounts. This will bring you to system preferences > Internet accounts. Uncheck the Gmail box in system preferences.

    It seems to remove all the data, but it's actually still in the Mail. Go to the library (see below) Mail to the user folder. In v3, you will see several folders named like that.

    C7AA1753-CDA7-4C5D-9505-05B73B565A50 /.

    C9A984AA-A145-4988-8279-B93445951DAB /.


    Check in the files with the alphanumeric naming. You should be able to identify what your Gmail account. If you have only one account other file would be for messages "on my Mac" premises. Delete the folder with your Gmail data.

    Then in email given, delete files that the envelope in the name.

    Sign out under the Apple in the menu bar.

    Connect and empty the trash.

    In system preferences > Internet accounts, check the Mail to your Gmail account. When you open Mail it will reindex messages that have not been deleted, then your Gmail messages will download from the server according to the ones you marked for synchronization.

    Note: You may find that the Mail does not well with the unsynchronized all mail folder.

    Library of the user to see the

    The user library folder is hidden by default. In the unhide: select the Finder in the Dock. Less go in the Menu bar > hold down the Option key and you will see the library.

    Find the library user folder braryFolder

    If you think that the access to your Gmail in your browser or one of these apps works better than mail and free up space in the process.

    Email options:

    MailTabPro for Gmail $1.99. In the Mac App Store (MAS). uo %3 D 4

    Kiwi for Gmail Lite free

  • Lost my mail after the scan at startup

    After starting my computer vista the other day, Chkdsk ran at startup, I opened outlook express too find all my emails have disappeared. I checked my files outlook express .dbx to discover a new Inbox.dbx file was created.

    I assumed that the old box of Inbox.dbx has become corrupt and checked the temporary "c:\found.001" directory created by chkdsk, there were only two files in this directory not associated with outlook express.

    I tried to run two programs of recovery of files get data retrospectives and restaurateur xp but cannot find the missing inbox.dbx file.

    Do I have a chance to recover this .dbx file or is it gone?


    Search for inbox.bak or any file backup of Inbox.  If the emails are not there, the mails are gone.

    So in this case you can help can bypass the file system on a disk and extract messages directly from the hard drive, allowing the extraction of messages from deleted files, or of readers including the partition table has been damaged, or drives that have been formatted.

  • How would correspond to the background of an image texture after the removal of first plan?

    Campbellskull copy.jpg

    So, as you can see, in this photo, I erased the man's head with the pen tool, and I put a skull in its place. There are a few empty spaces where the guy head has been, however, and I would like to fill the white spots with a realistic texture matching blue background. It looks like something that can be easily done in photoshop, but I don't know how to do. suggestions?

    In addition, some advice on the adequacy between the effects of light on the skull with the lighting of the man with the original image? and suggestions on how to fill in his collar/neck region? I have no idea what I would do here, lol. Thank you

    There are actually a few ways to approach it, what the guy said on the clone stamp works, or you can use the tool of selection on the exposed upper half of the wall, copy and paste it on a layer underneath where yah erased and fidgit with her until yah got an appearance gross as it corresponds to the rest of the image (may require turning) , or crush the selection and if you don't mind a bit of unprofessionality, then use the clone and smudge to try to smooth out the lines a bit after collpasing the background layer and the copied each other, segement (not the best way, but if it's just a picture of joke for a message board that does not need to be large ", it will do the job.) You can always keep a copy of the background however, incase yah live upwards and it smudges too and it is impossible to cancel.

    In regard to the collar and the neck, I would search the Internet a bit to find a neckbone and put it in a layer under the bottom layer and the skull, making sure to choose a darker picture of a neckbone to make regarder watch in more shade, then do a search for clothes and get some clothes shown without that person in them (generally good options for images lying around are goods in sales.) Cultures that and put it under all those layers, shrink and expand, the need for yah (preferably a reduction to avoid pixelation) then take a selection tool and make a selection of the part of the neck, go to the magic selection tool, click on the white area of the layer, then do a reverse selection, it should give you a copy of the General form also long that yah had erased the "excesses" of the yah photo took, open a new layer between the back of the shirt and the bones of the neck, drag the layer selection a task and color, oh black and put it, a lower opacity (maybe 60%?), you'll get what appears to be a "shadow" is the look of the neck bone lower and raise as much as yah need to so it seems that the light source comes from the same region and maybe fill a little below the skull so the skull seems to have a shadow as well. It might be good to put this on a different layer so that the shadow will overlap the bones of the neck, as well as the shirt.

    With respect to the skull. No real easy way to adjust the skulls of shading too close I can understand my experience, although you might try turning, or play with the brightness and contrast functions to make it more "on the photo,"

  • 9380 blackBerry smartphones cannot start the App World after the operating system upgrade + card


    my camera 9380 worked perfect when I bought it.

    Then I upgraded OS to v7.0.0.513 to> BBM did not work

    So I drove back and re-installed 7.0->

    (1) maps: "error at startup net_rim_bb_maps: class 'net.rim.device.api.lbs.maps.ui.ManeuverFiled' not found.

    (2) BB App World must be closed

    any help?


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I'm sorry, but the errors you posted seem somewhat independent... so I need clarification please:

    Gbassi wrote:

    Then I upgraded OS to v7.0.0.513 to> BBM did not work

    Unfortunately, "did not work" is not really diagnosable. What, exactly, have you tried? What, exactly, happened every step of what you tried?

    Gbassi wrote:

    So I drove back and re-installed 7.0->

    (1) maps: "error at startup net_rim_bb_maps: class 'net.rim.device.api.lbs.maps.ui.ManeuverFiled' not found.

    (2) BB App World must be closed

    I do not see how these two errors are related to the first, you were trying to throw the maps app when it appeared? For the second, which came with the maps app? Or is separate #2 and lies somewhere in the process by using your AppWorld? Complete step by step of what you try, with a full explanation of what is happening at each stage, including the full text of all error messages, is essential to understand your situation and if all goes well to guide. Otherwise, we have to guess...

    So I guess. My guess is that, once you upgrade to 7.1, you don't have to perform a few extra steps to ensure that all services were properly enabled on your BB. Here are the steps. I suggest the following, in order, even if they seem redundant to what you have already tried (steps 1 and 2, each should result in a message to your BB to come...) Please wait for this before moving on to the next step):

    (1) registry HRT

    • KB00510 How to register a BlackBerry smartphone with wireless network
    • Please wait a 'registration' message reach your Messages application

    (2) remove and return Service directories

    • KB05000 Remove the maintenance book for the BlackBerry Internet Service email account in the BlackBerry smartphone
    • If you do not have access CMIME, continue deleting
    • KB02830 Send the directories for the BlackBerry Internet Service
    • Please wait "the Activation' Messages, one per already configured e-mail account, arrive in your Messages. If you have not already configured email accounts, please wait 1 hour.

    (3) restart to take batt

    • Each time a random strange behavior or slow creeps, the first thing to do is a battery pop reboot. With power ON, remove the hood back and remove the battery. Wait a minute, then replace the battery and cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long reboot - about 5 minutes. See if things return to functioning. Like all computing devices, BB suffers from memory leaks and others... with a hard reboot is the best remedy.

    I hope that will move things again for you! You can try these few points in your process... either now (on or after you re - try to upgrade to

    Good luck!

  • Acer desktop after the HORRIBLE system - recovery

    Hi, I recently started to get into trouble when you play all THE games on my computer. Games like World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2 and Guild Wars. They have completely turned off my computer after 1-2 minutes. They even stop it if I left it on the login screen. I had 3 answers after searching the Web. It was either a overheating, lack enough power, or its drivers were not updated. I fixed all 3 and it made me anywhere I e-mailed Acer support and told to try to use the system restore. After you use the system restore, my desktop Acer transformed into a Windows 98 desktop computer, seems. Sound is extremely slow and laggy. I had 96 updates on Windows Update and I was able to download half of them. Others told me to reboot, but when I did, he wouldn't do anything except make me have to use start up repair. When I signed in my computer then it says that my Windows has recovered from an unexpected stops. Also, I have a version dated out of internet explore and cannot update because it says that I need a few other updates update... When I try to download UPDATE it says that it is not compatible. Internet Explorer also only let me go to some sites, or it will indicate that the operation has been aborted. It stops responding once in a while and restart too. I am at a complete loss of ideas and I have absolutely no idea what to do. All the tips, as I said, im at loss full of ideas.

    The only remaining issue at this point would be bad sectors or clusters on the HARD drive. At this point, your only real option would be a HARD drive swap and a reinstallation of the operating system with recovery CD. If you do not have the DVD collection yourself, you should be one of buy online or via Acer Technical Support line.

  • LR6 maximum authorized computers after the operating system upgrade


    I checked my file/etc/hosts. It is 'clean' after the default entries (no mention of any adobe or similar).

    I checked the GlobalSign Root CA, it is installed and active.

    I updated to MacOS X El Capitan for a few months, I suspect that is what causes the problem.

    I bought initially LR4 in April 2012, that still works and I can install and run on my new OSX El Capitan, no problem (except that it is old and has all the features of LR6).

    I bought the upgrade to LR6 in may 2015 and received a new n serial for this. It worked fine on my OSX Mavericks, but after upgrading to El Capitan LR6 asked me to validate whenever I started it, it failed with my improved serial no, but I was able to get to LR6 closing simply the activation window.

    Starting this weekend, it is not possible to enter LR6 more with above method. I get the message that Adobe is unable to validate my series or maximum authorized computers are reached, which is strange, as I have only been installed on one (one current with now updated OSX).

    On Adobe page support is it said to contact support, which turns out is not so easy. I phoned in a number that is given to me to buy LR, but no luck. Machine operator is a dead-end. This forum is the only option that comes to me when I ask for support on my pages / my adobe account.

    How to get support?

    Since other users here cannot help with activation of the serial number... you need to contact Adobe staff to help

    Chat/phone: Mon - Fri 05:00-19:00 (US Pacific Time)<=== note="" days="" and="">

    Don't forget to stay signed with your Adobe ID before accessing the link below

    Creative cloud support (all creative cloud customer service problems)

Maybe you are looking for