Note looping in GarageBand

In GarageBand, I did a recording of me just sing a long note and want to loop an entire song so the note sounds even longer.  But when I do that, whenever the loop again it makes a little noise, hard to explain, but even if I cut the beginning and the end of the recording, he does always a little sound whenever he performs a loop itself and I don't know what to do. Y at - it a setting I can change to stop? I want it to look like a long drone.

To what you want to achieve, you must to crossfade regions to create transitions smoothly between them. Unfortunately, GarageBand doesn't have the ability to fade or crossafe Audio regions (Logic Pro X). However, all is not lost, there is a solution, you can do the same thing with automation.

Look at the screenshot to understand the procedure.

  • Create two Audio tracks
  • The first Audio track has the area of your voice recording audio
  • Apply the Volume Automation to increase the level at the beginning of the region and lower end of the region.
  • Now copy (Option-do drag) this region in the second piece so the end of the first area overlaps the beginning of this region. Automation is copied with the region.
  • Now select the region on the first track and the area (you just copied) on the second track and the Option-do drag to the right to copy both of them, yet once for the region of second and third overlap.
  • Keep this copy procedure as long as you need it to be.

As you can see, when a region Faints, the other region on the road to spare fades, create a crossfade without welding.

You play a little to find the right length for automation to come in and out and also how to straddle the regions.

I explain details of the automation and the rest of my book of GarageBand. ""X GarageBand - how it works".

A tip:

Instead of having a linear Automation curve between two Automation Control Points (the points), you can create logarithmic shapes by Ctrl + Shift + drag the line between two Control Points. Drag left/right for s-shape or high-low exponential curves. It will look something like this (sh + ctr + click on the line to linear curve).

Hope that helps

Edgar Rothermich -

(Author of "Graphically improved manuals")

"I could receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, my recommendation or link."

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    P.S. using Burrito

    If you stay with the GIF option, there is a player AS3 GIF here:

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    The thing I'm wondering now is HOW can I change so that when we OPEN the fancybox there will be only an arrow NEXT to what images second (and subsequent) open - AND just be a PREVIOUS arrow when you get at the end? In other words, how can I do not loop back to the first picture? I went to the file js and loop changed to 'false', but that doesn't seem to do the trick.

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    Apparently you can set the loop to false: (I have not tried, but it may be useful)

    jQuery - Fancybox hide next/previous on name/images - Stack Overflow

    $(".fancybox").fancybox ({}

    loop: false


  • Movie Clip is not looping AHH

    So, I got this video that is streaming from the server on the stage (starting a new clip). I then top mask to create a clip in the shape of diamond. However, once I take it in the main timeline and export as movie... when I discovered it - it not looping... it plays only once. Any ideas on what's going on? Thank you!

    I found the answer through Labour Code:


    ksvid.autoRewind = true; fl_video is the name of the video component

    ksvid.addEventListener (VideoEvent.AUTO_REWOUND, doLoop);

    function doLoop(e:VideoEvent):void


    e.Target.Play ();


    The only difference with its mode of investment which was because I have the f4v progressive download in a clip as a reading flash with a mask (* pheww)... I had to do a cuepoint at the end of the video, and then place the actionscript code in the video as its own layer.


  • Remix FX is not available on GarageBand 10.1.0 for Mac

    We create channels multiple songs on iPad (iOS 9.2.1 Garageband 2.1) using Live FX loops/Remix. Download to iCloud is fine, but when they are imported into GarageBand 10.1.0 on Mac (10.11.3), I get a system error message: "the named plugin FX Remix is not available on your system. Choose a different plug in GarageBand, or quit and install the plug-in on your computer in order to to use in the project. »

    GarageBand then invites a download of new sounds, who runs and installs and then still comes up with the same error thereafter. Many attempts to download/reinstall sounds offered and to reimport the song did not help. The song is not yet on Mac, but all of the sound effects are missing.

    I note that others have had a similar question, but no sign of any resolution. I find it quite frustrating that so many features in GarageBand for iOS is missing on the Mac and vice versa. In the hope of a solution soon and you will be grateful to hear of all the patches...

    Take a look at this discussion:

    We have to wait for a update to GarageBand 10.1.

    While you wait, use a different sound to the tracks with the new instruments of iOS.

    You can send feedback to Apple a feature request: Apple - GarageBand - Feedback

  • How to record a loop of garageband as a stand alone on my ipad pro?

    Once I recorded a song, I want to save it as a file of music stand alone and keep it on my iPad pro. How do I do that?

    If I try to export to iTunes, it is not found in my music application.

    Hi Marco_Polo,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple.

    I see you want to record a song that you created in GarageBand on your iPad.  I don't know what application you are trying to save it to, or if it is a ring, then I suggest that you look through the information provided in the link below for your different sharing options.

    Sharing GarageBand songs

    Have a good.

  • Why can't my own hip hop beat / loop in Garageband?

    For some reason I can't record my own beats in garageband, but I can save other instruments...

    For some reason I can't record my own beats in garageband, but I can save other instruments...

    How do you want to save?  You can save your beats played with a keyboard in a software instrument track, or the sound of the drum Kit on an audio track, but you can not save a drummer follow, because the slopes of drummer play automatically.

  • last snippet of actionscript code persists, not looped in the first excerpt

    I have a FLV embedded in the timeline. Various excerpts from "Go to Url" used at various times, when swf loops, only the last part is retained.

    If you assign listeners for the same object at different points along the timeline, then if you don't remove them not you keep all of them, and in your case because they all use a navigateToURL call, the last of them remains the last to run when you loop.  If you were to replace calls navigateToURL trace() calls, you would see all the follow-up of an exit at the time where you completed the loop.

    So you have to either delete once they are supposed to be in effect (using the RemoveEventListener method "beneath") or you can do something in the sense of what sinious showed where you replace the url that specifies the function navigateToURL.  For which showed if you would simply be by changing the value of 'currentSection', but if you ar porabe comfortable with using tables, you can just specify the url string in each section instead.

  • Toshiba 24D1333B - powerpoint video wmv - not looping

    We just purchased a Toshiba 24D1333B/24D1333B2 24 inch high definition LED TV with DVD player built-in to our Museum Show videos constantly running on the USB.

    Even if I select the video loop, it isn't always - he could play for a second time but then stops.
    I am using videos created by Powerpoint so that they format wmv which is supported.

    So why doesn't it loop?

    > Then why doesn't it loop?
    Maybe you should edit your PowerPoint files and put in place a presentation to loop.

    1. on the slide show menu, click set up show.
    2. Select the loop continuously until 'ESC' check box

    If you want a presentation to auto run, for example, at a trade show booth click viewed on a Terminal (fullscreen) in the set up show dialog box. This causes the presentation to loop and also restricts users from changing.


    Hello, I imported some user loops in Garageband in mp3 format and everything works fine.

    But some of them are doubled and I want to delete.

    I checked the MACINTOSH HD > LIBRARY > AUDIO > loops APPLE LOOPS > APPLE way where they should be stored, but I can't find them anywhere.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Loops can also be in your user library - in the folder of yor House / library.

    Check is this folder:

    MACINTOSH HD > LIBRARY > AUDIO > loops APPLE LOOPS > user loops


    Your home folder > LIBRARY > AUDIO > loops APPLE LOOPS > user loops

    Your user library can still be hidden. To reveal the hidden user library:

    • Bring the Finder to the front by clicking on the desktop or the Finder icon in the Dock.
    • Select your folder user/home (with the House icon in the side bar of the Finder)
    • With this window in the Finder in the front window, press the ⌘J key combination to bring up the display options.
    • In the view options panel allow you to "show the library folder. That will make your visible user library folder in your folder.
    • Open your file, then the library folder, then Audio.
  • Reduction in size of the swf by looping is not songs?


    I created a file that has several songs and these songs are 3 minutes in length each. Currently, these songs are looped forever. If I do not loop, which would decrease the size of the file?

    Playing the song several times should not affect filesize. Planting of the song file into the SWF instead of streaming it will have an impact considerably the size of the file.

  • How to operate on loop Live titles?


    I spent hours of searching cela but have gotten nowhere.

    I am using and Iphone 5s and a Mac book pro. All have the latest operating systems and versions of GarageBand.

    First of all, I'm supposed to see a project Live loops option when I first open GB on the Mac and the window "New project" happens?

    Secondly, when I say the above output, could I create a live loop project and export it to GB on iPhone 5s? Via iCloud or otherwise?

    If not, could I create my curls or audio tracks, on Go for mac and open them on Go on iPhone 5s and build a direct loop here?

    The scenario is: I have 4 songs recorded on the mac which I am trying to import only the footsteps of rhythm session and use it as a play along live while playing guitar and singing at a concert. This can be done in MS3 I know, but I try not not take the laptop out of the House.

    Teachers out there who know how to solve this?

    Please, I beg you! and I thank you.

    You cannot create life projects loop on a Mac. GarageBand on your iPhone and Mac versions are very different.  Use smart tools - drummer, smart Strings, arpeggiators to create an automatic backing track in GarageBand on Mac.

    You can create a live loop on the iPhone project and save it ito iCloud, then open it in GarageBand on Mac, but the tracks happen as regular audio tracks, loop Live tracks. ICloud is one-way  Cannot open a project that has been created or opened in GarageBAnd for mac in GarageBand to iOS.  You can share the song bounced as an audio file in iTunes and then sync the song over to on your iPhone.  Access from there, in the loop in GarageBAnd on your iPhone browser.

    If not, could I create my curls or audio tracks, on Go for mac and open them on Go on iPhone 5s and build a direct loop here?

    There is no way to load a GarageBand for project Mac as a project on an iPhone or iPad, as an audio file.

    You can start on the iPhone projects and finish them on the Mac, but not vice versa, sorry.

  • Live loops on osx

    will be live loops brought to OSX so I could prepare for the games on laptop and sync to the scene of the ipad?

    In addition, there is a better way to organize my curls than the flat structure of audio files? (cannot get my Apple Loops for garageband OSX work, synchronization loops, but that is a separate issue)

    We are simply user like you, if we are not Apple's plans. People who know, are probably not allowed to post here.

    I doubt that it will be possible to synchronize GarageBand for the projects of the Mac to your iPad like projects and not only in the form of audio files. It was always just one-way., iPad to Mac, but not of GarageBand for Mac to the iPad.

    In addition, there is a better way to organize my curls than the flat structure of audio files?

    You ask about the loops you create yourself and that you add to your loop library?

  • How to get the new iOS Go makes a loop in your Mac

    I was wondering why the new Go for iOS great new loops were not available after you import for mac via iCloud. You would think that these sounds would be also available on the Mac side, but they were not. So, when you import your song, you get a message like this...

    Then, when you press on continue you get this message...

    Then you download directly? But after waiting for the download, you realize that these sounds get on your Mac. At least for me they do not have. So if you want the solution bypass and a few new large loops, here's what you do...

    Download iOS GarageBand to iTunes. Once downloaded, search for garageband.ipa the .ipa's version of iOS... Locate and then right-click on it. Outdoors with a menu, you should see a green "archive utility". Click here. It will pull a garageband file. In the folder are all missing originals. Files of the CAF for your songs. You must then place them in the logical folder on your mac. Do another search for. COLLEGE. You will be directed to the area where you will include you news. Files of the CAF. There should be a few records in this area called House, Hip Hop, etc. Rather than attempt to index the myself, I just created a new folder called iOS and put all the files of the CAF that I extracted from the iOS version. Then I placed in the same directory where the others are located in logic on my Mac. I started to GB and low and behold, it worked! I got all the sounds that was missing. The only message I got that FX extension was missing. I found the FX extension also in iOS extracted folder. The problem is that I don't know where to put it again. I will figure out however.

    Good luck to all who wish to participate in it. Read my instructions...

    I really do not understand why Apple would come on such great point, give us the possibility of import to Mac, but not give us new sound files on State end sort of weird. Apple is really cool, but someone left dropped the ball on this one...

    Oh! I forgot to mention, once you check out this iOS GB file, you must go to > Payload > MobileGarageband > right click > view the contents of the package. There's all the goodies! Enjoy!

    It works like a charm. Thanks for this posting.

    I have download all purchases of the app store on my mac anyway, so GarageBand 2.1 was already in my iTunes with the mobile applications folder:

    ~/Music//iTunes/iTunes music/Mobile Applications / GarageBand 2.1.

    I had to search for GarageBand 2.1.ipa, not GarageBand.ipa.

    Inside the GarageBand application bundle is the path to the loop:

    GarageBand 2.1/Payload/ loops /, for example

    GarageBand loops/Abstract atmosphere 015 2.1/Payload/ College

    While you are about it, you can also try to extract some sampler instruments, the Instrument library is here.

    I looked here sooner, because GarageBand 10.1 has not found instruments of the new of music:

    The files of the sampler and sampler instruments are here:

    / GarageBand support at the libraries/Sampler 2.1/Payload/

    I found the lack of /GarageBand 2.1/Payload/ support, library, Sampler, sampler Instrument Instruments / P - Bass iOS small.exs

  • GarageBand 10.1.2: Why do ' |. ' CH1"appear suddenly on some of my songs?

    I've seen this several times now on different tracks in different songs that I'm working on, but I don't know what are the causes it to appear or what it means - can someone help/index me? Thank you!

    What instrument he was loaded on this track? This additional ' |. ' Indication of ch' tells you what MIDI channel track sends its data to the MIDI Instrument. This setting is not available in GarageBand, only in the logic, where you can choose the channel. My guess is that you have loaded a multitimbral software Instrument (which can receive MIDI on different MIDI channels), GarageBand will automatically switch to that channel and indicates that.

    Does look something like this?

    Hope that helps

    Edgar Rothermich -

    (Author of "Graphically improved manuals")

    "I could receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, my recommendation or link."

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