Number of brackets next to the name of the Terminal in the context-sensitive help

There, I noticed that I have the numbers in brackets next the terminal names to a VI in the context-sensitive Help window.  I think that this has happened at the time that I started to play with the VI Analyzer, but I don't remember for sure.

Does anyone know what it is and how to hide them?

Turn off VI script information in the pop-up Help window.  Options of-> VI Server

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  • Is there a way to open the context-sensitive help in a new window with RH10?

    I'm linking my context sensitive help by using the RoboHelp_CSH.js file in my web application.

    The correct topic opens when I click on the help link, but it opens in a pop-up window. This causes problems in Firefox and Chrome (which blocks the popups by default).

    Is there anyway to force the contextual help topics to open in a new window?

    I tried to add

    < p > < A HREF = "(javascript:RH_ShowHelp(0,'http:/myurl/index.htm", HH_HELP_CONTEXT, 100) ' target = "_blank" > help < /A >

    which opens a tab empty in Firefox without content inside. And it works in Chrome either.

    Anyone encountered this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    Using the RoboHelp API, it is quite an annoyance. (Read: great pains)

    Fortunately, there's a simple solution:

    http://MyURL/index.htm# ' > newwnd = false "target ="blank"> help

    This link does exactly the same thing, opens to aid in a new browser window.

    You may also be interested in my custom WebHelp API:

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  • Merges the context sensitive help

    Hi all

    I use RoboHelp HTML on RoboHelp X5.0.2 and generate a .chm output.

    Currently, I have a master project merged with several projects of slave and try to add context sensitive help. So after I add the ID card in the projects of the slave and recompile everything, are those map ID merged into the main project? In other words, when I call the main application, the master help file help file still will recognize the card slave IDs? If not, does anyone know a way to make merged work context sensitive help?

    Thank you

    With the help of Pete I finally understood that.

    Pete mentioned that:
    "That does not explain the Helpware site is the section of the .hhp file ALIAS must contain at least one free reference of bookmark in the file redirect.htm; If all the lines in the forwarding section has a bookmark that is appended to the end and then the context help call will fail. So to solve this problem, I added the following two lines to your .hhp file:

    Dummy_Unused = redirect.htm

    #define Dummy_Unused 0


  • Works in the context-sensitive help mapping file

    I create a new project of Webhelp using Robohelp HTML 10, and I'm confused on the different pieces of information in a map file. I don't even know if my developer will give me a map file or if I create it, but I'd like to understand the concept of mapping better before I talk to him.

    I created a map using Robohelp file, and the dialog box "Edit ID card" Robohelp shows three columns: ID card, card #and topic. I automatically assign numbers map to my help topics. For example, a line indicates "Changing_Password" for ID card, '2' for card # and "Change Password" for the category. I know that the screen of the application of this topic is changepassword.cdl. The mapping file is supposed to tell the developer that this topic should be linked to changepassword.cdl and if so, where? Or can I give the developer this information separately? In addition, in the compiled file from WebHelp, this topic is named PasswordChanging.htm. Can I change the map ID to PasswordChanging instead of Changing_Password?

    Thanks for any help!

    It depends on how you want to work. Personally, I have my developers call help using the internal system page. They know that already. So I do not give anything for developers.

    In your case, the developer needs to know what id call to what page. How you communicate, it's up to you. As suggested by Jeff, you probably want to give the .h file of the contracting authority.

    @Jeff: the article describes the functioning of HR CSH. Van of developers who can create their own API. (This is what we did).

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  • Context-sensitive help for objects on the tabs (bug?)

    If a command or the indicator is on a tab, the context-sensitive help for that apparently no longer works. It's particularly embarrassing for clusters of complicated example.

    Is there a workaround I'm mising?

    Example: This is the context for a cluster (A) and for the same cluster help when placed on a tab of the control (B). Case B is obviously completely useless.

    Hi Altenbach,

    It is true that it is not fixed for 2009.  I checked the condition of the CAR and it does not just he makes to the 2009 version.  It is always open and it looks like they still want to fix in the future, but no guarantee on which version.

  • Context-sensitive help in the combined help files

    The same position is also in the forum of WinHelp.

    How context sensitive help working with the master - situation of the external help files?

    Here is my scenario:

    I have a master's degree. HLP, which connects to 5. External HLPs. I connected the. CNTs and index in the Master. I gave all the output files (6 sets of.) HLP, CNT. NEWSPAPERS and GID files) to the programmer and asked her to put them all in a single directory. Everything works well for the table of contents in the Master. HLP. In other words, these external link sections are listed in the table of contents and the content displayed is selected. However, when the application attempts to display the HCS to a subject in one of these related HLPs, the user receives the error 129 (the subject does not exist). But these CSH to a topic in the Master. HLP works very well.

    The programmer told me he puts the code in a registry for the CSH file look for the master. HLP only. And he cannot create multiple registry files or put multiple lines in this file of registry to search for multiple .HLPs.

    The application is developed in the form of Oracle and is hosted on a Windows XP machine as a Windows application. I use RH X 5. The project is a HR Word project.

    Is it possible to generate one. HLP to include everything? If so, how?

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    I found a solution for my situation this morning.

    Just brought these subjects with the ID of the map and the map file to the Master.HLP. If I need to mod a few links to external links, exit works.

    Just need to get some sleep.

  • See the table of contents in context sensitive help

    The application of Iam working on a a context sensitive webhelp. When I click on the button of the page in the context help appears that has a hyperlink to 'Show' at the top of the help page. When I click on 'Show' table of contents help is displayed. Is there a method by which I can the toic for help as well as the table of contents page?
    Help is appreciated.
    Thank you.

    You must select the autosyn option in the wizard. I thought that was covered in the article, but see excerpt 1 otherwise.

  • Bookmark this page disappeared from the context menu - help please

    I saw the answer on the blue stars and images etc at the top of the menu, well, I like text! How can I get the text in menu line you please?
    Thank you

    See this:

  • Show all messages (number) next to the folder 'Project' of you instead of those unread.

    I have looked around, but couldn't find a solution to this little problem. I want just the number next to the project file to display the total amount of breast, instead of those unread messages.
    When I create a project, its ok, they remain unread and they are displayed correctly, but as soon as I left on them, they are marked as read and decreases the number in parentheses next to the icon of the project folder.
    I still want to know how much email is inside, is it possible to do?

    Thank you

    If you select the "drafts folder to see a list of emails, there must be a total already displayed in the lower right status bar."

    However, if you want to see a total number of emails for each folder without having to select the folder, then you need an add-on.
    Extra folder columns 1.1.5 will do the job. The link below.

    Download the file as for example: file downloads or desktop.

    How to install the addon:
    In Thunderbird
    'Tools' > 'Addons' OR "Menu icon" > "Addons".
    Click the gear icon and choose "install addon file".
    See the first picture below.
    Locate the downloaded xpi file and click Open
    You may have to restart Thunderbird.

    The additional columns show on the right side of the folder pane, adjacent to the folder names.
    You can choose the columns to display.
    See the second image.
    The options are "unread". Altogether. and the columns of "size".
    I use the column 'Size' that helps me maintain folders to keep a smaller size.
    the 'Total' column will be as you need.

  • Why does a number appears in parentheses next to the number of font size in the character Panel? as 9pt (8.84)

    I m working on a book, and when I select a title, in the font option in the character panel size appears a number in parentheses next to the number that indicates the size of the font. For example, I chose 9 pt for the title, but after I applied this seting, in font size option appears: 9pt (8.84) so the size of the cuff is 8.84 and I couldn t change that!   I compare this title with other people, whose size is 9 and is a little smaller.

    I applied a paragraph Style to the headline, located in 9 pt font size, and the same appears: 9 pt (8.84) the problem is that I have a lot of headlines this ditch the book and I would like to change their size in the paragraph style and it doesn´t work, always appear a smaller number in parentheses.

    I know not if I chose Auto in the option of the attack, a number in brackets appears to indicate the proportional main of the text, but it in font size option. What is going on? Can how I change this?  HEEELP please! (Sorry if I have some errors, I usually speak Spanish ) Thank you!


    Are you sure the version number? Version 3 is CS and CS3 is version 5. I do not see the parentheses in CS3, but it doesn't really matter. Select the image, and then in the context menu of Palette control seek an order as "Reset scaling to 100%" which should correct the figures to represent exactly the size of the type currently is. Then fix the setting that Bob stated in your preferences.

  • Made in the context of work in my CC product help?

    Help creative cloud

    If context-sensitive help is implemented for your product, you can access the help topic associated with a UI (dialog, Panel, editor) when you're connected to the Internet. Depending on the function you use, you can access context-sensitive help in the following way:

    • pressing F1 (Win)
    • by clicking on the help button
    • by clicking the question mark

    The related help topic opens in a Web page in a browser.

  • have the icon to download helper with video up, I have until it clicks, dosnt download or convert a number appears next to the icon and its listed in the queue draft.exe

    I was able to load videos 26 then he stopped down. I checked the preferences, the version is 4.9.24, I can see that the video is listed next to the icon, when I drag the mouse over it.

    I support download icon, when the video is running. I click next to the icon and choose the game I want, on fast download I see it loads, but no dwhelper. dosnt download or convert a number appears next to the icon and its listed in the queue draft.exe

    There is a problem with DownloadHelper Firefox 36. They are working on a new version, you can download and help test this discussion page:! Forum/video-video downloadhelper-5

  • There is no diamonds next to the name of the windows in the window menu.

    When I reduce a window, I don't see a diamond next to the window menu. I see the diamond next to page name in the menu of the icon in the dock, but not in the menu of the window itself, which is what I use to select windows. Attached are pictures of the menu icon dock vs the window menu.

    I want to know whether or not the windows are reduced. I reduce windows that I don't need right now, and I don't want to have to scan the list of all the windows to find what I want, I want to know which windows I still have maximized immediately.

    However, I am interested in Firefox now on another machine, and it is not here do either, so it is possible, is not a behavior that is from Firefox, only Chrome and Safari.

  • Where are the icons next to the name of a site in the stored history?

    In the story, to the left of the name of a site, is an icon, or a blank space. I visited TinEye, image, Web site search, and the image, I was looking (which was to an address I can access is no longer), appears in this space. If I right click on the image, nothing appeared in the menu that said I could do something with the image. I would like to find where this image is stored, so that I can perform an Internet search for him again. It is in my Firefox profile? I tried opening the file places.sqlite, but as this is a SQLITE file, it says that Windows cannot open it.

    You can't display the favicons using the SQLite Manager extension.
    You can only locate the entry in table moz_favicons places.sqlite and double-click the entry to open its properties and click on the button (icon) to Save next to the BLOB data to save the icon on the hard drive (desktop)
    You can also copy its URL to the Clipboard of the URL field (click the right arrow to expand the field and see the full URL).

  • When I activate a plugin in Firefox 4 disable Word appears next to the name of software plugin. How can I stop this from happening?

    I use Win 7 and just upgraded to Firefox 4. In my plugin section, when I activate a program, the word disabled immediately appears next to the program name. This happens to every program plugin I have.
    So, when I use Firefox and the need for a plugin is necessary, I received a message telling me that this program is disabled even if the word activate will still appear on the plugin line. I never had this problem in one of the Firefox 3 browsers. How can I fix this problem?

    It could be that the plugin you are trying activate is not compatible with Firefox 4 and leaves people with reduced mobility.

    If a plugin is disabled, it will have the word "enable" next to him; There is a button for you to click to activate the plugin, and not a label describing the status of plugin.

    If I've got it completely wrong, please post a screenshot.


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