OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z [E6C6A1: print to actual size]

How can I make my printer print based real. Apparently, my printer has built in chestnut size reduction.

I want to print a ruller actually measuring 12 inches. However, when I put a real ruler on the glass and copy on my computer, and then print the image print ruller actually measures approximately 11-1/2 inches.

The same thing happens when I dounload an image from a website who alledgely downolads real size ruller. The printer prints a ruller 11-1/2.


This solved my problem, although the screene are a little different on my HP 6500.

jason_h wrote:
If you select the copy option on the front panel of the Officejet Pro 8600, then you will present a screen with the settings... in the middle of it.

Select the settings option:
* Scroll down to resize
* Use the arrow keys left/right to scroll the resize options.

Resize Options:
* Actual size of 100%
* Full Page 91%
* Adjust page
* Custom size
* Legal letter 72%
* Letter to A4 94%
* 2: 1

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  • Printer Officejet 6500 E710n-z of printing error problem?

    For the printer HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z all-in-One series

    Linksys - Cisco router wireless

    Operating system: Vista


    When I try to print it just says: error?

    My old router crashed so I replaced it with a new Linksys E2500 (Cisco) Advanced Dual-Band N Router.  I used to use a wired connection to my router to the printer, but it would not connect with the new router.  So I uninstalled the printer and reinstalled as wireless.  The router and the printer, use the same IP address.  I can see the printer & when I go to print anything, it's in the list of printers.  But after clicking OK in the print page, nothing happens & when I check the State printer through the Panel of order status says "error"?

    Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks for the reply!  I finally got to work.  I'm not sure of what really was the problem, but I ended up uninstalling twice and then put it back and he finally found.

  • Printer HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z Assistant

    It does not open for me to check the ink levels for my HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z Printer works fine but the assistant priner.  I can archive them on the printer, but it has other functions in the "Wizard" who I'd like to access.  I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, but clicking on ' HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z ' on the start / programs / menu HP no longer causes nothing to take.

    Hi HowardMyles,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you found the error loading C:\ProgramFiles\HP\HPOfficejet 6500 E710n-z\bin\HPStatusBL.dll' could not be found! With your HP Officejet 6500 e710n on Windows XP and I am happy to help you!

    I recommend you go through this post, Re: dll work printer error message stops, by @pcwizard.

    Even if it's for Windows 7, the same steps works on Windows XP!

    I hope it works for you, let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • . HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z won't print BLACK

    HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z won't print BLACK usining Excel 2007.  I don't think it's a clean printer, but was jump there ' All could have at least a direction for a fix or solution

    Win7 full cartahers printing.

    Thanks for the reply with more information.

    what you did may limit the possible cause. at least we know that this problem is caused by excel, below is a workaround solution that you can try:

    Looking at the 'Print Preview', confirms is the black appear or not.

    More top issue will be useful for further refinement.

    Copy / paste from the old file by excellent:

    1. create a new excel file

    2 paste special

    3 'text' only

    4 repeat the format will help.

  • HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z in offline mode


    my HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z seems to have disconnected and I can't understand how to print from it through my laptop, which runs on Windows 8. I used to be able to print by connecting over the network to the printer, but the printer started to say that he was disconnected a week or two ago. My laptop is always connected to the network and the printer, but it is always offline. Is this a problem with my laptop or the printer itself?


    Please use the following advice/instructions to correct:

    Kind regards.

  • Faxing from Mac via Officejet 6500 E710n-z wireless

    Mac running 10.9.4 in wireless network Officejet 6500 E710n-z which is plugged into the phone line.

    Print and scan work wirelessly from the computer as expected.

    Manual 6500 Fax works as expected.

    Attempt to fax from the computer said that parts of the software are missing. Computer trying to find updated drivers updated and fails. Software update is any update available. said that updates are now obtained from software update.

    Installation procedure on is for printer only. Mac does not see the printer fax and accordingly will not fax.

    I want the printer fax directly from my Mac as it did during the original installation on OS 10.8.x

    Thanks for any help.

    Hi ErichWetzel.

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I see that you have a problem with faxing from your Mac.

    I suggest that you firstreset the printing systemon Mac, and once you have finished download and install theprinter HP v.2.16.1 for OS X drivers.

    The following steps should solve the problem.  If you have additional questions, feel free to write me again.

    See you soon,.

  • OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z Airprint

    The OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z supports Apple's Airprint feature.  Printer bought in April 2011.  I have a new iOS4.2.7 running of the iPhone4.  The phone detects the printer and allows me to select it as the printing device.  But when I hit the "print" key, the phone displays crashes and the message "communicating with the printer.  Any suggestions?

    Yes the 6500 a supports AirPrint.  The problem may be in your router.  Is what kind of router?

    Try to restart the printer and the router (pull power plug momentarily).

    I assume that you have enabled Web Services from the front of the printer and have the latest version of the software loaded on the printer?

  • OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z: How can I change the printable area

    I use a printer OfficeJet 6500 E710n-z.  In the past, with Microsoft Office 2007 and Publisher 2002 on a Windows Vista operating system, I was able to print publications with a margin of page of 0.125 "around all sides.

    I recently bought a new laptop running Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and upgraded to Microsoft Office & Publisher 2013.  Now my printable area is (landscape)-left margin: 0,587 "for a total width of 9,827".  The top margin remains the same, to 0.125 "for a total height of 8.25".

    I don't think I made any changes to the printer settings.  How to restore the printable region so that it has a margin of 0.125 "around the page?

    Hello @RonJRu,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums from the HP Support! " I see that you want to change your margins toward 0,125", since you upgraded to 8.1 of Windows and Microsoft Office & 2013 the printable region Editor is (landscape) - left margin: 0,587 "for a total width of 9.827 and the top margin is correct.

    When you upgraded to Windows 8.1, you would update the software and drivers for the printer as well?

    I would like to first run you printing HP scanner doctor >

    -It has been designed by HP users troubleshooting and problems characteristic needed to solve many common problems encountered with HP print and scan products related to Windows computers.

    Let me know what the PSDR find, I'll watch for your reply.

  • HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z how can I send faxes received

    I have a HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z set up like the wireless. I want to have all incoming faxes saved directly to my PC and not be printed. I can't find all the information on how to do it. There may be information on the DVD that comes with it, but I can't.

    I'm not bad with PC or printer/fax, so guidelines are expected to be fairly easy to follow.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hey Dan,

    I know the message says Windows 8, but it should be able to get your program to open correctly.  Download and run the file linked in the thread located here.

    Let me know how it goes.

  • OfficeJet 6500 E710n problems scanning with Yosemite

    I have a MacBook Pro of the retina mid 2012 and have used my Officejet 6500 E710n z via Air Print, but now I upgraded from the Mavericks to Yosemite my scan feature is limited to webscan, with very basic features (I can't scan any other method proposed on these forums). My questions are what software may be available for me scan from my MBP or is it possible to use another driver of scan to improve scan options? How can I stop the Officejet make mistakes of permissions on my hard drive? It is time to invest in a different printer (I hope not)

    Here are the steps I took so far;

    I updated the firmware on my Officejet, this was to remove all the drivers of HP; Perhaps my biggest mistake, that I should let sleeping lying, but I wanted to print on custom paper and may now have the opportunity to do so at the expense of the ability to analyze correctly.

    I repaired disk permissions hard so many times (I tried to repeat the steps or other suggestions people made on these forums). On the last two that my MBP doesn't shut down, the screen goes black and the keyboard lights stay lit.

    I checked for software updates via the App Store. I noticed that it seems that HP did not produce software updated for this model of printing or scanning - which does not involve pilots Mavericks should work? In this case how would I be able to try again. Or HP can produce something in time (I feel that I have some knowledge on how to fix things, but always count on step-by-step assistance).

    I feel also very stupid, like reloading eveything in my preferences, printers and scanners, I noticed a standalone scanner, but no printer. I removed it and found my all in one printer instead. Now I'm wondering if this virtual scanner could me the flexibility I want (like so many people, I hate havig things that only half of the work).

    I hope I've offered a representation about what I do for two days and I hope that there is someone who may be able to help.

    Hello CLBMac,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I would like to start by saying that it is a great information post. You mention that the printer is added via AirPrint, if that's the case, AirPrint will only print.

    Since there is no option for you to install all software complete features of HP and drivers, you need to scan using the means of scanning Apple. Here are the different ways that you can scan: scanning in OS X v10.10 Yosemite without HP software.

    You will need to have the printer added as with complete pilot offered by Apple, not the driver AirPrint. In order to you have the most recent software available, install this: HP v3.0 for OS X printer drivers.

    Once installed, please remove the added printer like AirPrint (reset the printing system is an easy way, will also clearly be other printers, as appropriate), and then add the add new printer with the Officejet E710n driver.

    I hope this helps.

  • Scan HP: HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z not found

    My printer and fax works fine, but since the time, I can't scan anymore. By clicking on the icon of the Bureau analyzes the message "scanning HP: HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z not found". "." The Wi - Fi connection is ok because the printer works fine.

    If anyone can help?

    TX bonvreno

    Thank you bonvreno,

    Complete the following steps to solve the problem and get rid of multiple entries in Device Manager.

    1. Hold down the Windows Logo key () on the keyboard and the 'R' to open the dialog box run, type %temp%
    2. Delete all files and folders in the temp folder. Choose Skip if all pop ups seem to say all files cannot be deleted
    3. The new software - uninstall the printer software Instructions
    4. Once the uninstall is complete, reboot the computer
    5. Follow these steps to reset the registry settings and options for Windows Installer.
  • HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z starts - but not - completed the scanning process

    My HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z used to work perfectly. However, recently the ADF Document (CAD) for the scanner stopped working.

    You can load the document and it "scan." But once the document is scanned, the ADF continues to operate - as if waiting for more documents to follow. This continues for about two minutes, so that an error message appears on the printer screen: "reload the document, and then restart the job. In the end, none of the ' scan ' is recorded by the computer.

    If it is useful to solve this problem, I am currently using Windows 7, 64-bit. In addition, I downloaded a recent firmware of HP, etc page upgrade (maybe two months ago) software.

    If you can offer any assistance, I would be very happy. I used to use the ADF regularly, and I'm now no longer able to. (For example, some of my projects are delayed!)

    You can perform a hard reset on the printer. Unplug the power cord at the back. Leave for 30 seconds and plug it back.

    Also. You can run the doctor print and scan and check the results.

    Let me know what happens.

  • My OfficeJet 6500 E710N-Z "Stall".

    My Officejet 6500 E710N-Z began to lock on. The printer screen goes black and the power button slowly fades and brightens. Documents align in Quebec, but nothing happens. When I unplug the cable to powere and then re - connect, printing works fine... for a while. Any suggestions?

    I moved the power plug printer to a power strip with fewer devices. I also disabled the power saving on the printer. Seems to work fine now. Thanks for the help.


  • Mac: Officejet 6500 e710n wireless connectivity problems

    Printer: HP Officejet 6500 e710n-z

    Mac OS x Lion 10.7.5

    I have successfully been printing wirlessly with my Offiject 6500 e710n for over a year. Connectivity comes and goes but I was always able to reconnect them by restarting the printer or reconnect them via the IP address of the printer.

    However it doesn't work anymore. I tried to uninstall the printer drivers and reinstall and now the printer is not found wireless on the network at all (despite the fact the wireless printer shows all connections very well). I tried the following:

    -Add the printer manually using the IPv4 address--> says device not found

    -IP address of the printer type in my web browser--> says unable to connect because the server is not responding

    -connect via the usb port on the printer--> recognizes the printer, set up the wireless network, says disconnect and then it disappears again, says device not found

    I'm starting to run out of ideas... Any suggestions to help me reconfigure / reinstall my printer to make it work again would be greatly appreciated!

    Solved the problem - power source disconnected both router and the printer for 60 seconds, then restarted devices and it seemed to fix things

  • OfficeJet 6500 E710n moved network how do I change IP port?

    Hi we moved offices and changed to the wired network and subnets. OfficeJet 6500 E710n can access via the web and the new installer print using windows generic driver. But how do the existing full blown devisce to change its IP address? The port options are grayed out in the properties. I installed the printer with the GVRD full blown on a new pc and it works even if errors in the search for the printer on the network and you must provide the address of the printer.

    How to change configuration on printers with complete pilot?

    Thank you very much


    Hi, DT,.

    Please follow the steps below to reconfigure your device on the new network:

    1. Enter in devices and printers, right-click the printer icon and select remove device.
    2. Right click on the background area of the window and select Device Manager.
    3. Find the category of imaging devices, it spending, then the HP Officejet 6500 a right-click and select uninstall. If there is no element not to skip this step.
    4. Restart your PC.
    5. Click Start > programs > HP > HP Officejet 6500 E710. Search for printer software installation & / add / connect a new printer. If there is any of these items click on the printer icon and follow the steps to connect a new printer.


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