OfficeJet 6600 Gets the message of Network Installation fails when you try to install


I have the worst time setting up my new printer wireless Officejet 6600. I work with a wireless-N router that was purchased less than a year ago. I have other wireless products that work well with the internet, so I do not see there is a connectivity problem.

The test of the printer indicates that everything is OK:

Wireless on - PASS
Wireless - PASS work
Signal quality - very good
Connected - PASS

etc, etc.

I ran through all the troubleshooting I can find and nothing works. I have disabled the firewall, unplugged my router and modem, disconnected the printer, tried to implement on its own IP address. The installation wizard finds her and tries to implement, but I only get the message that it was a "network installation without success.

Has anyone experience this problem?

Any new ideas on troubleshooting are welcome.

Thank you



Thank you for your comments. I didn't expect such a quick response, which was great.

I move the printer to get a signal 'excellent' and tried the other steps you listed.  Through some googling more, we discovered that we needed to do the following:

Go to the control panel

Select Printers and faxes

Right click and select Properties

Select the Ports section

Add the port to the IP address of the printer displays

Not sure if this is the ideal way, but of course, it worked and I am now a happy customer. Hope it helps someone. I'll still Bravo for having responded so quickly.

Thanks again!

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