On the trackpad scrolling direction

Hi guys,.

Has anyone tried to reverse the direction of scrolling in browser windows?

that is down 2 fingers on the trackpad and the pages scroll

I was wondering if this could be achieved by using a normative action, or if there was some sort of third-party app for this?

Thank you.

2011 MacBook Pro 13 "

OSX El Capitan

appzenny wrote:

Hi guys,.

Has anyone tried to reverse the direction of scrolling in browser windows?

that is down 2 fingers on the trackpad and the pages scroll

I was wondering if this could be achieved by using a normative action, or if there was some sort of third-party app for this?


Select the scroll and zoom options (depending on the Mac you use, you see some of these options):

  • Direction of scrolling: natural: Select this option to move the contents of a window in the same direction as your fingers.

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    It is possible (although very unlikely, unless done on purpose) for turn off the scroll in System Preferences > accessibility > Trackpad options.

    Your settings should look like this:

  • Portege Z35-AST3N06 - Alps Trackpad scrolls in the opposite direction

    Hello, my ALPS trackpad scrolls in the opposite direction. In other words, when I want to scroll down a page I have to start at the bottom of the trackpad and scroll upwards and vice versa.

    Is there a way to get the mouse pad to scroll properly?

    Open please Synaptics settings for the touchpad and click the scroll option. You will find option Enable reverse the direction of scrolling

    Disable it and I hope your problem will be solved.

  • On my trackpad scrolling does not work after the upgrade to 12.0

    On my trackpad scrolling does not work after update Firefox from version 3.6.28 to version 12. It normally works in Thunderbird, and other applications. It is a Lenovo T61 with XP Service Pack 3 and all drivers up to date. Version 3 seems to have bad memory leaks so I would like to upgrade, but I can't do it without scrolling. I would appreciate any advice.

    Try to change the pref ui.trackpoint_hack.enabled on the topic: page default config-1 to 0 or 1 to see if that makes the work button.

    Close and restart Firefox after changing the ui.trackpoint_hack.enabled preferably.

  • NO scrolling with the trackpad

    My old Mac Pro (early 2011), I installed my copy of time machine with Yosemite 10.10.5 Mac Pro (2014) and the trackpad with 2 fingers doesn´t scroll work. Any ideas? Thank you!

    Have you checked the trackpad settings in system preferences?

    Then, would be to remove the .plist trackpad

    Removal of the preference of the system or another .plist file

  • Timeline scroll bar disappears when the trackpad is on

    Recently, I connected a trackpad to my iMac.  Then I discovered that the scroll at the bottom of the timeline in FCPX bar has disappeared.  So I disconnected the trackpad and restarted FCPX, and the timeline scroll bar reappeared.

    Then, I learned that if the trackpad is turned on and connected when I run FCPX, the timeline scroll bar is not there.  But if the trackpad is switched off/disconnected, the timeline scroll bar is here.

    Once more I found how I want to work in deadlock by deciding to Apple how should work.

    I want to use my Kensington trackball and trackpad Apple at the same time, and I want that scrollbar current timeline.  Is it possible that I can make the scroll bar appear when I have connected trackpad?

    Thank you!

    ScrollBar is controlled in general SUST preferences.

  • How to reverse the trackpad horizontal scrolling in the code window of Dreamweaver CC (Mac)?

    Having recently installed CC I take all applications so far... Although Dreamweaver (which I use a lot) shows unusual behaviour of scrolling.

    In my previous version of Creative Suite, for all applications I have a two-handed approach where to use the trackpad to navigate around the document with two fingers, while using a mouse to select the item code/etc.

    I have already disabled the 'natural' vertical scroll by default, because it feels more intuitive to me (for example if I want to scroll to the bottom of the page, I pull down with two fingers).

    However, with this new version of Dreamweaver, it breaks convention by having inverted the meaning of left-right scrolling, which has threw me because it's the only app to date that goes against the standard. Already if I wanted to see the code on the right side of the window, I would slide right, but now I have to slide to the left. I had a quick glance at the settings and did not see a way to change this.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you

    Hi PartyRichter,

    I think that you have installed Dreamweaver version June 2014 CC DW. There is a problem with the code view horizontal scrolling which is already recorded and produced the team is aware.

    If you have a problem with some other version, please let us know.

  • MBP trackpad scrolling is NOT possible

    Since I installed my iMac to my time Machine backup on my MacBook Pro for five years, the Act of scrolling (with two fingers - scroll direction: finger movement natural tracks / content) on the trackpad of the MBP does NOT work! Are all the other gestures on the trackpad. What wrong here and how can I fix?

    Without a doubt, take a look in the category of settings for Trackpad system preferences. The gesture can be disabled. Looks like you have already done this, but

  • HP pavilion 1233ee g6: split the trackpad now it works partially

    I spilt tea on my trackpad, a few drops was on the keyboard, I cleaned up the trackpad with the fabrics directly, then I used wet wipes to clear something then still tissue left
    now using the mouse pad goes upwards or downwards only, cant go right or left, or double-click
    I used a usb mouse but the trackpad sometimes confused and flashing, what should I do

    What should I do?

    Hi there @hibamasri,

    Thank you for joining the Forums HP's Support and welcome! It is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from others in the community! I read your post on the Forums of HP Support. I wanted to join you and help! I understand that you had spilt tea on your TouchPad and now it is not working properly.

    Given the age of your HP Pavilion g6 - 1233ee Notebook PC, it is probably more under warranty. You happen to remember to buy an extended warranty Protection accidental damage?

    This is the guarantee of Product Page that you can use to check your warranty status on the HP Pavilion g6 - 1233ee Notebook PC.

    Whatever it is, please use the following link to create yourself a file number:

    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/

    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on options contact HP - click Get phone number

    File number and phone number are displayed.

    You can contact us to discuss the repair options available for you.

    Please let me know if I answered your question by clicking the "Thumbs up" if the troubleshooting in this post steps solves the problem for you please click on the button "Accept as Solution" . This will allow to the others is that present the same problem a solution also. If you need assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please just re-post with the results of the resolution of the problems.

    Thank you!

  • Pilot of the trackpad for Macbook A1181 running Windows 10


    I have an old MacBook A1181 crossing 10 Windows Boot Camp, and I have a few problems.

    So first of all, I installed 10 Windows via Boot Camp on OS X Snow Leopard. The installation went well. Can I download Boot Camp 5.1.5640 on Apple's site. It is installed without error. I restarted and now does not work the trackpad. The trackpad has worked before installing Boot Camp, but without gestures.

    Then I followed a few steps I found on google on how to make it work again. Basically, I installed the Apple keyboard as a USB input. Now the trackpad works again, but without gestures. I don't really like as long as it's on the zoom and scroll, but really annoing be able to right click.

    The webcam drivers do not work, but I found a driver online that works perfectly.

    I now that this Macbook is old, but I hope someone has a solution.

    Maybe I should also mention that I also tried to launch Ubuntu 15 on it. With Ubuntu I was both able to scroll through and do a right-click without even installing something other than the OS itself.

    I also tried to use a software called Tracpad ++, but it has not taken in charge for this old Macbook.

    Hope someone knows what to do or just something I can try.

    Flexiboy99dk wrote:

    I have an old MacBook A1181 crossing 10 Windows Boot Camp, and I have a few problems.

    It is probable, since there is no drivers certified for 7/8 year, material on W10.

    Then I followed a few steps I found on google on how to make it work again. Basically, I installed the Apple keyboard as a USB input. Now the trackpad works again, but without gestures. I don't really like as long as it's on the zoom and scroll, but really annoing be able to right click.

    Remove Trackpad ++, if you still have. What is the currently installed driver that supports your trackpad without the right click? You have a trackpad tab in Control Panel-> Boot Camp?

  • Rotation of the photos in iPhoto I could simply use the trackpad with 2 fingers turning motion.  In pictures, it seems that I have to use the Edit menu, etc etc?

    In iPhoto, I could simply use the trackpad with 2 fingers rotating motion to change photos quickly to stand.  In the Photos but it seems I have to use the Edit menu, etc. etc.?

    command + r or command + option + r, depending on the direction you want.

    Also, right-click on the image to the same command, hold the option for the choice

  • Why the crazy scrolling?

    My iMac has a problem that bothers me, almost - endless.  It scrolls briefly but-wildly, say in Pages.  (This happens here - in Firefox, too).

    Lately, I thought that my Internet connection could be the culprit.  (No choice of _my_, I use Internet Charter.  I live in Asheville, North Carolina).  This might be, please?

    I think it is easier to ask here & to learn if anyone else has a similar experience.  I believe that to ask here is easier to test myself.  (It is advisable to writing.)  Thank you.  :-)

    If your on your laptop and use the trackpad try cleaning it


    If you use a mouse, you can adjust the settings in  > preferences system... > mouse

    If they appear to be nominal and are still having the problem of the mechanism in mice may be at fault. Try to replace it with a different USB mouse if it is available to try.

    I do not think that your ISP is the culprit. Charter may be rubbish, but NC is full of shit providers, mine included, and I wouldn't be surprised if Knobby could provide me better service.

  • How to disable the touchpad scrolling acceleration?

    Hello. I would like to do more appeal to the TouchPad functionality of scrolling (sliding near the edge of the trackpad), but UltraNav settings only allow you to control the speed. It is useless no matter what speed I put it, because due to the acceleration, it is still too slow or too fast. It must be extremely sensitive concentration and control to make pages scroll to the desired speed.

    Is there a way to disable acceleration somehow? 3rd party driver options?

    Thank you.

    The two finger scrolling UltraNav will probably do.

    I was referring to this:

    He has a slider for acceleration. Very regularly works for me.

  • HP Mini Mie - disable the Trackpad as mouse button

    I come from the new edition of Mi and very impressed by it's slick interface and style. I've used Ubuntu for about two months on my home machine, that is why it is annoying me right now...

    How to turn the tap trackpad click... in other words, tapping the trackpad would not act as if a mouse button has been clicked.

    I feel like this should be easy, but I think that the problem lies in the fact the Sub settings - system - there is only a 'Mouse' and not a 'Trackpad' option, so there is no settings click on and outside...

    Any ideas?

    Go to, advanced settings, control parameters, do scroll down to system and find the synaptic package manager. You can search for gsynaptics and install it. It now appears in the Panel settings like "touch pad". Use it to "turn off the tap" on the second tab make sure "disable touchpad" on the first screen because you will need to track down a mouse usb at the end.

  • Problems with the mouse scrolling

    I have a Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000 that I use on my laptop Dell Inspiron N5110 with Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - bit installed on it.

    Recently, the mouse wheel is crazy I've put it down it scrolls to the top, scroll down, done both or nothing. and this only happens when scrolling down, there is no problem of scrolling upward.

    I changed the USB port - in which I put the receiver - the only one directly attached to the motherboard. That gave me minutes of scrolling perfect without problem, but after having tried other ports he went crazy again.

    I tried to uninstall the driver from Device Manager and then put it back, but to no avail (I did for several ports)

    I should note that the problem itself is fluctuating, which sometimes means that the wheel is crazier than others and I tried the mouse on another laptop and the problem does not occur.

    Thanks in advance.

    Original title: Wireless Mouse 1000 - wheel had crazy


    You did changes to the computer before this problem?

    I wish that you read the following article and follow the suggestions in the article.

    The problems with the mouse button or scroll the parameters
    Hope this helps, if the problem persists with Windows updates, please get back to us. We are here to help you.

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