Only brand new XPS 13 no boot device found

Hello, I just received my brand new 13 XPS in the mail today, when I opened and turned it top read "no found boot device, press a key to restart your computer."  After several attempts to reboot and also starting for other boot on the portable devices (' Windows manager and partition itself "none of them have solved the problem.)  From what I understand this, is this a problem with the hardware with the SSD on the laptop? Or is there something I can do which will fix this problem?

Check to make sure that it is in mode UEFI and secure startup is enabled.  If both are set, yes - the ssd is likely bad.  Send the replacement system - it is absolutely useless to have a whole new system of DOA torn apart for repair.

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    Brand new XPS 8900 Win 10 won't turn on, flashes yellow 2 times power made a break of 7 times pauses then resumes.

    I've not seen a chart explaining flashing power on the 8900 XPS button codes. And there is nothing in the Manual.

    You need to contact Dell tech support immediately. You have 21 days from the date of billing (no delivery date) to pick them up. And then you can order another.

    Otherwise, technical support should work with you to solve the problem under warranty on this system.

    If you are comfortable working inside the case, it is possible that something got its place potted during shipping. Then you can try reseating the RAM and PCI-e cards modules and cables between motherboard and drives and connection etc. Don't forget to read the instructions on the inside of your PC use in the manual before opening the case.

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    Unfortunately, no matter what I try (install from CD with auto detect, install from the CD with the specification of physical drive, install from disk image), I get the error "no boot file received" Windows and then the "no boot device found" error on VMWare.  It is with version 2.02, running in OSX 10.5.6.

    Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

    First Windows 95 isn't eligible OS to upgrade to Vista from and regarding Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade you can only do a place in family Windows XP Edition upgrade and Windows XP Media Center, which means any other previous operating system will have to be removed before you can install.

    In any case we say used to be able to install Windows Vista directly from an upgrade, even if it was with the original version and I n not know if it works with an SP1 DVD but take a look on: How to Clean install Windows Vista with upgrade media

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    If troubleshooting does not solve your problem, you need to perform a factory restore or using the partition recovery or recovery discs I hope that you created when you first got the computer:

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    I ran a Boot Camp for Windows 10 installation process using this configuration:

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    El Capitan 10.11.2.


    Boot Camp Assistant 6.0.0

    I used a flash drive USB 2 for the installation disc.

    I modified the plist BCA as shown here:

    http://Tsentas.NET/create-a-Windows-7-or-later-version-install-disk-missing-on-e l-capitan.

    BCA works well, downloads support, creates what looks like appropriate on the USB installation files, and then create a MS-DOS (FAT32) partition on a hard disk that is dedicated in an internal Bay. At this point, it seems to be trying to boot from a Windows installation process and rise black screen "no boot device found... etc."

    Any idea whats up?

    Thank you, Bruce T

    Create a USB key modifying the Info.plist file does not work? There is a reason that it's missing at first, meaning that your specific model, with an integrated optical drive, needs to use a physical DVD. You can burn a DVD from ISO?

    Be aware that a 2008 MP has no W10 driver supported by Apple. A list of Macs Apple officially support it to use 10 Windows on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple Support .

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    Just installed a new har drive in my Compaq CQ57. Order the HP recovery discs. Place the first disc in the disc as instructed and turned on power drive. Now, I get a "no boot device - insert boot disk" message. I thought it was what I had at HP? Any help on how to recover the system, and then reinstall Windows 7? What should I do next?


    Disc 1 of recovery in Notepad, turn on the power / restart your PC and press the F9 key at the beginning of the HP welcome screen to get the start time menu.

    Select the DVD drive on the list of bootable devices, and press the Enter key.

    Watch the screen for additional instructions.

    If the F9 key does not launch the start menu, then press the ESC key instead and select the menu options start from there.

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    Recently my computer (Inspiron 15 3521) had hard drive failures, so I ran a diagnosis which resulted in replace me the hard drive. I thought I would upgrade the old 500 GB for a hard drive of tuberculosis.

    Now, when I install the new hard drive, that it translates "found no boot device" I ran diagnostics on it and checked everything, and it recognizes the hard disk. Diagnosis is nothing but the problem persists. Any help would be great!

    The fundamental question: you have installed Windows on the drive?  New disks arrive Virgin - you'll need the support of recovery do you when you have received the system to install the operating system on the disk.

  • no boot device found message after that finishing recovery disks and restart...

    I recently bought a new Wester Digital hard drive my laptop HP provided with is death/failed, but now I have no found boot device / error message even after complete installation floppies and disk 4 is ejected.  He did the whole insert the disc 1, 2, 3 and 4, and he went to 100%, then said to remove recovery media and press on continue, so that he can restart and complete the process, but it just reboots the computer, gets the no boot message device and stays there.  There's too much during the night and still the same message.  After disc 4 finished what she also said not to touch anything or do something, so I did everything, he said to do.  The hard drive is new, as I said, and is the same 500 GB which was the one I replaced.  The recovery disc were not created by me, they came with my laptop when I bought from futureshop in late October 2010.  It is out of warranty too, that's why I'm looking for a solution...

    Any help would be welcome...

    I did something else I looked and everything got up and running, so it's all good now.

  • I have HP notebook: no boot device found after the death of the computer during the update

    During an update my PC is dead, I know it must have been plugged and now boots to no device found startup please install an operating system on your hard drive


    Try the following.

    First, use another PC to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD or a USB Flash drive via the following link.  Under the section "Imperative to create a cable USB, DVD or ISO", download the media creation tool.

    Once you have it, run the tool, select 'Create the installation media for another PC', then select the language edition of Windows 10 and 64-bit.

    Follow the rest of the guests to create this and then click on finish when done.

    Insert the Installation of Windows 10 support and stop the laptop by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.

    Click next to the ESC key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Boot Menu, and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ).

    Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) or USB Flash Driver (uefi) option, according to which typre of media you created, then click on enter – if you are prompted to "Press any key to continue...". "- make.

    Start on the Menu of Boot Options Advanced - see Option 5 on the link below for more information on access to this.

    Then try to run the system restore Windows to return the laptop to a point in time before that happen this isssue - see Option 1 on the link below for more information on this procedure.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Laptop doesn't say no boot device found no hard disk 3F0 operating system

    My laptop says peripheral boot not found please install system of operating on your hard drive. Hard drive (3F0) F2 diagnostics of the system for more information visit My laptop was purchased in December and in February, he crashed there windows 8.1and only past online a few times, if that much.

    Even if you have run any tests on the hard drive and you get the result as thin means not always your player is stable. If you are in warranty still you should consider to connect with the HP of your region and get a service / repair. They will run a few tests with you and then organize a pick for repair.

  • Brand new XPS 13 "display driver stopped responding and recovered."

    Bought a new model of XPS 13 9350 with windows 10 with touch and just literally there for a day... Love everything except for the message that appears when just surfing... just with the exception of this little message that keeps popping up in the taskbar "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered"... screen will go black for a second and work again. It happens like every 10 minutes about... sometimes more... sometimes less...

    I already try to update the latest driver for the graphics card in the Device Manager... What should I do? Have I not a lemon? I call for assistance? Return this laptop? I don't feel that a 1300 laptop should be having this error on the first day only when you surf. Of course, I paid less because of the sale Black Friday... but still, top of the range Dell XPS should not do this...

    Any solution? I love everything on this laptop except for this...

    You need the version
    Load the page Dell drivers or update in Device Manager.

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    I have a XPS ONE 2720 (4770) race win 10 Pro. I bought an SSD of Crucial(MX200 500GB) card. The card installed and when I restarted the PC I got the message; NO BOOTABLE DEVICE. Press F1 to retry, F2 for Setup. If I pressed F1, it would load fine Windows. The SSD has been detected and usable, but every time I restarted the PC, I get the message. I took the card and the PC starts fine now. Has anyone seen this before and if so you have a resolution. Thank you

    You need to reinstall the operating system on the new SSD. See here for more details:

  • Windows XPS 8700 8.1 "don't no boot device found" H E L P

    Hi all

    I'm sorry if I put this in the wrong forum, I'm new to this,

    So, today, I tried to install 3 t seagate expansion hard drive my brother... with no luck. I read to remove the quick start, so I restarted my computer and got a black screen saying no bootable disk is found. I tried to hit F1 several times, without success, then tried the options in F2 start setting reset does nothing... I also tried F12 diagnosis and she finds nothing wrong. When I bought this computer I had not given a boot CD and I regret ever making one now. Is there anything that can help me find my files? I have a lot of music (mine) and photos (also my own) I'd like back.


    Just a. I ran an ePSA last night and everything checked OK. This morning I had a friend get a boot flash drive and ran it... but it tells me that the disk where windows is installed is locked.

    Now I don't really know what to do.

    Watch this clip: the drive where windows is installed is locked

    EDITED: Another link is a paid app.

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    Hello world. I have a big problem with my desktop computer. I just got my computer a week ago. I had problems with a black screen for a while. I read on the site of dell desktop XPS 8700 computers have problems with this (something on the cube map) and he said that updating the BIOS solves this problem, well it's not.

    My computer wont even start until now. All I get is a black screen. I don't know what else to do.


    I called Dell and we arrived after that the problem was a default video card. They helped me very well and tomorrow I should get my new video card.

    Thank you for responding!

  • (Redirected) Brand new XPS 8700 DOA

    Just received via FedEx, out of the box, wired keyboard/mouse, monitor, then power cord. Tried to power on and nothing. Fan starts and stops and the system goes into a loop, trying to power. Called support (you must be kidding me!) had to do the online chat to get the return authorization. Got the UPS label, he has attached to the box and shipped this puppy in return. I've been a user of Dell since 1990-1991 and that you have upgraded to new systems, every 3 to 4 years. Never again.

    Better to post this thread in the Customer Care Forum here:


Maybe you are looking for

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