OptiPlex 160 BIOS updates not (because the fan is missing?)


I just had a 160 of Optiplex opportunity (model DC01T) with BIOS A06 and have tried everything so he could update BIOS A10, A09, A08 or A07.

I downloaded the BIOS in DOS/Windows unified and put it on a key USB of FreeDOS.  When I run the package, it runs through everything and then restarts, but never actually updates the BIOS.  I tried to install Linux on a USB Flash drive, install the Dell OMSA tools and use dellBiosUpdate pointing to the A09. HDR file.

For some reason any that also fails because the module dell_rbu does not ' / sys/class/firmware/dell_rbu / ' as it should.  No amount of copy 'init' to ' / sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/image_type "also helps to correct this problem.

The only thing I can think is that when the system restarts it goes to a "Fan Alert!" message because this unit didn't come with the fan & HD support.  I have one on its way, but if this warning/error is clearing the BIOS update flag then everything should work once the fan comes and I get that connected.

If this is not the case is there anything else I should try?


I finally got figured out if anyone is interested.  The fan error could be the cause of the normal update to fail, but by using a bunch of switches, you can force the update to install, and then restart.

O160-A10. EXE/Boot confort /info /jabil /nopause /noreboot / verbose

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    So I can't say it s nothing wrong!

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    Why do you think a BIOS update would turn the memory settings in the BIOS?
    Please don t mix of desktop computers laptops! Laptops cannot be overclocked.
    BIOS of laptop computers is not the same thing as a desktop PC BIOS!

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    Then lean back man and enjoy your nice toy ;)

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    Hi, Arne:

    There is the outside possiblilty of the drive is bad.

    You have another PC, you can test it in?

    You have a 120 GB of HARD drive, you can test in the PC?

    If she sees the 120 GB HARD drive and not 160 GB HARD drive, then you have your answer.


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    This prevents me to install windows XP, the operating system it is. If anyone can help, I'd be much obliged, too, I flashed the bios with V1.80.


    It is the first time I heard about this issue. The Bios doesn't recognize the drive but Windows is possible use it t.
    Why suggest that peut t BIOS recognizes the drive? Is it not possible to boot from the drive?
    Check if the IDE controller is enabled and the Boot section. The CD/DVD drive should be selected and activated.

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    You replaced the HARD drive by a new one or the BIOS don't recognize the old HDD?

    Usually if the laptop is not able to start and that the BIOS does not see the old HDD then I guess that the HARD drive is faulty.
    If the BIOS doesn't recognize the inserted new HARD drive and then either you ve bought is not compatible, or the size of the HARD drive is just too big.

    Please provide more info. You see error messages?

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    See this previous discussion: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vistawu/thread/5300b50a-dfcd-42fb-9785-ab52f2ee1796 ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • HP 6120 t BIOS does not recognize the second IDE hard drive connected via IDE-SATA controller


    HP 6120 t (vista) BIOS does not recognize the second IDE hard drive connected via IDE-SATA controller. The other SATA disk and the DVD player came with the machine.

    I hooked my old 200 GB Hitachi drive via the controller. I also put the jumbers in the present as a slave. I also took the original WD drive and just connect the IDE hard drive. BIOS do not show any drive at all.

    I would try something possible at this time I have a lot of my data on the old disk.

    Thanks appreciate any suggestion.

    Try to enter the BIOS and I believe under change of Advanced menu of SATA to IDE or Enhanced.

    You need to do when you install Windows XP or you will get a blue screen and it does not start.

    Don't forget chang back when you put it in your drive home hard sata.

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    These files are patches for the X 3 program and have nothing to do with Microsoft SP 1, 2 and 3.

    The error that gives the installer of windows, is that the patch cannot be installed by the installer, because the program is missing (which is not the case) or the upgrade patch may update a different version of the program, (which he did... this fix is designed especially for the X 3 only and is in fact the upgrade for him.)

    It says to check that I have the program on my computer and I have the appropriate fix. (What I'm doing.)
    Last week I had to remove Corel X 3 from my computer and re-install. After that, I couldn't get the patch installed, and it needs those 2 patches to work properly.

    I am running XP Pro with MS Service pack 3 on my computer.  I have Intel pentium 4, 2944 usable Mg 300Ghz installed memory 266,80 GB of free space on 2 hard drives.

    Another site said a faulty windows installer can cause "out of memory" errors and has spent in Corel Draw so I deleted and reinstalled as I've mentioned above. Any ideas on how to get this installed?  Hope you can help, I don't know where to turn to the next if not. Corel does not support this program because of his age. I can't afford to update at the moment so I have a problem here. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

    Been away in a few days. Just in case anyone else has this problem, I found the answer. It's one of those moments DUHHH.

    If you use the version of Corel Draw X 3, there already = sp1 and sp2 patches and pre-installed horfix.

    Should check that the first step, but I thank you

    David Vinod to try to help this sometimes fictitious.

    Best regards, Frank

  • Computer HP laptop windows didn't load because the HAL is missing or corrupt

    I have a HP Pavilion dv6605us

    Windows Vista

    Error message I get is:

    File: \Windows\System32\hal.dll

    Status: 0xc000000f

    Info: Windows could not load because the HAL is missing or corrupt

    The changes that I do is I did a clean install of Linux deleting all partitions including the HP recovery partition.

    Now that I have to go back to Windows, I used the recovery disks that I did when I bought the laptop. It took about 24 hours to completely install, then I got this error message when you restart.

    Help, please

    Best thing to do is to nuke the drive,then reinstall Vista again.

    I know it's a long process, but you should get back to run.

    Linux makes strange recovery partitions does not understand and they are deleted correctly, boot and nuke will take care of it.

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    I went here and it seems that there is no driver. I sent them an email and support confirms there is that no driver is not providing them.


    Please note that pilots must be pre installed in your Microsoft windows 7 OS. If your machine is not with the drivers, that we invite you to contact Microsoft because they are not available for download from Sony.


    How can I download the drivers for Windows? I don't know how to start.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I had the same problem, but I solved the problem thanks to HP, because I have their laptops for business.

    Their bluetooth device driver was not active and up-to-date.

    As expected, it was Found HP. supported drivers for my particular model and the version of windows on the HP website and found the latest driver for bluetooth device. I had the version dated May 2015, and my headphones worked great after that.

    In your case, you will have to hit Apple door my friend.

    The problem of its material for sure. Please contact the service exceptional customer called Apple.

    After that all Macs have never no problem, you paid the higher price for it. : Pei

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    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [INFO] |  | USS | PIM | PIM |  |  | 6256 | Build Version -

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [INFO] |  | USS | PIM | PIM |  |  | 6256 | Exploitation forest verbosity level set to 4

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [INFO] |  | USS | PIM | PIM |  |  | 6256 | CREATING Instance PIM...

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [FATAL] |  | USS | PIM | PIM |  |  | 6256 | Detected db journal file, Adobe Application Manager is in a State damaged to C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [FATAL] |  | USS | PIM | PIM |  |  | 6256 | Adobe Application Manager is needed to solve this problem. However, it is missing or damaged.

    Download a new copy of Adobe Application Manager of http://www.Adobe.com ,

    or re install this product.

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [FATAL] |  | USS | The installation program. The installation program.  |  | 6256 | Cannot create the PIM item

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [INFO] |  | USS | The installation program.  |  |  | 6256 | Event generated Guid is: "986b04a2-3099-49fd-9067-df69c36ff2b2."

    06/04/16 16:23:29:507. [INFO] |  | USS | The installation program.  |  |  | 6256 | Event generated Guid is: "e5f02581-649c-49ec-a265-800eeb5ad426."

    Does anyone have an idea what to do? I use Windows 7 as operating system

    Hi Ruedigerd91465945,

    Well try download and install Adobe Application manager from here: Adobe - Adobe Application Manager: For Windows: Adobe Application Manager: thank you

    Before installing kindly, restart the machine and then rename the folder in C:\Program Files (x 86) OOBE \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE\PDApp as OOBE_OLD

    Let us know if that helps.

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    It been a while since that HP has completed a new update of the BIOS for my Pavilion G6-1061ee, I got v f.63.

    But now, they have made a new update of BIOS that is v f.65 I downloaded the file (the insydeFlash BIOS update) and when I run it and press START, my system freeze suddenly and EXTREMELY increase fan noise, it's like my CPU usage is 300% then in a few moments, the system shuts down and I could not be able to turn on the computer again , So I had to unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery then return everything back to be able to turn it on.

    So can anyone help me with this problem.

    OS: 8 64-bit Windows

    RAM: 8 GB (Original was 4 GB... And added another 4 GB)

    CPU: Intel (r) Core i5 CPU M480

    GPU: Radeon HD 6470 M with Intel HD 3400 grapchics

    - And thank you

    Kind regards
    Pedro Marthon

    Hello PedroMarthon.

    Are you currently overclocking the graphics card?

    In order to solve this problem, I think you should uninstall third-party drivers and use the official drivers for Windows 7 and the workaround posted by my peers.  The reason I suggest, is that the use of third-party drivers could cause strange problems and it will be easier to solve the problem.

    What I would say is remove the third-party drivers and then using the method posted in my response above.  Once the process is complete, I would try and then update the BIOS again.  If successful, you can remove Windows 7 drivers and again use your third-party drivers.  However, I'm not against the use of third-party drivers.

    I appreciated the way in which you have been given to work with me, so I went to come your messages of congratulations.  If you think that I was helpful please click the White Star under my name to give my messages of congratulations.  I would really appreciate it!

    I will keep an eye out for your next answer.  I wish you a nice day!

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    -Dell Inspiron 3443/3543/5749 system BIOS;

    -Version A07.

    -Pull out the date 18 November 2015.

    I tried to install the update by using the utility to update the BIOS available in the start menu (after pressing F12). The update failed with the error message "Dell id does not match" or similar.

    Running the update of the session Windows don't seem to have any effect either.

    It seems that the update is only compatible with Inspiron 3443.

    Where can I get the update of the correct BIOS for my laptop? Any help is appreciated.

    The problem has been resolved by a motherboard replacement. Thank you.

  • Vista SP2 does not updated Windows because the Windows Modules Installer (Trustedinstaller.exe) crashing

    My laptop Vista SP2 does not have Windows updates due to the Windows Modules Installer (Trustedinstaller.exe) crashing:

    Error message:
    "Signing of the problem:
    Problem event name: APPCRASH
    Application name: TrustedInstaller.exe
    Application version: 6.0.6002.18005
    Application timestamp: 49e01af1
    Fault Module name: wcp.dll
    Fault Module Version: 6.0.6002.18005
    Timestamp of Module error: 49e0380e
    Exception code: 80000003
    Exception offset: 0013b 972
    OS version: 6.0.6002.
    Locale ID: 2057
    Additional information 1: fcbe
    More information 2: 21dec0ca93c87c4af4036e2c4a4d224a
    3 more information: 93a 4
    "Additional information 4: 172cbe47bfd87945783d7b08d7f02897.

    Update history shows a number of updates that haved 'impossible' to install accordingly.
    Any ideas how to solve this problem for all my PC install Windows updates pending?

    Thank you very much!

    Hi Spoon579,

    Jose is correct that we need more information. Without any information only generic suggestions that we can supply to run SFC/scannow here or CheckSUR here

Maybe you are looking for