Pair blackBerry smartphones my BB8330 with multiple devices at the same time?

matching my BB8330 with my blue tooth earphone(TM:jawbone) and my microsoft sync which is at the same time in my car? If I combine the car, will I need to pair my jaw all over again?

TeslasBB wrote:
matching my BB8330 with my blue tooth earphone(TM:jawbone) and my microsoft sync which is at the same time in my car? If I combine the car, will I need to pair my jaw all over again?

You can only pair one device at a time to your 8330, or any other phone besides.  The "pairs" are saved in the phone, you can use one or the other and you will not have to pair it again.  Once you turn on your bluetooth device and the phone is turned on, they will find each other again.

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    fitnessdr wrote:

    Thank you for the information.  So if I had to return the new bluetooth keyboard, should I get the 'Palm 3169WWZ Wireless Keyboard", or y at - it another model I should look for?  (From what I can tell, I think he will use IR)

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    Well, that's the one I use.

    Don't forget to download the driver for the more recent (1.13) for the keyboard in the Palm Support pages for the keyboard:

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    Kind regards.

    I removed my case and cover for the back; It looks like it works. see until tomorrow. But I m very excited and I love my blackberry. (now I m afraid to challenge my cover... my battery is visible lol)

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    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

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    I hope this helps. Let us know if you need more assistance.

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    Hi sday706,

    If you're referring to, you can certainly.

    1. Sign in to your account on with your Adobe ID and password.
    2. Click the icon of the file download (the cloud and arrow icon) at the top right.
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    Please let us know how it goes.



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    That seems to fix the problem. Just reinstalled Flash and do not get the same questions. The svchost.exe in the \windows\system32 folder is legitimate!

    Hope this helps someone else with the same problem.

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    If you look at the area where Flash displays your frames per second is a small button (it looks like 2 boxes blu - ish overlapping). It is the button "edit multiple layers. Once you press this, you will see a marker on your time line asking you to select the images to change. Stretch this segment to cover all the images you want to include in your editing - lock all layers you want to include in your installation. Then, you can press Ctrl + a to 'select all' - this will only select executives in "onion" and unlocked frames - from there, any changes will not affect what is selected. You have to play with how it works because it can be a little difficult to understand (when it comes to points of alignment and balance, etc.). I would like to make a copy of your flash document to test this point until understand you before you start your original edition.

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    Here is the example of my case.

    I have 500 files in a folder. each file contains a waveform and its setting.

    and then I want to do a card spectral these files, because these files have been saved in the order.

    the point is to know how to read these 500 files at once? I made a program to read these files, but the program can read these files in one by one. So it is very uncomfortable to read 500 files one by one. can someone help me solve this problem? Thank you. I hope you can show me the program. Thank you again...

    Hi jojo,

    Well, in the range of functions daughter, you will find a function to list the contents of the folder. This allows to get the names of all the files datalog, and then use a loop FOR to read.

    No one is obliged to provide 500 names of files manually - that's why we use a programming language to let the computer do the stupid work

  • Use Windows Media Player 12 to "Play To" 2 devices at the same time?

    I'm a big fan of play functionality in Windows Media Player 12 and I am able to play music to 2 devices in my house. I'd like to be able to "play to" both devices at the same time so that the music is synchronized in several rooms. This feature is coming in a future release?


    Thank you for your comments.

    I suggest you enter the information in the link below to submit your comments.

  • IME arrive at some IPS devices at the same time?

    Hi, we manage the IPSs now.

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    I think that CSM (Cisco Security Manager) can do.


    No, when executing failover, you will need to manually configure each of the boxes. No replication will happen for IPS modules!

    Looking for a Networking Assistance?
    Contact me directly to [email protected] / * /

    I will fix your problem as soon as POSSIBLE.

    See you soon,.

    Julio Segura Carvajal

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    Hello Lindsayb123,

    We do have an option to set a generic reminder under choice of account in the accounts of the company and can be set by going to the tab account-> account settings-> send parameters and set reminders.

    Let me know if you need more information.


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    Make that 99jon wrote, then select all the thumbnails of the images you want to apply a preset. (ctrl + click is sometimes a bit boring to select different in the grid images when browsing a large number of them. consider using the spray can and apply a label of color to the images you want brand. and then filter for color you "pulverized").

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    Make sure that the preset affect only the properties you want to change. If the white balance must remain intact, then check the box for the white power off balance when you save a preset.


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