Pavilion 3025et: Please help me! DV 3025et sound!

Hi everyone I'm using win7 64 bit

I had problem with the sound of my laptop and I deleted the audio driver IDT with application tool unnistall


"the hardware found is not supported by this package idt.

It's problem... someone should give me the link of the driver... Please, I'll be going crazy im so angry

waiting for solutions thanks for everything


Oh yes!

I found it! It works amazing! 1

IM now tell how I did it.

Start < cmd < (the admins open and right click.)

bcdedit.exe - set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
bcdedit.exe - set TESTSIGNING

Restart your pc and install what you want install driver IDT, (any version) install and reboot your pc and listen to your music ():

why we take this problem when we try to install IDT pilot? cuz digital signature protection leaves us for that, first of all we must remove the protection of the digital signature after we can install... that's all! Thank you all

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    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged.  Re-install a new copy should help ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

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    Hi Rhonda327,

    Check if an error code is listed in the Device Manager:

    a. Click Start, click Run and then type devmgmt.msc

    b. expand sound, video and game controllers

    c. double-click the sub element

    1. run the system restore. Restore the system to the date when it was working fine. You can check the link for the steps below: how to restore Windows XP to a previous state:

    2. you can also run the patch from the link below: diagnose and automatically repair audio playback problems:

    Check out the links that gives you information about the installation of drivers from the manufacturer's Web site and also not to know the manufacturer or the supplier of the device below.


    How to update a sound card driver in Windows Vista and Windows XP:

    Add the above suggestions, you can alos use windows update to install the drivers for the device. Link, please refer to:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    Mike alpha


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    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    maybe try to use system restore, restore to a point before you had the problem. Who find themselves in Control Panel-> system control of-> System Protection.

    You can also check the Device Manager. Search for audio video and game controllers and click to enlarge. If you see yellow with flag icons, this means that there is a problem with the device driver, for example it could be absent if you deleted it. You should probably check this first before doing a system restore to make sure that there is really a device problem, and not because it is a parameter changes such as turning off the device.

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  • After Effects running TERRIBLY on laptop HP Pavilion DV8 - please help!

    I got a new laptop brilliant to run all my apps.  Everything is GREAT running (3DSMax, Maya, etc.), but AE is running extremely slow.

    There seems to be a video problem (but I'm not sure), for example, with that a single computer (empty) vacuum created the screen has refreshing problems when I'm simply MMB drag the canvas autour.  I can not create layers of distributed form 8 and select a manipulation without any movement extremely slowly.  It's all in a mock-up of the 720 p (1280x720px).

    Here are my PC specs:

    Intel core i7 Q720 @1. 6 GHz

    8.00 GB OF RAM

    64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium

    1 TB (2 x 500 GB) HARD drive

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 M graphics card

    The notebook is essentially new and like I said it works very well with my stuff from Autodesk


    Here's what I did:

    AE CS4 has been updated to (under license)

    AE prefs:

    Hardware accelerate composition, layer, and footage Panel is on

    volume of overflow is set to physical hard disk 2nd

    disk cache is also set on 2nd drive HARD physics

    interface gradients are OFF

    multiprocessing is running

    Turn off the fancy for Windows (performance options) interface options does not help

    Driver graphics card apparently can't be updated outside the norm imposed HP (all updates have been applied)

    All Adobe master collection updates have been applied


    And I have the problem with OpenGL ON, OFF and even in WIRED mode

    I need AE more than any other app, and now it's practically unusable.  I tried everything I can think of.

    Help, please!  And thank you

    > The wacom driver would have something to do with it? (It's an intuos 3)

    Perhaps. Wacom and Adobe identified a problem with some Wacom drivers.

    There is a thread here on the Wacom driver problem:

  • How can I fix sound on my Ipod Touch 6 G please help

    Please help I have no sound on my new I pod Touch 6 G

    What you say, there is no sound on your iPod Touch.

    Thus, you cannot get any mp3s, podcasts, alert sounds or YouTube audio?

  • HP starts not problems of serval please help

    Hello, when I try to turn on my computer it shows the following error:
    Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer, this error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device, such as a usb external drive when the appliance is used, either by a defective as a hard disk hardware or the cd-rom drive which is a failure. Make sure that all removable storage is properly connected, and then restart your computer. If you continue to receive this error message, contact the manufacturer of the equipment.
    Status: 0xc00000e9
    Info: an unexpected i/o error has occurred

    My laptop is a pavilion dv6
    Please help me because I paid a lot for this laptop

    It will work unless you use HP Recovery Discs to install Windows. For those who use the hard disk must be at least as large a capacity. A retail disk can be used on the ssd.

  • My laptop HP Pavilion will not record any sound at all - please help

    Dear all

    My laptop Hp Pavilion is not allow me to record all sounds - not in the built-in microphone and not through any plug microphone I have.

    -J' already checked that my microphone is not muted
    -J' already checked that my microphone is set to the default device
    -J' already checked that my burning software (Audacity) has selected as the device microphone to take his
    -I think I have the latest drivers for my microphone, but I'm not 100% sure

    Can someone please help me with this? I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance


    Method 1:

    I suggest you to visit the links below and check if it works.

    Method 2:

    You can also refer to the steps below:

    a. Open Sound by clicking on the Start button, then Control Panel. In the search box, type sound, and then click sound.
    b. click on the recording tab, click on Microphone and then click Properties.
    c. click the levels tab and make sure the mute button is enabled, if off to click on it to activate sound for this connection and then click on apply.
    d. click on the Advanced tab, click to clear applications to allow him to take exclusive control of this peripheral checkbox and then click OK.

    See the link below:

  • HP Pavilion dv6-6070ee: lost all preinstalled on my laptop Pavilion DV6-6070ee help please


    I own a HP Pavilion dv6 - 6070ee notebook pc, serial number: product number [personal information deleted],: LL059EA #ABV.

    Long story short, I had problems with the hard drive came with my laptop, so I had to switch to an SSD, but, unfortunately, I could not clone the hard drive to my new SSD because the hard drive was really damaged, so I had to install a new genuine copy of windows 7 Home premium 64-bit, which was originally on the laptop when I bought it.

    The problem is, I've lost all the software initially provided with the original hard drive and now I don't even have a recovery partition. In addition, the sound does not work, the camera does not work the microphone and the reader of fingerprints and many other things. Please help im really really desperate, if only I can download a recovery partition so my phone would go back to normal thank you very much.

    PS: beats audio also comes with the laptop.

    Thank you

    Sorry, but it becomes increasingly difficult to find the recovery media for older PCs, because the places are running out of stock.

    All you can really do at this point is go to this page and download and install the HP drivers for devices that do not work correctly:

    Good luck

  • In input/out live telephone calls have "broken" sound only after updating to iOS 9.3 update on 6, please help...

    All entry/out live telephone calls have 'broken' sound only & unable to play the music on my phone after update to iOS 9.3 update on 6, please help...

    Hi there dmaclatchy,

    It sounds slipped you can not use the app phone on your phone, because the sound is uneven or inaudible and something is happening with your music do not let play. I want to quit all applications running on the phone:

    Force an app to close the iOS

    1. press the Home button twice quickly. You will see small glimpses of your applications recently used.
    2. slide to the left to find the application you want to close.
    3. push upward on the overview of the application to close.

    When you have done that reboot the device and test again the question:

    iOS: switch off and on (restart) and reset

    If the problem persists, save your device in iTunes, then restore it like new and verify that it works.

    How to clear your iOS device and then set up as a new device or restore from backups

    If this is the case, restore your backup either check it still works and just reinstalled software or circumvent the problem in the backup file itself. Let us know how it goes! Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Now, I have no sound on my lapt top having a media player to "check the drive for errors" and laptop have no dound I did a windows update, but no sound came through, please help me

    Now, I have no sound on my lapt top having a media player to "check the drive for errors" and laptop have no d

    the sounds I made a windows update, but no sound came through it please please help with a link to something. Re, I did check the drive for errors and still after it again all the sounds left my laptop which is a vaio song

    Thanks for any help

    Hi, Pantha9,

    What version of Windows are you using?

    Start > right click on computer and select Manage

    Select Device Manager

    Click on the + next to sound, video and game controllers

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Restart the computer and Windows will reload the driver

    New attempt of his

    Access the site of the factory and search for driver updates

  • my laptop keyboard is not working. His pavilion G6 2228TU model please help me.

    my laptop keyboard is not working. His pavilion G6 2228TU model please help me.


    This could be a hardware problem, but it is always worth trying the following.

    Open windows control panel, open Device Manager, expand keyboards, "Standard PS/2 Keyboard" right click and select uninstall.

    When you are finished, stop the laptop - if you're running Windows 8 or 8.1, do it by holding down the button SHIFT left click Shutdown to temporarily prevent a hybrid boot.

    Then disconnect the AC adapter and then remove the battery.  Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds.  Reinsert the battery and plug in the AC adapter.

    Robinet tap away at the key esc that you start the computer to launch the Start Menu, and then select f10 to open the bios menu.  Press f5 to load the default values (sometimes it's f9, but the menu below indicates the correct key), use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press ENTER.  Press f10 to save the setting and still use the arrow keys to select 'Yes' and press on enter.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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