Permanently degraded on SAS 6/IR RAID.


How do you update a table of 'Gradients permanently' to 'Feeling better' or 'online' on a Poweredge R310 with a SAS6/IR controller?  Is - this automatic?

Here's the context:

I got a Poweredge 310 with SAS 6/IR disconnect this morning.  The system would not start (no bootable device found, press F1 to retry).  Controller SAS reported the painting as "permanently degraded.  Disk0 has been disconnected.  Disk1 was online, no failure doesn't predict.  I removed Disk0 and moved Disk1 to slot0. Rebooted the system and it boots into Windows.  I put a new disc in slot1 and waited.  Nothing happened.  I went in OpenManage and the disk0 was listed as "Online, predicts no failure" disk1 is "ready".  I changed disk1 on a world relief and it began to rebuild.

Here is a summary of Windows journal.  To be clear, no one was present at the shop during this time:

22:02:25 - SAS reports link lost on PHY0, virtual disk, degraded, peripheral physical disk removed 0:0:0

22:02:27 - device physics and then reinserted, reconstruction started

23:56:57 - link lost on PHY0

23:57:12 - link restored PHY0

01:46:34 unexpected sense device 0:0:1

01:46:40 error fatal drive of support during the reconstruction.  Disk 0:0:1

01:46:46 error fatal drive of support during the reconstruction. Disk 0:0:0

01:49:50 - Bad block table is 80% full.  Disk 0:0:0 and 0:0:1

01:50:05 - Bad block table is full.  Physical disk 0:0:0 and 0:0:1

01:50:07 - Device 0:0:0 failed.

02:23:03 - \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 has a bad block

03:54:53 - last entry.  Unexpected support peripheral sense 0:0:1.


Disk 0 is bad and must be replaced, and writing 1 disk experienced failures, causing loss of data.  Because the RAID controller cannot handle missing data, he scored the table as permanently damaged, because no matter what happens, he will never be able to rebuild a drive to remake the table in good health, because he knows that he lacks certain amount of data.  Unfortunately, the table must be deleted and recreated with healthy discs and then restored from a backup.

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    The unit is currently configured in RAID 50 and has two parts. How RAID 5 sets are configured in fact? Is - this 2 x 11 or 2 x 6 + 2 x 5 or something else?

    Is it still considered safe to perform this configuration in RAID 50, or are we better off the coast of conversion to RAID 6?


    The 6210 X creates two RAIDsets.

    The suggestion of using RAID6 is 7200 TPM NL - SAS become increasingly large, rebuild times are multiplying so.  That widens the window of vulnerability for a double error condition is another drive that RAIDset must fail.   However, with disks SAS 10 K / 15 K being so much smaller that window is still a bit small.

    That a lot depends on your needs.  I prefer R6 on R50 with a 6210 especially since there support the unloading for the calculation of parity.  To reduce the overhead costs of double parity.

    Good thing is that you can convert into R6 at any time of the R50.

    If you have installed SANHQ you can review your load, then use the RAID evaluator to see if R6 will always be you provide write IOPS / s you need.

    Kind regards


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    Thank you


    I don't think that it is possible to use this motherboard connector fan-out cable single to multiple disks disk

  • Not enough disk space on the drive operating system on PowerEdge T310 with SAS 6/ir RAID controller

    T310 Server 2008 Standard SP2 system installed using Dell OpenManage for a matrix RAID with 2 HARD drives. The table is divided into a volume EISA 39 MB, a RECOVERY volume (drive D) / 3GB, 40 GB OS volume (drive C) and a 422 Go to Volume DataPart1 (drive E).

    The reader of the OS (c :) currently has less than 1.5 GB of free space. I have already moved or uninstalled as much as possible, but the space seems to be used for updates/hotfixes for Windows Server 2008. I found about 1.2 GB in the Windows/Temp folder, but not sure if the files can be deleted without a problem.

    Drive would be "is the recovery disk with drive"E", used for data and program storage.

    I can't find a way to extend this player, although there is enough space on the disk. Using the Windows Disk Manager I was able to open about 20 GB of free disk space that can be used to extend the OS disk - only no options are available.

    Here are my questions:

    (1) can I delete or move the deployment files MS Updates? If so, where are the?

    (2) how can I enlarge the OS drive?

    Thanks for your help!

    Jack Leonard


    One-way ticket, you can go is to use the tool Extpart found here. This program will allow you to extend the space on the C: drive. There is a catch though. With Extpart you can develop the C: drive, but only if he is not a player after him. So, in order to expand the C: drive, you will need to back up and delete drive D: and E:, and then expand c. Can you re-create and restore D: and E:

    Now with regard to your questions, I would have to research if the update files can be moved. I know that most of the time the file that consumes the most space is the page file for the operating system. That can be moved to the E:drive.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • SAS HBA or Raid for R905 for external storage?

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    No Dell non-certified controllers are not validated to work properly on Dell servers. But this does not mean that may not work, it's a 50-50 chance. I recommend using certified Dell SAS HBA card such as: manufacturer: 7RJDT | Dell reference: 342-0910. Not so sure on the type of connector

  • SAS 6i/R Raid JW063 vs JW065


    What are the diffrenes between the controllers?

    I want to use one in Dell R200 and don't know who I have to take.

    There seems not to be difference. Not all identical parts have the same part numbers. MFG date, place or the company may affect the part number without affecting the party itself.

  • SAS Raid 15 k on Raid SSD HDD

    Hello. I have a Dell PowerEdge T310 with SAS 6/iR Server adapt including two 300 GB hard SAS 15 k Raid 1 drives. I just bought two 400 GB of SSD SAS Enterprise grade drives. I'm looking to replace hard drives with SSDS. What is the easy/more fastest way to get there?

    Can I delete a hard drive and leave the table rebuild on the SSD and then finished on the first SSD, repeat for the second?

    Backup/restore. You cannot mix SAS/SATA or SSD/HDD in a table.

  • T310 with sas 6/ir controller replace has no disk in raid

    I have a T310 with a sas 6 / ir RAID controller. One of the disks in a raid 1 is a failure. What is the best way to replace the defective drive?

    Sorry... I forgot SAS 6 supports can't "make offline". Just remove it.

  • Mix SAS HDD with SATA SSD's in RAID


    On what level is this possible?

    Can I mix SATA and SAS disks on the controller RAID (PERC H710), group or virtual disk level? Server PowerEdge R720.

    I want to be is:

    PERC controller:

    -2 SAS HDD in RAID 1 connectors (for the operating system)

    -2 SATA SSD's in RAID 1 (logs)

    -HARD drive SAS 6 in RAID 10 (to the database)

    Whether in separate RAID groups?

    Can I combine SATA and SAS in a RAID group, virtual disk or only on the level of controller?

    All my drives won't be visible in Windows, if it is SATA or SAS?

    Thank you!


    The configuration of the Perc controller you would be perfect. You can mix SAS and SATA drives on the controller, it can handle both. You have SAS bays and bays this SATA on the same controller. You can NOT have SAS and SATA disks present in the SAME table, however.

    The OS will see the different virtual drives as well.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • SAS/6IR - Array new PermDegraded after replacement - apply Sync?

    I changed a hard drive failing to another. SAS/6IR controller started synchronization but failed again now ("PermDegraded"). How is it possible to apply a re-sync on this new hard drive?
    Best regards, Jens


    If you do not already have a backup, you should probably get a fact. A table showing that PermDegraded is where the volume is permanently degraded. This state indicates that the snap on the primary member threshold has been reached while no secondary was available for correction. The data on the volume can be accessed, but the volume can be returned to the optimal state. If you must back up and then remove the volume and reformat the drive. After that, you can install the operating system and restore the data.

    Let me know if this helps answer your question.

  • PE 2900 Gen1 SCSI SAS 5 / I 3x68GB readers OS swap (not because of drivers)

    Hi I have the above titled plug, Windows server 2003 32-bit standard r2 is installed. Have used it.
    I have the software of data mining that can take advantage of 64-bit and doesn't require any server capabilities. Update CPU/32 GB of ram
    Moving to Windows XP Pro 64-bit.
    Installed, had the sas 5 / i drivers on a USB key. Has gone through the usual, deleted and composed of partition process. XP then begins the long process of loading all its files and restarts the computer.  Once the computer is restarted, it starts only to Windows server 2003 again. All except 1 disc out 3 times and booted from each. Each time you start in 2003. So I realized the sas 5 / i 'RAID' must be backup to all readers (such as a RAID).
    Then I left only 1 HDD in, booted XP, did the format and install again, it has restarted and new Server 2003 starts.
    What's the deal? Never looked in the controller integrated for the parameters to remove discs or to format but it is none of these options.


    I guess the tool can help you install WXP using the SAS driver, it will integrate the driver in the operating system, creating a new ISO standard for installation.

    Their page guides will help you step by step.

  • Precision T5600 SAS/SATA Controller Driver

    I recently received the workstation Precision T5600. The original configuration was the installation in RAID 1 with 2 SATA drives. I killed the RAID and loaded a single drive SAS instead of RAIDs. When I loaded a Windows 7 installation disc, windows could not see all of the hard drives. So my question is there a place where I can download the driver for the SATA/SAS controller and throw on a USB to load during the installation process of Windows 7?

    Thank you.

    Dell Dear user community.

    I having the same problem as jHartweck,

    I recently bought the Dell Precision T5600, but I'm not able to install Windows 7, because the SATA/SAS controller driver is not available.

    Someone of you managed to solve this problem?

    I'm looking forward to your reply.


    Micha Joosten

    Administrator COMPUTER

    Logistics engineering INTHER

  • PowerEdge T110 raid necessary emergency assistance

    Hi all

    I have dell server poweredge t110 without raid controller card

    When I try to configure raid 1 hard disk SATA 2 motherboard it configured properly on the motherboard, but when I try to install any OS, I found it see them 2 HDD, not one

    so I'm going back to the motherboard, I found the not configured raid

    1. I need management system capable of boot CD for dell poweredge t110?

    I bought the controller raid (Dell SAS 5I Raid Controller UN939 - UCS51) when I put it on the server, I found when I start my server, but when I press CTRL + C to set up raid but I can't find my sata hard drives

    2 is compatible with poweredge t110 sata Server (Dell SAS 5I Raid Controller UN939 - UCS51) + hard drive?

    3 - if (Dell SAS 5I Controller Raid un939 - UCS51) not comapatible with my case what is the best work of raid controller with poweredge T110 with a disk sata hard 4 to make them raid 1

    "but what I get from your advice (JW063 - SAS, SAS6/IR controller card) cannot configure hard disk of 2 TB sata raid 1 and shown 1 TB > is it good?

    N °

    A SAS 6/iR may use up to 2 TB of hard drives.  It also has a virtual disk BOOTABLE maximum (table) size of 2 TB.  So, YOU have the following items:

    • 2x2TB disks configured as 2 TB RAID 1, bootable or not.
    • 2x1To configured as a 1 TB RAID 1, disk bootable or not.
    • 2x1To configured as 2 TB RAID 0, disk bootable or not.
    • 2x1To disks configured as first 1 TB RAID 1 (bootable), AND 2x1To set up as second 1 TB RAID 1 disks.
    • 2x2TB disks configured as first 2 TB RAID 1 (bootable), AND 2x2TB disks configured as a second 2 TB RAID 1.
    • 2x1To disks configured as first 1 TB RAID 1 (bootable), AND 4x1TB disks configured as a second 4 TB RAID 0 (not bootable).

    You can NOT have the following:

    • 2x2TB disks configured in 4 TB RAID 0 for OS bootable.
    • 4x1TB disks configured in 4 TB RAID 0 for OS bootable.

    "but my case is that I want to 4 TB (4 sata hard disk 1 TB) configured for RAID 1 and shown 2 TB after raid 1.

    You can't have a 4 drive RAID 1 - a RAID 1 requires only and exactly 2 disks.  A RAID 1 with two 1 TB drives is equal to only 1 TB of total space.  The only way to configure both drives of 1 TB to 2 TB show is to make a RAID 0 2-disc.  RAID 0 is dangerous, because if a disk fails, all of THE data on BOTH drives is unusable.

    That's what you do:

    2x1To first 1 TB RAID 1 for operating system drives.
    2x1To records in second 1 TB RAID 1 for your partition data per second.

  • Expanding RAID 10 on Dell R730 with Perc h730P

    Hi all

    We try to develop an array of RAID 10 on a server rack with a h730P Perc controller Dell R730. We currently have 6, 600 GB SAS drives in RAID 10 Bay. When he clicks on the controls to perform an action it really gives us only to assign Global Hot Spare. There is no option for "Task Reconfigure" on the virtual drive to increase the table to include 2 new readers. I'm not sure how to proceed. It is a server recently bought last year. We use OpenManage Server Administrator to try to achieve this. Reading some forums it seems that we will see a "reconfigure tasks" on the drop of virtual drive, but we do not have.

    Thank you

    You cannot reconfigure a nested table of RAID (RAID 10, 50 and 60).

    You must save, create table, restore.

  • What raid should be used on asm oracle rac11g


    As we modernize our system of new hardware and software. We implement rac oracle 11g with asm and using HARDWARE not software raid.

    Some people suggest me to use raid 6 here are the questions I'm looking for:

    1. what raid 6 means and how it works with asm?

    2. what will be the combination allows for optimal performance of storage for example

    RAID 1 + 0 = redolog

    RAID 5 = Archvielogs

    Like this.

    Thanks a lot for helping me.

    Kind regards

    Adnan Hamdus Salam

    Adnan says:

    As you say «However, ASM can use drives RAID5 or RAID6.» "And because they are already configured as redundant, you can tell ASM not to reflect the content of the disksgroup located on the RAID5 disks.

    Fix. You simply set the diskgroup as being external redundant. ASM will therefore not reflect the diskgroup.

    It applies to RAID 6 with regard to the mirroring of disks ASM?

    It applies to all the RAID drives. You can use the disk - create an ASM diskgroup for these discs and say ASM do not mirror, because this diskgroup resides on redundant disks on the outside.

    ASM does not know what levels RAID is a disc. He knows only that it is a disk that can be used. DIRECTIONS for USE, you must explicitly specify ASM. You must specify ASM if you want to use this disk as part of external diskgroup redundant, a normal redundant diskgroup or a diskgroup extremely redundant.

    The disc is maybe not even RAID' ed. It could be simply hard drive SATA/SAS. No RAID. And you can tell ASM t create a redundant external diskgroup using the disc. ASM then leaves the redundancy for this disc in your hands and to the underlying storage architecture.

    If there is no RAID and SATA/SAS drive failure... Bye Bye all data on this disc. No problem of ASM.

    If this disk is part of a set of RAID6 and it fails... not the problem of the DSO. You and the underlying storage system must manage the redundancy and the difficulty of the RAID for this disc.

    Only when you say DSO that the diskgroup is redundant, then it will be in the picture. And wait allows you to provide records enough so he could maintain a mirror 2 way or 3-way for this diskgroup, depending on your configuration of the diskgroup.

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