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I tried to download apps on my IPad game, they went too my phone tho so I pluged phone into my laptop and do not know how to extract them then put in to the IPAD. How can I stop my flight my apps phone

I would say that this question is better suited for the Apple Support or forum Apple than Microsoft. Have you tried to contact Apple for help?

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  • Xperia M4 aqua does not display the names of contact on the phone application

    Hi all

    I jave an Xperia M4 aqua E2306 running Android 5.0. The problem I have is that the Contacts application shows all my contacts synchronize accounts such as Facebook or Google, but the application of the phone itself does not show the names of contacts only contact phone numbers, I went through the settings and I can't find something that will allow me to change this behavior, I deleted the cache of the phone on the settings and rebooted my phone application , but who doesn't. I have many applications installed and downloaded and lots of settings so that I don't want to factory default my phone unless I extremely need of. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


    Factory reset worked just fine. Thank you all :-)

  • Another key feature missing? Phone application remembers that output to use.

    Everyone knows this? I'll have a fine conversation by using my bluetooth headset, hang up and close the phone app. Later, I receive a call, but when I pick up, it is not routed to my helmet! I have to click on the phone application and tell it to go to my helmet. It is a real disappointment. I think it's the same thing for audio phone pumped to the 3.5 mm jack; It'll work a call automatically (say, when you use pandora in the car) and then the next call will be routed to the handset, causing a bad start a conversation uncomfortable.

    Just told me that it is a characteristic and that it is caused by answering the call by touching the screen of the phone.

    This solved my problem of helmet, but not my problem w / pick up the call through the 3.5 mm jack socket. I need an audio cable with a response to pock the call button up there?

    Thank you.

  • Add the element of the phone Application menu


    I want to add a phone application menu item. I m using JDE 4.3.

    Help, please.

    Thank you


    expand ApplicationMenuItem and add it using ApplicationMenuItemRepository.
    For example:
    ApplicationMenuItemRepository.getInstance (.addMenuItem (ApplicationMenuItemRepository.MENUITEM_PHONE),
    new PhoneMenuItem (0));

  • DPS support windows 8.1 and windows phone applications?

    The latest version of DPS supports the development for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone applications or is there a roadmap for when it will be supported? It seemed that it was to be communicated at the end of 2013.

    There is a viewer under development for Windows 8.1 devices, but it does not support Windows Phone, which uses a different operating system.

    More information:

  • Can not backup iPhone 5 or connect to cell phone applications

    I've just updated to 9.3.1 9.2, thinking that Apple had solved all the problems reported with 9.3.  However, now my phone is not connecting to cellular telephone applications, siri does not work, and the phone will not save.  It works fine when connected to wifi, but once I leave the House, none of my apps won't work (letters of google maps, Facebook, apple, anything that requires cell, that's all!)  I made all the simple fixes that I have known and that you can find on the internet: restart button apple button and power off to restart, turn off cell phone and turn it back on, turn off wifi and turn it back on, reset the network, iCloud is disconnected settings and reconnect, deleted all my photos/reset the backup settings so there is a lot of storage on my cloud , is found on my head, turned left, and none of it worked.  I'm ready to reset all but without a backup, I'm afraid to lose all my contacts.  Anyway around this?

    Does anyone else have this problem?  Suggestions and help that I have already mentioned above is welcome.  Thank you. Unhappy in Portland and the thought of Samsung is in my future.

    Backup to iCloud only works in Wi - Fi, you can not use a cellular network connection to backup your phone to iCloud.

    If the iCloud backup does not work, back up your phone to your computer using iTunes and set it back to factory settings, and then restore from that backup.

    On safeguards in iCloud and iTunes

    Use iTunes to restore your device to factory settings - Support Apple iOS

    Restrictions put in place in settings/general/Restrictions?

  • Synchronization of phone applications

    Last week I then reset my old iphone 4 to work around a problem with guided access and after restoring a backup apps are not sync. I can see them in iTunes, and most show that they will be installed. The only applications on the phone are the default. Some of these applications have data in them then how do I get back them on my phone?

    If you have restored from a backup iTunes does it not restore your apps as well?

  • Load the images of my phone application

    I just started to learn the blackberry. I want to create an application that wants to show all the photos stored in the phone as highlight of thud and when to choose one she wants to display the picture on another screen. Please please some body help me


    I hope this link works...

  • BlackBerry phone application

    On the version 4.3 and above (and maybe less), I noticed that if you type in a string of alpha characters in the native phone input and press the SEND key, the action seems to be ignored (nothing happens). However, when you create an instance of PhoneArguments, if I pass in a string of alphabetic characters such as the dialStringArg, then, these characters are converted to numbers somehow and this number is dialled. I was just wondering why there is an inconsistency between running through the API action and who executes the action in the user interface.

    Thanks in advance,


    The PhoneArguments convert the text until the correct number entries.  You can do the same thing in the application phone by holding down the ALT key when you type a letter (letter is converted to the correct number).

  • install java phone application in playbook

    How we install our java application created for OS6 (phone) in our playbook Simulator?

    Is it possible to create java apps for playbook?

    Is - it will be possible in the future?

    It is not yet possible.

    RIM announced a 'player' java which would be able to run java applications, but it is unclear when it will be available, not even any rumors.

  • Creating windows phone application...


    I need to create a windows mobile app, which should be compatible with the OS version(8.0-10).

    10 using Visual studio 2015 does not support its earlier versions, as the created app on windows

    I should create application for windows phone 8 so that it supports all versions of his superior.

    Please suggest what is the best way to do it.

    Thank you



    Your question is beyond the scope of this community.

    See if this helps you:

    This overview of how to sign up for a developer account to store Windows and other Microsoft programs will help you understand the process of setting up an account.

    «A developer account opening»

    "Types of accounts, locations and fees.

    "Save as an application developer.

    "Publish Windows-based applications.

    "Submit your application". (v = vs. 105) .aspx

    "Memories of the app.

    See you soon.

  • I can't find pocket for Firefox for Windows phone application

    Pocket is available for my Nokia Lumia Windows phone and if yes where can I find it? It is not in the store.

    Hi HansFransen, please see support of pocket on this topic to

  • How to enable access to a port for my mobile phone application to access. When I try to connect I get error socket is closed.

    I have purchaced an app for my phone android mobile facenate which can access my computer remotely.  When this trys remote app to connect to my computer, I receive an error message that says the socket is closed.  What I need to know, is how to open a port for this app to access my computer.  Also I got an error that I do not have a public IPV4address that may have something to do with it.  I have win 7 64 bit. I would be so happy if someone could help me; I'm really ready to see this app works.


    I suggest you follow the steps in the link below and check if it helps:

  • Hey everybody!  I'm at your mercy!  Desktop version will not redirect to the phone application.

    Ok.   I am tired.  I designed a site for the first time in MUSE.  For the design of the phone, I have designed a temporary site only give vital information on how to contact her.  Stayed up to design the site, worked all night all day and wham! Load the new site!  Wow!  A impressed.  NOT!  On my iPhone it says "Under Construction".  Not even the temporary site, I put in place.  I spent the last 4 hours trying to find out what is happening.  I missed something?  I went to my hosting site and verified the files.  First of all, I saw that there was only one "/ page template" which registered as a template.  Really?  Then I went to the phone file and he also says tpl after each file name.  After texting their CAT that they finally did answer, I ended up deleting all my files and started from scratch.  Now, all the files of the phone have a .php extension.  I don't know if it is correct or not. After you delete all my files on the server, I loaded the entire site again.  I see it on the desktop but the phone says again: "under construction" and not with the temporary file, I did.  Help!  I have too much time and can't take an another non-sommeil night.  I can't load on the phone.  Worked well for the temporary file.  I don't know if that he screwed up, but I have added a menu accordion and went to the properties of the page and added new meta data, keywords and a url for Google Analytics.  Am I supposed to do?  In "Properties of Site", I made the redirect "at the Office" has been selected.  On my server, I noticed that my phone folder there are two folders - css and page templates. When I click on my page templates folder it shows my files.  But - as an extension of .tpl.  I think that it could mess me up.  I have them all.  I am lost and don't know what to do.  My client is not happy thinking I don't know what I'm doing - which is true and I hate to admit it.  With the new Dreamweaver, I need to know too much and am too tired to go learn the code right now.  I don't know if it's the problem of server, my problem or the problem of Adobe software.  If anyone has any ideas please let me know as soon as POSSIBLE!  I searched the internet for the last two hours and had a 'Chat' with my hosting site.  I can never get a human being on the phone.  Again, the site I'm trying is  Nothing complicated.  Mainly just info.  Thanks, thanks, thanks for anyone who could help me.  I am desperate and extremely tired.

    I finally got the version of phone to work.  I have not designed a site for the Tablet - only phone and office.  I guess it would help if I have an iPad as well as to consult different size screens.  At least something now appears. Thanks for responding.

  • No. phones applications smart blackBerry configured for synchronization

    Had to replace Blackberry 8330.  Download the message above when I try to sync using the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    you will need to click the sync, then sync and sync on the right. then configure your outlook to synchronize daya

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