Photosmart7520: What cartridge is used for normal black printing?

I seem to use a LOT of black ink. The 564 is used for normal printing in black or the 564XL? The xl is much broader. Is it possible to have both? I'm tired of buying sets of ink cartridges when I don't need than black.


As I mentioned here, I'll throw in my $0.02.  If the black cartridge was more than half full but seems to be empty the probable thing to check would be the event.  If the vent is blocked the cartridge seems to run out of ink, even though there was a lot of ink in the cartridge. For more information on the verification of the evacuation of the cartridge area, refer to step 9 of the document here.

  1. Figure: Evacuate the area on top of the ink cartridge

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  • What metrics to use for memory capacity planning? Active or consumed (in request or use vROPS)

    Hey all,.

    I was wondering once more what metrics to use for memory capacity planning. Since the information from different sources (for example your ESXi host needs more RAM to Iwan Rahabok or VMworld 2012: Session VSP1729 - virtualized memory understanding performance management - Eric Sloof - NTPRO.NL Kit Colbert) pointing all assets (vROPS request), I expect that when we have high memory consumption / use in vCenter there will be no balloon / compression / permutation.

    Also the metric active / request should not be used for all workloads (e.g. Java / DB), why is - this? I have not found the reason of this anywhere, only the fact.

    Other sources such as Mark Achtemichuk suggests using consumed/use, which is the opposite (Understanding Active Memory - VMware vSphere Blog - Articles VMware vSphere).

    So I thought I'll with active / demand as metric and ignoring the warnings inside of vCenter.

    But the last time we have fixed half of our group, we had consumed/high memory usage and the vCenter began to inflate, compress, and finally to Exchange. Not a lot but I had not expected that, because memory active was only a small percentage of consumed.

    Can someone explain to me why this happened and who is right on this issue.

    Kind regards


    jengl I don't know if you asked the wrong question, or I give the wrong answer :-)

    It is always good to attach screenshots, background to the issues, and what exactly you are trying to solve.

    You wrote:

    So to summarize:

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    -To rightsize VMs for RAM, you must use the counter inside the BONE, not active

    -If you do not want to commit too much RAM and have a lot of the balloon you should right-size your virtual machines or extend the RAM / buy additional servers

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    My answer: you are right. If you do not have access to the guest operating system, then Active VM and VM consumed are better guess. Better than nothing :-)

    Sizing sizing of VM and ESXi are 2 different things (2 use cases) different. Please don't mix up the as soon as they are confusing. Do not try to resize the virtual machine when you are sizing the ESXi, unless you have a control total on them.

    You wrote:

    The question for me is: how many cache (standby under Windows) inside the VM is really necessary for the virtual machine to get the best performance without wasting resources. Perhaps this issue can be resolved only by tests or do you know another option?

    My answer: it's a different topic brother :-) It is different, because it is within a guest operating system (Windows in this case) and is no longer at the level of the ESXi. Suggest that post you another, possibly under Windows or vSphere too :-)

  • What Oracle network uses for CAR traffic? where you get the Info?


    I use two-node RAC on Oracle 10 g R2 ( version on SUN Solaris 10. I want to know "what Oracle network uses for CAR traffic? where you'll Info»


    Hi Kumar,

    In 10g, you can query x$ ksxpia. If the cluster_interconnect is stored in the OCR (by default), you will get


    If you have specified the cluster_interconnects parameter in your init.ora:

    Columns to look in: INST_ID select PICK NAME_KSXPIA IP_KSXPIA P

    And also you can use 'CPI oradebug' to see who connects the database uses:

    SQL > setmypid oradebug
    SQL > oradebug CPI

    It could be that useful...

    Thank you

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    OK, here's the scenario, I have faced and want an idea. Thank you!

    It is Monday morning (26/10/2009) and I had a request to do a DBPITR to Saturday (24/10/2009) at 17:00. I've restored the full backup as well as the controlfile to 24/10/09 at 02:00 (which has a full backup for weekday from 23/10/09) and the newspapers and the controlfile for backup of 25/10/09 at 02:00 (a ball for Saturday). Should what controlfile I use for the restoration of RMAN (24 or 25)?

    I used the controlfile to backup 10/24 (issued [until time ' to_date (24 October 2009 17:00 "," mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss') ' ;]) and completed.]) Then I "restore archivelog all" and he read all the archivelog for 24, but does not seem to read a log file I have for 25, that data available for the 24. Should I have used the controlfile to 25 or y at - there a way to tell RMAN to search for the file that was not part of the backup set? Thank you.

    You need to restore a controlfile to before the PIT, then restore the archivelogs until the PIT, catalog them and recover.

    To restore the archivelogs either controlfile another who does not know the backup archivelog or a rman catalog. STANDS of restorations are easier with a rman catalog.

  • Should what format I use for my external hard drive?

    I have an external drive that I wish I could use (writing) from my Mac and my PC, but without the limitations of + 4 GB files.

    Is this possible or am I pasted with limiting the size? If so should what format I use on my external hard drive? and it has all the other notes aside I should know?

    Thank you!

    Hi Filabaca:

    If you want to use a hard drive external Mac and PC options are:

    1. format the drive in Mac as exFat

    2. format the drive to NTFS on a Windows PC and use a program like Paragon NTFS for Mac.

    Paragon NTFS for Mac allows you to use a disc formatted in NTFS by a Windows PC.

    Here is an article showing the difference between FAT32, exFAT and NTFS. s /


  • What connection to use for faster printing

    I install my new of Officejet Pro 8600 today.  I have three options to connect, is a USB cable, ethernet cable or wireless.  To make the decision, I have a second remote desktop connected wireless to the internet and the usual iPhones.  My work horse is the computer that I will use often and want to have the fastest printing capabilities.  I still want to be able to print from the second remote computer too.

    Nothing in the HP documentation which addresses precisely this question.  What is the best connection should I use for this arrangement?  Your response would be greatly appreciated.

    TIA... John

    All of these out-rate connections greatly the mechanics of printing, so it's not really important.

    Between Ethernet and wireless, ALWAYS choose Ethernet if you can (no password, no interference, etc.).

  • What is the /Scratch file and what is it used for 4.1

    First I want to thank all the people in the community of VMware for all knowledge/help/tips and tricks, these forums provide. The help you provide has been invaluable for me a novice of VMware!

    I studied for my VCP 4.1 and read a wealth of information for the review and sometimes met with the limited information about the partition /scratch. I searched everywhere for an answer or an explanation as to what this partition is for and if it is necessary, but there is nothing in the documentation for VMware 4.1 on it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Rookie of VMware

    Welcome to the communities.

    It is used for the dumping of vm-support and upgrades or at least upgrades will fail unless I have create a. Installation of the USB/SD does not create one because there is no local disk in support. With USB / SD install you must manually create one usually on a data store.

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    I know that in some case design allows you to fill your design goal of multiple programs and I think this may be a case. If you could help understand me what programs to use, I would be grateful.

    I have a large window storefront system that is about 5 wide by 4 high Windows Windows. The client wants to display graphics to large through multiple windows. Can I use InDesign for illustrator for graphic design and page layout? or photoshop works better for page layout? I tried simply make a grid of boards of art in illustrator, but the boards of art beyond the canvas because they are so big and I don't know how to resize the drawing area.

    No indication in this regard would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    Caleb Kingston

    I wonder if an application like vector Works or similar would be appropriate for building and displaying a prototype showcase?  In response to your question, you would be better of the scaling up to a manageable size in 'Illustrator '.  All your photographic images can be prepared in Photoshop and then placed in Illustrator for output.  The key here is to set the size of the print output device and proportionately reduce the overall project on this device.  Another thing to consider is how intend to present ideas that propose you.  Each panel separately or all together as a composite?  Looks like a great project.  Good luck as you move forward.  I see absolutely no reason to use InDesign, unless you are familiar with this application you are with Illustrator.

  • What configuration to use for the paper to use Staples label paper photosmart 5510

    I have a photosmart HP 5510, on paper defining it does not "thick paper" when you use staples or avery label paper.

    It shifts the label paper just by using the parameter "plain paper".  Suggestions as to what paper to use setting.

    Thank you

    This printer does not appear in support of printing labels according to the specifications of the product. You may be able to do work using a different printer driver. I will connect these instructions below. If this does not work, you will not be able to print labels with this printer.

    How to assign other drivers to print in different Versions of Windows

  • Re: Can what SSD I use for Portege R400-103


    I have a R400-103 and you want to replace the current drive with a drive at about 80 to 120 GB solid state.
    I've already asked about it in this forum, but I'm still not sure what I need (interface, dimensions and so).

    Currently, there is a [MK8007GAH |] current hard drive. How SSD can be a good replacement for this?

    I think the interface type is Ultra ATA/100 (ZIF, ATA Micro), but I don't know if it's the only thing that's importang

    If anyone can help me with additional information about what to look for and maybe a few models that are a good substitute, it would be very useful.

    Thanks for any help.

    Kind regards



    AFAIK the protégé R400 when equipped with the 80 GB 1.8 IDE HDD (PATA, enhanced IDE ATA-6).
    The HARD drive had a height of 8mm.

    If you want to upgrade the R400 with a SSD then you should use an SSD that is supported by the IDE and SSD should be 1.8

    But I didn't find out about the Toshiba page on compatibility SSD so you'll have to test it on your own hand

  • Support what software to use for Win10?


    I tried to install Win10 on my MBPr for a few hours, but the software download Support from Apple through the Boot Camp Assistant takes somewhere between 120 and 10,000 minutes Yes, ten thousand minutes. It's because of my boyfriend very slow network, so I went to download it directly from Apple's site, where it should be a lot faster after what I read. Indeed it took me 20 min, but trying to run from Win10 (all installed, no problem) it says "this version of Boot Camp is not intended for this model of Mac" (or something of the sort). "This model" as keywords, then I tried to look for download Apple focus again, this time by model and downloaded a different Support Software version... which did not also.

    So now, I come to you. Should what version I download? My MBPr appears in the footer, the version of Windows is education 64-Bit. I shouldn't be that I installed it without any hiccup at all on my iMac 5K at home, so I guess that this version should be good. I can't connect to Wi - Fi or play games on Windows, so please help me here D:

    Thank you


    W10 drivers can be downloaded using three different methods.

    1. use OS X BC Assistant on a wired network. Older versions of OS X are also the same.

    2 use the Apple software update...

    3. use the Brigadier - .

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