3 hard disks can be put in a Studio XPS 435 t / 9000 system

Hi could someone tell me if I can put a third hard drive in my Studio XPS 435 t / 9000
and type of witch I can use


Hi could someone tell me if I can put a third hard drive in my Studio XPS 435 t / 9000
and type of witch I can use


Yes, the Studio XPS 435 t/9000 supports three 3.5 ", SATA drives, see page 57 here:


You need a SATA, 3.5 ", internal hard drive 7200 RPM, a SATA data cable 2 x 6-32 x 1/4 cylinder head screws to install the drive, there should be a spare 15 pin power connector SATA for him in the case.

The Service Manual is here:



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    Roman J

    You can install all internal, SATA, 3.5 ", hard drive 7200 RPM, up to 2 TB in size.

    Best to search hard drives Western Digital and Seagate brands, also check the length of the manufacturer's warranty, plus the better.

    A good salesman for hard drives is www.newegg.com


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  • XPS 435 t/9000 Max size of the hard drive?


    I have a XPS 435 t/9000.

    I currently have two, 1 to SATA HDD and need for additional storage space.

    There is a 3rd available Bay, a connector available on the motherboard and the power available.

    Reference Dell tells me the motherboard is a Microstar International X501H and the motherboard will limit myself to a 1 TB drive.

    HOWEVER, I found several online vendors that sell to larger capacity of disks and state that they will work on this machine.

    I will ONLY use the 3rd disc as a data reader and will not boot from it.

    Can someone tell me DEFINITELY HARD drive supported (data only mode) via the connector on the motherboard.


    Are there options to add a new HARD disk controller to an expansion slot?  (I have no slots half remaining due to other small improvements).  I need all THE details on what I did not research on this yet.

    Thank you very much!

    INTEL RST less than 10.1 DOES NOT support greater than 2 TB.

    Intel RST RAID DOES NO more than Volumes Raid 2 to support.

    You cannot use the last 11 12 13 14 versions of INTEL RST with older Chipsets.

  • Pavilion p7 - 1417c: how many hard disks can accept to my machine?

    I recently installed a 5 TB disk (E:\) and it works fine.  The drive that I replaced was a 2 TB WD drive. My old 2 TB drive can be installed in the Bay under the DVD drive? My machine is p7 - 1417c, s/n 3CR2460P90. My machine can get 2 hard drives in addition to the 1 with which it came?


    It seems you have two (maybe three-hard to see) berries of HARD disk in the HARD drive cage.

    You can also buy an adapter for the optical drive Bay HARD drive open. Or just join the 3.5-inch HARD drive bay with screws. If this Bay is 2.5 inches, you can use an SSD.

    You have five SATA ports on the motherboard (MB).

    Some of the MB SATA ports are going to be slower speeds of legacy. You might have some ports SATA 1. You may need to use jumpers when installing the disk HARD SATA 3. You may have a compatibility issue back. It's been a while since I had to deal with this type of problem. I'm a little fuzzy on potential problems when using 1 SATA disk HARD SATA 3.

    SATA MB ports five minus the optical drive to the MB connection gives four connections available for HARD disks.

    You also need to supply connections (or will need to purchase the power adapters) from food to run five disks.

    I don't see what you have.

    See you soon!

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    Has worked on my Toshiba laptop and all of a sudden I got these error messages from Windows on bad sectors, cannot find the files...

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    did a scan of spybots and of course we found a few things but that's all.

    I had to start a new user account in order to have access to my hard drive and be able to do some repairs... He showed sound quite complete but unable to show all files or these.

    Tried a restore back a week, but it did not work.  A check on the hard disk and say he can do so that the system is in use.  I have nothing running!

    Don't know what to do next... any suggestions

    Thank you for posting a copy of a report of chkdsk on your C partition select Start, run, type "cmd" without the quotes in the box and press ENTER. Type chkdsk, and then press the ENTER key and a report, stating, among other things, a summary of how disk space is used, is provided. If you want a report on a partition or one drive other than C, you need to go to this partition. To access F, where F is the required partition you type F: and press the ENTER key.

    Copies of the reports from a command prompt can be tricky. Right click and select mark. This allows to highlight the selected text, and then click on copy. You will then open Word, Notepad or similar file, right click and paste. The selected text transfers your Clipboard to open the file. You can paste directly into a response message to the majority of the forums.

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    Currently, using a full version of win7 home premium 64 on a computer, I built. I would like to win8 for some things, but continue with win7 for most legacy applications mmy.

    Yes you can.

    But first, install Windows 7 Professional, like any new installation, on a different hard disk / partition.

    At this point, you should be able to dual boot Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional.

    Now download and run Windows 8 Upgrade Wizard, to check the compatibility of the drivers and software that you use, of course hardware will support Windows 8 running Windows 7.


    Download all the necessary drivers in need of update during the installation of Windows 8.

    Then, perform the upgradation with Windows 7 Professional. Windows 8 Pro is currently available only for improvement.

    Now, install the drivers certified for Windows 8.

    Note: If you are upgrading the current Windows 7 Home Edition Premium of Windows 8 Pro, do not install Windows 7 Professional later, as Windows 8 Pro does not start correctly.

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    One idea is to create a new catalog and import all of the photos in the new catalogue. If I do this will I lose any changes that I made in the original catalogue. And I can import the files from the primary drive without in fact to pass the actual raw data that is just say this new catalogue hey these pictures are already in this folder go to find them and then import the files from the outside, by physically copying in the dialog box import to lightroom from outside the main disk. This translates into a large photo file on the main drive with all the pictures imported and named the same way taken by date without destroying the files on the outside.

    Cleaning of the mistakes of the past is always much more complicated that take those time and not make them in the first place, but I have not lived my life that way. Thanks for any help.

    Best for the community,


    I want to draw all the files from the outside for the larger hard drive WITHOUT deleting them from the outside. I think that it's impossible to all the research I've done.

    Not true, it is possible.

    In your operating system, you COPY the files (and not MOVE) bigger hard disk, then point Lightroom to the new location of the pictures on the larger hard drive using these instructions (scroll down to the section called "Update folder location")

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    I use the latest version of Lightroom (5.5) and when I try to set up new user export presets, Lightroom keeps default 'e-mail' instead of 'hard drive '.  I am using Microsoft Outlook.  I just want to export small files in a folder on my hard drive to upload on a photography website that I belong to but Lightroom wants to email them instead.  I can't understand this strange behavior and why it does not work as it is supposed to.  I don't know if it's a problem of lightroom, an OS problem or a problem with Microsoft Outlook.  Thanks in advance.

    I had the same problem and I solved it by choosing post-processing-> after export-> Do nothing, instead of just leave it blank. It will be useful.

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    Yes you can, however by doing so, you will cancel the guarantee of the Ant or Applecare that you might have:


    There are other options available as well.


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    Hoping someone can help me on this issue.

    I installed an mSATA card in my system and installed Windows 10 on the mSATA. I kept my old hdd intact inside, because I wanted to keep my data.

    System starts well and runs 10 windows, BUT the old HDD shows not anywhere on my computer.

    On the computer management screen, it is here and shows healthy. I can't assign a drive letter. Make a right click on the partition does not bring the menu, only the word help. Can't make the system recognizes the disk.

    Someone at - it suggestions? Attached screenshots.

    Thank you

    Hi moonbugs,.

    Please repost this in the software and the operating system, Windows 10 forum help.


  • What processor can I go to for studio xps 7100.

    What is the fastest I can put in?  I guess that the 1090 t that I saw that some 7100 is sold with?   Not the 1100t even if I guess?

    Is there any documentation on this?

    Thank you.


    Ah ok tks Mustapha.  in order to do not the 1090 t?  could of juror that I saw a sold 7100 with it.  and tks Bev I'll make sure to do so.

    It was sold with the AMD Phenom II X 6 1090 t., see here: -.
  • Add SSD to the Studio XPS 8100 with 2 HARD drive


    I have a request similar to this one in this thread: http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/disk-drives/f/3534/p/19499585/20334228.aspx#20334228 but I went a little lower on the line, need some advice and help on the Intel Rapid Storage Technology controller.

    I have a Dell Studio XPS 8100 with discs of Segate to 2 x 1 TB which have stripes.

    Configuration is SATA 1 + 2 = hard disks scratched; 3 = BluRay ROM/DVD RW SATA; SATA 4 = not used.

    I bought a Samsung SSD 840 series.

    What I want to do is add the new SSD controller and install Windows 8 without messing/breaking the existing 2 x HDD Striped Array.

    First, I installed the SSD SATA 4 and started Windows 8 to DVD but Windows 8 says it could not install on this disk because it is not bootable (SSD is not formatted/not partitioned right now but I guess that Windows 8 installation will do for me.

    If the questions are:

    (1) if I go the SSD SATA 1, could I (physically) move the existing striped 2 HDD SATA 2 and 3 and set this configuration in technology Intel Rapid Storage Technology controller without losing the striped table?  I don't want to find that the controller will set up a table of fees which then requires a fresh format in order to to use.

    (2) is there a documentation of this controller I could read on what concerns the reconfiguration/options and their effect?

    Thank you

    I am pleased to learn that you have to work.  Sometimes I forget that the newer Dell BIOS will allow allows you to select a SATA port for the start.  My XPS 410, being an older machine, allows me only to the ability to choose 'SATA hard drive' as boot device.  Because it does not give me the option to choose a specific port, the bootable SATA drive must be attached to the first port.

    Once a RAID has been configured, the parametric data written to readers allow the RAID ROM figure out how the RAID has been configured.  I've been through all this on a Studio XPS 435 t/9000; We had a problem after adding a new video card in the system that caused startup failure, error message "one or more of your drives are locked".  We have solved by moving readers from the ports of third and fourth (or Dell originally installed them) to the ports of first and second.  Requirement to keep records in the same relative order of port, you can of course make this transition and maintain the operational computer.

    I wish that your installation does not end with an arrangement of dualboot on its own; Maybe Windows 8 works differently from Windows 7.  The XPS 410, I'm currently using is a RAID 0 which has been initially configured with Windows XP.  When I decided to try Windows 7, I has narrowed the original partition and run the Windows 7 Installer to install in the unallocated space resulting.  The installation went normally and I found myself with a system dual boot without ever having had the opportunity to indicate that I wanted a system dual boot.  Since it was my goal, I'm not complaining, but I see that it might be inconvenient for some people who had the intention like that.  Before installation, you accidentally set your SSD on port 4 to be the first in the boot order?

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    I am running XP and want to transfer all the files (including the operating system) to a new 2 TB hard drive. In the old days "sys.com" or format/s would. Is there a comparable program?

    Most hard disk manufacturers offer a free program designed to transfer the operating system on their hard drive.  Visit the web site of the manufacturer of the new hard drive and search for such a program.

  • Drive light external HARD disk Warrior exploded

    I use DiskWarrior do a reconstruction of the hard drive to save the files, if possible. Hard drive does not appear on the desktop, which had been seen as a USB device on system information. During the reconstruction, the Seagate external HARD disk light exploded and is no longer visible to the Profiler system as a USB device. Should I cancel the reconstruction? Should I try disk referee to 'stabilize' the disc and run Disk Warrior?

    Can you describe the real problem which caused you to run DiskWarrior "to save the files?  Who can provide a clue about your current situation.

    If DiskWarrior' forever,' you have to cancel rebuild it later.  How long it has beed running?  It may take time, if repairs are done by DiskWarrior.

    DiskWarrior works repairing data directory player (which defines where the files are stored).  There are other types of utilities who hunt the disc for actual data.  For example


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