Port of limitation of the rate on Catalyst 3550

I'm having the same problem, as shown in the following cases:


However - even when this is defined as an access port - it does not rate limit - should be limited to 2 MB by rate (a port traffic going in one traffic port goes out only 2 nodes on the switch).  The relevant config is listed below:

class-map correspondence HOC - CAM

game group-access 100




HOC - CAM class

fall of the exceed-action police 2000000 32000




interface FastEthernet0/1

Description of the connection to the camera of the House of Commons

switchport mode access

load-interval 30

service-policy input CAM-LIMIT



interface FastEthernet0/24

Uplink to the House of Commons-1611Main-catalyst description

desirable switchport mode dynamic

service-policy input CAM-LIMIT


access ip-list 100 permit a whole

Any suggestions?


Your config seems OK to me, but you turn on qos


MLS qos


Kind regards
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    I ran into issues when I tried to run the application: 422 to xxxxx offset verification code.

    I found a few posts on the forum about this problem, but I have seen no clear solution. Someone has suggested that the source of the problem is the static methods/fields and proposed to refactor our source code to avoid using static fields. I followed technical debugging what he suggested, but it does not solve my problem. The error logged in the file '8900.bug' has changed of pointing on my course to point to the SDK classes ('Module 'net_rim_cldc_impl_softtoken' has verification errors"and"Module "net_rim_rimsecuridlib" contains errors of audit").

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    I did a test program memory to display the amoungt of free memory (using "Runtime.getRuntime () .freeMemory ()" "") and it seems that it is not the limiting factor.

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    (2) I tried to find the limits of the JAVA virtual machine specification somewhere in the documentation, but I can't find them anywhere. They emerge?

    (3) the BlackBerry 8900 JVM have a limitation on the number of fields/static methods that it can process?

    Right now, I'm stuck, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I found that my midlet was causing a NullPointerException in the thread who load the classes and run their static initalizer. The JVM is hung not because of the static function, but the first load of the class that contains the static function.

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    AMM, since your computers were made in 2003/2004, the SATA ports will be first-generation (1.5Gbit / s).  I think that the hard drive will work, but it will not perform up to his capabilities (3 Gbps).

  • Number of ports ITC limited by Licensed Ports IVR Premium UCCX?

    I got two different answers on this issue. Our third-party support provider said that the number of allowed Ports of IVR is the maximum number of ports of GCC ITC, while an engineer Cisco says we can create GCC CTI ports as much as we want to. No one knows the real deal on that?


    It is correct.

    Number of ports IVR Premium is based on the number of seats.

    For example: 37 x 2 = 74 IVR ports in your case.

    It is also limited by the capacity of your server.

    Standard and enhanced version is not such a limitation.

    The port of IVR in these versions are limited by the capacity of the server.

    IVR ports usually 300 or 400.



  • Calculations of the rate of aggregation in essbase ASO SEEP cubes

    The question (limitation to ASO) we tried to find a solution/workaround. ON PBCS (Cloud)

    Details of the application:

    Application: type of ASO in cloud Oracle planning (PBCS) application

    Dimension : Total 8 dimensions. Account to the dynamic hierarchy. Remaining 7 dimensional hierarchies Stored value. Only 2 dimensions have about 5000 members and others are relatively small and flat hierarchies.

    Description of the question of the requirement: We have a lot of calculations in the sketch that use amount = units * rates type of logic. The obligation is such that these calculation logic should apply only to the intersections of Level0 and then data resulted must roll up (down) to the respective parents across all dimensions. But when apply us this hierarchical logic / formula calculation to ASO, the logic(i.e.,amount=units*rate) of calculation is applied at all levels (not only the leaf level) of remaining dimensions. Here, rates are also numbers derived using the formula MDX.

    Some of the options explored so far:
    Option1: This is an expected behavior in ASO as all stored hierarcies are calculated first, then the dynamic hierarchies. So we tried to change the formula for each of the calculated members to explicitly summarize data at parent levels using algorithm as shown below.

    IF (Leaf Level combination)
    amount = units * rate

    Else / * for all levels parents * /.

    Use the function sum adding up the amounts between the children of the current members of dimension1, dimension2 and so on.


    Result: Recovery works through the parents for a dimension. When the summary level members are selected in 2 or more dimensions, the recovery freezes.

    Option2: Change the type of hierarchy to group all the dimensions to "Dynamic" so that they calc after account (i.e. after amount = units * rate runs at intersections Level0).

    Result: Same as option 1. Although the aggregation works through one or 2 dimensions, it freezes when the summary level members are from many dimensions.

    Option3: ASO use custom Calc.
    We created a custom calc by fixing the POV Level0 members of any size and with the amount of formul = units * rate.

    Result: Calc never ends because the rate used is a dynamic calc with formula MDX (which is needed to roll forward rates for a specified period at all the following exercises).

    If you could get any help on this, it would be a great help.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Alex keny

    Your best bet is to use the allocation of the ASO, what difference does make. (one ton)

    There are a few messages blog out there that can help you meet this goal. (including mine), the trick is to create a member calculated with a NONEMPTYMEMBER in the formula

    Then it will be a member with an inside MDX formula

    NONEMPTYMEMBER units, rates

    Units * rates

    Now, make a copy of data (allocation) of this member-to-Member stored.




    Celvin Kattookaran

    PS I found NONEMPTYTUPLE does not and still used NONEMPTYMEMBER

  • Thanks for the reply, I am interested in the differences between the rate of webBasics plans + and webHosting and how on this plan you can host your site. Thank you!

    Thanks for the reply, I am interested in the differences between the rate of webBasics plans + and webHosting and how on this plan you can host your site. Thank you!

    Here are all the news us annual price | Adobe Business Catalyst all depends on what you need and what you want the site.

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    After doing a layout-design on adobe muse, normally I publish to my third-party hosting site. It's amazing! that people will not know that I use what platform to design this site free I put the design by insignia muse. I did add that code to .htaccess on my hosting.

    But my Web hosting speed couldn't do well, so I try to upload to the adobe business catalyst, I would like to ask is anyway to hide the HTML extension as I used to do on my previous hosting? I tried to download the .htaccess too, but it doesn't work.

    I think this feature is should be include in BusinessCatalyst. @@

    Hey David,

    People in the industry, however, can spot a Muse of a thousand site far the markup (the code) this product is not so great, and it does not have the things that great and you're limited to what you can do like this.


    BC is totally itself supports no file extension URL. Connect to the BC site, go to the page in the site manager and change the URL. I think that you need to enable editing in site settings and the cross-synchronization as muse thing apparently now supports but just know there's going to be a bit of a clumsy process.

  • Network of twinning with Port trunks to support the host ESX VShere 4 with several NIC for load balancing across a HP ProCurve 2810 - 24 G

    We are trying to increase production of our ESX host.

    ESX4 with 6 NIC connected to HP Procurve 2810 - 24G 2 ports; 4; 6; 8; 10 and 12.


    grouping of parameters on ESX is rather easy to activate, however, we do not know

    How to configure the HP switch to support above connections.


    someone please help with a few examples on how to seup the HP switch.

    Help will be greatly appreciated as we continue to lose tru RDP sessions


    Best regards, Hendrik

    Disabling protocols spanning-tree on the Procurve ports connected to the ESX host is going to promote a recovery more rapid port. Similarly, running global spanning tree is not recommended if you mix some VLAN iSCSI and data in the same fabric (i.. e. you do not want a STP process to hang storage IO). Spanning tree on your switches, look PVST (or Procurve BPMH) to isolate the STP VLANs unique events.

    In regard to the load balancing is, by default (route based port ID) value algorithm requires less overhead on the ESX hosts.  You may not use LACP on the Provurve the lack of facilities LACP ESX. You must use "route based on the IP hash" sideways ESX and 'static trunks' on the side of Procurve. Unless you have specific reasons why your network need loads this configuration, I'd caution against it for the following reasons:

    (1) IP hash requires thorough inspection of packages by the ESX host, increasing CPU load as load package increases;

    (2) the static configuration puts switch physics rigid and critical ESX host port mapping. Similarly, groups of ports all will fail as the Procurve batteries for management only and won't be on switches 802.3ad circuits Group (i.e. all ports of a group of circuits must be linked to a single switch) - this isn't a limitation of the port ID routing;

    (3) K.I.S.S. love port ID mix of port ID, beacon probe and failover on the port assignments you will get segregation of the raw traffic without sacrificing redundancy - even through switches.

    I hope this helps!

    -Collin C. MacMillan

    SOLORI - Oriented Solution, LLC


    If you find this information useful, please give points to "correct" or "useful".

  • How to change the alignment of Catalyst point?


    Is it possible to Ministry the alignment of an object point in the CF?  I have a button where I want more State to animate the Center rather than from the left.

    See you soon,.

    ' z

    I've attached an example of fxp file of a button which grows from the Center on working capital.

    Here's how I did it:

    1 draw 60 x 60 rect

    2. Select rect, right-click, and choose Convert to component > button

    3. double click on the new button to edit in

    4. click on the State of "over" in the States Panel

    5. choose the modify menu > Auto component of size limits. Uncheck the option

    Now the limitations of the components are displayed

    6. Select the rect in the "over" State and resize it to 100 x 100 by dragging in the corner (Beta 2, you will be able to hold down a modifier of resizing of the centre)

    7. drag the rect to refocus it within the limits

    Now on the animation

    8 open the timelines Panel

    9. Select the "place > on ' transition. You will see a 'Move' and 'Resize' auto-generated action because catalyst recognizes the object was moved and resized in these States.

    10. click on smooth

    11. Select "course > until ' transition.

    10. click on smooth

    Run your project

    A tip: sometimes to change the size of a button on bearing can cause problems because the affected area of buttons moves (since you animate it) so you can sometimes get a deployment after a reversal even when the mouse does not move. This can cause the flasher. To avoid this problem, draw a rect that is larger than the largest State in the button and make them transparent. This will act as your mouse area.


  • The WAN Port is communicating with the Ethernet switch?

    I have a Comcast gateway that the router is disabled in so it acts only as a modem. This is related to an Airport Extreme, which serves as my router via the WAN on the AE port. I created a different WAP with a Capsule temporal from the airport, located downstairs with an Ethernet cable from one of the Ethernet ports on the AE to the WAN on the TC port. I think it's what we call a 'roaming network.

    My question is, can I connect my switch Gigabit 8 ports in one of the Ethernet ports on the TC to complete connections wired to all devices connected on it, or should I first connect EI to the switch 8 ports and then connect the switch to the port WAN TC to complete my network "roaming"? In other words, plug it into the port WAN AE or TC still allows you to use other Ethernet ports as a switch?

    Thank you!

    can I plug my Gigabit 8 ports switch in one of the ports Ethernet on the TC to complete wired connections to all devices connected on it

    Yes, assuming that the TC has been configured to run in Bridge Mode, which would be normal.

    or should I first connect EI to the switch 8 ports and then connect the switch to the TC WAN port to complete my network "roaming"?

    It would be considered preferable to wiring, if it is convenient to do so.  For example, in the configuration of the wiring in the previous example just above... If there is a problem with the time Capsule, then all devices connected to the switch to the time Capsule would have a problem as well.

    If the switch is connected to the AirPort Extreme, and the TC is then connected to the switch... If the TC has a problem, the other devices connected to the switch of will not be affected.

  • parallel port does not have the protection key

    I just bought a terca M2. When I try to install a software that uses a hardware key (small connector in the parallel port) I get the message that he found no protection key. I have installed this software on other laptops (also with xp pro) and they are all worked well.
    I also tried two parallel port settings, but it still does not work.

    Please help me solve this problem, otherwise, this laptop will be useless to me.

    Hi robert,.

    have you checked that the chip set driver in Device Manager? As far as I know the parallel port is controlled by the entire ship!

    Have you checked if the parallel port in your M2 works without any problem (for example, a parallel printer) to exclude a defect of material! If there is a material defects you might bring the laptop to a Toshiba service for a short health check partner!

    Hans Bye

  • USB ports are damaged on the Satellite C660-1R3

    Hello friends:

    I accidentally connected a dde on usb port. After that the usb ports does not work.
    I contacted a friend.
    U14 circuit on the motherboard (usb circuit control) damaged with its Nember.
    the pc works great except for the two USB ports.

    _ * wath the nember for this circuit_
    Thank you for your help

    It is not easy to get this information here. I m afraid person here can help you with these specific things.
    Problem is also to get these components materials as separate pieces. In my opinion, you should try to buy some mainboard at low prices for this model of laptop with perhaps damage of CPU and try to make it work again.

    What you can also try is to contact Toshiba service in your country and ask for help.

  • can I call from sri lanka to the US and what are the rates

    I take my computer with me so I can call usa Sri lanka and what are the rates

    Beachbum wrote:

    I take my computer with me so I can call usa Sri lanka and what are the rates

    With Skype, your location is unimportant. Calls to (or within) the United States wherever you are cost 2.3 cents / minute or part of it.

    You can easily find the information yourself with a little research here:



    I recommend that you always run the latest version of Skype: Windows & Mac

    If my advice helped to solve your problem, please mark it as a solution to help others.
    Please note that I usually do not respond to unsolicited private Messages. Thank you.

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