Portege M100 - won't stand by

I have a Portege M100. No reason he won't standby automatically if left on the battery. I checked settings power saver and they all seem to be ok eg standby after 5 minutes etc.

Any ideas?


Hi RogerGrand

Will your laptop to sleep with connected AC/DC adapter, or it occurs only in sleep mode?
Moreover, what happens if you choose the mode standby manually via start > stop > Eve. It work?

In your case, I'll try to reinstall Toshiba Power Saver. You can find it on the page of Toshiba. AFAIK Portege M100 is in * archives * because it s pretty old book.

Good luck! :)

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  • Disk error when you exit the Portege M100 in standby mode

    Hello all :)

    Have a Portege M100 for general use with WXP Pro installed.
    Recently decided to upgrade to a DVD - rom DVD burner, then bought a Sony DW-Q250A burner.
    Installed and it worked, but I continue having problems when the computer wakes from sleep, I get the message "ERROR #1 IDE", while the system reboots without additional probs in windows

    The problem is, once this happens, the DVD player then disappears from the window 'my computer' and is not visible in the "Device Manager", until I remove the disc, back up and then analyze for pop. "p in Device Manager devices, it reappears as nothing has happened."
    I thought it might have been a conflict with the IDE bus (ie the two - disk HARD & DVD - disks configured as master) so I put a rider on the HARD disk to make the slave drive (which looks like to mean a change of firmware on the DVD drive for this) but it just created more probs... Then I got a message "ERROR of IDE #0" extra when I did and the machine would not boot from the HARD drive.

    Any thoughts would be welcome? :|


    Hi mate,

    "first of all I would like to explain the IDE #0 error: it s quite understandable given that the HARD drive is the * FIRST * player of all and must stand the * FIRST" by car, which means that you jumper shouldn´t to a slave drive. It must be a master, otherwise, as in your case, the boot of won´t machine.
    So you have 2 IDE channels (primary and secondary IDE channel), and each channel has a master and a slave. Apart from the HARD drive that is located on the main channel, your DVD player is naturally on the secondary channel configured as the master drive.
    Here´s a bit 'image': D to explain it:

    -> Primary channel-> Master = HARD drive
    -> Slave = nothing

    -> Secondary channel-> Master = DVD
    -> Slave = nothing

    Regarding your problem:

    I have no definitive solution for you, but I can give you some advice. First download the latest BIOS for your machine and upgrade to the latest version. Then download the latest drivers and install them. After that, look for an update of the firmware of your player of DVD and last but no less check the database of microsoft for known issues as any of the similar issues are known for me with drives toshiba toshiba machines.

    Would be worthy to try


    See you soon

  • A keyboard for a Portege S100 will work in a Portege M100?

    Quick question - a keyboard for a Portege S100 will work in a Portege M100?

    Page layout looks like. Although a different color.


    I think that you can not use the same keyboard as the Portege S100 supports the year-easy-to-use 84 keys (US) or 85-keyboard (UK) and the Portege M100 supports the year-easy-to-use 85/86-keyboard.
    In addition, the S100 connector supports the keyboard interface 34 CN3230 pins and the M100 supports PJ3230 34pin keyboard connector.

    So maybe this could be a problem.
    I recommend using the original keyboards published for each laptop model.

  • Portege M100 - video player does not work

    Can anyone help?
    Had to rebuild my beloved Portege M100, after a hard disk failure.
    Everything works well except the video player.

    Tried using Windows Media Player and Intervideo Win DVD, but the two close as soon as the video starts.
    WMP has said that this is a problem with a codec called ivivideo forming Intervideo and Corel as they are now.

    However, their site is less useful and I can't find a way to update.

    Suggestions anyone?


    Try VLC Player.
    It s small tool/player which can be downloaded for free.
    It plays most files smoothly.

    In addition, you could install some packages of codec as K-Lite codec pack

    Good luck

  • Portege M100 BIOS supports more than 128 GB of HARD drive?


    Portege m100 BIOS does support HDD > 128 (137) Go?

    What IDE controller has been integrated?
    You could install a tool of diagnosis of equipment as Everest home edition and could check your hardware specifications.

    But I guess the protégé M100 supports South Bridge Intel ICH4 - M and the IDE controller must support the Ultra ATA 100/66/33

    However, you must still install these diagnostic tools to ensure a what IDE controller has been installed.

    The fact is that since ATA - 6 (also known as Ultra DMA/100, Ultra DMA 5 or Ultra-ATA100 mode) the 48-bit LBA is supported which allows to use more large 128 GB drives

    Good bye

  • Portege M100 - none of the drivers work

    None of the Vista drivers work for Windows 7, so I switched to XP Professional and always SOME drivers don't work?

    Is there a special way to install after installing Windows?

    see you soon

    Hi ollie,.

    It would be interesting to know what you mean with none of the drivers work. You get an error message or what is exactly happening?

    Regarding the issue of Windows 7 I think that it of normal that Vista drivers do not work for Windows 7 because the Portege M100 is very old notebook, so I doubt that Windows 7 will work on this subject.

    Moreover, the Toshiba site, you will find an installation instructions document. Use this list a driver installation order is recommended.
    Check this box!

  • Portege M100 - need driver ethernet


    I need driver for my laptop ethernet. It's the Portege M100.
    I have download all the drivers from the drivers download, but still ethernet does not work.

    Thank you!!!

    What you mean with network does not work?
    Brands you yellow in Device Manager?
    Can connect you to a network?
    Please explain this more accurate.

    Did you download the driver here?
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    It would also be interesting what OS you have.

  • Portege M100 - no audio output device

    I recently acquired a Portege M100 1.2 ghz model no PPM1DE-0000Y-EN. The hard drive had been cleaned, so I installed Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I don't have a utility Toshiba and driver CD.

    For the moment, my main problem is that there is no sound and I get messages of "no audio output device. I can watch a DVD but once again his silence as the internal speakers do not work. I am a novice, so if you have any tips please try to not do not technical but in simple terms that I can understand. There are probably a number of questions that I haven't discovered yet IE Power Saver, etc. without wire.

    I think you're missing the SOUNDMAX program to render sounds. At least that's what I had with my M200, but apparently M100 and M200 are quite similar. Installed SOUNDMAX SE will solve the problem. The easiest way is probably to get a sort of utility CD.

    And it's probably the only one too. Even if make you it work without, you always end up without the other Toshiba Utilities (which can be quite crucial, as power saving, ability to use the buttons and the FN keys, possibility to use the touchpad, etc..).

  • Portege M100 PPM10A-0008GP & PPM10A-09E6M has the same motherboard?

    Portege M100 PPM10A-0008GP & PPM10A-09E6M has the same motherboard?

    Thank you very much!!!

    Portege M100 PPM10A-09E6M seems to confirm this hardware configuration:
    Intel Pentium M 1.3 GHz LV
    Graphics Controller Intel 855GM
    RAM 512 MB (installed) / 2 GB (max) - DDR SDRAM - PC2100 - 266 MHz
    Hard drive 80 GB

    The Portege M100 PPM10A-0008GP seems to support the Intel Pentium M 1.2 GHz, 256 MB and 60 GB HARD drive.

    But it seems that the motherboard must be the same.

  • Portege M100 stop when unplug the a/c adapter - battery problem

    Hi people,

    Laptop for my wife, it's a Portege M100 3 or 4 years, which is seems a good machine, although the hard drive failed and had to be replaced recently.
    However, there is also a problem with the battery charging.

    The machine works very well when connected to AC power whether the battery is or not, but as soon as you remove the power cable it stops working immediately, it is to say everything, including the fan stops immediately.

    The sign of the battery on the top edge of the screen/cover blinking orange.
    I figured it was the battery that had given up and bought an another toshiba (IE not a compatible but the real thing) and he slotted in but still.

    This problem above the hard drive has been changed also.

    Any thoughts or ideas?
    Thank you very much

    > The sign of the battery on the top edge of the screen/cover blinking orange
    Are you sure that it is a LED battery?
    AFAIK the battery LED indicates the State of charge of the battery.
    Green: charging completely charged and orange way. But in both cases the LED does not flash/blink.
    Only the power adapter LED will Flash orange if feeding malfunctions and the voltage is abnormal.

    But if the battery LED flashes then I guess this code refers to the battery failure.
    You should always buy a battery recommended by Toshiba and not other 3rd party products.
    The manufacturer of the HARD drive is not important, but if the battery is dead so you can buy one that is part supported by Toshiba

  • Portege M100 runs at 600 MHz after the BIOS/FRIMWARE upgrade


    I received a Portege M100, this week, installed Debian GNU/Linux (Sid) on it and almost everything was fine.
    Then I upgraded to the latest BIOS/FIRMWARE (from V1.10 to V1.50) and now my Pentium M 1200 MHz running at half speed.
    I can not load also cpufreq, which controls the speed of the cpu.

    I see this problem is already known, then:
    It will come a new BIOS/FIRMWARE fix for this?

    What do you mean by "I saw that this problem is already knowna? ¦ »
    Where do you find the description for a same problem?

    Usually the BIOS update should not have any influence 'wrong' on the speed of the CPU!

    Have you checked the BIOS option called "dynamic CPU frequency mode".

    This option is also in the Toshiba HWSetup. You can also switch between 'high' and 'always low '.


  • Portege M100 just run half the speed - 600 Mhz

    I have a Portege M100 that I found very slow until I discovered it was running half speed (IE 600 mhz). I tried everything in the Bios and in Toshiba utility, but nothing to do: always clocked at 600 Mhz.

    Is there something I missed? y at - it 'special' something to do to allow him to run at full speed?

    I thank the of in advance to anyone who helps!


    As already suggested that the firmware must be updated! This portable strange behavior happens especially if the technician forgot to update this laptop runs only at 600 MHz.

    Similar questions have been described a lot of time here in the forum.
    For example:

    I always recommend the use of the forum advanced search before posting on similar problems!

  • Portege M100 - Toshiba utility to install hangs

    I have a Portege M100 (prob M100-112), who has been 'hacked' all by its former owner, and I'm trying to re - install all the tools and drivers.

    In particular, I would like to upgrade the BIOS to v1.50 (1.30).

    The tool to upgrade the BIOS (windows) complains that the common modules are not installed, but when I try to install the common modules Installer crashes just with no visible user interface and no mistake.

    I have re-installed all the points listed in the recommended order - but not luck :-(

    Any help and constructive welcom

    Constructive help?
    What else can you get on this forum? ;)

    Hi Dave

    I put t know the order of installation you used and what elements have installed you before, but it turns out that the common modules must be installed first before you start to install the other Toshiba tools and utilities.

    I assume that you try to install Windows XP Home edition, so here's the order of complete plants:

    Driver Chipset
    Display driver
    Audio driver
    Network driver
    Driver Modem
    Network wireless driver
    Atheros Client Utility
    Cisco Aironet Client Utility
    Infrared driver
    Common modules
    Power management
    Button controls
    User manual
    DVD player
    Bluetooth stack
    Utility to change display device
    DVD-RAM driver software
    Mobile extension
    Skins for Windows Media Player
    SD memory card format
    SD Secure Module
    Wireless Hotkey Utility
    Hotkey for display devices
    Sun Java Runtime Environment
    Management Console

    Have you used this order?
    Are you trying to install THIS common modules?

  • How to increase the video memory shared on Portege M100

    I have a Portege M100 and I would like to increase the shared video memory. In the technical documentation: 16-64MB shared video memory
    I have 768 MB of RAM
    but he can't do it in the Bios or Windows.
    where can I do it?

    (I'm french, sorry for the bad English)


    As far as I know this laptop has an Intel graphics card.
    for example on an ATI card graphics it is possible to set manually shared memory, but on an Intel shared memory graphics card will be determined automatically.
    That's why you can't find any options to change this value.

  • Screen/hinge Portege M100 problem

    I have a Portege M100 and have a slight problem with the screen
    The screw on the left has out & disappeared. This left the very "wobbly" screen and it seems to have jumped off a plug or two, just on the left side as the case/wallpaper sometimes seems to gape slightly face down by the hinge.
    I would try to replace the screws & it back to the 'normal' but I can't find instructions or advice on how fits in the screen - can someone help me to clip it together & rplace the screw?

    (please don't make comments about how old he was, that's what I have & I can't afford to replace it at the moment!)


    I think that there are no manuals or instructions how to replace something on a laptop. These technical documents are not for the public, they available only allowed for the service provider.

    So, I would recommend an ASP because there you can also get the right spare for your laptop and technicians will help you fix it. :)

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