Portege M300: FN + F8 does not not & FN + F2 kills Power Saver

I recently had to reimage my M300 and reinstalled the latest version of the drivers, but find myself with two problems.

1. even if the wireless keyboard shortcut utility is installed (and the process runs in memory), when I press Fn + F8, when the wireless switch is turned on, nothing happens. When the switch is off and I press it I get the message "wireless communication is disabled. Please activate the wireless communication switch", while the pilot is definitely running. I saw a similar error in a Satellite forum indicating that a change is needed in the registry.ini file. Any ideas anyone?

2. the Power Saver (Fn + F2) tool works fine until I try to change profiles using the Fn + F2 key, when it blocks the tool with a fatal energy-saving, and it cannot be restarted without rebooting. New - any ideas?

Hi Mark

In my opinion there is no general answer to such problems.
I guess well everything worked until you have reinstalled all the drivers. Am I wrong?

I think that the driver installation is a key to the resolution of problems.
Believe me, I installed the drivers on my Satellite several times and for the first time not all functions worked because I installed the drivers in the wrong order.
After that any new installation has been correctly.

So try to do again you downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba site? There you should find an installation instruction, I hope.
Take a look at this document and try to follow this guide line

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    The reason why sleep does not appear in the power options is your Intel graphics card.

    Please try to disable Intel graphics in the Device Manager and turn it back on.

    If it still shows yellow bang, try to download the latest Intel graphics driver from Lenovo site.

    I hope this information helps.

  • Portege M780 finger touch does not


    I have a Portege M780 and Windows 7 x 64.

    My laptop recognizes the pen and a point of contact devices.

    Can I use the pen is fine, no problem with that. But finger touch screen doesn´t of work. I go to the control panel and finger touch is enabled.

    I have download Wacom touch dual drivers for W7x64 web technical support Toshiba´s, but I can´t install it because when I try it says '' unsupported '' platform.

    Could someone please help?

    I have download Wacom touch dual drivers for W7x64 support Toshiba´s web

    Where did you find this 64-bit driver?
    The Toshiba European driver page does not touch Dual driver for Win 7 64 bit, but only for Win 7 32 bit

  • Portege R700 - Autocad 2011 does not recognize the graphics card


    I have toshiba Portege R700 with 64-bit win 7 installed.
    I need the computer for use with autocad 2011.

    For some reason any auocad does not recognize the graphics card installed on the computer.
    I suspect it because very little memory is allocated for the graphics card.

    How can I change with the memory allocated for the graphics card, or perhaps, can someone show me where can I find a driver that supports autocad.

    Thank you very much!


    What Portege R700-xxx you have exactly?
    As far as I know the graphics memory cannot be assigned manually.
    Everything is controlled by the graphics driver and you have no influence on this

    You can try updating the graphics card driver maybe it would help.
    The most recent driver found on the page of the European driver Toshiba
    If not, you should check the manufacturer of the graphics chip driver

    Good luck

  • Portege Z930 - display driver does not work properly


    We have a Portege Z930 with Windows 7 64 bit in use where the Intel display driver seem to work fine.

    First problem is the slow presentation on screen - if we open a (simple JPG) photo and move the window, the frame window break during the move and showed very weird.

    Then, we have installed a U3.0 dynadock docking for the use of two external displays more. This method works even worse. To the docking station, we used the driver from the CD supplied in the delivery and connect to a USB 3.0 connector.

    On starting switching on 2 screens instead of internally for computer laptop screen does not work - and we use workaround of using an extended desktop on all 3 displays (2 external and internal display for laptop as the third).

    In Internet Explorer, it should turn off GPU Rendering and use Software Rendering rather because otherwise, we observed critical irregularities on the external screens (with 2 Windows Open the screen froze or could not display Windows Mobile). However the display isn't satisfactioning.

    We have tried 3 different versions of the recommended Driver Intel which is also offered by Toshiba to download; We loaded it is there and also 2 versions more (a more recent, one older) Intel directly.

    So, how can we get this working properly?

    Thanks in advance and best regards,
    N. Cochems

    More importantly. Make sure you have Service Pack 1 installed Win7. New laptops have problems running in win7 RTM (without service pack).

    It seems that Windows uses the standard VGA driver instead of the Intel driver. Uninstall all display drivers from Control Panel-> programs and features and then go to the Toshiba website and install the utility Intel Chipset then the Intel display driver, then go to DisplayLink.com and install the latest DisplayLink driver for the dynadock. The new software v7.xx DisplayLink driver fixes several issues found in v6.xx drivers.

    Verify that the Intel drivers are installed properly in Device Manager.

  • Cannot register Portege 205 - serial number does not exist

    I can't access path by recording my Portege 205 on Russian site as my second notebook.
    Serial number does not exist has been the answer.
    What can I do to fix this?


    Has used the right serial number?
    Please recheck the number on the label that you will find at the bottom of the unit.
    Please don t mix letters and numbers. Sometimes people mix the 0 and o for example.

    But if you think you typed a number and recording not work so I would recommend contacting the Toshiba service will partner in Russia. Technicians can finish the registration process.

    PS: I hope that you bought from the computer store and not somewhere in the dark backyard ;)

  • Re: Portege M800-10Z - WiFi does not work

    I have a problem. I recently bought Toshiba Portege M800-10Z and downgraded Windovs Vista to XP service pack 3. All right, but the WiFi does not work.

    I tried to upgrade the wireless Lan driver, but it still does not work...
    I have Intel Wireles WiFi Link 5100 and system is Windovs XP service pack 3
    Is there someone who could help me with this issue?

    I would be very grateful for advice.

    Thank you very much


    That you say with the WiFi does not work?
    Can you connect to the router?
    The WLAN card is recognized in Device Manager?

    To solve this problem make sure that you have the latest version of the BIOS. Check on the Toshiba site.

    Also disable features of security as a hidden SSID, MAC address filtering and so far away.
    Check if an update of the firmware on your router available.

    Good bye

  • Portege M200: Rotation utility does not work with the new driver


    I have a Portege M200 with the Gforce 5200Go. Since the last officially available graphics driver is the 46,44 I changed the 93.71 and installed. But the Rotation Utility does not work with this driver.

    When I use the driver nv for the rotation of the screen the tabletpen's is more synchronized: move the tabletpen left results in movement of the mouse to the top etc.

    Anyone any ideas?


    You must use the page of the Toshiba driver graphics driver and not the original on the graphics card manufacturing site

  • Portege M200 recovery process does not work

    I want to re format my old M200 of 4 years using the original recovery disks (4).
    The recovery.txt file that is stored on the first disc advise me of a process for this, but also States that "this utility does not if the drive has been formatted or converted to NTFS.

    My C drive is NTFS, and the recovery process does not work.
    I'm unable to find any other documents or files on the drives to advise me what to do help.

    I would be greatfull for anyone who has experience with this issue who can advise me on the correct process to run my recovery on a drive formatted as disks


    May I ask what laptop do you have: is it a M200 Satellite or Portege M200?

    How have you tried to recover the laptop?
    Have you tried to boot from the CD?

  • Portege M800 - Chicony Webcam does not work

    I have a Portege M800 and the Camera Assistant Software simply does not work.

    I upgraded my Vista 64-bit Service Pack 2, I reinstalled the driver several times and I downloaded the latest version of the Camera Assistant Software from the Web from Toshiba site and nothing worked.

    I get a 'preview of no.' when I load first it and 'Graph making Fail' when I go to the video.
    However, the only thing is that I know that the camera itself is very well because very rarely it will work on MSN messenger, but he has not responded to other programs.

    Please help me!


    > The only thing however is that I know that the camera itself is very well because very rarely it will work on MSN messenger, but he has not responded to other programs.

    This means that more different applications have access to this camera. Is this good?
    I think that is the question!

    In your case, I recommend you to disable the webcam software in msconfig-> Startup tab.
    In addition, you must disable the MSN also in msconfig. The point is that only an application that uses and sharing the webcam should run in the background of the OS.
    I think that this would avoid problems with other software

  • Portege M200: serial port does not work with port replicator

    I have a Tablet m200 and the top mentioned dock/replication PA3314-1PRP port.
    As the M200 has no serial port (rs232), I want to use the one on the docking station, but it is not recognized as a device on my tablet.

    Thew network connections and usb ports all work fine and the lpt port is shown in Device Manager. I have restored the Tablet and it still does not recognize the serial port.
    How can I get this port recognized so that I can use it.

    Thank you very much

    Hello Lee

    I just, I can confirm that when you use the Replicator port advanced III with Portege M200 several ports do not work. Problem is that Portege M200 does not support these interfaces.

    This is a technical limitation and the port of mouse PS/2 port keyboard PS/2, serial port, I.Link (Firewire) port and DVI port will not be supported when Portege M200 is anchored on the Advanced Port Replicator III. :(

  • Portege M400: Windows XP does not recognize the 160 GB HARD drive


    I have a Toshiba Portege M400 with Windows XP Tablet Edition. Now, I bought a new 160 GB drive. This disk can be recognized within the location Phase Installation of XP. Do I need a new driver?

    Best regards

    Karl Weber


    You have to install and include the Portege M400 RAID drivers.
    It's a bit confusing because little protégé M400 does not support 2 HARD drive, but the RAID driver is required.

    Please check the Toshiba European page and download the RAID driver. During the installation of XP her you have to press the F6 key to include the driver from an external USB FDD drive.

    After you have included the don t RAID driver format HARD drive because this will lead to the driver losing.

    Best regards

  • Re: Portege Z30: Fingerprint software does not, the connection with the sensor fails

    Hello to you all,.

    I have a great fun for you guys. If you're curious, it's here...

    I just bougt garage a portege Toshiba Portege Z30t-A-126 PT24CE-01400HFR
    Nice machine but SSD is too small, so I changed the original SSD 256 to a 512.

    Reinstalled Win7 completely without any pb.

    Just a pb in fact: the footprint software does not work.
    When I hliant, it fails and says "unable to connect with the sensor.

    In french "fingerprint recognition."
    Unable connect the sensor.

    But when I check the Device Manager computor it says that everything is in place and ongoing execution, validity (WBF) (PID = 0010) sensors works very well and the latest version of the driver is installed.
    (I downloaded the form driver toshiba Web site.) The name of the driver is fp - sw - 20140115084521.zip)

    Then? What's not?

    I spent hours searching the web and tried everything I could. Reinstalled a thousand times the drivers, software, tried other drivers... But there is no way that I can fix it.
    It's really annoying...

    Can someone help me please? Have you an idea? I'm stuck...

    Thanks in advance. :-)


    This issue of the fingerprint has been described in another thread.

    You should be able to solve the problem installing the chipset driver.
    Another user said, an installation of Proset Ethernet drivers/software was necessary to get the problem resolved. But to be honest that I put t think that missing Proset utility would cause the question

    However, check it out.

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • Portege 3500 stylus works does not in some parts of the screen

    My stylus on my portege does not work in some parts of the screen parts change and are sometimes not there.
    This happened after the replacement of the screen, but not right away.


    I agree with the previous user, and also think that there must be a hardware problem, and it should be checked properly.
    Contact service again and explain exactly what is happening. Sorry, but I don't believe you can do it alone.

Maybe you are looking for