Portege R111 - where is the 'END' button on the keyboard


I have a laptop Portege R111, model No. PPR11N-01KOK2.
In the bios, I changed. The changes are applied to the key 'end '. Without changes to the ESC.

This key 'End' I find it on the keyboard.

Can someone tell me where the key on the keyboard?

Thanks in advance,


This portable Portege is not known to me... He doesn't seem to be a European model for laptop so I did find many details on this unit... However, depends on the allocation of key keyboard keyboard language.
On the keyboard of my computer laptop first END is located between the LED and PGDN (page down) button buttons.

The other laptop supports another configuration of keyboard and the END key is placed between POS1 and PGUP buttons (previous page).

Also I recommend you to check out the user manual too.
Especially different keyboard layouts are described in operating manuals

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    Why, you want to know where is the CMOS battery? You want to exchange it?

    I think this question can anybody answer here because it s only a user to user forum. Never saw here authorized technicians or anyone from Toshiba.

    Regarding your question, you should contact the nearest authorized service provider. They can answer any technical questions and also to exchange the battery for you. ;)

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    There is a nice write-up general on how to disassemble a R500 here:

    The description above is not to discuss the keyboard however, so here's some additional information and tips:

    * Read this whole procedure before you start - it's simple, but not for the faint of heart.

    * Shut down, unplug the power, remove the battery.

    * Make sure that you have the correct keyboard for your model. The US keyboard is p/n G83C000903US for example. One I removed was a Rev 1 and a new one, I had a Rev 2 (don't know the difference - they look identical). They can get as low as $40-mais check the part number before you buy.

    * The keyboard connector is located under the computer, and so you will have to take off from the bottom, carefully following the instructions in the link above.

    A couple of notes: (a) the cable Ribbon PCMCIA connector must be opened to disconnect the cable, as this is the only thing that prevents you from removing the bottom of the computer. You can easily do so through access memory on the back door, but BE careful not to damage the cable lock. It works by switch to the top the little plastic lever that is held in place by small pieces of plastic on the sides of the connector that flex * a little *. Be gentle with this connector. When you put it back later-connector, if you placed the cable all the way into the connector, you can lock with only slight pressure down on the connector, and it will snap into place.

    (b) there are other types of cable Ribbon connectors use too. For example, to unlock the keyboard connector, now visible also on the bottom of the deck, slide both ends of the connector in the direction where the cable plugs in. They are snug and will only move about 1/4 ", be gentle but firm.

    (c) the two tiny connectors blocks free access to the water of the keyboard do not have locks on them. We're a band with only a few drivers, and one is a red and white power connector. Just pull out them. All the other connectors, you will probably miss through requires unlocking, so be careful!

    _Now back to the keyboard: _

    Once you have managed to disconnect his cable on the bottom, turn the laptop and start to remove the keyboard on the edges. It is supported by many small pieces of sticky tape, 2 faces, and that's it. As the base of the keyboard is made of aluminum, it is likely that you will distort the keyboard a bit as release you it, even though it may be downplayed maybe using a tool like a rule or something plastic and pry with it. Take care of not to damage the connector of the Ribbon and try to ignore these scary cracking sounds that identify each section!

    Once you have turned it off, you must remove any excess tape before starting point and again put a bunch of small pieces of new, good quality 2-sided tape (such as 3 m). No need to use anything stronger or thicker - just put a bunch of parts everywhere on the base, especially near the edges and the space key.

    Now, finally, turn the keyboard in position, making sure that you screw the connector back Ribbon through to the correct place. Turn the laptop over and re - insert and lock the Ribbon connector (make sure that it is directly and fully forward lock connector). All other connectors back in too. Then come back and push down hard on all sections.

    Re-assembling, taking care to put the 4 mm and 6 mm screws in the right places and a tiny on the side.

    Cross your fingers and turn it on!

    Good luck!

    Thank mate for this review.
    Generally the replacement of keyboard is not really complicated and someone with small technician skills should be able to replace it

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    > Can you show me the keyboard scheme showing the end keys?

    I checked the user manual which you can download from the Toshiba user manual page and the END button seems to be located in the upper right corner, it s above the BACKSPACE key.

    See you soon

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    Hans Meiser


    I m not a technician phone but as far as I know locations of memory on this laptop are placed under the keyboard. You must also remove the keyboard and the other parties. It's a little tricky.

    I think the best way is that you ask a technician for laptop. They have enough experience to Exchange or upgrade the RAM.

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    Thank you very much
    best wishes from the Austria


    Module of memory is under the keyboard on the right side near the mouse pad. If you only, please be careful and remove the battery before you begin.

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    This document dΘcrit the QuickWeb and how to use it.

    However, it is not really show where the button should go from an engine out of State.

    On laptops that support QuickWeb, the button is usually above the keyboard to the left with a symbol of the planet.

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