Portege R500 - cannot see an image on the external monitor

I have a R500 and use a port replicator. I use a DVI connection to my main screen (monitor 22 '').

I tried to configure the extended desktop but cannot get the external monitor to work - my laptop monitor remains off and I can't make it work even after checking the display settings to be "extend my Windows desktop on this monitor.

What is the problem?


What happens if you connect the monitor directly to the laptop without docking station? It work?

In addition, I would try to update the display driver and BIOS. The two you can find on the Toshiba site:
http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

Good bye

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  • Portege R500 - no image on the external monitor

    Hello everyone

    There is no image on the external monitor on my Portege R500 with Win XP SP3.
    The screen seems to receive the signal, but the screen remains black.

    Anyone know a solution for this problem?
    Sorry for my bad English.

    Thank you.


    How have you tried to exit from display on an external monitor?
    Usually, you use the FN + F5 key combination.
    This allows you to switch between the two screens; laptop + external display.

    I had a problem to view a video on the external monitor because the video is already running. You must switch to the external display until you start the movie, etc.

  • Qosmio X 305-bad image on the external monitor quality

    My x 305-701 has excellent image on the original monitor, but if I connect the laptop to Acer 22 ' VGA cable I get a blurry image on the external monitor only.

    It does not matter if I use two monitors at the same time or just the Acer, the external monitor is always blurred the laptop monitor is always perfect. I tried the external monitor in 1440 x 900 and 1680 x 1050 and have adjusted the frequency of refresh of all available parameters, 59 Hz, 60 Hz and 75 Hz, and the blurred image is still there.

    I love this Qosmio and appreciate it even more on the widescreen monitor any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I know that LCD screens are blurry if set to non-native resolution. I think you need to set the correct resolution for the external monitor. Check your external display native resolution and set in display settings.

  • Shaking image on the external monitor when the Satellite A200 is running on AC


    I have this problem that drives me crazy... I bought an external monitor for my laptop Toshiba Satellite A200-1 9 s, but the problem is that the image on the external monitor, shakes. I tried another monitor, the same, another cable, same problem; the only way to stop it is to unplug the AC of the laptop.

    I also tried to move the monitor further away from the laptop, but nothing.
    I can stop shaking so hard that if I switch to the profile AC from FULL POWER to save power... but even with this image is still shaking a little.

    So basically there is a magnetic field around here, probably in the portable, which makes my picture shaking like crazy... someone knows how to stop it?


    I don't think it has to do something with magnetic fields.

    Cause she is related to the energy consumption of the computer, it seems that there is a problem with the AC adapter.
    If he needs to deliver all the 'juice', this is capacitors to keep absolutely stable voltage may be too low.
    These instabilities (with the frequency of 50 Hz supply) can parasitize the signal on the screen.

    A solution for this?... If you know how to solder some fat capacitors somehow between the two...

    It is a grounding problem
    I have never heard of such problems with the LCD (VGA monitors?) monitors. Generally, this is the case when you use an analog video output,
    leading to no color on TV.
    You have an annoying hum when you connect the audio output to an amplifier? It would be a sign for it.
    I had such a problem and solved by plugging my laptop on the sector on another circuit in the House as my audio devices
    So experiment with it.
    First: unplug all the other stuff (printer, Poles, antennas, all) these are unpleasant problems with a lot of possible interference.

    Let me know!

    Welcomes Matz

  • Portege M800: No image on the external monitor

    Today, I tried to connect my PC laptop Toshiba M800 to another CRT monitor without success.

    I use the Fn + F5 keys, but nothing happens, I mean a small window opens which shows me the options LCD, LCD + CRT, CRT, LCD + TV etc, but nothing happens when I choose CRT or LCD + CRT.
    I use a VGA cable, it's ok because the same monitor and the same cable works fine when I use my Acer laptop.

    I even downloaded the latest display driver Intel and the last updated of the BIOS, but there still nothing...
    All ideas will be welcome. :)

    It's very strange.
    What is your laptop preinstalled with original Toshiba recovery image?
    What operating system do you use?

  • Portege M800-106 - bad quality by using the external monitor

    I use an external monitor LG Flatron L1811S on my Portege M800 and find that the image is not rock solid when I use the display on my desktop or screen of the M800.
    It is particularly visible on the big patches of color block where I can see shimmering light. I noticed that it's especially bad if I recently reconnected the laptop to the network after using on battery power until the battery is fully charged.

    This makes me think that the PSU interferes with the VGA output?
    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    To be honest I m more important lack of information in your ad.
    Are you using the native resolution - 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz on screen?

  • Inspiron 8600 LCD screen low image only shortly after switching on. image of the external monitor OK

    power outage time varies from 0 to 30 seconds power upward. Coherent picture of low very low on the LCD while external monitor displays the correct image.

  • How to observe the image on the external monitor HDMI and sound to listen to speakers Acer Aspire?

    My Aspire 5738 is hung with AOC brand 27 "HDMI external monitor through HDMI cable. This monitor is without all speakers. I made this PRIMARY Aspire 5738 15 '' screen monitor.

    When I play a DVD/CD using the CD NO SOUND drive out of Aspire Laptop speakers. But photo work on AOC monitor that is not useful. Aspire 5738 has TWO processors in Device Manager. Intel (by default) and another a ReaLTek, both are HD quality.

    Can any user or leader forum advise me "how-to configure (if Possible) one of the TWO HDMI audio processors ' GOLD of other practical solutions?

    You can set the speaker as default device in its option to get audio from the internal speaker on your laptop.

    Open the 'control panel', click on 'hardware and sound '.
    Where it says 'Sound' in green letters there are three options below that are in blue, click on "manage Audio devices.
    This will bring up a window titled "Sound".
    On the tab 'Read' it has listed the sound options at your disposal. Set of speakers as the default device.

  • Cannot see/access files on the external hard drive in Windows XP

    I removed the HDD from my PC because I was getting a new PC. I plugged it (USB) to a netbook to get my files. He sees the drive, but I can't see/access my files. Both are Windows XP. Is it because the removed drive was setup with administrative privileges in Windows XP on the old machine?


    1. it works on another computer?

    I suggest you to take the permissions of the drive and check if it helps.

    Follow the steps from the link below that would help you to take possession of the car.

    How to capture a file or a folder in Windows XP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308421

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Do not see my images in the Windows 7 preview pane


    * original title - PANE PREVIEW (PHOTOS) HELP!   PLEASE.*

    You can't right click, you have to click once to highlight the file you want to preview.

    However, you must have installed preview Manager program.  Windows can preview most of the images (jpg, bmp, gif), but others, like the photoshop files, need another program installed.
  • sony bravia kdl 40ex725 TV, I see double image in the screen of the same program and image

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    Looks like a 3d picture? Side by side?

  • Portege R600 - how to use the external monitor on the docking automatically

    Hi - I just got a new Portege; R600-102. It's a great machine - very light and fast.

    I connect to a Slim port replicator to the office and I wish I could anchor and automatically use the external monitor without opening the laptop. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do it? This process has worked well on my recently retired Dell X 300.

    More precisely:
    # I have the laptop closed Portégé and standby mode
    # I anchor in the Slim Port Replicator (SPR)
    # I press the button 'on' on the SPR
    # I see the message "recovery windows" and the bars of the countdown on the external monitor. (So I know it's connected and you can see the external monitor)
    # The laptop turns on but use the laptop screen (private) LCD
    # I have to open it and manually tell it 'out to watch.
    What can be automatically?

    Thanks for the tips.

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    You use Windows XP Home or Vista edition?

  • Portege Z830: I want to disable internal LCD and use only the external monitor

    I have a Toshiba Portege z830.
    I use my laptop in "Extended desktop", mode with an external monitor, which is the main display.
    In this mode, the two screens are still on, but I want the built-in LCD screen to be opened only when I use it.

    Is this possible?
    Thank you.


    In my opinion, this is not possible.
    In extended mode, you use and display internal but extended and the long part is visible on the external monitor.
    In such a case its any that your external monitor is set as main display.

    If you want to use an external monitor only, you can only export the video signal on external monitor by pressing FN + F5

  • event.target.content.loaderInfo gives error if I'm to access images of the external field (SecurityErr

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    I wrote a script code Action in onMouse during the event


    private void onMainClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}

    If (Event.Target.hasOwnProperty ('Content'))


    var info: LoaderInfo = event.target.content.loaderInfo;

    var imageUrl:String = configuration. LogoImage; Logo url to view the player

    imageUrl = imageUrl.split("/").splice(1).join("/"); "

    If (info. URL. Search (ImageUrl) > = 0)


    var url: String = configuration. LogoLink; Logo link to open it in a new tab

    var request: URLRequest = new URLRequest (url);



    navigateToURL (request, "_blank");




    trace ("Error occurred!");





    When I give the url of the Logo of the same domain, it works very well (given the url will open in a new tab). Problem occure when I access the image of the external domain. A field that doesn't support request to my domain.

    More information: the Logo image appears correctly on the upper right of my player. On clcik logo url, I am getting error below. I am providing the url of the logo of my config file

    SecurityError: Error #2123: security sandbox violation: Loader.content: Can't access to http://www.esnipe.com/shared/help_icon.gif . Access granted to no political file.

    to flash. display::Loader / get content())

    to StrobeMediaPlayback / onMainClick)

    Please can someone help me out of this error.


    var info: LoaderInfo = event.target.contentLoaderInfo;

  • Satellite Pro L360-14F - cannot play videos on the external monitor

    Toshiba Satellite Pro L360-14F
    Video files as avi, flv, mp4 are played with SM-player etc on the screen of the laptop, but not on the external monitor attached.
    A newspaper there is the error message: MPlayer crashed by the bath OF CPU/FPU/RAM usage.

    Which may mean that?

    You already go to the external display by using the FN + F5 keys?
    To do this.

    In addition, you must go first to the external screen and then you need to start the windows media player or other video player.

    I advise to use the VLC Player. It s free fro and plays most of the files

Maybe you are looking for