Power Manager - deployment guide GPO administrative templates

In the Power Manager Deployment Guide (date: September 8, 2008), Chapter 3, there is a reference to Lenovo provide PWMGPO administrative template files. SMA and PMVGPO. ADM and that these files can be downloaded from the Lenovo Web site.  I have searched but can't seem to find these files.  Can someone enlighten me as to their comings and goings?  A url would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you

You can find the Templaes here.


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  • Profile of power Windows 7 via GPO preference [HELP!]

    I have a requirement to configure a profile of power by default for a client so that users should be able to change the settings in the profile, according to your needs, without administrator rights.

    The issue was that, initially, the power profile has been installed and managed by the component of the power management of SCCM, which locked the power settings and not allow all users to modify. At the time current, power via SCCM management was turned off, and a GPO of the user preference has been applied to set up a default power for all users profile; the GPO applies successfully and sets up the profile of power by default, but end users are unable to edit the profile of power on Windows 7. It still shows locked for editing even if the new power profile is configured and chosen as the active one. I tried via a GPO based computer preferably as well, but no luck. I also tried to remove all policies that configure the profiles of power, and I'm sure the SCCM power management is disabled. I also know that there are not other policies that configure the power settings.

    It worked for another client, however, the power profile has been set up as a user based GPO preference and users are able to modify it as see fit them. The only difference with this client, is that, initially, SCCM managed power settings via the power management component.

    How can I do to try to solve this problem and set up a profile of power via a GPO that allows users to change settings as they see fit? I already checked everything that could possibly be verified. The last resort is to try and recreate the image on one of the test computers and check to see if that solves the problem, but it is not a solution since this customer has 30 thousand machines in their environment. Any help will be much appreciated.

    Hi Cajetan,

    Thank you for visiting Microsoft Community and we provide a detailed description of the issue.

    I suggest you to send your request in the TechNet forums to get the problem resolved.

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  • Your power plan information isn't available - and default Windows 7 missing power management

    I recently installed Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit on my laptop HP Pavilion DM1-4027sa (ships with the 32-bit version, but I wanted to install more than 4 GB of memory where the change in 64-bit).  Initially, all default power plans were presented and Windows Experience Index has worked.  Then somewhere along the line of the installation of a large number of windows updates (including SP1) and install the latest HP Power Manager (the root of the problem, in my opinion), the default power disappeared and it stopped the test Windows Experience Index working (details below).  I searched these forums and the internet more widely for a solution and have already tried the following:

    1 uninstalled HP Power Manager (the first thing I did).
    2 run cmd as administrator and run the powercfg line - RESTOREDEFAULTSCHEMES.  Run powercfg-LIST before and after just lists the GUID feeding "381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e '.»»  The fact that he has only this one is my reason to suspect HP Power Manager software deleted my system ('High Performance' etc.) windows default patterns
    3. the winsat.log file shows that the system to be able to 'High Performance' missing (8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c) prevents performance Win of work index test:
    2352713 (3192) - winsat\logging.cpp:0815:-START 2011\12\10 10:47:32 -
    2352729 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:4301: command line = "C:\Windows\system32\winsat.exe" formal - CancelEvent 26dbc111-68f1-448e-9fea-5b602495fb91
    2352729 (3192) - winsat\processwinsaterror.cpp:0095: ERROR: tried to read resource strings, unknown exception occurred
    2352744 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:4474: > IsFormal is TRUE IsMoobe = FALSE.
    2352791 (3192) - 4585: Watch dog system active
    2352791 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:4600: watch dog timer 600.0 seconds hand
    2353758 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:2490: > DWM running.
    2354320 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:2497: > turn off DWM.
    2354351 (3192) - 2470: > EMD service will be restored to the exit.
    2354367 (3192) - 0983: > read the active power as «381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e» mode
    2354367 (3192) - 2793: > power policy saved.
    2354429 (3192) - winsat\syspowertools.cpp:1018: ERROR: cannot set the current power mode to '8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c': more data is available.
    2354429 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:2810: ERROR: cannot set high power state.
    2354491 (3192) - winsat\syspowertools.cpp:1015 >: 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e value of the power system active"
    2354491 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:2855: > state restored power.
    2354507 (3192) - winsat\main.cpp:2870: > Successfully reenabled EMD.
    2354585 (3192) - winsat\watchdog.cpp:0311: Watch dog system shutdown
    2354585 (3192) - 4909: > exit value = 1.
    4. I ran the sfc/scannow as administrator in cmd.exe, and no problems were found.
    As well, the default settings have been removed (probably by HP Power Manager) is it possible to re - install the Win 7 default power management without making a long system repair?  (I have installed since many things that literally took days.  So I really hated to have to all downwind just to fix this power scheme)
    Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer this question.

    I think I have solved this problem.  The information in the links below I created .pow files for all default windows using plans/plans (energy saving, high performance and balance) on an another Windows 7 laptop (a Lenovo N200 with a power management which had not been ruined by the program of management of power supply by the manufacturer).  I then imported these power schema files into my HP laptop and, fingers crossed, everything works as it should again.  I hope it will help someone else who has the same problem after installing the HP Power Manager (it is no doubt HP Power Manager that caused the problem in the first place).

  • Satellite A210-17R: power management automatically changes to the default settings


    I have a Satellite A210-17R with Win XP SP2. Works pretty well, except for the power management settings (they might call energy Mgmt., I don't know, cause Im using a German language version, so all the terms I use are translated from German).

    I am connected with my user name with administrator rights, then this isn't the common thing, where you cannot change the power mgmt based on your user status. I can actually change any settings (when disable hard drive and screen and so on, knowing what to do when the lid is closed), but somehow she maintains herself reset default settings. I tried to remove all the profiles of power except one, but still... keeps resetting. Ive tried to save the changes, eteinde, save the settings and the mashine completely but anyway even if not instantly (and I did not understand a pattern yet) it maintains the default reset.

    Its very annoying cause, I would leave on my laptop at night to download stuff, but I want to close the lid during the night and when I open the lid again in the morning, the day before on.

    Any suggestions?


    As much as I know Satellite A210 isn't always supported WXP. What GST version you have installed on your A210?

    Until that Toshiba does not offer tested WXP tools and utilities, you can face more similar questions. In any case, you can try to use Windows XP Home edition power options and check the functionality. Maybe it will work well.

  • Battery drains Lenovo x 230 quickly in mode "ensure"; Power management centre does not work

    I have my laptop lenovo x 230 put to sleep when I close the lid. When I close the lid of the icon of 'sleep' on the back of the screen lights up. But the dough will not last all night on mode 'sleep'. In about five hours, the battery is completely flat, and I have to plug it in and start the system. I've never seen this run poor dough in mode 'sleep' on any laptop I've ever owned.

    Another thread in this forum blame the USB port can charge mobile phones, etc. at low specific power and recommend to disable the "always on" option fo this USB port in the Bios settings. I then either it seems to have contributed. At least my laptop still not succeed overnight in mode 'sleep'.

    At this point, it seems my ownly option is to use the "sleep mode" only when the laptop is plugged in and the focus mode standby extended when the power of dough, which is disappointing. I've never had to worry about this in the past with other laptops.

    Maybe / probably related is the fact that the lenovo ThinkVantage Power Manager (v. 7.16) hangs at the splash screen when I try to open it, so I tried to manage the power through the Windows Control Panel power settings.

    Use powercfg in the cmd window (run it with administrator rights) to verify the effectiveness of power.
    powercfg - devicequery wake_armed

  • Power management & random question sleep/put into hibernation

    Hello people!

    First of all, I'm an administrator COMPUTER experienced, and I've owned 6 Thinkpads over the years... the machine in question is today a Thinkpad W530 (K1000M, 16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD Intel, Windows 7 x 64, latest drivers and BIOS).

    I had a weird problem where out of no where, and while on battery, the computer will go to the default mode ' uh oh, battery runs out, record everything! Aka, if Hibernate is enabled, the computer will be in hibernation. If I disable Hibernate in Windows, then the computer go to sleep. So the problem is same, and for other symptoms can present as "hibernate without warning" instead of "sleep without warning.

    In any case, this occurs sporadically and often at times that bothers. The first few times, I didn't know what has increased, but I looked into it a little further now.

    Immediately after this forced sporadic "sleep" / "hibernate" happens, I checked the event log:


    The system to sleep.

    Reason to sleep: battery


    Now, obviously, this is no good. I was a little confused the first time I saw that as the power manager, or the built-in Windows gauge showed low battery. And after that I take for sleep/hibernate mode, the battery is still fine.

    Today, however, I only found a major clue. This time, instead of simply jumping to a sleep/hibernate event, I got a low battery critical Windows popup warning first, and looking at the Windows battery meter was shown left 7%, even if Lenovo Power Manager gauge showed a little more than 50% left. Almost immediately after, he does it is sleep and I wake him up once again, and of course, as always, the battery level returns to normal.

    If long story short, it's a pretty serious battery level report bug somewhere in the drivers of power? Or is it a bad battery? (And if that were the case, why only Windows reports the State of the intermittent dangerously low battery, Lenovo Power Manager no?)

    Just curious for some feedback, otherwise, I'll have to start RMAing parts, or even the entire machine. Of course, having Windows sometimes think that the battery is not about to die is not acceptable. Imagine if I was doing something critical and decides the computer "uh oh, battery low time.» close it as soon as possible! ».

    Yes. Define your event of critical battery doing nothing. It is a workaround, but it is not too bad workaround.

  • Software Power Manager Lenovo - MDT task sequence

    I work in an environment that made the deployment of the operating system via SCCM 2007 SP2 R2 with MDT 2010 Update 1 integration.  I have a MDT task sequence that deploys my WIM file of Windows 7 captured laptops Lenovo predominantly (98% Lenovo fleet too).  Part of this task sequence uses rules to specifically target drivers and applications to individual models.  I'm having a LOT of trouble getting Lenono Power Manager (V3.31) software to install as part of the task sequence.

    The summary of the story is this:

    • Lenovo Bluetooth software installs OK (msiexec /i Win32\BTW.msi/t 1033.mst number)
    • Lenovo Hotkey software installs OK (installation program. EXE/S)
    • I put newspapers of the installation of the power manager, and there are no errors or it 'seems' to install OK (installation program. EXE/S)
    • I can advertise the POST image software Power Manager and it installs and works OK
    • In the task sequence run in order of Power Manager, Bluetooth, shortcut keys.

    If all goes well, that provides the information of someone perhaps enlighten us.  It's a little frustrating, because the package actually allows to install.  I'm almost to the point where I want to try to create a collection with rules to fill with Lenovo laptops and install then required it.  It is not a critical application - just, it would be nice to have.

    OK - I found the perfect answer for this.  The syntax that was needed was the following - Setup. EXE/s /f2"C:\Support\Logs\PWRMGRV.log" - but here's the thing.  In your task sequence, do a "run command line" before this stage of the application with the command "cmd.exe /c mkdir C:\Support\Logs".  If you do not specify this, it tries to rewrite in a place where he has no rights - and as a result does not work.

  • Missing power management


    Missing Power Options power management. Does not change the brightness of the display by using the function keys.
    Tell me please, is it possible to restore the profiles, without the restoration of the initial state of the system.

    64-bit Windows 8

    ENVY of HP dv6-7260er



    HP ENVY dv6-7260er (upgrade). Windows 10.


    Try the following should repair the registry entries related to your power options - this is a slight variation of a patch that was originally for Vista...

    First of all, make sure you that HP Power Manager (if you have this installed) has been uninstalled and reboot the laptop.

    Then, if you do not have an extraction utility installed, download and install 7-Zip.  Please note that If you have a 64-bit installation, download and install the Installer x 64 64-bit .msi on the link below.


    Download PsTools by Mark Russinovich, extract the files by clicking on the folder, select 7 - Zip, and select Extract here. Copy PsExec, open the computer, open Local C, open windows drive and paste this file in the System32 folder - click on the UAC prompt to agree.

    Now download and extract the registry file from the link below - this contains 1 custom setting, but can be deleted at the end.

    Power options.

    Open the folder, and then copy the registry file inside.

    Open the computer, open Local C, open windows, open System32, open config, open systemprofile drive, do a right click and create a new folder called here for Desktop.  Open the office folder and paste the file to registry here.

    Open windows in a right-click command prompt and select "Run as Administrator", then enter the following command.

    PsExec s-i d regedit

    Click on I accept to sysinternals prompt to launch the registry editor.  Click file, import, select the PowerOpt file and click on open - you should get a message that has been successfully added to the registry, click Ok.

    Return to the command prompt, copy and paste the entry below and press on enter to remove the custom plan.

    Powercfg.exe - delete cabb719c-fde8-4d7d-bc42-717de580c8ff

    Close all windows and reboot the laptop - you should have if everything goes well now just 3 standard power schemes.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Removable storage to access folder is missing from the group policy under Administrative Templates\Systems


    I intend to control the reading and writing of removable storage devices using Windows Server 2008 GPO.

    However, after reading the online group policy settings, when I tried to apply the GPO settings, I found that 'Access to removable storage' folder is missing from the group policy under administrative Templates\Systems.

    Please suggest others.

    Thank you

    Amit Jogi

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community. However, your question is beyond the scope of what is generally answered in this forum of consumer and would be better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public.

    Please post your question in the TechNet Forums.

    Thank you.

  • Power management stopped working under Windows 7

    Plans balanced or energy-saving work. They were fine until a week or two it y a. laptop sleeps or in sleep mode extended. Screen saver lights. Have tried to change that and they still do not work. A ran sfc / scannow and no problem found. Windows is up to date. Any suggestion is appreciated.


    This problem may occur if some files associated with power management do not work properly.

    Follow these methods:

    Method 1.

    You can run the troubleshooter of power to set your computer's power settings. The resolution of the problems of power check things as settings timeout of your computer, which determines how long the computer waits before turning off the display or enter the mode 'sleep'. These settings can help you save energy and extend the life of the battery in your computer.

    Open the power Troubleshooter: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/open-the-power-troubleshooter

    Method 2.

    Make sure that you are logged on as an administrator. You can create a new power plan and check if that helps.

    Change, create, or delete a power plan (scheme): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/change-create-delete-power-plan-scheme#1TC=windows-7

    Method 3.

    You can view the steps in this article and check if that helps.

    Windows 7 will not sleep: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976877/en-us

    Response with the State of the question and we will be happy to offer you our help.

  • UCS C power management features


    How can I configure a Cisco UCS C220 M3 only host and C200 M2 power management too?

    I need that information to configure an agent settins and hardware closing to PHEVS

    Thank you


    If they are autonomous and not UCSM managed, you can configure IPMI and use fence_ipmilan.

    IPMI via CIMC GUI configuration


    PHEVS fencing


  • Recovery and rescue deployment guide

    On the next page of download


    There is pdf guides depolyment version 3.01 to 4.3 but for version 4.51, a zipfile (z938zdepolymentguide045us00.zip.). When I download this file and examine it I find a lot of executable files with names like cleanmbr.exe and cleandrv.exe scarry. (See the list of the contents of the file zip below)

    Can you get it someone please tell me where the deployment or the documentation guide in this file?

    Directory of z938zdeploymentguide045us00 (1)

    17/01/2014 16:05

    17/01/2014 16:05 ...
    16/01/2014 06:28 ADMwiz
    16/01/2014 the 12 335 cleandrv.exe 06:28
    16/01/2014 cleanmbr.exe 12 247 06:28
    16/01/2014 cleanmbr32.exe 36 864 06:28
    16/01/2014 the 24 576 convdate.exe 06:28
    16/01/2014 createsp.exe 458 752 06:28
    17/01/2014 16:05 files.txt 0
    16/01/2014 rnr.adm 357 156 06:28
    16/01/2014 rnrDeploy.xml 91 497 06:28
    16/01/2014 rnrDeploy.xsd 150 505 06:28
    16/01/2014 rnrTable.csv 180 520 06:28
    16/01/2014 rrutil.exe 307 200 06:28
    16/01/2014 sp.pqi 655 360 06:28
    16/01/2014 tvtutilspy.dll 348 160 06:28

    Directory of z938zdeploymentguide045us00 (1) \ADMwiz

    16/01/2014 06:28

    16/01/2014 06:28 ...
    16/01/2014 AWIZARD.exe 282 624 06:28
    16/01/2014 help 06:28
    16/01/2014 06:28 model

    Directory of z938zdeploymentguide045us00 (1) \ADMwiz\help

    16/01/2014 06:28

    16/01/2014 06:28 ...
    16/01/2014 antidote.chm 45 954 06:28
    16/01/2014 the 2 546 Applicat.htm 06:28
    16/01/2014 Creatkey.htm 2 951 06:28
    16/01/2014 Cretask.htm 3 235 06:28
    16/01/2014 Encryptky.htm 2 774 06:28
    16/01/2014 Gorrs.htm 18:28
    16/01/2014 intro.htm 2 629 06:28
    16/01/2014 legal.htm 5 655 06:28
    16/01/2014 Network.htm 2 743 06:28
    16/01/2014 proc.htm 2 416 06:28
    16/01/2014 Registry.htm 2 725 06:28
    16/01/2014 System.htm 2 631 06:28

    Directory of z938zdeploymentguide045us00 (1) \ADMwiz\template

    16/01/2014 06:28

    16/01/2014 06:28 ...
    16/01/2014 Awizard.tmp 5 806 06:28

    Finally someone at Lenovo has received the message and they have mounted a rescue and Recovery for R & R 4.5 Deployment Guide


  • Utility power management Portege A100 has stopped working

    The power management utility has stopped working and when I try to save the profile of Laptop/portable power management screen control panel I get a message saying that the power cannot be defined as two revision levels are incompatible.

    I tried to remove and reinstall the Power Management Utility and utility Toshiba but when reinstall I get a fatal error notice and the 0x51A error code. Can anyone help please?

    I suspect that this problem could have been triggered by an update XP or Norton Internet Security.


    Maybe the registry is confused upward
    Try to clean and repair the registry using CCleaner. It the free tool.

    Firstly uninstall the energy saver, then clean the registry.
    Download page of the European driver Toshiba Portege A100 Win XP tools and drivers.
    You will need:

    Common module-> must be installed first!

    Good luck

  • Satellite X 200 - no in BIOS power management tab

    I have a Satellite X 200 and I'm trying to access the tab in the BIOS power management, although no such tab exists. The reason is that I'm putting up a time of autostart. If it's any help, the BIOS is Phoenix TrustedCore V.2.10

    So I wonder where he is, or how to access power management

    Thanks in advance

    Post edited by: plainer


    Why you need a time to auto start?

    Sorry, but this feature is not available. I never had a cell phone that has been able to set the automatic start time.

Maybe you are looking for