Problem with the resolution when you connect to a projector

I regularly used my laptop connected to a projector via a cable VGA for PowerPoint and video clips view in Windows Media Player.   It is automatically detected and adjusted for different sizes of screen of the laptop screen (1366 x 768) and projector (1024 x 768) and projected with success.   Recently I connected the laptop to a second monitor - also 1024 x 768 - instead, and even once, it fits perfectly.

It suddenly stopped setting for the resolution of the projector; When I go to the resolution of the screen, the option to set the resolution of the second screen is grayed out.   No matter if I use extend or duplicate, he insists that the two screens are 1366 x 768.   This has happened with two projectors, all two used to work properly.   I also tried different VGA cables.  The end result is that the image of the projector is hurry to tray.

I can connect fine to the second monitor via the VGA port and sometimes with different resolutions for both screens.   I can also connect to a TV via an HDMI cable.   I can't try a HDMI cable for the spotlight as it is ceiling mounted, and the other is old and is not an HDMI connection.

I checked the drivers and they seem to be up to date.

My laptop is a Dell Latitude running Windows 7.   The graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 3000.   I tried many suggestions already given on these forums without success.   The real puzzle is that it was working fine and nothing I can draw has changed except that I connected on the other monitor.


Hi Tony,.

Thanks for the reply with the status of the issue. I'm sorry to know that the issue is still unresolved, your efforts to solve this problem are much appreciated.

I suggest to follow the method below and check if that helps:

Method 1: Perform a system restore.

System restore

System restore WARNING: when you use the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, the programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

Method 2: Uninstall all hidden devices:

Step 1: See the article below to activate the devices hidden in Device Manager.

Look at a hidden devices (v = vs. 85) .aspx

Step 2: After you enable hidden devices, remove devices from Device Manager.

1. press start.

2. type device manager in the start search box.

3. Select Device Manager in the search result.

4 uninstall everything that are grey also uninstall the drivers to display completely.
5 restart the computer and install the drivers to view the manufacturer's Web site.

Hope this information helps, just reply to the State of the question to get help.

Hi Rizwan

Unfortunately, I do not have a restore point old enough until the problem occurred.   I have not found any that was relevant in hidden devices, but in normal Device Manager mode when I clicked on "monitor" it opened a "Generic PnP" entry even when there was no extra monitor or projector fixed.   When an additional monitor has been attached, there were two of these entries.   I disabled them both, and I found that I can now adjust the resolution of a second monitor to a different setting of the laptop screen.

Thanks for your help.


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    PS sory for my English.

    Dan or one of the others may be able to help if you post exactly what indicates the error.

    As you say you are not a noob so maybe you need to change something in the NVIDIA Control Panel. Maybe go to the advanced option when you're at NVIDIA.

    Personally when I clean installs I delete, and format the entire disk before installing W7. Doing it this way usually prevents this kind of error occurs. When you use the W7 install disk to format, it may not remove all of the old files registry Vista and can cause problems.

    If you start from scratch once again, this may solve your problem, but there is no guarantee.

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    It sems to be a chip on board:

    You have no problem with your old monitor?
    Did you use another resolution (bottom) with the old?
    You can try to fix this old resolution for your new monitor, too.

    Then there should be no problem for your graphics chip.


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